Team USA Tryouts: Part II

Team USA Tryouts: Part II

Team USA Tryouts: Part II

2 Matt Alrich Delaware ‘04
6 Ryan Boyle Princeton ‘04
9 Kevin Buchanan Ohio State ‘08
16 Brandon Corp Colgate ‘09
17 Ned Crotty Duke ‘09
20 Matt Danowski Duke ‘08
33 Dan Glading Virginia ‘09
35 Seth Goldberg Yale ‘05
44 Kevin Leveille Massachusetts ‘03
45 Mike Leveille Syracuse ‘08
54 Sean Morris Massachusetts ‘06
55 Brendan Mundorf UMBC ‘06
61 Ryan Powell Syracuse ‘00
70 Justin Smith Salisbury ‘05
75 Scott Urick Georgetown ‘00
77 Joe Walters Maryland ‘06
78 Matt Ward Virginia ‘06
79 Drew Westervelt UMBC ‘07
80 Chazz Woodson Brown ‘05
81 Will Yeatman Maryland ‘10
1 Matt Abbott Syracuse ‘09
4 Stephen Berger Washington ‘04
7 Shamel Bratton Virginia ‘11
8 Steven Brooks Syracuse ‘08
10 Kevin Cassese Duke ‘03
11 Jon Christmas Virginia ‘05
14 Dan Cocchi Towson ‘03
21 Kyle Dixon Virginia ‘06
23 Greg Downing Fairfield ‘07
25 Chris Eck Colgate ‘08
27 Benson Erwin Johns Hopkins ‘05
29 Chris Fiore Massachusetts ‘03
34 John Glynn Cornell ‘09
36 Dan Hardy Syracuse ‘09
37 Pat Heim Penn State ‘07
40 Anthony Kelly Ohio State ‘03
42 Terry Kimener UMBC ‘08
43 Mark Kovler Princeton ‘09
46 Brendan Loftus Syracuse ‘08
50 Bill McGlone Maryland ‘06
53 Blake Miller Hofstra ‘96
58 Jarett Park Syracuse ‘05
60 Steve Peyser Johns Hopkins ‘08
62 Paul Rabil Johns Hopkins ‘08
66 Chris Schiller Penn State ‘99
67 Max Seibald Cornell ‘09
68 Doug Shanahan Hofstra ‘02
69 Alex Smith Delaware ‘07
72 Matt Striebel Princeton ‘01
76 Peter Vlahakis Fairfield ‘04
82 Matt Zash Duke ‘06
84 Tom Zummo NY Tech ‘05
3 Mitch Belisle Cornell ‘07
5 Matt Bocklet Johns Hopkins ‘08
12 Joe Cinosky Maryland ‘09
13 Ken Clausen Virginia ‘10
15 Christian Cook Princeton ‘98
18 Adam Crystal Drexel ‘07
19 Ryan Curtis Virginia ‘00
24 DJ Driscoll Notre Dame ‘06
26 Barney Ehrmann Georgetown ‘10
28 Michael Evans Johns Hopkins ‘09
31 John Gagliardi Johns Hopkins ‘97
38 Colin Hulme Colgate ‘07
47 Ryan McClay Cornell ‘03
48 Tony McDevitt Duke ‘07
49 Stephen McElduff North Carolina ‘06
51 Parker Mckee Duke ‘10
56 Shawn Nadelen Johns Hopkins ‘01
57 Nick O’Hara Duke ‘07
59 Chris Passavia Maryland ‘04
63 Jack Reid Massachusetts ‘06
64 Peter Ricci Loyola ‘09
71 Brian Spallina Hofstra ‘00
73 Kyle Sweeney Georgetown ‘03
83 Lee Zink Maryland ‘04
22 Brian Dougherty Maryland ‘96
30 Adam Fullerton Army ‘08
32 Chris Garrity Penn State ‘04
39 Mickey Jarboe Navy ‘00
41 Joey Kemp Notre Dame ‘08
52 Matt McMonagle Cornell ‘07
65 Rob Scherr Johns Hopkins ‘04
74 Kip Turner Virginia ‘07

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(no subject)
    by (#218654) on 6/26/09 @7:12PM
Are these all the people that entered or all the people that made it?
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(no subject)
    by (#192737) on 6/26/09 @8:41PM
people that tried out. do u think they would take 20 attackmen...seriously
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    by (#223847) on 1/26/10 @1:42AM
why do you have to be a douche?
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(no subject)
    by (#203380) on 6/26/09 @9:03PM
why didn't Casey and Mikey Powell try out
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(no subject)
    by (#216763) on 6/26/09 @9:23PM
they're way too busy with various camps, etc. that's why they're not playing MLL either
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Mikey is
    by (#224583) on 6/27/09 @7:21AM
working on his "music career". LOL
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    by (#224083) on 6/27/09 @10:11AM
whats so funny about that?
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(no subject)
    by (#221542) on 6/27/09 @12:36PM
his bands not that bad ive got a few of their songs
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(no subject)
    by (#193469) on 6/27/09 @2:26PM
yea, but he has a much better chance of a much better lacrosse career, than music.
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(no subject)
    by (#221542) on 6/27/09 @11:07PM
he has already become one of the greatest lacrosse players ever, hes not going to lose that legacy. he might as well pursue his second love
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(no subject)
    by (#223983) on 7/10/09 @11:43AM
mikey is on o tour with his band and casey is busy with camps i think
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    by (#129810) on 6/28/09 @9:44AM
shamel bratton looked pretty impressive for a kid who just finished his sophmore year. if he makes the team then watch out NCAA, UVA will be like playing JV...well not really, but the college game will definitely seem easier after playing with team USA for a summer
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    by (#224083) on 6/28/09 @5:22PM
he didn't make the training team so he can't make the final USA team
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    by (#167078) on 7/04/09 @10:49PM
Shamel reppin the Huntington CPX for the tryouts. guess he didn't want to borrow UVA's pro7 rip-offs for the games
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D/L videos
    by (#72283) on 6/28/09 @12:58PM
I have dsl internet service. Not the fastest connection out there, but its hardly slow, and I can't seem to watch any of the videos clearly.. they all jump along in spurts and are hard to watch, even when I wait for them to load completely. It would be nice if you guys could offer a lower-quality version or a D/L feature for your videos.

Anyone else have this issue? I noticed that the videos provided by LaxUnited dont give me this problem, but they are lower quality.
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(no subject)
    by (#219082) on 6/28/09 @2:56PM
mine does it to
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Let it load
    by (#91657) on 6/28/09 @4:29PM
If you don't let it load the whole way it won't be smooth.
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being a goalie
    by (#202650) on 6/28/09 @4:59PM
against this group would be a miserable assignment
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(no subject)
    by (#84341) on 6/29/09 @5:10AM
He said he does let it load... I have tried letting it load and still have the same problem.. infact i left it to load and went back about 2 hours later and it still jumped no matter how many times i started it.
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read the whole post if you're going to reply.
    by (#72283) on 7/07/09 @10:09PM
third line of text contained the words "...even when I wait for them to load completely."
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    by (#223847) on 1/26/10 @1:43AM
this shit sucks dude
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Goalie Situation
    by (#224679) on 6/29/09 @1:11AM
1. Doc
2. Garrity
Scherr as the alternate
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    by (#223690) on 7/01/09 @12:04PM
What about Joey Kemp???
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(no subject)
    by (#224679) on 7/02/09 @4:31AM
Is that guy even playing on an MLL roster? Doc is easily the main man in the MLL and Garitty is the only one with previous world games experience. Besides i bet Chris has a bone to pick.
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    by (#114733) on 6/29/09 @5:01PM
Anyone know what team Zachary Jungers is playing for? The BEAST defenseman?
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    by (#199913) on 7/01/09 @7:00PM
Matt Danowski getting stripped my shamel bratton
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when will the final selection be made?
    by (#211002) on 7/01/09 @11:29PM
anybody know when the final roster will be selected? Who do you think will make the cut?
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(no subject)
    by (#217701) on 7/02/09 @12:28AM
the flow out on that field is completely unreal
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