Syracuse Handles Navy in the Dome

Syracuse Handles Navy in the Dome

Syracuse Handles Navy in the Dome

Syracuse Handles Navy in the Dome

Central New York fans had their first glimpse of the 2002 Syracuse Orangemen as they handed Navy a convincing 17-9 defeat in the Carrier Dome on Saturday. It was Syracuse's first preseason scrimmage of the season and Navy's second. Both teams seemed a bit rusty and the game lacked some intensity partly because the score was reset after each period.

The starting attack for the 'Cuse of Powell, Springer, and Coffman answered the one question on many fans minds about who would be replacing Liam Banks on attack. The new unit seemed to work well together combining for 9 goals and 20 points total, however from the best attack in the nation this is no surprise. Mike Springer led the Orange with 8 points while Powell and Coffman each had 6. Starting for Navy in net was Jon Higdon and replacing the graduated Rob Mulligan was Jay Pfieffer of the Orange. The longpole Chris Dingman got most of the faceoff duties for Navy and Bickel and Plunkett took turns for Syracuse.

Syracuse started the scoring when Springer intercepted a Navy defenseman's pass and then found Coffman on the crease for the easy finish. After another SU goal making it 2-0, Navy controlled the ball and worked the SU defense and answered back with 2 goals of their own. With the score knotted at 2, each team answered each other's scores twice more making it 4-4 going into the second quarter. Syracuse's third goal came from Brian Solliday with the assist to California native Spencer Wright. This duo needs to be productive at the midfield if Syracuse is to be as good as they want to be this year. A few minutes into the second quarter Springer came up with the ball in a scrum around midfield with a clear lane to the goal and ripped one over the shoulder of the Navy goalie. This was the first of Syracuse's five unanswered goals which all came in the second quarter. This put the game at 9-4. Navy finally answered when Brad Hay found Tully, NY native Dan Eddy in front of the goal for the score. Syracuse's Tully representative Tom Hardy quickly answered Eddy's goal putting the game at 10-5 going into the lockeroom at half time. Returning a few mintues into the third quarter, Alex Mummolo replaced goalie Jay Pfieffer who put up a solid performance in his first starting performance for the Orange. It seems as though the goalie situation still may not be solved as Navy was held scoreless in the third by the aggressive Syracuse defense of St. George, Glatzel, and Bliss in front of Mummolo who made some convincing saves. The highlight of the quarter was when defender John Glatzel brought the ball across midfield and found a leaping Mike Powell on the crease for a quick onetimer that went just wide left. Two SU goals later it was 12-5 'cuse going into the fourth. Syracuse seemed to lose their focus going into the fourth when Navy put up 3 goals right out of the gate, two of which came on EMO opportunities. It seemed as if the man down unit for Syracuse was a bit rusty as Navy found the open man quite easily on their two EMO tries. On the second EMO goal, Dave Pittard found Preaseason Honorable Mention All-American Eddie McKinnon on the crease for the nice quick stick goal. At this point with the score 12-8 it seemed as if Navy could a mount a comeback, but Syracuse would have nothing of it. Five unanswered Syracuse goals later and the game was in the books.

All in all this game was pretty heavily dominated by Syracuse and many of Navy's goals were due to mental errors on Syracuse's part. It will be interesting to see how both teams progress as the season gets underway. I never got the official attendence, but I'd estimate that there were about 3,000 fans on hand at the Dome on Saturday. Also, pictures will be up for the next 'Cuse game.


NAVY: Hay 1-1, McKinnon 4-1, Eddy 1-1, Holton 1-0, Conklin 2-0, Pittard 0-1

SYRACUSE: Springer 5-3, Powell 2-4, Coffman 3-3, Nee 2-1, Lindsay 1-1, Solliday 1-0, Wright 0-1, Hardy 1-0, Vallone 2-0

Syracuse: 43
Navy: 22

Faceoffs Won
Syracuse: 13
Navy: 16

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    by (#19799) on 2/11/02 @4:31PM
That was great coverage of the scrimmage. Reading it, I felt like I was almost there. I will look forward to reading about more Syracuse games, but I have one question. Why do you insist on calling it the 'Cuse? is that some type of slang term? I do not understand it at all. Oh well, nice job. I am the Madden Champion of the world.
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your pretty dumb
    by (#14254) on 2/11/02 @9:15PM
'cuse is su's nickname, its shorter than saying
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    by (#19704) on 2/11/02 @9:20PM
it's "you're pretty dumb", as in "you are". huh...
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yeah you are pretty dumb
    by (#19100) on 2/12/02 @5:11PM
we all know that 'cuse meant syracuse and anyway princeton rules
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(no subject)
    by (#15718) on 2/12/02 @6:08PM
Princeton rules yeah right u need to open your eyes they got lucky last year we will see who wins it this year so u can just suck on the 'Cuse jock
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    by (#17466) on 2/13/02 @1:49PM
u guys better watch out for the yellow and black towson is gonna rule this season if they can figure out the whole goalie and face off issue.
and yea do they nationally brodcast any games other thant the final four?
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princeton v. all
    by (#19100) on 2/13/02 @7:18PM
lucky? what are you talking about? i'll tell u how will win PRINCETON not 'cuse not towson not john's hopkins PRINCETON so go home and cry about it
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'they got Lucky'?
    by (#2700) on 2/14/02 @6:08PM
Let's see...over the last 10 NCAA seasons Princeton has 6 titles. Syracuse? 3. The Tigers ain't lucky, they just have the best damn coach at D1.

Deal with it.
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(no subject)
    by (#19100) on 2/15/02 @12:29PM
Yes I agree that Tierney is the best coach in D1 and will continue to be so.
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(no subject)
    by (#19100) on 2/15/02 @12:30PM
Yes I agree that Tierney is the best coach in D1 and will continue to be so. And I would waste anyone in Madden.
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    by (#12319) on 2/12/02 @5:38PM
Why dont you play a real game like NCAA 2002?????
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    by (#5971) on 2/13/02 @8:19PM
i'd whoop you in madden
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    by (#10573) on 2/18/02 @4:30PM
why are we talking about video games? and football video games at that. let's stay focused guys..
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    by (#19990) on 2/15/02 @10:16AM
Dude we are going to rule!!!! Erik and mike are awsome!!! Not as cool as Bobby though!!! Navy rocks!!!1
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cuse is beast
    by (#19920) on 2/14/02 @9:28PM
well i give respect to princeton D, but even w/ out liam banks they will be unstoppable, mike powell is too damn good, along with springer whose shot is utterly ridic.... double one the other will kill you.... damien davis is awesome but when powell had 2 last year he took it 2 the house all in his grill, if powell hadn't cramped up cuse would have won , plain and simple,
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    by (#1329) on 2/15/02 @10:30AM
...plain and simple. Okay, I agree with that one dude that Tierney is the best coach in D1. However, I challenge anyone to name a better coach in the world, at an level of lacrosse, period. There is none that can match Tierney in defensive system run to perfection, recruiting, and smarts. Now, the statement that "if Powell didn't cramp up, 'Cuse would have won" last years title game. That's a big "If". Here's another one for ya...If Powell wouldn't have fallen going for the groundball w/ Mollett behind him and then laid there and cried about the no-call, the Princeton players might not have been able to catch their breath on a quick start of the ball in play and maybe Powell wouldn't have cramped up just laying there and not moving around at all looking like a whining baby when in fact he wasn't even touched by Mollett if you look at the tape. Right after this is when, conveniently, Powell cramps up, and Princeton clears the ball the final time, and scores the winner. It was a correct no-call by the officials, who had been giving 'Cuse calls all day if Princeton even touched Powell etc.
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i know its a big if
    by (#19920) on 2/16/02 @6:07PM
1st off tierney, best D1 coach in awhile maybe ever, next i was just sayin if, i'm not bitter about princeton winning, they deserved 2 win, cuse never should have gotten 2 overtime, 3rd, definately correct no call, i hate it when refs call phantom pushes from behind, i expected it 2 get called, and was glad it didn't, 4th you made valid points but why did you have to end it by hating on powell, he's the best offensive player in the country, it just makes you sound bitter, that's all
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    by (#2700) on 2/15/02 @2:36PM
...and if Syracuse hadn't spotted Princeton so many goals...and if Syracuse wasn't outcoached...and if Jim Brown and both Gaits could time travel...and if....and if...
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