San Ramon vs. St. Ignatius

San Ramon vs. St. Ignatius

San Ramon vs. St. Ignatius bringing you Highlights of some SOLID West Coast Lax. Check out these highlights from San Ramon Valley vs. St. Ignatius circa San Francisco, California.

Some serious players in this game, Check it out!!!

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west coast is coming on strong!!! watch that (nt)
    by (#76680) on 3/11/11 @9:55AM
(no text)
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    by (#172313) on 3/11/11 @12:52PM
glad i could see the game winning shot in double overtime.................... NOT you need to fire that cameraman asap
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(no subject)
    by (#256902) on 3/15/11 @12:21AM
I agree
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    by (#272315) on 3/11/11 @2:17PM
pretty solid series of pushes from behind starting at 0:25
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(no subject)
    by (#240428) on 3/11/11 @5:21PM
was that a big upset???
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Still Sucks
    by (#203828) on 3/11/11 @10:01PM
These kids still suck. West Coast lax is even close to the east coast. Looked like a middle school game
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Me thinks thou doth protest too much
    by (#275168) on 3/12/11 @8:17PM
Smooth Butt Relax,
What great powers of observation you have! Your insight is topped only by your -oh so perfect - grammar and punctuation. And your judgement is to die for! The seven DI coaches who have recruits playing for these two schools - including Breschi, Tambroni, Desko, Meade, and Corrigan - must be far poorer judges of lacrosse talent than you. And those poor fools who put together the Inside Lacrosse Top 50 Juniors list - to which two of the players in this video have been named - must be worried about their job security when they read your powerful analysis and carefully documented assertions.

Gee, you're wonderful!
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they still suck
    by (#210453) on 3/14/11 @7:09PM
Neither defenses slid when they were supposed to, and when they did slide they had no 2 slide and the other guys never recovered to the crease they just continued to chase the ball. The defense just ball-watched the whole time, if the offensive players had any lax IQ and knew how to backcut the score would've been much higher. (Still assuming the goalies sucked as much as they do) Half the time the offense looked like they had no clue what formation they were supposed to be in. Kids on both teams held the ball for WAY too long and thats why they got stripped... You wanna see 2 real teams play, Haveford vs. St. Pauls was a great game.

Congratulations to Cali for having a handful of D1 players when most top 25 NCAA teams are predominantly based off east coast recruits
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    by (#273949) on 3/18/11 @11:46PM
you win lol. tell that elitist east-coast laxer what's up
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(no subject)
    by (#217430) on 3/13/11 @3:18AM
Yeah that is why wether it is Virgina playing Cuse or Cornell today all I am hearing coming out of Quient's mouth is how good freshman Rob Emery is and where did he go. O yeah St. Igs. San Ramon Valley is sending kids to Cuse and UNC. LCC sending to Princeton and Denver, Torrey sending one to Cornell next year. So unless you are going to one of these places I don't believe you can comment wether they are good or not.
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    by (#273457) on 3/11/11 @10:45PM
some of these kids are stormtroopin
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the goalies suck
    by (#131237) on 3/13/11 @3:49PM
and the defense should learn how to throw a check and not try to tackle
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    by (#275168) on 3/13/11 @8:13PM
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    by (#273176) on 3/14/11 @9:23AM
cool toolbag 3 schools in the entire huge state of cali are sending kids d1. theres more kids coming out of my school alone going d1. even schools in florida texas and georgia have more kids playing high level lax and your bragging? you're clearly retarded
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    by (#275538) on 3/15/11 @2:16AM
the fact that you are trying to talk trash over a highlight video is ridiculous. I would guarantee that if you tried to go against Michael Tagliaferri or Matt Emery 2 middies from opposing teams, you would get rocked and be speechless. Don't even try to start talking trash in the comments of a highlight reel. If thats something that you do you must have a lot of time on your hands and be that low to try and make himself feel better.
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