Roanoke drops Gettysburg, 13-12 to move onto Final Four

Roanoke drops Gettysburg, 13-12 to move onto Final Four

Roanoke drops Gettysburg, 13-12 to move onto Final Four

Roanoke drops Gettysburg, 13-12 to move onto Final Four

Roanoke College outlasted the Gettysburg College Bullets in a classic DIII match-up, 13-12. Roanoke moves on to face Salisbury in the DIII Final Four. To best the Bullets, Roanoke needed big days from Chaz Carlson, Zack Thomas and Chris Keating, who contributed 4, 3 and 3 goals respectively. The story of the day was the play of senior All-American goalie Matt Madalon. Madalon was injured in the third quarter, but returned despite a noticeable limp. He played out of his mind with 19 saves. Gettysburg had a balanced scoring effort with 4 points from junior middies Kevin Freehill (3,1) and Jared Harriman (3,1). Despite outshooting Roanoke, 55-26, Gettsyburg couldn't score in the waning minutes and fell for the third straight year in the NCAA quarterfinals. Full story to come, for now just enjoy the pictures...

As much of a cliché as it is, it really is unfortunate that some games have to have a winner and a loser. The match-up between Roanoke and Gettysburg lived up to the hype. Regardless of which ranking you look at, they were #2 and 3 in the south, and arguably the country. Both had different styles of play. Roanoke plays, as head coach Bill Pilate describes, “helter-skelter run-and-gun style, we really enjoy that, that causes some match-up problems for people.” Gettysburg, on the other hand runs a much more structured, ball-control offense. Their defense tends to play good, fundamental defense, not go for homerun takeaways and really just let the plays develop and the slides come. Contrasted with Roanoke’s defense that “defends you coming off the bus” according to Gettysburg head coach Hank Janczyk.

The day before the game, Janczyk had this to say of the match-up. “I think we’ve been able to change our style to the opponents and I think we’re going to have to be able to run with them when we can. But I think we’re also going to have some poise as far as respecting the ball a little bit,” he said. “If we can do that and keep the ball in our sticks versus their pressure and then be able to push the ball and find some good shots I think we can do some good things.”

His prediction of the flow and keys of the game was pretty much spot on. From the start, Gettysburg did what they could to control their pace, while Roanoke, predictably ran and took their opportunities at full speed. Statistically it would be easy to say that Gettysburg should have won the game. They outshot Roanoke 55-26, had 4 more groundballs and dominated the face-off circle. However, the X-factor of this game was in net for Roanoke, in All-American Matt Madalon. Madalon contributed 19 saves on the day, which by itself is an impressive day. Factor in the fact that he went down in the third quarter with what appeared to be a quad or a hamstring injury. He limped off, was wrapped back together by the Roanoke training staff and sent back in the game. He didn’t have the same quickness or agility to move, which was noticeable on one near shot that he bit low and had trouble getting up, or just moving side-to-side in the net…he wasn’t the same player. However, he played the rest of the game and contributed five saves in the 4th quarter to stifle the Gettysburg rally. It wouldn’t be fair not to mention the play of Roanoke sophomore back-up Drew Bowers either. He had only played about 38 minutes this season, but yet when Madalon went down, a cold Bowers stepped in and Roanoke didn’t miss a beat. He only had to made one save, but it was still big. He had to come in later in the game as well when Madalon received a penalty for decking Chase Stewart in front of the crease.

Gettysburg did have a few things they didn’t capitalize on. They let 7 extra-man opportunities float away, as they only capitalized on 2 of their 9 chances. They also had quite a few near misses as good scoring opportunities presented themselves. They were just off the mark dinking at least four pipes.

As Janczyk mentioned they did play with poise late in the game and really relied on their senior leadership to claw back into the game. They never let the lead get above 4 goals and really fought to keep it within 2. The game was tied early at 1 after Gettysburg struck first. Roanoke went on a 4 goal run to start their scoring to end the first period. The highlights of the run were Chris Keating’s no angle behind-the-back shot with 1:17 left that caught Gettysburg goalie Pat Vaughan out of position and the goal that Zack Thomas snuck in with just :02 to play in the 1st. Goals like that can come back to haunt a team.

The 3rd quarter saw both teams trade 2-goal runs, and again in the 4th quarter. Gettysburg seemed to finally be regaining momentum as they cut the lead to 11-10 with 8:55 to play. Roanoke, however, responded with goals with 6:28 and 5:52 left to stretch the lead to 3. The battle-tested and experienced Bullets remained calm and were able to respond with a Jared Harriman goal with 5:07 to play and on the ensuing face-off a great individual effort by Chris Renzi to push the game to 13-12. With :36 left on the clock, Gettysburg was awarded another man-up opportunity on an offsides call. They, however, failed to get off a quality shot and the game ended in Roanoke’s favor.

In the end, the game was really an exciting game. You had the feeling that if it was played 10 times, there’d be 10 different outcomes. It was also exciting because each team has senior All-Americans at pretty much every position who were playing knowing it could be their last game. Senior Chris Keating at the midfield for Roanoke notched a hat trick, with one pretty behind-the-back goal, and was a presence all over the field. Gettysburg senior Chris Renzi had a goal and an assist while going a dominant 18 of 28 facing off with 10 groundballs. Roanoke defenders Ben Love and Rich Li applied pressure all over the field with Love contributing 4 groundballs. Gettysburg attackman Chase Stewart played significant minutes late in the game as he returned from a back injury. He showed flashes of brilliance and reminded everyone of why he was a four year starter. Both goalies were All-Americans last year and will be this year. Madalon played on his head, while Vaughan contributed 10 saves with his pressure out style of play where he’s often found at the edge of the crease, if not out of it. At times, Roanoke was able to exploit it because they can move the ball pretty well. At other times, Vaughan was there to pick off and disrupt plays that other goalies don’t make.

Gettysburg loses a lot of pieces of their offensive puzzle as four year starters at attack Chase Stewart and Evan Gallant, along with two year starter Bryan Pryor all leave the Battlefield. Renzi, an honorable mention All-American in ’05, also lives some big shoes to fill at the face-off circle. Luckily, Vaughan, the defense and a healthy amount of middies return, so expect Gettysburg to be right back in the hunt next season.

Ultimately, it was a refreshing game to see because as I go back and look through my game stories from the year, there have been a lot of snoozers. This was what the NCAA Tournament is designed to do. Pit the best against the best. Two different styles, two great teams from two great conferences with a lot of great players thrown onto the same field (albeit astro turf) and both teams played it that way. For now, I’ll get off my soapbox and really hope that the play on Memorial Day gets somewhere near the excitement of today’s game. It’s ashame that someone had to lose today, but a rematch between Roanoke and Salisbury is certainly an attractive result. Salisbury bested the Maroons back in March, but Roanoke has come a long way since. Expect both teams to get above 12 goals and don’t be surprised if the outcome is decided by a goal.

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(no subject)
    by (#122410) on 5/18/06 @1:17PM
Its Bull sh@t how the #2 played # 3 team in the quarters. the other bracket is so week.
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    by (#104435) on 5/18/06 @2:41PM
Didnt see the game, but something must have gone horribly wrong with the Bullet's EMO. 9 penalties for 7:30 total of mandown for Roanoke...and they still lost by a goal. Either the GBURG EMO had a serious breakdown or the Roanoke MDD is the greatest of all time... Just a thought. Anyone who saw the game let me know.
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    by (#128249) on 5/21/06 @7:04PM
While there was a noticeable increase in EMO scores this year this was the wrong time to go cold. Don't have an answer and I too feel that the Bullets will have to fine tune all aspects of their O if they are to advance beyond this round. A great season nonetheless just ending two games too soon with this fine team. I hope the coaches can adjust their game plans to structure a more up tempo offense, they have the players.
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I couldn't agree more . . .
    by (#135391) on 5/18/06 @4:53PM
Some years I guess the regional bracketing works out by pure luck, but this year it definitely did not. All the strength is in the south.

NCAA needs to step up and pay the extra dollars to bracket this tournament property. (At least I think that minimizing travel funding is why the they go with the regional approach.)

The national championship will be played at Salisbury this weekend.
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    by (#96158) on 5/18/06 @5:32PM
What do you care? Teams gotta win no matter who they play in the tournament if they want to be Champs and Gburg had no shot..even if they won this one they would lose the next.
I am Happy for Coach Pilot and his team...I hope they win it all and they get 10 All-Americans
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Great Story!
    by (#135391) on 5/18/06 @5:02PM
By the way, great acount of the game JoeLax44.

The two contrasting styles of play was something to see. It was a shame that someone had to lose in the end. Both teams left it all out on the field. The last five minutes of the game was fantastic to watch.

The 'Noke/G-Burg game is what the D-III tournament used to be like when only the best got the invite. There is something to be said for the automatic bids and their positive effect on spreading talent, but the resulting tournament field is definitely weaker.
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He is my uncle and hes goin all the way
    by (#127306) on 5/18/06 @5:42PM
Yo im Hunter Pilat and he is my uncle, his team this year is the best he has had in 10 years they are goin to play S-Burry this weekend and that is the real D3 championship right there my uncle has 4 all-americans ready for this year and with Mason on the Crease u cant stop him toping out at 60 points in reg season he is a monster and its just a matter of time before they are D3 champs
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yea right
    by (#133156) on 5/18/06 @7:31PM
berkman is my uncle and they are winnin it all no not sure if you remember but we beat you earlier in the season so just stop talkin...its all goin down sunday
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    by (#57190) on 5/18/06 @9:57PM
Congratulations PLEASE beat salisbury...
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not happenin
    by (#133156) on 5/19/06 @7:44AM
thats not going to happen so keep dreaming
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    by (#134318) on 5/19/06 @12:36PM
I'm not saying that it will happen, but if there is a team that will end the Gulls run, it is Roanoke this year. I was at the first game this year and it was fairly even except for a quick Salisbury run in the 3rd quarter. If Roanoke can stop that from happening, it should be a good game.

Plus, Roanoke is hitting their stride and is a better team than when they first played.
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It should be Noke's time this year!!!
    by (#135499) on 5/19/06 @5:34PM
I've been watching both teams for the last twenty years or so and based upon the way both have been playing through this year Noke has been building the proper talent and momentum to peak in time to create a nightmare for the Gulls come Sunday.
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    by (#128249) on 5/20/06 @2:01AM
Roanoke fans do not expect too much tomorrow as the game with Gettysburg exposed your weakness. Great season and you held on long enough to get to this game. If Gettysburg' head coach let his offensive coach have control over the O things would have been different. Good luck at S'bury.
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Pilat will have them flyin'
    by (#96158) on 5/19/06 @2:25PM
Pilat is a great guy and a great coach. I will love to see it when Roanoke's season ends with the Players holding a trophy over their heads in Philly!!!!!
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Bracket Selections...
    by (#135499) on 5/19/06 @5:49PM
Are these people on crack or what? Who sets up the bracket such that the #1, #2, #3, and #9 ranked teams all meet in one side of bracket in the quarters, while 5, 6, 7, and 10 teams meet in the other? Yes, all teams still have to beat any team they come up against to advance to prove themselves, but it is quite unfair to allow such lower ranked teams to advance farther in their weaker brackets than stronger more talented programs. If this method WAS fair than all bracket-based D1 sports would be using this method.
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yo hunter
    by (#139780) on 7/19/06 @2:28PM
its chris from goalie school u got a myspace
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