Terps Drive Past Tigers

Terps Drive Past Tigers

Terps Drive Past Tigers

Terps Drive Past Tigers

The Towson Tigers would come from an 8-1 deficit in the fourth quarter to give the terps a scare today, but Mighty Maryland forged ahead to Beat the young Tigers 8-6. The first three quarters would be dominated by dazzling play from maryland's high powered Defense and offense, as the young but talented midfield went on to score 6 of the 8 goals. The tigers dominated the fourth scoring 5 unanswered goals in the but it prove to be to little to late.

It was a Sunny day in College Park and The Terps were firing on all cylinders. At least for three quarters. The Terps got off to a quick start with a smooth Role dodge from Brendon Healy who stuck a low lefty bounce shot. There were some signs of a great game on hand as both goalies would keep the nets empty until the second quarter. Towsons goalie Reed Sothoron gave his best effort to make it interesting as he stormed down the field and took a point blank shot that would cause Tim McGinnes to make one of his 15 saves on the day. A few man ups for each team would show nothing but solid defensive efforts as neither team could finish. The rest of the quarter would see some hard hitting and great up and down action, that would be it though as the end of the first quarter would end in a 1-0 lead for the Terps.

The second Quarter turned out to be a scoring frenzy for the Terps, as the young but potent offense of the Terps would take over the game. It started with a hard drive from Brendon Healy who would hit the Pipe bouncing the ball back out to senior middie Justin Smith who scooped up the ground ball and ripped an overhand bounce shot past Reed Sothorn (14:10) to give the terps 2-0 lead. Two minutes later a driving Xander Ritz would feed a cutting Joe Walters on the crease for a lefty finish to make it 3-0 Terps. After stopping a Towson man up the Terps took advantage of there own man up with a feed from Xander Ritz who found a wide open Justin Smith for his second goal of the game and gave the terps a 4-0 lead(9:22). Towson would find the net for its only goal of the half on a nice feed from Keith Oblojto a back door cutting Senior Peyton Chane.

The third quarter would be almost identicle to the second, with the Terps dominating and scoring almost at will. After some Big saves from Tim McGinnis, Xander Ritz drove hard to his right hand from behind and stuck a hard bounce shot that put the Terps up 5-1. Towson would give a good effort on the next possession but Tim Mcginnis would come up with yet another big save. After coming off a big performance last week Billy Mcglone would prove to be a threat again driving hard to his left hand and stinging the upper right corner to give Maryland a 6-1 lead (8:18). After another series of play inbetween the lines Billy McGlone would lay a huge hit on a Towson Midfielder that would spark yet another goal by Justin Smith of a nice dodge and feed by Brendon Healy (6:24). Healy would get the ball on the next Possession and after some solid ball movement by the Terps would drive hard to his left hand and stick another low hard shot to make it 8-1 Terps(2:05). The quarter would end 8-1.

As the fourth quarter arrived it seemed as though the Maryland Defense could not be penetrated, it would take a prair for Towson to even put 2 on the scoreboard. But never underestimate anyone in Division One Lacrosse. Towson would make a strong comback and give the home crowd at Byrd thier moneys worth. It started out with Keith Oblog scoring an unassisted goal on a hard dodge from behind making it 8-2 (10:32). Then Senior Ben Defelice would drive again on the Terps short sticks from behind with a good move inside to finish and make it a 8-3 game. It seemed as though these would be meaningless but yet again the Tigers offense would come up with a rebound on the right side of the cage and Jonathan Engelke would find the net on a diving righty bounce shot to make it 8-4 (8:22). Not more then a minute later the Tigers would go behind again and Peyton Chane would find the net on a hard right to left dodge unassisted to make it 8-5. At this point the Terps would regroup and try to figure things out. After some tough defense by the Terps a Penalty would give the Tigers a great opportunity to make a win realistic. Sure enough the Tigers capotilized and a Bobby Griebe would feed Brian Myers on the doorstep who finished with a high hard shot to make it 8-6 (3:09). The ensuing faceoff would see senior Jeremy Pastula get the Terps on Offense. After some sloppy play by the Terps offense the Tigers would get another possession on offense with 1:58 left in the game. The stacked defense of the Terps would be to much for the Tigers after a hard fought play by senior Defensman Chris Passavia would get the ball into marylands Possession and up field where the Offense would hold the ball for the win.

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    by (#69118) on 3/13/04 @4:56PM
all i have to say is 1-4, ouch!
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    by (#69576) on 3/14/04 @8:06AM
I agree
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    by (#69092) on 3/14/04 @11:32AM
why does maryland have the ugliest helmets in the world?
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Gait helmets
    by (#41662) on 3/14/04 @1:09PM
I like the color scheme they wore last year a little better. I couldn't tell from the pics, are they still wearing Gaits? I imagine any canadiens on here would like the helmets more, they look just like boxla helmets.
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    by (#69765) on 3/14/04 @2:25PM
Seriously, quit it with the helmets...
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    by (#10068) on 3/14/04 @3:07PM
I'm glad to see that the users are still commenting on the helmets. Hilarious.
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Now Tristan...
    by (#67322) on 3/15/04 @4:13PM
There is something strange a foot at the circle k. Tristan, I thought we talked about your helmet obsession. Since your passion and apparent knowledge obviously lies in fashion and lacrosse, or sprots in general for that matter, don;t you think you would feel more at home discussing more pressing matters such as Oscar night fashion disasters on an E! website forum?
On another note...Great game Gutter.
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And one more thing.....
    by (#67322) on 3/15/04 @4:14PM
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    by (#2432) on 3/16/04 @11:17AM
Nice game Gutter. Get some sun on those legs, they created a glare for the TV cameras. The Under Armor Hit of the Game was just amazing.
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Designer Wardrobe
    by (#71310) on 3/24/04 @4:36PM
Gutter, Are those Gucci cleats? They really bring out the natural highlights in your leg hair. Nice move!
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(no subject)
    by (#69092) on 3/18/04 @12:27AM
no they are so ugly every time i look at them i throw up.
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honestly come on
    by (#58092) on 3/15/04 @7:27PM
man what in the hell where u thinking when u posted that? who really gives a damn about how ur helmet or jerseys or anything like that looks? its about playing lacrosse, not looking good for a game. man u have a problem if your worried about how a teams helmet looks. so what im tryin to say is dont be a poser man.
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    by (#67322) on 3/16/04 @10:35AM
"Poser"... I love it. Well said ekLAXplaya

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    by (#33111) on 3/15/04 @7:46PM
Xander Ritz is the man!!! All American this year!
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    by (#68896) on 3/16/04 @4:53PM
I live in towson and play lax for loch raven high, my dad graduated from towson last year, what a game at the end there still my team
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Damn, your dad got down at a young age eh?
    by (#48113) on 3/17/04 @12:15AM
You're in highschool already and your dad just graduated from Towson? Either he went to school late (which I respect and I'm just busting your balls anyway) or daddy got down at recess.
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