Second Half Propels the Orange

Second Half Propels the Orange

Second Half Propels the Orange

Second Half Propels the Orange

An excited Brown team visited the Carrier Dome Saturday and gave the reigning National Champions a game…. for about a quarter. After jumping out to a quick 3-1 lead capped off with a goal 18 seconds into the second quarter, Brown was subject to Syracuse’s heavy offensive pressure which was too much for them to ‘bear’.

Syracuse struggled early on with hitting the net on their shots, but once they got comfortable they cruised to an easy win. After only a slim two-goal lead at halftime, Syracuse exploded with 9 goals in the second half. Everyone knew the game was out of reach for Brown when Syracuse scored 4 unanswered goals in the third to put it at 11-5.

Mike Powell proved again he has returned to normal form with his 6 point (3g, 3a) performance. I personally don’t understand why people would begin talking after he has a couple low point games, but I guess that’s the way it is.

In the first quarter Brown looked pretty sharp. They were clearing the ball fairly well and their passes were crisp, but I think their success had to do with Syracuse’s early game woes. It definitely took them a while to get in gear and once they did their wasn’t much Brown could do. The attack of Springer, Banks, Nee, and Powell that combined for 18 points (9g, 9a) in the game is just too potent. Against these guys you have to play perfect defensively because if you don’t they are going to find a way to exploit you.

Syracuse’s man down unit was definitely on top of their game as well later in the fourth when they killed a 3-minute non-releasable penalty that was served for an illegal stick. I couldn’t hear the announcer on the PA system so I’m not sure which player in particular it was called against. There was a point when Brown was getting off shot after shot right in front of goalie Jay Pfiefer and was stoned on every one. The crowd really reacted to it. It is play like this that is going to give the SU defense more and more confidence later in the season.

Syracuse travels to Loyola next weekend and Brown hosts Yale on Wednesday.

Attendance at Saturday’s game was 4,316.

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I remember....
    by (#31907) on 3/31/03 @9:30AM
when Brown was actually good. Darren Lowe......Greg Rozicki.....David Evans.....Jay Stalfort. Man, they really suck now. If Cornell or Brown can't get their act together soon, the Ivy League is going to lose whatever small amount of respect it still has. Princeton has set the bar, but the rest of these school are a joke. Let's go Brownies.....let's go Little Red.....get your sh*t together and put the Ivy league back on the lacrosse map.
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Noble Rot
    by (#46862) on 3/31/03 @11:25AM
Yeah, these guys are dead on the vine, or close to, compared to what you mentioned.

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    by (#4391) on 3/31/03 @12:04PM
overall, bad pictures. The site has much better pictures. It's good to see Liam Banks playing. I think if the attack shapes up and the defense improves a little, this team could win it all.
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Miss Cleo
    by (#33555) on 4/03/03 @3:45PM
Were you able to make that prediction all by yourself or did you call Miss Cleo for help? No sh*t Syracuse is good, and might be able to "win it all" tell us something we don't know...Now we know you are a master of the obvious, so go from there.
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    by (#9264) on 4/06/03 @8:25PM
....I know Brown is having a sour season but damn all you do is trash on the Bears...just read the "teaser" for this atricle, it makes it seem like brown rolled over after the first quarter...

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