Stringing With Boomer: Sidewall

Stringing With Boomer: Sidewall

Stringing With Boomer: Sidewall

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Surprisingly good
    by (#170726) on 12/29/08 @7:38PM
I prefer a slightly different method to stringing, but otherwise, this is a very good tutorial. +1 for Maverik.
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goalie heads
    by (#208891) on 12/30/08 @11:46AM
I think you should "Stringing with Boomer" goalie for goalie heads

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    by (#203383) on 12/31/08 @3:59AM
I'm curious to know how to shape my mesh. Whether low mid or high pocket. I've heard you can use shampoo, leave the side walls with a bit of slack, the ol' spoon and ball treatment. Any pointers?
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To Each His/Her Own
    by (#39130) on 1/02/09 @2:31PM
Each person who strings their stick, shapes their pocket a little differently, and has different tricks. What I like to do is use warm water on the mesh before I string it. Then stretch it out. As I string, I will be pushing, pulling, and shaping the pocket as I put in the sidewalls.

After I put in both sidewalls, I either use a “Pocket Stretcher” ( or put a ball in the pocket, where I want the pocket to be formed. I will leave either item in there as I do the shooters also, so I can put them in with the proper release.

I hope this helped:

~ Boomer
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Huge Help
    by (#214117) on 3/02/09 @1:36AM
These videos were a huge help. My friend and I had never strung a stick before and we watched these and got it perfect the first time. Now I am stringing totally on my own. Thanks Boomer.
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(no subject)
    by (#222421) on 5/25/09 @5:05PM
these videos are great are you going to make some for her types of stringing like monster and traditonal
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6 diamond
    by (#205561) on 1/13/10 @6:59AM
would this be the same for stringing 6 diamond. i just bought some and i'm stringing it on the brine clutch x
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(no subject)
    by (#218383) on 2/08/10 @4:06PM
Do u soak the mesh in warm water and if you do how long do u soak it?
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    by (#221242) on 8/29/09 @4:42PM
get a pocket pounder
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(no subject)
    by (#227321) on 9/29/09 @10:51PM
boomers gottta sweet watch
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    by (#148904) on 1/02/09 @4:40PM
there is so many different ways to string a stick, it's baffling. I developed some tricks in stringing im sure no one knows and is difficult to explain. For my juice I actually used 10 top holes instead of 9, using 2 strings for the top wall. Also i strung the sidewalls with a 1i,1i,1?,2i,2i,1i,1i,tie off pattern. the ? represents a method i invented where instead of putting it through the next sidewall hole first, i first put the string through the next sidewall hole from the inside of the head, then go back and put it under itself, then under and through the mesh hole(if that makes sense). my shooting strings are a rolled nylon 5 and 6 holes down from the very top of the mesh, a straight shooter on the 7th hole and a 4 hole U on the 9th hole. handles, shoots, and passes like a dream.
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    by (#148904) on 1/03/09 @5:04PM
if ur gonna string it this way(10 holes up top), the mesh kinda acts like a ramp and its hard to get used to at 1st. Worth it once you get used to it tho cuz quicksticks are amazing and shot speed is as well. all you have to do is give with the ball more and cradle a bit harder.
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not a ramp
    by (#148904) on 1/03/09 @5:07PM
not a ramp, i meant a trampoline!!!
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    by (#185818) on 1/04/09 @5:16PM
IDK if I like or dislike this video, I guess the video actually is not bad, I don't like that stringing method. I think the video is good, it teaches younger kids who have not found their niche in what they look for in stringing... personally not my method but the video is good... also i think you should put up how to string the side walls of a goalie stick because I won't know what to do when my players ask me to string a goalie head for them... I've done it once and it was the worst stringing job ever...
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about that..
    by (#163022) on 2/28/09 @9:06PM
Stringing a goalie head is much harder than stringing a plain attack head. i like to use 12 diamond mesh on my head. i made myself a pocket pounder (much like the one manufactured by Warrior) and i work myself a nice channel down the center. handles amazingly. it kinda takes some getting used to, but when you do, OMG. oh, and it throws super nice. pinpoint pecision. i can actually shoot better than several of my team's attackmen with this pocket, but that's another story...
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    by (#209230) on 2/11/09 @7:17PM
Hey boomer i have an STX proton power and am trying to finish the sidewalls on it, but your method doesnt work because the last holes are too small to fit it in twice any pointers?
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    by (#218836) on 4/12/09 @12:16PM
This video seems pretty confusing for me since I've been stringing a different way for a long time. I guess it would be ok for begginers but my way of stringing is slightly different.
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I have a...
    by (#217880) on 4/14/09 @1:45AM
STX Kannon head and I want my pocket to be a little bit higher.

It has a ton of holes on the sidewall. How can I move my pocket up a little bit?
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(no subject)
    by (#222421) on 5/25/09 @5:03PM
is stringing monster mesh the same?
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(no subject)
    by (#220760) on 7/15/09 @8:22AM
he is married or engaged
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    by (#199127) on 8/25/09 @3:01PM
He sounds like demitri martin haha
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Good Tutorial
    by (#218275) on 4/04/10 @2:01PM
Whenever I need to find out a good way to string a stick I go to boomer's vids. I learned from STX's Tizzle on YouTube but Boomer, you are way better. I started stringing last year and now I string my friend's sticks a lot. I'm pretty good but I need some help, so here's my questions:

1. Is it better to string the top lace with 9 or 10 holes? (I tried both, I can't see a difference.)

2. What's a good price to string a head for?

3. For a d-pole, I like my pockets kind of low, but for midfield I prefer a higher pocket. It's sometimes hard to adjust. What is the best place for a pocket to be? (High, Low, Middle)

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    by (#244934) on 6/18/10 @6:41PM
y is this video and the top lace video the same?
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    by (#233996) on 6/20/10 @7:40PM
Must've been an issue when they moved to a new player... give back the sidewall vid please.
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