Syracuse Splits Pumpkin Stickout

Syracuse Splits Pumpkin Stickout

Syracuse Splits Pumpkin Stickout

Syracuse Splits Pumpkin Stickout

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - The Orange men’s lacrosse team wrapped up its fall season by going 1-1-1 at the annual Pumpkin Stickout on Saturday, Oct. 14 at the Manley Field House Athletic Complex. Syracuse tied Division II national champion LeMoyne, 6-6, in its opening game. It lost to Hobart, 7-5, in its second outing and closed the day by beating Cornell, 6-4.

Against the Dolphins in its opening contest, the Orange took a 4-2 lead into halftime. Matt Abbott and Mike Hatton each tallied first-quarter scores for SU and Dan Hardy played a role in both Orange goals in the second quarter, assisting on Kenny Nims’ goal at 8:01 and finding the back of the cage himself at 7:22.

Hatton scored again with 4:21 to play in the third period off a feed from Greg Rommel and freshman Chris Daniello got into the act in the fourth period with an unassisted goal at 6:20 to close the scoring for the Orange.

Peter Coluccini played the first half in the cage and made six saves. Casey Rotella stopped two shots in the second half.

Syracuse got off to a fast start again in its clash with Hobart, owning a 4-3 margin at the intermission, but the Statesmen out-scored SU, 4-1, after halftime to notch the victory. Hardy and Nims did most of the offensive damage for the Orange. Hardy registered a pair of goals in the first two quarters and Nims tallied two assists and scored once before the half. Abbott had SU’s only goal of the second half, an unassisted score with 4:13 to play in the third period.

Coluccini again played the first half in goal, finishing with two saves. Al Cavalieri made his first appearance of the afternoon in goal versus the Statesmen. He stopped two shots.

SU closed the Stickout against rival Cornell and the Orange used a five-goal first period to take control of the game and defeat the Big Red, 6-4. Rommel scored twice in the opening quarter and Nims tallied a pair of assists. Syracuse also got goals from Pat Perritt (14:26), Steve Panarelli (4:12) and Mike MacDonald (:22) in the stanza.

Hardy put the finishing touches on the victory, scoring off a feed from Nims with 10:31 to play in the contest.

Coluccini stopped 11 shots, including six in the second quarter. Rotella played the final period and recorded four saves.

Nims led the Orange with seven points in the three games (2g, 5a) and Hardy tallied five points (4g, 1a) on the afternoon.

Syracuse will begin its ninth season under Coach John Desko in February, 2007.

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    by (#91401) on 10/15/06 @11:13PM
har har har i'm always first to comment
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what a douche
    by (#143290) on 10/16/06 @1:48AM
redline, don't you have something better to do w/ your time?
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good job
    by (#151695) on 1/17/07 @2:41PM
best acomplishment ever !

-the comic book guy
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Bagging it still!
    by (#135806) on 10/16/06 @5:24AM
Second last photo, make it a little deeper buddy and it'll be dragging on the floor!!! All the moaning and frustration about people playing with bags and it's still going on! Will someone please tell those zebras to start checking sticks!!! Damn!!!
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checking sticks.
    by (#99479) on 10/16/06 @2:19PM
you obviously weren't there. Because if you noticed, they constantly stopped the games to check sticks. as a matter of fact, they checked 6 sticks for each team at random points throughout the game. so that made a total of 12 stick checks per game. Also, when 'cuse was playing hobart, there was stick check after a goal, and they took back a goal for hobart because the kids stick was illegal. Just so you know.
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You're right I wasn't there!
    by (#135806) on 10/17/06 @11:35AM
I wasn't there I'm in the UK so it would've been a pretty expensive trip to go watch! Wish I could've though. Glad to hear about the stick checks, surprised what you said wasn't covered in the report considering how big its been recently. Cheers for the update fella!
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other records
    by (#143077) on 10/18/06 @8:53PM
so since you were there, could you possibly share the records of the other teams, im wondering how cornell did specifically. thanks bud.
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    by (#127925) on 10/16/06 @1:09PM
I cant say it was a good day for Cuse but then again it wasnt all to bad...they just need to get the team chemistry together and they'll be fine...naw for the three people who signed the wall ahead of me...first guy actually respond to the story being the first person to write something on the wall doesnt make you that cool second guy obviously he didnt have anything better to do with his time so he left a stupid comment...but neither did u because all u did was respond to the fact that he made a stupid comment so the both of yall are idiots...guy number three have u ever reffed a game...because honestly its actually pretty hard to see a sack unless its freeze framed and there isnt alot of shooting not bashing your comment im just saying picking up on that actually has to be done with reviews, unless the person is coming up the field by himself, or goes through a crowd and comes unscathed even though his stick was flipped upside down shattered and came back together and all the works to pick up on a huge sack...

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What are those
    by (#108912) on 10/16/06 @4:13PM
In the 12th picture the Cuse guy looks like he is wearing I-Pros but i didnt think they had the flared cuff like that and cuse uses Brine stuff so what gloves are those?
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    by (#139041) on 10/16/06 @5:36PM
Those are Gait Mutants, sonny boy.
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    by (#97931) on 10/17/06 @1:30PM
those things look sweet, they look like gforce fingers though
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    by (#105934) on 10/17/06 @3:04PM
i wonder when teams like syracuse, duke, umass, and cornell will start getting the brand new brine equipment, its pretty nice.

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    by (#138145) on 10/20/06 @3:43PM
How do you Know. Where can you find them. are they good
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(no subject)
    by (#118182) on 10/21/06 @3:53PM
A guy posted a thread about them on and the Mutants aren't out yet. Just wait a little bit and look around other sites.
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Gait? are you retarded?
    by (#109577) on 10/24/06 @4:52PM
Those are obviously the MP Exodus. Any top D1 program has a signed contract with an equipment brand, why would Brine who owns the contract for Cuse allow Gait to give them customized gear?
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Um... no.
    by (#118182) on 10/24/06 @7:22PM
Because Brine doesn't control the damn team. Did Gait stop the UVA players from using Evo Pro's, no.

Look right here,, the guy on the left is using Gait Mutants. All Brine does is give the team gear. Its the players choice if they want to use the free gear they get. Unless you are blind those are Mutants.
And it isn't that hard to get custom colored gloves. There are sites that sell gloves in custom colors.
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they are gaits mutants
    by (#141173) on 10/24/06 @8:12PM
they are gait mutants. and they arent the mikey powell gloves just look at the cuff of the glove. and a side note hes using a razor pro head so they must be relaxed on fallball play on gear
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(no subject)
    by (#144141) on 10/25/06 @10:29AM
theyre gait mutants, we have prototypes at lacrosse unlimited.. also unless theyve made major changes on the glove the palm is gonna wear out like nobodys business and the cuff has some weird velcro attatchment that is unnecesary and brutal looking
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(no subject)
    by (#141988) on 10/28/06 @4:54PM
i think cuse played ok on the day

not there best though
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Steve Brooks
    by (#58519) on 11/02/06 @6:14PM
Is steve brooks still playing? He is the shit at midfield
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(no subject)
    by (#58519) on 11/02/06 @6:16PM
I know he was hurt last season.
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    by (#144632) on 11/04/06 @11:07AM
Syracuse is going to be wearing stx. Gait sent those gloves because cuse dropped brine and people were fighting over their contract. Brine was bought by new balance just like warrior. The su gloves are the k18's in white and orange. They didnt pick gait because they would have to wear those ugle @$$ helmets.

Thank u very much
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are you sure?
    by (#141173) on 11/08/06 @5:52PM
are you sure that cuse is going with stx this year?
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    by (#144632) on 12/09/06 @7:30PM
SU wants stx, but now brine is making a big deal about them still having a contract with SU. They will definetely have cascade and if they go with brine they will probably get to use whatever sticks they want
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