Syracuse Reclaims Top Spot By Downing Princeton, 14-8

Syracuse Reclaims Top Spot By Downing Princeton, 14-8

Syracuse Reclaims Top Spot By Downing Princeton, 14-8

Syracuse Reclaims Top Spot By Downing Princeton, 14-8

On paper one can draw many parallels between the Princeton Tigers and the Syracuse Orangemen, but when it comes to their approach to the game there are some stark contrasts. They played each other for the Championship last year and return loaded with young talent and senior goal tenders in Tiger Trevor Tierney and Orangeman Rob Mulligan, both wearing #13. In Cuse's Mike Powell and Princeton's Ryan Boyle they possess the brightest present and future attackers. In addition, Tiger Damien Davis is already considered among the top close defenders in the country in only his sophomore year. While Syracuse has a longer history of being at the top Princeton has almost an equally impressive record over the past decade and then some.

Despite these similarities, these teams couldn't possibly approach the game any differently. The Orangemen are the epitome of a run and gun squad. They are extremely aggressive and in your face all the time. Their flashy style was evidenced earlier in the season when Mike Powell took a rare penalty for excessive celebration after a goal against Virginia. The Tigers on the other hand, are known for an aggressive defense, but an offense which has been described as a slow, plotting, hypno-offense. Their conservative style is well documented with Tiger Coach Bill Tierney's long standing rule that his team will never score more than nineteen goals in a game as to not embarrass anyone. The Tigers play it safe thinking defense first and foremost while the Orangeman are risk takers who want to outscore their opponents.

Well, today and the fourth time in a row flash won out. What exactly was the difference in the game. Perhaps it was hustle, missed opportunities, poor decisions, or a superior game plan; but according to Syracuse attackman Mike Springer that had nothing to do with it. He said,"Traditionally Liam(Banks), Mike(Powell), and I drive to the game together. Last week we picked up Josh Coffman because he needed a ride and we wound up losing to Hopkins. This time we kicked him out of the car." Actually, Syracuse losing last week didn't bode well for Princeton from the start since they've only lost two games in a row once in the last ten years. Princeton defenseman Ryan Mollett had a more technical description of the loss. "We tried to change up our slides at first, but after the first four goals we went back to our regular crash defense. Once we settled down after that we did all right 6 on 6, but they killed us in transition." The initial defense was an adjacent sliding pattern, straying from their usual crease sliding package.

Scoring for Cuse were the usual suspects with Coffman and Powell chipping in three apiece. Springer only had two, but he left three or four welts on goalie Trevor Tierney. Princeton had a balanced attack with seven different players scoring. Damien Davis played defense against Powell when he was on attack and Coffman when he wasn't. Watching Davis against Powell is just plain fun as Davis is one of the few defenders who can stay step for step with Powell.

Princeton started the game on the right foot as they slipped into one of there typical offensive sets. They worked the ball around the perimeter and got off several shots that missed the cage, but were backed up. Syracuse went on the offensive at around the 13:13 mark for the first time after holding Princeton's attack. The ball went back and forth as the teams were feeling each other out. Finally, Orangeman Mike Powell broke the ice by beating Davis, but Princeton middie Winship Ross decked him as he came out of his move. At the 9:11 mark the scoring began for Syracuse as they reeled off three straight. As would be the theme all day it was a transition goal in which wound up with the ball about three yards above goal line extended ten yards to Tierney's right. He hit a streaking Springer who had a step on his man and finished low and away from point blank, 1-0. One minute later Josh Coffman drove Princeton defender Brian Lieberman down the left side hard. He pulled up short about ten yards out and was able to get enough separation to steo inside and bounce one past Tierney, 2-0. Then at 6:28 Brian Solliday finished the three goal run by bulling his way in left handed out to the goalies left. He managed to free his arms up with the defender on him and uncork one real quick that beat Tierney, 3-1. Princeton came back when Brad Dumont sprinted down to his left from up top and shot one on the run. It wasn't that hard of a shot, but it was placed perfectly in the upper right corner, 3-1. After the ball went up and down for a while without any scoring opportunities Dumont tried the same play. This time he shot it low and this time Mulligan was able to smother it. A couple of Syracuse freshmen combined for the last goal of the quarter. Sean Lindsay was dancing around at the top of the box and was able to draw a premature slide so he alertly dumped it to Steve Vallone who had enough time to catch it on the crease, turn and score, 4-1.

Syracuse opened up the second quarter with a goal from Josh Coffman in transition. Orange defenseman John Glatzel drew the first penalty of the game to give the Tigers the opportunity to get back in it. They ran the wheel for the right handed shot, but Mulligan gobbled it up. Coffman made it 6-1 with yet another goal in an unsettled rush. At the 8:51 mark Princeton feeder Streibel worked from behind and somehow found Owen Daly who was open for a nano-second, 6-2. Streibel struck again to make it 6-3. Working to his left from "X" he managed to hit the cross crease feed in Sean Hartofolis who caught the ball on the wrong side of his body, spun with it and scored all in one motion, 6-3. With 2:35 left in the half Coffman was all alone again, but Tierney was hip to him by now and stuffed it. Fourteen seconds were left when Syracuse called time-out to set up a play. The play worked and they got thear shot, but Tierney stood up to that one as well.

The second half started out really well for Tierney and not so well for Springer as Tierney stuffed two blasts from in close. To make matters worse Springer took a slashing penalty which coast Syracuse the next goal. Hartofolis got the man-up goal as they simply worked the ball in closer until he was able to unleash a lefty blast that was too much for Mulligan, 6-4. This seemed to wake Cuse back up and they scored the next five goals. Coffman took on the feeder roll as he worked from behind the cage. He rolled on his man and hit Brian Soliday who was left alone out to Tierney's left, 7-4. Next, Banks had the ball behind while Springer lured his man away from the cage along goal line extende to goalie's right. His D-man turned his head and Springer made the back door cut successfully. Banks hit him and Springer was finally redeemed, 8-4. The back breaker was the next goal. Powell comes off the bench for a ride and sprints to Tierney who has the ball in the center. Tierney moves it to the far side of the field and without breaking stride Powell chases from behind and catches that man. He knocks the ball out of the defenders stick, picks it up, runs down the field, and as he's being tripped scores a goal and draws the foul, 9-4. Say what you want about the Powell brothers being flashy, but those boys ride like life is on the line. Syracuse went Man-up, but Springer was denied again. At 6:13 Powell fed Tom Hardy for a blast that bounced around and somehow ended up in Banks stick who scored from five yards away, 10-4. That when you knew things were going Cuse's way. The following goal was a thing of beauty. Classic 4 on 3 fast break with middie running to his right. Ball moved to top righty crank spot where Banks caught and dished behind his back to Powell in the low right spot. Powell came from about two inches off the turf with his stick dropping Tierney to his knees before pinning one just underneath the cross bar, 11-4. Princeton time-out. Off the ensuing face-off long pole Ryan Mollet scooped it up and ran unmolested by Cuse defenders. His lefty shot beat mulligan to the far right post about two feet off the ground, 11-5.

Princeton started the scoring in the fourth quarter at the 12:55 mark when Matt Bailer drove across the restraining line from his right to left. He took a shot that bounce off a couple of legs before finding the back of the net, 11-6. Syracuse put themselves in jeopardy by taking a couple of penalties that Princeton capitalized on. With Soloman Bliss in the box for holding Princeton was able to work the ball inside to Ryan Boyle who turned and scored before Glatzel crushed him, 11-7. Glatzel did the right thing, but the refs threw him in the box for it and the Tigers worked the same play. This time it was Boyle feeding BJ Prager on the doorstep, 11-8. That would be the last goal the Tigers would score. Syracuse went back to basics and took control of the game. They finished strong and threw three more past Tierney before it was over. The game ended to a we're number one chant from the home crowd in the Dome.

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Powell's for real
    by (#2752) on 3/24/01 @7:24PM
Alright, maybe Powell's not shaking hands after losses, and yes he's only a freshman, but after shreding the best "D" in the country(well supposedly) you gotta consider him to be one of the leading attackmen in the country. As a freshman, he is the leading scorer of the best team in the country. He also performs consistantly every game. Yeah I know he's surrounded by two pre-season firt team AA candidates, but you gotta give credit. What else is there to say?
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Naming Names
    by (#8807) on 3/25/01 @9:38PM
Since you brought it up, some early comparisons are now possible since most of us have seen these teams in action against the biggests names and with the tv coverage you could have seen Maryland, N. Carolina, Duke, Gtown, Hop, and Virginia in town, just this weekend.

Plenty of teams I haven't seen but here goes.

I've got Tierny, McGinnis, and Mulligan tops in goal with Breslin the most overrated.

Gill is awesome, Powell is much more than a name, biggest surpise is Combs at Maryland.

Middies have to include Dusseau, and Wedin is number 1 in faceoffs. Lots of other good ones.

Brett Harper continues to impress at longstick for Maryland even though not featured as much as Sweeney at Gtw.

Damien Davis is a treat to watch and Mark Koontz for Virginia does it all - clears, close, and wing on the face offs.

This ought to get it started!

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no shocker here
    by (#3045) on 3/24/01 @8:54PM
Just because the cuse lost to Hopkins doesnt mean they cant win the rest of their games. They are the best team in the country, plain and simple. Did people really think that Princeton would win? I know I didnt make any predictions, but I did think that JHU would beat Princeton in that first matchup
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what are you talking about
    by (#3027) on 3/24/01 @9:12PM
I don't see Syracuse as the number one team, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I'm sure many other people don't too ya dip. So what, Princeton had a bad day. Look at Notre Dame. They lost to Hofstra today. Anything came happen on any given day. Hopkins beat Syracuse at the dome for instance. People were expecting a blowout and yet the face-off man scores five goals. No team is number one, PLAIN AND SIMPLE in Division one these days.
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    by (#9449) on 3/24/01 @9:43PM
syracuse will be number one, for the simple fact they score big in the hustle column. Because they do those simple but oh so important things, they will be number one, and i guarantee any other team that is able to duplicate such "hustle" will be able to beat them....princeton is not one of them.
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Nah, here's the probable poll....
    by (#764) on 3/24/01 @10:55PM
He's my prediction for the USILA poll:
1. Maryland
2. Syracuse
3. Princeton
4. Georgetown
5. Notre Dame
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i think it will be..........
    by (#5061) on 3/25/01 @12:23AM
it will be
#1 Princton
#2 Syracuse
#3 Maryland
#4 Notre dame
#5 Georgetown
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    by (#5776) on 3/25/01 @6:35AM
I agree with JHULAX, Princeton will not be #1 after that loss. SU handed them their butts just like they did last year in the final. SU simply picked up the pieces after a heartbreaking loss and got their game back on track. They are the best team in the country loaded with great talent. Princeton is just not there yet...
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    by (#764) on 3/25/01 @11:04AM
I would hate to face Syracuse anyday. Especially after a big loss. To their worst rival. At the Dome. Ouch...
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what are you a moron?
    by (#9702) on 3/26/01 @10:57AM
How would Princton be ranked ahead of Syracuse after they just lost to them? Idiot.
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UVa wins
    by (#764) on 3/24/01 @11:00PM
UVa beat JHU in 4OT. Gill scores the game winner.
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(no subject)
    by (#581) on 3/25/01 @3:45PM
1 Maryland
2 Georgetown
3 Syracuse
4 Princeton
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    by (#3027) on 3/25/01 @4:18PM
G-Town number 2!?!? GET OUT.
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wow, looks like a big crowd
    by (#8552) on 3/25/01 @5:22PM
Whats the record for a regular season game? Does anyone know? Im sure Maryland/Hopkins would be a huge crowd too huh.
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polls are all wrong
    by (#3027) on 3/25/01 @5:39PM
can we stop with the future poll talk here. Those polls are messed up, as are those coaches. Here's an example: Penn beats Bucknell 11-3, but Bucknell is ranked 15 and Penn is not ranked in the top 20. What is up with that.
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your right, polls are stupid this early in season
    by (#3045) on 3/25/01 @7:05PM
Ive come to the conclusion that the people who make the D1 polls do certain things to make their choices. They have an original list based on last year before the season starts. Then, with the top 15 teams or so, they base the rankings on basically how many wins and loses those top 15 original teams have, regardles as to how tough the teams they play are (ND #2?). They then change the rankings from week to week. For instance, Penn had 2 early loses and was not in the original 15, so it will be harder to get in. UMASS is undefeated, and basically moves way up, as they were around 15 before the season started. The undefeated teams are at the top, and one loss teams after them. I wouldnt worry, Penn will be in the top 20 this week. I saw them play this weekend, theyre pretty tough, with a solid golie
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Your breaking new ground
    by (#8769) on 3/26/01 @2:24PM
bomber, thank you for that in-depth explaination of the making of the polls... and all this time I was under the impression that a computer randomly selected teams each week.
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just explaing how Bucknell was over Penn bud.
    by (#3045) on 3/26/01 @5:19PM
Thanks Lee, but people are always on here complaining about how some team is ranked above other teams when they had beaten them and had the same record. So keep your flamin sarcasm to yourself.
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Liam Banks?
    by (#4958) on 3/25/01 @6:23PM
Can somebody tell me where the Liam who had an unbelievable final four weekend is now? Is he hurt or something. I don't see the games so all i see is the points and he doesn't have many. I just wanted to know.
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liam banks
    by (#4391) on 3/25/01 @8:28PM
He had an appendectemy right before the season started. He had 4 points vs. Princeton. It sounds like he is coming on strong now. I wouldn't worry about him.
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A Live One
    by (#7737) on 3/26/01 @9:48AM
'Don't know if it's true, but all the SU boosters on this site will certainly bite on your comments....
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    by (#5323) on 3/26/01 @2:54PM
hey, i don't mean to sound stupid but does anyone know what is up with BJ Prager? call me crazy but i haven't heard much of him this year. is he injured or just didn't live up to last year. Oh by the way:

1.Syracuse (they have the best talent around)

2.Maryland (Bugsy is awesome but they haven't played any of the top dogs)

3.Georgetown (deusseau is ripping it up)

4.Princeton (the Syracuse spell worked again)

5.Virginia (I have got to put the hometeam, GO HOOS)
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Bugsy's good, but....
    by (#3027) on 3/26/01 @4:24PM
he just isn't a well-rounded player. Yeah, he can finish, but he is parked in front of the goal for the entire game with awesome feeders in LaMonica (NOT MIKE) and Mollot. All-americans are not chosen just by stats, but by the impact the player has in games. Conor Gill is off to a rough start, but he is picking up the slack and had an amazing game against HOP. I still think of him as a first team AA and a definite player o the year candidate. This is why I think Michael Sullivan from Loyola is so underrated. So far in the season, he has 8 goals and seven assists, well rounded numbers don't ya think? He also missed the first game of the season with a knee problem and is now playing with a huge cast on it. Number 49 on Loyola deserves more credit!!
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    by (#2808) on 3/26/01 @9:49PM
You've got to be kidding. Bugsy rides harder than any attack anywhere. Absolutely no slacking. A crease attack is supposed to be in front of the goal, and by the way you sound jealous.

Bugsy has had fewer throwaways and mishandles than any of the Terp attack and is not selfish like Mollot.

He is number 1 put back artist. Goalies had not better let a rebound go around him.
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    by (#2808) on 3/26/01 @9:43PM
Agreed with talent at Cuse but Maryland could surprise as long as McGinnis keeps stuffing opponents.

Big tests this week in sleeper Bucknell and quickly improving Virginia.

Bugsy is the heart of the team - pure hustle. He and longstick Brett Harper are full time full go.

Look for more scoring from midfield as season progresses.
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    by (#3027) on 3/27/01 @3:30PM
that is exactly what i am saying! He is parked in front of the goal the entire game, and so far this season, he has only one assist. So what if he rides well, he doesn't exert all the energy that a Conor Gill does feeding and scoring. He can ride, sometimes get the ball, throw it off to Mollot or LaMonica, then park himself back in front of the goal. That isn't very much of a 1 AA to me.
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I also think you miss the point
    by (#8807) on 3/27/01 @10:52PM
Bugsy is a throwback. You are concerned about who might make All American - Wrong (and selfish)

Bugsy and many on other teams could care less about AA. THEY WANT TO WIN.

If you are a Player , some coach should have explained this to you by now.

An AA on a losing team is nothing compared to a role player on a Nat Champ.
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We'll see these 2 at the final
    by (#1301) on 3/28/01 @9:09PM
Eventhough UVA is out of the picture itdoesn't mean there won't be any dark horses teams for 2001 to challenge Princeton (only one team in their leauge that would stand a chance is Cornell and remember what they did to the Orange last year???) they may but they would need to be extreamly strong to take care of TIGER squard that Coach Tieney been building up for the last 3 seasons TIGERS are good all around this year from the front to back and it's hard for other to match un like other team where they only have one or two "aces" to carry their team through... better give Princeton some credit for that ( the true all around team) don't get me wroung I'm an NY laxer my self and I admire SU's suprior in Lax but not it's time for TIGERS to recliam their ERA back.
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