Salisbury vs. Washington & Lee Scrimmage

Salisbury vs. Washington & Lee Scrimmage

Salisbury vs. Washington & Lee Scrimmage

Salisbury vs. Washington & Lee Scrimmage

With the Blue Ridge Mountains looming in the distance and with fans from both teams lacking seats but not exciting lacrosse to cheer for, two top Division III programs squared off with the intensity of a game this past Saturday. A scrimmage of this proportion does a lot for both squads involved. It allows coaches to test the untested in a game like situation, it shows what a team needs to improve on and what their strengths are, and in this particular situation, it just may provide the chance to size-up the possible postseason competition. Salisbury and Washington and Lee would both come out of this one a little wiser, a little bruised, and a lot more eager to start the season.

Not wanting to grace the game field yet with the pounding of turf shoes, this scrimmage was played on the practice field and the score was kept per quarter only, and erased at the end of each. But in the end, of course, players, fans, coaches, and writers would do the necessary addition and tallying to decide who technically won the match.

Salisbury pounced out of the gate with the eagerness of a team who had been on a bus for six hours the previous night, and this early intensity earned them the first three goals of the scrimmage. The ice was cracked about midway through the first quarter when sophomore Andy Arnold stuck in a lay-up fed to him from freshman attackman Chris Phillups. Salisbury’s Ryan Miller would add another before the quarters end, with a strong sweeping move from up top. At the end of the first quarter momentum seemed to be in the Seagull's corner as their defense staved off the Washington and Lee offensive with great goalie play from freshman Dan Korpon and aggressive leadership from senior defenseman John Kline.

However, scrimmage or no scrimmage, as the third goal in the beginning of the second quarter was scored by the Seagulls, Washington and Lee seemed about ready to match their high flying competitors’ intensity. Senior midfielder Dan Ingersoll put the General's on the board when he scored the first General goal at the cost of what may have been a late, but big hit by Salisbury freshman defenseman Jeff Bigas. With a boost of intensity in the Generals’ sail, W&L went on to control the face-off with the skills of face-off man Tom Melanson. Directly following the face-off a heads-up play by sophomore middie Dustin Martin turned a loose ball scramble into a W&L goal, putting the Generals within one. At this point with all the charm of a scrimmage aside, and both team’s benches roaring with every big hit (and they multiplied per quarter), one couldn’t help but feel as though the season had started. Senior Seagull attackman Steve Brianas scored next sticking one past W&L sophomore keeper Ansel Sanders. But W&L showed they were up to the challenge as sophomore middie Mike McNamara bounced one in from up top keeping the score in check. The Generals were now riding harder, defending more aggressively, and putting the ball on cage, but Salisbury’s Dan Korpon continued to show why Head Coach Jim Berkman was starting a freshman at goal. Before the first half would end, Salisbury sophomore Andy Murray would sneak past the W&L defense with some one-handed acrobatics, and manage to put the ball away giving the Gulls a 5-3 advantage.

The second half would see the absence of Salisbury’s keeper Dan Korpon due to a fever he was suffering from before the game started. The face-off was won by Seagull sophomore Kyle Anderson allowing Chris Phillups to score immediately off a feed from Arnold. But this would be one of only three second half goals as the Seagulls found themselves on defense for long stretches at a time. Melanson would answer right back with a short-range worm-burner which snuck to the back of the Seagull net. Several of the following minutes had the Seagull defense short a man due to a slashing call, and even after the first penalty was killed by the young defense, they would land themselves back in the penalty box with another slash. Impressively, the young Gull defense was able to prevent W&L man-up team from scoring, but these defensive stints seemed to have tired the Salisbury defense out some. Showing some energy still, defenseman Jeff Bigas was able to dodge his way up field, and like a wily veteran, dump the ball off to fellow freshman Chris Phillups who stuck it in for Salisbury’s second to last goal of the day. W&L would score three unanswered goals to end the third quarter with senior middie John Moore taking advantage of his man leaving him unguarded, long pole Matt Strickler putting one in after clearing it all the way up the field, losing the ball, and then picking it up again, and sophomore middie Jimmy Zunka beating his man and putting one in the cage.

The intensity of a tied game started to show in the fourth quarter with the ball being dropped and mistakes being made by both teams, but W&L was certainly throwing harder than in the first quarter and it seemed they had shaken all the rust off. The Generals showed they could slow the game down as they possessed the ball at length early in the fourth, capping it off when senior attackman Andrew Barnett put one in the top left corner of the cage. Salisbury would not be quashed yet, and two W&L penalties would eventually lead to a man-up goal for the seagulls despite spirited play by the W&L man down defense. Salisbury would find themselves man down as well, and despite their own stand, sophomore attackman Matt Fink would put one away with a sweep from up top directly after the penalty ran out. The Generals kept up the pressure and came up with another goal as Dustin Martin put away his second of the day and put his team up by two where they would stay.

Salisbury made some valiant attempts to cut the General lead, but Sanders came up with some big saves. The final two minutes became an opportunity for Washington and Lee Head Coach Mike Cerino to see how well his offense could possess the ball while keeping it in the box. This challenge turned out to be aided by two Salisbury penalties, and the Generals held onto the ball until the final whistle blew with W&L on top 10-8...but whose counting? Apparently everyone was, and it showed in the post-game dismay and rejoicing.

All in all though, both teams will get back to practicing this week, both confident in their young goalies, both ready to work on whatever their respective coaches have in store for them, and both feeling tested and ready to play an opponent when it counts. “We made entirely too many mental mistakes but we will learn from this [scrimmage] and move on”, were senior middie Mike Roberts words about the contest, and the teams that do improve are the ones that will be around in May.

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W&L vs. Salisbury scrimmage
    by (#20672) on 2/20/02 @6:06PM
One correction on the story: W&L's first goal was scored by senior midfielder Dan Ingersoll. Defenseman Matt Strickler scored his goal later in the game.
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W & L vs. Salisbury
    by (#20785) on 2/21/02 @10:17AM
If I counted the goals for W & L correcttly, nine different players scored and eight of them came from midfielders. Quite a different style from last year's star studded team. If they keep that up it will be hard for opposing teams to plan a defense against them. Good luck to Mike Cerino and..... Go Generals.
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    by (#3412) on 2/21/02 @7:06PM
Yeah Ingersol!
keep it up and stay away from the kiwi.
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what about those pioneers
    by (#9204) on 2/20/02 @6:39PM
widener was also in this scrimage, and who would of thought that they would be able to put up a
7-7 tie against salisbury. i sure would of, i've been following this team for years, and its about time they got a shot at the big boys.
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    by (#18546) on 2/20/02 @7:04PM
Widener also played Salisbury's second string
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Widener Lax
    by (#19900) on 2/20/02 @11:08PM
Widener lacrosse is like the XFL. No one cares, and it's painful to watch.
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    by (#6834) on 2/21/02 @11:38AM
Cmon guys, you cant respect a post by the distinguished critic by the name of bongripper? I mean, with a name like that he's gotta be intelligent!
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ok lara "gay" (nt)
    by (#19810) on 2/25/02 @9:58PM
(no text)
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    by (#26986) on 4/12/02 @4:30AM
Dan Laragy is a wuss.
But the dude who wrote Lara gay is a funny little sissy.

You sure are cute boy!
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    by (#20793) on 2/21/02 @1:11PM
you need to get off widener's nuts.
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    by (#3714) on 2/21/02 @5:49PM
I saw a Widener game a while back at Homewood. I don't think they were playing lacrosse. (More like pitch, stumble and drop.) But they did try hard. Left it all on the field. If Widener tied the birds it wasn't Berkman's best, probably the fourth string and by all that is holy and Coach Berkman those boys will see mostly pine and no playing time once the real thing starts. Of course it could be that Widener has really recruited some studs ... well we'll all know when the real shooting starts, eh?.
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    by (#9246) on 2/21/02 @6:48PM
Based on the average SAT's at Widener it doesn't take a Rhodes scholar to figure out that the folks up in Philly don't have much more than air between their ears. Keep dreamin fellas!! Top 10!!! Tied the Gulls!!!!! Hell why don't you guys just whip up on Hopkins, Virginia, Towson, Syracuse and Princeton and leave us poor DIII guys alone????
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And One More Thing About Widener
    by (#9246) on 2/21/02 @7:52PM
this so called killer recruiting class. Now what decent lax player in his right mind whould want to wear those sick uniforms. You either have to be too stupid to go to a decent lacrosse school or,you must commute to school.
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what's all the fuss about
    by (#20701) on 2/21/02 @8:20PM
who cares who won what scrimmage? None of the three teams looked impressive. widener didn't have their full squad either. Widener sure does get a large amount of air time on this site though. If you guys didn't think anything of them, then you wouldn't spend the time to write those boring, pointless responses. On uniforms, in case no one noticed, salisbury's are maroon and gold and their team name is Seagulls...C'mon guys lets be fair.
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    by (#20565) on 2/22/02 @8:12PM
thanks for the credit for the game against Salisbury. We are looking at taking many more shots at as many big teams as possible.
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My System Musta Crashed
    by (#9246) on 2/23/02 @5:24PM
Must be a major error. I thought I saw that Widener LOST to WAC. Can't be. Widener's top 10 babee. Damn, looks like the score was worse than last year. Can't be...killer, stud, recruiting class...Pecker , I mean, Little Wood.....Capelli, big time AA D-man...

A word to the Wise (an oxymoron when used in reference to Widener)...If ya can't walk the walk (you know the rest).
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This one is for you ZEBRA
    by (#20266) on 2/23/02 @10:42PM
Yeah, so we lost to WAC, probably the best team in the country. But I wonder, who are you, what team do you play for and what your number is. I pray to god that we do play you, because I have been told that I am a lacrosse player in a linebackers body. I can picture you coming across the middle being destroyed from my hits. Oh yeah, by the way, my name is spelled Cappelli, and if you don't know how to spell an italian's name then you don't know how tough they are and how hard they hit, like myself. And if you question me and we do play, you will be well informed the day of the game. Bring it pussy, I will put you in the hospital.
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    by (#19920) on 2/23/02 @10:48PM
Widener sucks lol, no other way to put it
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Most I-Talians
    by (#9246) on 2/24/02 @9:14AM
bring honor to their heritage, way to let down the brotherhood Cappaleni (or is it Rigatoni?) Most AA defensement don't allow the opposing starting attack to score 13 goals. What, were you playing with the old Italian (capitilize spagetti head) sausage instead of the titanium? And no, we won't be playing big bad Widener (too bad, I could use the points) so you'll just have to keep dreamin about putting me in the hospital. Maybe its your game that needs some medical attention. Looks like its terminal to me. Keep the faith...the Scranton game is right around the corner.
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    by (#20896) on 2/24/02 @3:40PM
Zebra first thing you shouldn't be talking if your name is Zebra how gay are you? Second of all why dont you stop hiding behind your ONLINE name. Third get the lax stick out of ur ass(which probablly the extent of your lacrosse experience) Until you do that DONT TALK!!!
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(no subject)
    by (#8769) on 2/24/02 @5:22PM
In the span of one week, Widener players have gone from talking an immeasurable amount of trash (ie. Top 10, going to crush WAC, 10 AA on one team) to POSTING about how tough they are and how they're going to beat up everyone in D3. when did this forum turn into an online fight club?
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wac=best team?
    by (#8861) on 2/24/02 @10:05PM
apparently you are rating them the best team in the country because widener is supposedly a TOP 10 Team, and they were beaten by 8 goals by wac, so that means that wac is the best team in the country. just wanted to clarify that for all the non- italians out there...
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come on
    by (#2519) on 2/26/02 @11:47AM
i'm not sure why widener people are talking trash. nobody will respect you until you win a big game. beating messiah and kings (no offense to those schools) earns you zero respect. getting waxed in the tourney last year gets you no respect, and losing to wac by 9 gets you no respect. fellas, you may be confident, but apparantly just aren't that good. you have two or three big time games this year (wac, gettysburg, and western md). so far you are 0 for 1. if you win the other two, then maybe you can say something. until then, just play the games, and stop saying crap like "i'm a lacrosse players in a linebacker's body." only at a place like widener can a 5'10, 190 guy be considered a linebacker.
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Widener has no chance
    by (#21620) on 2/26/02 @10:27PM
Widener already lost to WAC and later this year they will definitly lose to G-Burg, and WMC. How can they hope to play with teams from the best conference in the country. They can only hope they don't get beat worse than they did to WAC.
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is it zebra or Yellow
    by (#19810) on 2/25/02 @9:58PM
hey zebra im glad you noticed the major error. i didnt think anyone else would pick that up. like i said when widener has a full team they are top 10. Littlewood, the kid that isnt afraid to say his name on the internet(unlike you), didnt play in the game due to violation of team rules. so why dont you get off our dicks and stop paying so much attn. youll read about me in the papers doosh bag.
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Cerino is DOPE
    by (#20883) on 2/21/02 @9:14PM
way to do it up big C. I always knew Stags was an overrated red-headed freak. go generals!

I wish i could be evrahwhere people was doin awrt.
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    by (#20929) on 2/22/02 @5:42AM
yo dustin way to go. ill be seeing ya- field
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Big C > Stags
    by (#20984) on 2/22/02 @3:42PM
Way to go Gennies, in less than 2 monts Big C has done what Jim "elmo" Stagnitta couldn't: beat Salsibury Steak.

That reminds me of a joke: why did stags go to rutgers?

so his hair could match his teams uniforms.


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Stags < Big C
    by (#20883) on 2/22/02 @3:59PM
I believe Mr. Testarosa makes a valid and cogent arguement. Clearly Danny may be partial to a more traditional Italian head coach (sans the crimson coif) but its is also clear that Cerino can apply fieryness to the team's attitude and not just his hair-do. Cerino 1, Stags 0.

Now, however, the pressure is on, don't blow it Cerino.
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