Team USA Interviews

Team USA Interviews

Team USA Interviews

The MLL All Star game played to an exciting conclusion, with Team USA topping the MLL All Stars 13-12. talked to some of the players and coaches of the Red, White, and Blue about training camp, the game, and what we can expect in England.

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    by (#239648) on 7/14/10 @7:49PM
How is usa gonna beat Canada if they cant beat MLL all stars. Its just bad coaching becuase he didnt pick a group of all stars he picked a group the would "mesh together the most" and usa is also filled with a bunch of "has beens" that aren't as good as the up and coming players of college.
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            Abbot was an alternate captain misinformed (nt) by 10/24/10 @8:30PM
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         "best players in the world" by 7/15/10 @2:53PM
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   so uh, dvazquez, Powells no has been. by 10/24/10 @8:36PM
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    by (#239648) on 7/15/10 @1:34AM
Just because they "mesh together well" doesn't mean there gonna win you can have guys who mesh together great but suck. National teams are supposed to be the best of the best and in USA's case there not and USA only won by ONE GOAL. How are they going to beat a Canadian team that has players like john grant JR.
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   sucks? by 7/15/10 @9:11AM
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      Thank You by 7/15/10 @3:32PM
    by (#212596) on 7/15/10 @2:29AM he also on the standby list, because wasn't he #80 for the USA in the All Star Game?
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hold on
    by (#154183) on 7/15/10 @9:18AM
lets stop bashing team usa and look at canada...sure they have some big names on attack and midfield but looking at their defense, the only name that stands out to me in brodie merrill, idk about anyone else but i don't think this team canada looks as stacked has everyone is thinking it is...i could be wrong though
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team players
    by (#252667) on 7/15/10 @3:45PM
For all of those who are claiming a stacked team of all-stars who put points on the board playing to their one-on-one strengths, let me just say this. If you were alive to watch the 1980 winter olympics, you wouldnt be so quick to jump to such a conclusion. Please keep in mind that the NHL all-stars were defeated by the Soviets by a pretty big margin. And yet, a bunch of less talented college graduates could pull out a victory over a team that hadn't lost in 16 years. A team mentality is the most dangerous aspect in a team's repetoire, talent comes second. To a certain extent, of course.
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