Stevens Tech Makes it to Quarterfinals

Stevens Tech Makes it to Quarterfinals

Stevens Tech Makes it to Quarterfinals

Stevens Tech Makes it to Quarterfinals

Sunday May 16 was a hell of a day to be a Stevens Tech Duck. Springfield took their last lead of the game with more than 10 minutes left in the 1st quarter, but the Ducks would take it from then on. Springfield got off to an early lead; with the score at 2-1 within the first 4 minutes of the game, there was little time to breath. After an up and down battle with some big hits and some great saves, Stevens tech tied it up with a dodge from Jay Wells as he rolled back to his left hand and fired a shot low to make it 2-2. The rest of the quarter was played at a fast run and gun pace, but neither team could find the back of the net and the quarter ended 2-2.

The second quarter was all Stevens as they took their first lead of the game. With 13:00 left on the clock Matt Kuppe drove from behind to his left hand and finished past Springfield’s Kyle Cloutier to make it 3-2 Stevens. Just a few minutes later the Ducks went up 4-2 after Brian Lalli ripped a right handed shot high and hard to give the ducks the two-goal advantage. Stevens was on fire after this and without the great play of Springfield’s Kyle Cloutier (15 saves) in goal, the score could have gotten out of hand.

The third quarter was a hard fought battle, but Stevens found the scoreboard first again as Brian Lalli found a cutting Rich Benson down the left side who finished low and away to make it 5-2. The Stevens offense was aided by a dominating performance in the faceoff circle, as it seemed like they couldn't lose a draw. Almost immediately after their fifth goal, the Stevens fans were once again on their feet, as the Ducks scored this time with Mark Bielicky catching a wide shot and finding Erik Reckdenwald open on the crease. 6-2 Ducks. It didn’t take long for Mark Bielicky to strike again for Stevens, as he beat the double team from behind and finished to make it 7-2. Matt Cannon, Stevens senior goalie (16 saves), was a brick wall through the entire 2nd and 3rd quarter until Springfield finally got back onto the board. Derek Pedrick took matters into his own hands and from the lefty wing roll dodged to his right hand and ripped it upper right to make it 7-3 Stevens. The quarter ended and it was obvious that Stevens could smell the Quarterfinals within their grasp.

The fourth was the last chance for the Springfield seniors to prove themselves and even though they played their hearts out, it would be Stevens that found the goal first. Brian Lalli took his man from the wing and scored unassisted to go up 8-3. With time winding down for Springfield’s season, they did everything they could to make a comeback. But the efforts of the Stevens defense and goalkeeping kept the Pride to only one more goal, as Adam Cost found Senior attackman Paul Purdy who finished in style one on one to make it 8-4. With the NCAA Quarter finals only a few minutes away, Stevens would hold on and win the game 8-4, putting them one step closer to a final four appearance.

Stevens has put themselves on the Map today, but can they compete with the big boys of DIII? We will find out next weekend as they face one of the top DIII programs in the country, Middlebury.

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    by (#19633) on 5/17/04 @1:25PM
I absolutley hate Springfield.

I'm so glad they are losers.

Losing to the Nerds...err..I mean Ducks from Steven's Tech is nothing to be ashamed of - they have one of the most Historic and Time Honored Lacrosse Programs in the country. Hey, was that their first playoff win ever? wierd.

good luck against the Panthers of Middlebury - they are so scared of you - nobodys wants to play the Ducks in May - you guys are sick laxers yo.
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you're right
    by (#19633) on 5/17/04 @10:07PM
but this way it makes me feel better about myself and it makes you feel kind of pathetic...and that is the way it is always gonna be.
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    by (#51050) on 5/18/04 @10:05AM
u suck at disses and at life

u dont have to make fun of a team just because they upset someone

thats what make the playoffs interesting.
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Kens Lunch
    by (#77053) on 5/18/04 @10:21AM
I cant tell if he was serious or just dumb...Stevens does have one of the most historic and time honored programs in the country. I believe it is the oldest consecutive running program in the country. They did have several national championships in the early 1900's and spots of success throughout the years. This is their first NCAA tournament win. They are 1-0 against Syracuse! As for nerds...thanks for the compliment....Stevens alumni are alwalys looking for office and cleaning help....send me a resume
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    by (#19633) on 5/18/04 @12:30PM
the commitment to excellence that your school has shown your lacrosse program over the past 100 years is awesome - they truly found the balance between academics and athletics. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys won a few more national championships this Century- you guys had a few last Century - AND YOU CRUSHED SYRACUSE, was that 1931 or 1913? I heard the youngest powell has already verbally committed to Stevens tech.

Your team is the worst and you should kill yourself. that is your punishment for posting Steven's tech career record vs. Syracuse on a popular website. You are embarassing your team.

answer this so that Middlebury can print it out and pin it to their bulletin board in their locker room as motivation before the sacrafice tomorrow.
"What is the final score of the Steven's tech vs. Middlebury game gonna be tomorrow?"

When I clean the offices for all the Steven's Tech alum...I piss in their coffee pots.
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Back to you Ken
    by (#77053) on 5/18/04 @1:33PM
I couldnt reply to Ken's Lunch for some reason so Ill add something here....
Thanks for exposing your intentions. I really was confused. I did not mean anything by that Syracuse comment except to elaborate on how long the program has been around. I would never even attempt to compare the modern programs. As for Kens Lunch.....lighten up...My team is not the worst and Im not going to kill myself...nor would I ever write junk like that on a lacrosse message board....I am not some lunatic like you. As for your other comment....I expect Middlebury to win by 5-10 goals but think Stevens can play with them if they play their best. I also expected Springfield to win so I think they do have a fair chance. As I said I am not some lunatic like you.
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wait a second.
    by (#19633) on 5/18/04 @3:47PM
why is your name "duckman" then? it makes you sound like a huge Steven's tech fan - and you even knew the history behind their program and, off the top of your head, the career record vs. Syracuse.

I think you play for Steven's Tech and are embarassed to admit it.

at least you are ready to lose tomorrow.
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Last Post
    by (#77053) on 5/18/04 @5:50PM
Ok Kens name is duckman because I saw your post and was seriously wondering if you were serious or not. I registered quickly and thats the first thing I could think of. I am a huge fan and an alumnus. I really just wanted you to show your true colors so it would discredit anything you said...which you obliged. We will see what happens tomorrow....Im very proud of what has been accomplished no matter what. It seems you just hate everything. Dont bother writing something nasty back...Im done with this. The resume thing was a joke. I apologize.
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    by (#66153) on 5/17/04 @3:10PM
Very impressed by stevens. They played a very smart game and suprisingly had some big talented players. You could tell they were very well coached(game plan.) Springfield made absolutely no adjustments to their slow down style.

Watch out Middlebury.
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    by (#76985) on 5/17/04 @7:01PM
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    by (#69092) on 5/17/04 @8:15PM story on the cuse game huh? this site never has cuse games covered.
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    by (#76985) on 5/18/04 @9:29AM
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You Guys Need to CHILL OUT
    by (#16732) on 5/18/04 @12:43PM
how immature r u people? just back off of each other and dont post anything if u feel the need to vent your anger. if the guy is being retarded, the admins will do something about it.
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what about ryan
    by (#69118) on 5/18/04 @4:02PM
i know mike powell has the best chance of wining but arent we forgeting ryan boyle? unlike powell ryan boyle has never been shut out! dosent that deserve a little recognition? also some of you say powell has been carrying his whole team which is true but boyle has been carrying more. powell has more people to help him (nee, crockett, lindsey, valone, dougherty, ect). Boyle pretty much only has donager.
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where can i see this on tv? (nt)
    by (#73479) on 5/18/04 @11:23PM
(no text)
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    by (#48450) on 5/18/04 @11:47PM
I was pretty saddened when I read this on for the first time on Sunday (just the score). I was already confused that Springfield had to travel to New Jersey so that an un-ranked team could host an NCAA playoff game against a top-10 Nationally ranked team..but oh well.

Obviously Stevens Tech IS a program to be respected, whether or not that changes the legitimacy of making them the home team here is yet to be decided.. I'm not saying the home advantage had that much to do with them winning.

I couldn't make it to the game, but someone here has said Springfield didn't adjust to the Duck's style of play, or something along those lines.

I really hope that IS the case, because I would have a hard time accepting Stevens is just simply a better lacrosse team..

upsets are fun in the playoffs-- but not when your future team is on the short end :/
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good comments
    by (#52498) on 5/19/04 @9:17AM
The game was actually pretty even for most of the first half---and home field advantage didn't really make all that much difference( the stevens campus is already out on summer break)--except for the travel part---the 3 hour bus ride and the overnight stay may have affected springfield more than we thought. Stevens played a pretty fast game and then switched to an inverted offense in the 4th which Springfield failed to match up to. I think this game on any other day could have gone either way easily. Both are solid teams with guys who hustle and played their hearts out. Can either beat salisbury state? no( but they could beat anyone else i think)....This was a solid D3 game. The week before Stevens beat OWU in an amazing overtime game--they took 56 shots in that game. They are well coached and disciplined. I think you will have a great lax experience at Springfield and you will get many opportunities to play in the ncaa's. But for let's root for the newcomers in the tourney--4 years ago Stevens was ranked 108th in D3--now they are playing Middlebury--let's hope they play them tough-I think they will. Diversity leads to better play overall nationally.
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What the funk?
    by (#30623) on 5/20/04 @4:05PM
Why does Middlebury always get a cupcake walk into the Semis?? Why is the Southern bracket always significantly stronger than the Northern? The NCAA needs to draw this thing up right and set the geographical issues aside.
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