Salisbury Destroys Roanoke, 28-4

Salisbury Destroys Roanoke, 28-4

Salisbury Destroys Roanoke, 28-4

Salisbury Destroys Roanoke, 28-4

Nineteen different players registered at least one point as the top-ranked Salisbury Sea Gulls showed how wide the gap may be between themselves and the rest of DIII. Roanoke might have done better staying on the bus as they found themselves down 18-0. They finally notched their first goal at the 8:59 mark of the third quarter. Salisbury was paced by senior Matt Dasinger (4g, 3a), junior Matt Hickman (5g), and sophomore Kylor Berkman (1g, 3a).

Sports have the ability to amaze us. Today was one of those days. Last year, Salisbury vs. Roanoke for a spot in the National Championship game was one of the most exciting lacrosse games of the year. Salisbury needed overtime to hold off the senior-laden Maroons. Nine months later, both teams have different personalities, both entered today’s game undefeated – Salisbury was 4-0 in convincing fashion while Roanoke was 3-0 with a couple close calls. Yet today it looked like a professional team playing a middle school team.

The first minute and half of the game would prove to be Roanoke’s best offensive possession of the game. Unfortunately they didn’t generate a shot off the possession. Senior midfielder Mike Edwards picked up a groundball ending that possession by pushing it into transition for Salisbury. This would be the first of many things that came up all Salisbury. Edwards sprinted the length of the field and found classmate Eric Bishop, who ripped a low-to-high shot into the net. The next goal came when the guy covering Matt Dasinger appeared to slip a little. Dasinger went to his right and buried the first of his four goals on the day. The Roanoke coaching staff was quick to point out to the defense that they needed to slide early to #40, Dasinger. He wound up with seven points: four goals and three assists.

For the third goal, Kylor Berkman made a nice fake on the man-up and shifted the defense. He dumped it down to Greg Titus for his 14th goal of the season. Shortly after Salisbury had a fast-break that looked like it should have been featured in an instructional video. Fortunately for Roanoke, it was called back because Salisbury had too many men on the field. Unfortunately, it looked like Salisbury had more men on the field for the duration of the game.

“Everything we did was right today. We played hard. Our match-ups at the right spots, we had a better player than their best player,” said Salisbury head coach Jim Berkman. “

“Their best player is probably #27 [Chaz Carlson – 8 turnovers on the day], but he wanted nothing to do with Luis Gonzales. Chase Caruso ends up being on the second or third best middie taking the ball away. They didn’t have any attackmen that can beat our defensemen. They’re getting better every day. We’re excited about where our D is. We’re three steps faster than we were last year. And in one position we’re three steps faster alone, down-low. Our team speed at defense is definitely a lot better. And we’re moving the ball good. I mean Titus and Hickman are really stepping it up on attack. That first midfield line is pretty dominant.”

To head into the half, Salisbury performed another piece of perfect lacrosse. After clearing the ball, both teams were hustling to get the right personnel on the field. You know how lacrosse is these days, only certain players can play offensive midfield, so teams slow the game down to make those subs. Salisbury had pulled a defenseman off to allow their horse, Dasinger, to wait at the middle of the field for the sub. Roanoke however tried to sub out of the box. As Roanoke’s offensive middie sprinted to the box, Salisbury’s defensive middie sprinted straight to the midfield line. This gave Dasinger a giant lead, which he doesn’t need anyway. Salisbury dumped it to him, he sprinted in, forced the D to slide and dumped it to Matt Hickman who put away his fourth of five on the day.

Salisbury held a half-time advantage of 13-0 and stretched the shut-out to 18-0 before Jon Mason finally got Roanoke on the board with only 8:59 to go in the third quarter. Salisbury wouldn’t let up and pushed the lead all the way up to 28-1 before Roanoke added three goals in the final five minutes to make the score a slightly more respectable score of 28-4.

Roanoke coach Bill Pilat was obviously disappointed about the loss, but seemed to take it in stride. Roanoke is a young team as they lost four All-Americans last year.

“I mean Salisbury is a great team and they played fantastic. We didn’t come out of the box and we never really got on track. They have a great defense and we’re fairly young this year. I think we just didn’t have our A-game. I’m not sure why. We had a few good chances early and didn’t get anything out of it and they just smothered us all over the field,” said Pilat.

“We have a long season to go, but I think we have a great team. We have a great offense, we have a great defense and we have good midfielders and we’re young. I think we’ve gotten better every game up until now. Every game we’ve played we’ve played a little better in those first three, up until now. Of course, Salisbury had a lot to do with that because they’re such a good team. I wouldn’t mind playing a lot of teams. Well, we tell our guys we could have played a number of other teams that aren’t of this quality of Salisbury. We like playing good teams because you get better and you learn. So we took it as a learning experience.”

One of those All-Americans, Ben Love, had his void filled by his little brother, Sam, who spent last year as a Sea Gull before transferring to Roanoke. He may be questioning that decision now. The fans and the Salisbury sideline had a lot to say to Love as their defense had a busy day, albeit unproductive.

For Berkman, the day seemed familiar.

“Back in ’94 we went up to play Nazareth at Nazareth to dedicate their new stadium. They were #1 in the country. After the third quarter the score was 20-0. It ended up 24-2 or something.”

1994 was Salisbury’s first championship. After the performance today, as if they needed to, Salisbury made a very clear statement that they’re not looking to settle for last year again where they fell short in overtime to Cortland. Today’s game was a dominating performance by nearly every Salisbury player that stepped on the field. Roanoke could hardly catch and throw at some points, but a big part of that was the fact that Salisbury was flying all over the place.

For Roanoke, they have a long way to go to try to reach last year’s form. The players looked like a shadow of last year. Someone will have to step up and be a leader in order for them to make noise the rest of the season. They get back after it next weekend with a trip out to take on Colorado College.

As for Salisbury…they travel to take on Hood College on Wednesday. Hood lost to Virginia Wesleyan and Saint Mary’s already this year by scores of 31-3 and 33-5. Salisbury beat Virginia Wesleyan by a score of 14-5 and Saint Mary’s has lost to Roanoke…if there’s no restraint shown, a lot of scoring records could be broken on Wednesday.

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    by (#3709) on 3/05/07 @12:06AM
at some point your winning, and then you are dominating the other team, then humliating them, then at some point after that it just becomes staight up classless. There is not reason for a 24 goal difference.

That is just Salisbury have no class and running up the score.
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For the record
    by (#1248) on 3/05/07 @1:46PM
I think Billy Pilat and the boys from Noke ran up the score on Virginia Wesleyan in 1993 to the tune of 40 goals. Pilat's sentiment was if you can't compete with us, then don't schedule us. Even though they were in the same conference and had no choice on scheduling and Wesleyan had only had a program for 2 years. I'm glad to see someone returned the favor to Mr. Pilat, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. For the record it sounded like everyone on the team and maybe even the Seagull mascot scored in this game, so I don't think you can fault the Gulls for actually showing up to play if if the Moron's didn't (not a typo).
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hey for the record
    by (#158485) on 3/05/07 @5:02PM
Did you see the 40-goal game or do you know anything about it? For the record, Virginia Wesleyan put three goalies in the cage for the majority of the second half. The starting goalie for VWC in that game went on to have a very successful professional career. Have you ever met Bill Pilat or know anything about him? It's funny, in an ironic way, how you blast someone that you've never met (basically calling him classless), but in your last sentence refer to Roanoke as morons. Try looking in the mirror. For the record, Pilat has never had the sentiment that you claim him to have. If you don't know the man, don't put words in his mouth. And for the record, not one person from the Roanoke camp is complaining about getting 28 dropped on them.
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For the Record, again
    by (#1248) on 3/05/07 @7:24PM
It's funny, in an ironic way, that I would know about this game 14 years ago and you think I don't know anything about the game or Bill Pilat. It's also funny, in an ironic way, that you presume to know anything about me. Hamdpen Sydney put two goalies in against Roanoke that year. Shane Twomey played in the cage alone that day as I remember it. Yes I know Shane Twomey, he was a freak on and off the field, complete rockstar in the cage despite getting shelled every game. Yes I know Pilat, yes I've heard him state pretty much exactly what I wrote. If you can't hang with us, don't schedule us. So if Va Wesleyan put 3 goalies in the cage, it makes it OK to put up 40 on a 3rd year program in your own conference? I'm not really sure I understand the logic. My point is that nobody should be crying for Roanoke for getting humiliated as they've been on the other end against far lesser opponents and seemed to enjoy every moment.
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(no subject)
    by (#158485) on 3/06/07 @10:19AM
Tell me how I presume to know you? Did I ask questions or did I make accusations? What 'logic' did I use? I simply stated facts. You presume to know Pilat, however, putting false words in his mouth. I've known Pilat far many more years than your, probably brief, encounters with him. Trust me, he has never said if you can't hang, then don't schedule. Trust me. He is of the belief, however, if you schedule, then deal with the loss. Just as he, and his players, will do following the beating on Sunday. Big difference. Don't be bitter. That's not a presumption. That's fairly evident from the tone of your comments. Bitter.
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    by (#1248) on 3/06/07 @11:08AM
First you claim I've never met him, now you claim I've had brief encounters with him, both incorrect assumptions on your part. I'm far from bitter, in fact my point was that I am happy a team that dropped 40 on an opponent got theirs. That was my point for those that were blasting Salisbury for embarrassing Roanoke. Unless you are Bill Pilat himself, I'm certain you've not been around for every statement the man has made, so please don't ask me to trust you when you tell me he never said something that I in fact heard him say. This is a forum to express opinions, mine is that I am happy a coach who had his team run up the score in the past to the tune of 40 points on a very young program in the same conference got what he deserved and I don't feel sorry for him as some others might have. Find me one person other than yourself that doesn't think dropping 40 on a 2nd year program in your own conference isn't a BS classless move. If Salisbury goes to Hood and rolls them 40-0, I will have the same opinion of them.
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(no subject)
    by (#158485) on 3/06/07 @11:24AM
Point me to my claim that you've never met him. I asked a question. You're just defensive so you're reading things into my questions. I ask another. As you admit, Roanoke had to play VWC that year. So why would Pilat make a statement like "if you can't compete with us, then don't schedule us." You want to talk logic, yet you make that claim. That makes no sense. No one feels sorry for Pilat, including himself. Again, it's ironic that someone that wants to continually throw the word 'classless' around calls a team of college aged kids 'morons.'
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(no subject)
    by (#1248) on 3/06/07 @11:37AM
Your first reply to my post "It's funny, in an ironic way, how you blast someone that you've never met" You clearly made a claim that I have never met him. Again, my opinion is that dropping 40 on a fellow conference member was a classless move. Calling them Morons is a play on words as they are the Maroon's. In the ODAC, most teams have deragatory nicknames for one another. Lunchbag, Squidney, Roatoke, etc.. it's just a joke don't take it personally or believe I am trying to insult a bunch of kids. I think I've made my point and you've made yours. You think Pilat is a great guy and you are entitled to that opinion, I just won't be drinking that Kool Aid. I have no idea why Pilat made that statement, you seem to know him so you can call him up and ask him yourself. I also never said he made it in reference to VWC.
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(no subject)
    by (#158485) on 3/06/07 @1:07PM
You are correct, I did make that claim. Apologies for missing that one. I've actually spoken with Pilat three times this morning. Four times yesterday. So you can take my word for it. He doesn't subscribe to that line of reasoning. It's odd that 15 years later someone can still hold such a grudge and still be so bitter over a game. If VWC had the chance to drop 40 on Roanoke now, which of course it never will, would that be classless? Or is that justice?
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(no subject)
    by (#1248) on 3/06/07 @2:14PM
You are either his son or one of his assistant coach's if he has that much time to talk to you these past two days. This would explain why you like him so much. I have no reason to hold a grudge, I wasn't playing for the team that had 40 dropped on them. I was making a point, as others were blasting Salisbury for running it up on Noke. Hopefully if he's the guy you say he is, he regrets embarrassing VWC like that. I don't see any benefit to either team for being involved in a game like that. It doesn't really matter when it happened, running the score up on an obviously weak opponent is bush league and classless. Again, that is my opinion and I'm not alone.
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why don't you both
    by (#129209) on 3/08/07 @8:24PM
shut up and stop acting like a couple of girls
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Nice trick....
    by (#78222) on 3/05/07 @7:30PM
VWC put three goalies in the cage And still gave up 40? Better check the rule book....Maybe Hood should try this formation against the.....GULLS.
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    by (#154435) on 3/05/07 @12:31AM
how unsportsmanlike. Salisbury is a very disrespectiful team they were up 18-0 in the 3rd quarter i think they already knew they were gonna win let some others get some playing time and hold the score down.
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I think they probably did...
    by (#12161) on 3/05/07 @10:18AM
I played in the same conference as Salisbury in college. When they would blow us out, they wouldn't keep their starters in the entire game. Plenty of their bench would get playing time and still dominate. Never once did I feel like they were running up the score, they were just a much, much better team than us. Even if they had kept their starters in longer than necessary, I wouldn't fault them in this situation. It's the beginning of the season, why not blow out a highly ranked squad like 'Noke and send a message? It's tough to know that you have to play Salisbury after you see this score, it undoubtedly gets in everybody's head.
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I have to agree...
    by (#65281) on 3/05/07 @12:14PM
These are 2 teams that when the last time they met up SU only won my 1, and earlier in the season it was only by 4. SU is a team this year that is trying to show they are #1. The closest score for a game they have played this year is 9 goals. Yes this last game was more of a blow out then any other, but only a 2 goal difference form the catholic game. For gods sake... they killed Marymount last year 29-0... Now that is a little overboard... but again... i dont blame them for it. soclax15 is right... they dont blow people out... they are just a good team playing lacrosse, and happen to score a lot of goals while doing so. Noke was just not able to keep up with them this year like they did last... but i am sure no one got tears in their beers over it... it will only make the next match up more interesting!
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running up the score
    by (#158540) on 3/05/07 @8:14PM
Good point. This was #1 vs. #3. Berkman overall is a prick but a hell of a lax coach. I played for him in the early 90's. Thats just how he rolls. He likes to see his starters - and eventually the back ups - execute what he coaches. THose of you who are offended at the score don't realize that he rebuilt SU lax and teams like Roanoke and WAC used to embarass his old teams. The guy is an intense competitor and turns good players into great players. I'd like to see him challange his players/program and schedule some local D1 schools like Loyola, Towson, or Navy. Seeing the game Sunday reminded me of what Navy does...literally fly all over the field and out hustle everyone. SU does not really have any super stars this year. They are good lacrosse players and simply more athletic than their competition. Roanoke could not even clear the ball...THE WAR SHOULD STAY ON THE SHORE. Look out WAC. That stadium is sweet but it could get ugly at the new digs.
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    by (#78222) on 3/05/07 @12:05PM
Check the scores of Salisbury vs, CAC oppenents. These scores were not run up.
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Where Is The Salisbury-Washington Game This Year?
    by (#136419) on 3/05/07 @2:19AM
I hope it is at one of those schools' campuses and not at M&T Bank Stadium. M&T Bank is great, don't get me wrong. However, this game is the "War On The Shore." It is not the same if it is not on the Shore! Who agrees?
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War on the Shore
    by (#158441) on 3/05/07 @11:38AM
Tha game is at WAC this year, in the new stadium..its pretty sick, i would go to this game if I were you or anyone else..this will be as big as any game this year no matter the outcome...I susspect the atmosphere to be intense!....I also agree I grew up in Chestertown and the War on the Shore belongs ON THE SHORE, although Sals. wanted it to be at M&T again, WAC declined and insists on the tradition continuing....
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That is great!
    by (#136419) on 3/05/07 @12:03PM
Good! This game should always be on the Shore. That is awesome that WAC has a new stadium. That was long overdue. One of the top lacrosse programs in DIII deserves a great stadium.
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John Haus
    by (#136419) on 3/05/07 @12:21PM
There is no doubt that he did an awesome job in his 4 years at Washington College. In 1996 and 1997, his teams lost in overtime to Nazareth in the title game and they got revenge in 1998 and beat Nazareth to win the title. The question is-why hasn't he been able to do the same down at North Carolina? Is it recruiting? Is it coaching? Is it a combination of both? Who knows.

However, I am starting to wonder if Haus could be one of those coaches who is great at DIII schools and mid-major schools but who can't do quite as well at the Top Division I programs.
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(no subject)
    by (#90714) on 3/05/07 @3:02PM
your really starting to piss me of with the John Haus thing. Every other time you post you talk about him and how he should easily be able to recruit at UNC. Honestly shut up about it, you made your point, you dont have to post the same thing every five minutes.
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(no subject)
    by (#154289) on 3/05/07 @2:11PM
yeahhhh boyyyyy
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Great CYO game...Oh wait, no, its College LAX
    by (#14061) on 3/05/07 @4:38PM
I know why he wanted to go to the 'bury...because he wanted to WIN!!!! I don't even know this kid, and I have enough sense to see that.

Maybe the 3-11 record at SHU his freshman season wasn't that awe-inspiring, and that he decided to do something about it and not wallow in sub-mediocrity throughout his college lacrosse career.

And also, this whole Salisbury is running up the score nonsense, this is NOT a CYO JV basketball game!!!! This is #1 vs. #3 college lacrosse. You play to win the game. Just recognize the fact that 'noke was brutally outmatched. What else is Salisbury supposed to do? Should they score for the other team once in a while to try to help keep it close? Or I know, maybe they can give thier attackmen long poles and thier d can grab shorties....that will help even it out, right?

They could of started thier 4th D line and sat thier top 6 middies / attackmen, and they still would of beat the maroons. From top to bottom, they are legit.

I wish they would of scored about that.
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    by (#14061) on 3/06/07 @8:02PM
Stop Crying, wimp. People transfer.
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(no subject)
    by (#133272) on 3/05/07 @3:27PM
no class on salisbury's part
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Should the Gulls go D-I?
    by (#5589) on 3/05/07 @11:54PM
For the record, a year can make a difference. My freshman and sophmore year we hung with Gettysburg and lost by 3 goals and 4 goals respectively when they were # 2 or 3 in the nation. My junior year we lost 24-3 or something like that, when they had Dave Curry before he transferred to UVA.

It's no fun getting blown out, but they played 4 goalies and emptied their bench. We simply could not hang with them and needless to say we did not schedule them the next year.

What comes around goes around and if you blow someone out, be prepared to have the same thing done to you someday when the chickens come home to roost.

The big question is, why doesn't Salisbury move up to Division I? Is it because of Hobart going from the big gorilla of D-III to a top 15-20 Div I program?

Tierney is one of the few coaches that will call off the dogs and as boring as his offense can be at least he wins and loses with class.
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They leather so soft
    by (#129676) on 3/06/07 @4:07AM
How can any team be accused of running up the score on a team thats ranked only 2 spots behind them in the poll? Secondly 19 players tallied at least a point. Thats 3 lines of middies and 3 lines of attack with a LSM kicker. Depth is the key in any sport, and in the last decade Salisbury has had a ton of it. Hopefully they can stay level headed and run the table. But as the boys on last years team will tell you the taste in your mouth after a loss like that is one against Cortland is one you never want to have again. Good luck and Go Gulls.
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(no subject)
    by (#117847) on 3/07/07 @1:54AM
There is no mercy in college lax. Nothing is given to you...if teams want to throw up 30+ goals on you they will. Especially if the backups are doing it...and if 19 players got points for Salisbury, alot of backups were likely in. Get 2nd liners some experience. Its when they get there stats and All Americans pepper there Resume. Hood has gotten 30 goals thrown up on them twice this year. It happens.
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