Rattlers Slither Past Cannons, 18-17OT

Rattlers Slither Past Cannons, 18-17OT

Rattlers Slither Past Cannons, 18-17OT

Rattlers Slither Past Cannons, 18-17OT

Casey Powell hit the ripe little sweet spot in the diminishing 2-square feet of exposed mesh on the low-no angle shot at 2:15 in OT. Powell wrapped up a signature 8-pt performance with an uncharacteristic demonstration of touch off the lefty wing. The Cannons, true to hometown tradition, put up a noble come-from-behind fight for the 5,009 fans in attendance against an end-to-end stacked Rattler squad. Today’s game marks the second OT loss at home: first at the hands of Baltimore (Gait) and now Rochester (Powell).

Statistical review
Shots on goal: Rochester (38), Boston (56). Saves: Rochester (21), Boston (15), Faceoffs: Rochester (18/35), Boston (17/35), GBC: Rochester (38), Boston (36), EMO: Rochester (0/4), Boston (1/3)

Rochester – Casey Powell (4g, 4a), Tim Booth (1, 2pt-g), Mike Mollott (2g, 1a), Kevin Cassese (1g, 1a), Adam Donegar (1, 2pt-g, 2a), Josh Coffman (2g, 2a), Nate Watkins (1a), Gewas Schindler (3g) .

Boston - Mike Regan (1, 2-pt g, 3g), Michael Watson (1g), Brian Silcott (1g), Steve Dusseau (3g), Conor Gill (2g, 2a), David Evans (1a), Brent Rothfuss (3g), John Madigan (1a), Mike Battista (2g).

Starting line-ups
Rochester: Attack – Josh Coffman (Syracuse ’02), Gewas Schindler (Loyola ’00), Casey Powell (Syracuse ’98), Midfield – Marshall Abrams (Syracuse ’00), Kevin Cassese (Duke ’03), Chris Schiller (Penn State ’99), Defense – Ryan Mollet (Princeton ’01), John Glatzel (Syracuse ’02), Regy Thorpe (Syracuse ‘94), Face-off – Kevin Cassese, Goal – Jake Coon (Nazareth ’00)

Boston: Attack – David Evans (Brown ’96), Conor Gill (UVA ’02), Michael Watson (UVA ’97), Midfield – Mike Regan (Butler ’00), Mike Battista (Loyola ’00), Steve Dusseau (Georgetown ’02), Face-off – Peter Inge (S. Australia ’00), Defense – Ryan Curtis (UVA ’00), Brian Kuczma (JHU ’97), Chris Sullivan (Brown ’01), Goal - Kevin O’Brien (Georgetown ’99)

Entering today’s contest, the Rattlers lead the series 3-1 and are 2-0 in Cannon territory. Boston’s win against Rochester helped to secure a post-season playoff spot. The Cannons edged out Rochester 17-15 on 10 August 2002. Of the four meetings between the two teams, three have gone to two goal games or less.

Prior to the match-up against Rochester, Boston has won two games: New Jersey (15-14OT) and Bridgeport (23-17). Last week, Boston dropped a heartbreaker to the Bayhawks, 16-17 OT.

Rochester had a record of 1-2 prior to the win against Boston. Rochester beat Bridgeport 23-13 at home in front of 1,987 fans in their season opener. The Rattlers dropped the next two games against Long Island, 8-16 on 06 June, and 14-17 on 14 June.

Game brief
The score was tight throughout the entire game (1st period: Boston 3, Rochester 2; 2nd period: Rochester 5, Boston 3; 3rd period: Boston 5, Rochester 4; 4th period: Boston 6, Rochester 6). Boston and Rochester were tied at 11 goals a piece at the top of the last quarter. The Rattlers exceeded Boston’s shooting percentage in the fourth (Rochester 7, Boston 17).

It was Rattler Adam Donegar’s (JHU ’03) 2-point game-tying goal with 37 seconds left in regulation that created a huge OT opportunity for the Rochester club. Kevin Cassese (Duke ’03) dished off to Donegar up top who then unleashed a monster of a shot and hit lower right corner.

Despite the outcomes, it was Boston that set the tempo early with Gill working the reverse on the dive on the first play. The Cannons welcoming committee wasn’t shy about giving Casey Powell a warm Beantown greeting. The Cannons forced a Powell turnover a minute and half into the first period eliciting a huge response from the young ones in the crowd (many of whom were lined up immediately after the game for Powell ink). Powell assumed more of a playmaker role early on in the game (2a in 1st period). He was able to draw the double and free a space in the hole or on the wing while Coffman posed more of an early-stage threat.

The Rattlers had the size, field sense, the extra step on the fast break, and a third-to-fourth quarter attempt at midfield pressure on the ride. Despite the slick conditions and occasional lapses in play, the Rattlers played a more cohesive game and were more effective on possession.

The Cannons had their moments. The Gill-Glatzel match-up nearly rivaled the Curtis-Powell series. Boston’s solid on-ball defense helped to offset the few errors on the slide. The Cannons seemed to be one step shy on occasion, which is a credit to Rochester’s ability to move the ball around quickly, quietly, and effectively.

2-point league leader Mike Regan was able to tap into his bag of tricks and connect for 5 points (1, 2pt-goal, 3g). Regan, whose shot seems unbeatable on the run, led the day in scoring. Teammate Conor Gill was good for 4 points (2g, 2a). Brent Rothfuss and Steve Dusseau contributed a hat trick apiece.

Rochester keeper Jake Coon came up with 21 saves and capped off his appearance with a full field sprint and shot on goal. Cannon Kevin O’Brien came up huge with several point blank saves and would continue to 'wow' the crowd with two smooth mid-field dodges. O’Brien has the tough charge of filling former Canon Billy Daye’s very deep footprint in the crease. He has a tendency to dance that fine line between engaging in the fray too early/being proactive while compromising his positioning and getting beat on the baseline. Sometimes that equation yields a huge interception while other time it leaves a wide open net that even the quickest, and he’s quick, can’t defend.

Game detail
Boston gained possession of the faceoff and Conor Gill didn’t waste any time going to goal. Gill was called for the crease violation and Rochester quickly worked the ball to Powell. Boston’s Ryan Curtis stripped Powell of ball and stick and caused the celebrity turnover. Mike Regan converted the possession into the first goal of the game at 1:46 with a low to high opposite corner low right shot (1-0).

Rochester recovered quickly and responded with a Syracuse-inspired combo. Powell drew the double on transition and passed to Coffman who had all day to shoot in the exposed area between O’Brien’s rightside and the post (1-1) at 1:57.

Two and half minutes later, Powell assisted Mike Mollot on the same draw and dump play (2-1). Boston responded with two back-to-back goals from Mike Battista and Michael Watson. Marshall Abrams got called for a overly enthusiastic contact (unnecessary roughness) and Battista cashed in the lower right corner for the EMO goal (2-2).

Rochester gained possession of the faceoff and Boston’s Ryan Curtis got another round of audible approval from the crowd as he stuffed Coffman on the fast break. Curtis’ caused turnover translated into a UVA production. Watson received from Gill on X and got the lower right crank elevating the Cannons 3-2 over Rochester.

Boston took possession of the faceoff at the start of the second period. Kevin Cassese whacked Boston’s Peter Inge blind on the back and got tagged for the slash. Mike Regan scored his second goal of the game from square up top with a low shot (4-2) less than 30 seconds into the period.

Rochester roared back with 5-unanswered goals. Mike Mollet drove hard to goal and ripped the lefty sidearm that snaked in past O’Brien’s left hip (3-4) at 1:02. John Glatzel returned the defensive favor bestowed by Curtis earlier and stuffed Dusseau on the fast break. Coffman snapped the righty behind the back and hit Gewas Schindler up top. Schindler hit upper 90 stickside at 3:14 (4-4).

Kevin Cassese continued the onslaught with a smooth roll dodge on the run capped off with a nasty top shelf left side shot (5-4). Boston continued to work Powell hard and he was only able to manage a pipe shot. Mike Mollett passed to Josh Coffman who struck gold with a crazy lefty rip that hit top left corner (6-4).

Boston drew the faceoff but was unable to hold onto possession. Rochester goalie Jake Coon suffered the big hits down low as he cleared the midfield and made it all the way downfield for a decent look at goal. Both teams traded possession until Adam Donegar hit upper stickside corner on the run (7-4).

The Cannons came booming back with 5-unanswered goals of their own. Boston got possession off the whistle and Brian Silcott cleaved the corner seam of the mesh with a shot that could be heard 60-yds down field. David Evans is credited with the assist (5-7). Brent Rothfuss followed with a bouncer off the dive that cut down the lead to one (6-7). Hometown favorite Mike Battista gets the apple for the equalizer. Battista roll dodged off of transition to get the space and hit the overhand hard using the D-man as the screen (7-7).

Boston’s Regan scored the 15th goal of the game with a lower left corner shot on the run (8-7). Conor Gill rounded the Beantown scoring bonanza with a shot that clear Coon’s right hip (9-7). Casey continued to flourish in the role of the playmaker. Powell was on the stickside of the crease and got the behind the back pass with his back to the cage to a wide open Donegar who got the touch shot in for 8-9. Powell got the equalizer off a pass from Watkins and cranked out the worm burner for 9-9.

Brent Rothfuss got a good look at the Coon and hit the shot on the run (10-9) at 13:14. Steve Dusseau followed off an assist from John Madigan with a upper 90 shot (11-9). Rochester’s Tim Booth responded with a nasty 2-point goal with a mere seven seconds left in the period. Booth hit the lower right corner on the run from up top. Booth’s goal set the score even going into the fourth (11-11).

Powell cracked open the fourth period with two heavy-handed goals. Powelll drove the stickside crease and hit the low roller (12-11). Nate Watkins assisted Powell’s following goal that hit top shelf (13-11).

Boston replied and rattled off three uninterrupted goals. Steve Dusseau converted on an EMO goal off an assist from Gill. Dusseau rolled the crease and fired up the dip n’ dunk (12-13). Gill scored from up top leveling the game at 13. Dusseau socred another goal with the assist from Gill (14-13).

Schindler hooked up the lefty overhand shot off an assist from Powell tying up the game at 14. 2-point technician Mike Regan notched a timely 2-pointer that hit lower right corner (16-14). Rochester cut the lead down by one with another goal from Schindler who was assisted by Coffman this time (15-16).

Rochester gained possession and worked the ball to Powell after the timeout. Kevin O’Brien came up with a clutch interception that led to the Rothfuss goal and extended the Boston lead by two (17-15) at 14:05. Things looked rosy for the Boston squad given the 2-point lead with under one minute. The Rattlers tore a page from the Boston handbook of how to make an overtime special in under 30 seconds.

Adam Donegar rocked the 2-point goal from way out in the boonies at 14:23. Donegar was assisted by Cassese sending the game into overtime.

Powell scored the game-winning off a transition drive to goal with a lefty touch shot that sailed into the opposite lower right corner. O’Brien’s back left foot was a little flat giving Powell a better look on a lower percentage shot.

Final score: Rochester 18, Boston 17.

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    by (#51878) on 6/22/03 @9:16PM
It Looks Like The Cannons Juat Cant Win In Overtime..
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they did beat the pride in OT...
    by (#9264) on 6/23/03 @8:14PM
....but i do agree, its a bit sorry..
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nice work CP
    by (#18700) on 6/23/03 @2:51AM
casey powell has yet to dissapoint any lax fans he just keeps stunning every one especially with that last goal he had in OT was unbelieveable he can shoot behind the back 75mph thats incredible
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sometimes he pulls through
    by (#19000) on 6/23/03 @8:20AM
yea ok, sometimes powell pulls through and does well, but other times gets completely shut down like the LI game, he did nothing. Personally, i dont like casey, i think he gets too much hype from the younger players who all know only his name so they think hes all cool. But there are other players out there who dont get half the credit they deserve, players such as Mark Millon, Tom Maracheck, Conor Gill, all of these players. Also, MIke's gonna kick some ass when he gets up to the MLL, theres no doubt hes gonna pass both his borthers scoring records at SU and be the best powell in the MLL when he comes.
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Time for Hiller
    by (#53530) on 6/23/03 @7:10AM
To change goalie! Cannons outshot Rochester by a wide margin but only 15 saves vs. 21 for rochester and the game was close put Alex Cade in PLEASE!
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    by (#47758) on 6/23/03 @12:14PM
The cannons traded Scott doyle and Damien Davis for playing rights to Sal Locasio and some middie named Matt Caionn( spelling ?), but neither were at the game. The cannons will probably let OB start and play locasio more and more each game so he can shake off any rust that his almost year-and-a-half-long might have brought. For the full story, go to www.bostoncannons.com
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    by (#41930) on 6/23/03 @3:19PM
Caione's decent..not a two point threat like doyle...and Locasio is the Bridgeport coach...he doesnt even play..once again..Boston makes a dumb trade..you figure theyd learn something from the red sox..guess not tho
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    by (#47758) on 6/23/03 @4:46PM
Doyle is a very solid middie and I think OB has been playing very well... they didnt need Locasio.
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oh and
    by (#47758) on 6/23/03 @4:47PM
Is Locasio gonna play for Boston and still coach Bridgeport? that would be kind of weird.
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    by (#39090) on 6/24/03 @12:22AM
great game couldnt have gone better, well would hve been better if it wasnt a close game in my opinion. also would have been cool to see solomon bliss have some action
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where's 22???
    by (#11436) on 6/24/03 @10:25AM
where is ryan powell.......injured???
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    by (#19000) on 6/25/03 @6:39AM
yea...he did something to his...knee? correct me if im wrong
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Bad Move...
    by (#51878) on 6/25/03 @10:16PM
Adam Doneger Was Sick In This Game...
The Pride Should Have Picked Him Over AJ Shannon
They Made A Bad Move......
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    by (#57808) on 8/09/03 @8:49PM
donegar is nasty
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    by (#39612) on 6/26/03 @4:37PM
yeah who ever writes these stories isnt very good at it...these leads are getting incredibly old and all thats included is the game summary...sh*tty
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that's fair...
    by (#8162) on 6/30/03 @11:43AM
Dear phsattack,
Your criticism has been duly noted. Your observations are appropriate given the content/game results have been consistent on a weekly basis and the buzz/variety of May madness has since been distilled into a menu of six flavors.

To your last point, there is a method for the exhaustive detail. Some folks are a.d.d-data-driven, others just want a nano-scale recap, and others may want a play-by-play. The luxury of choice is always nice.

Hope you are enjoying some good summer laxin' wherever you may be.

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Format's Fine!
    by (#53530) on 7/01/03 @10:39AM
For those of us Laxnuts unable to go to the game wants details, more than newspaper coverage or other sites. Present format by Lax.com to include summary(for those of you who does not want play by play), details (for laxnuts) and for the most part nice game pictures just fine. By the way is Gracie a pen name or are you a chick?. LS16
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    by (#57808) on 8/08/03 @6:06PM
y dont u write it?
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    by (#51566) on 7/04/03 @12:06PM
Goalie's are what the Cannons need
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    by (#56690) on 7/11/03 @2:08PM
glatzel is the best dman on the rattlers, i think abrahms is soo overrated. he is the worst offball defensemen i have ever seen at that level. glatzel will always dominate gill, he has done it since middleschool and will continue through his career.
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