The Boston Flow

The Boston Flow

The Boston Flow

The Boston Flow

Boston continues to ride the flow making it three in a row with a 19-15 win over the Nationals in front of 7,532 lively fans at Harvard Stadium. Rabil’s post-game wardrobe change summed up the Cannons’ performance with poetic and formulaic precision: 10% lacrosse and 90% commercial quality flow, show, and a hint of ego. There was neither shortage of personnel nor personality on either end of the field. Nationals goalie Brett Queener electrified the crowd clearing the ball and taking it to the hole, faking, and shooting behind the back. Despite the Schneider-Queener energy between the pipes, the Nationals could not diffuse the Cannons. Bud Light MVP Sean Morris led the firing assault with seven points (4g, 3a). Rookie of the Week Brandon Corp turned heads with 4g, 1a.

The title match up between Rabil and Merrill lived up to the billing. Rabil was able to capitalize on Merrill-less opportunities. Eck and Snider split possession off the face-off x (18-36) taking (at times) quality, scoring plunges. Boston managed 41 (to Toronto’s 32) shots on goal. Snider led the Toronto charge with five points (4g, 1a). Cannons goalie Mike Levin saved 18 balls on 32 shots.

The Cannons were first to strike. Bud Light MVP Sean Morris set the tone with a behind the back goal at 12:56 (1-0). The Nationals responded less than a minute later with a goal from Jordan Levine off a pass from Merrick Thomson (1-1). Boston scored three goals. Matt Alrich scored low to high stick side off a ground ball dodge pass from Rabil at X (2-1). The Nationals were unable to convert on EMO (Rabil – illegal stick). Greg Downing gave the Cannons a two-goal lead of a diving shot (3-1). Brandon Corp netted his first goal of the game off a pass from Morris (4-1). The Nationals cut the lead by two with a bounce shot from Delby Powless on the crease off a look from Shawn Williams (2-4). Boston wrapped up the period with an unassisted goal from Corp, who scored on the heels of three big saves from Levin (5-2).

Boston took the second period 5-2. Snider took it straight to the hole right off the plunge at the opening whistle (3-5). The Cannons answered with four big goals. Casey scored off a swim dodge with a bounce shot going off hip. Morris scored from X with and inside roll on Sid Smith. Morris set up the next goal with a look to Poskay on the inside (8-3). Corp took Schneider from X off the dive (9-3). The Nationals got their last goal of the period from Doyle who shot back hand off an assist by Merrill (4-9). The Cannons go up 10-4 going into the half with Alrich to Morris.

The third quarter was the most prolific for both teams (6-6). Downing scored for the Cannons off the split dodge (11-4). Nationals answered with three goals. Walters passed to Zywicki, who scored on a righty low to high rip (5-11). Snider followed with a goal off the face-off (6-11). Snider scored again off a two-point rip (8-11). The Cannons countered with two goals from Poskay and Rabil (13-8). The Nationals scored twice getting goals from Powless and Hall (Walters). The Cannons came back with three goals from Eck, Corp, and Downing (14-10).

Toronto won the final period 5-3, unfortunately it was a little a little too late. The Nationals scored the first two goals of the quarter. Williams tacked the quick stick goal off a pass from Doyle (11-16). Snider scored again straight from the plunge to the cage taking Levin low stick side (12-16). Boston’s Kyle Sweeney passed to Kevin Cassese for the one-on-one against Queener (17-12), followed by another Morris crease special (18-12). At 7:40, Queener came up with a save on the doorstep sprinting downfield while doing a give and go with Walters. Queener’s behind-the-back attempt sails high off cage. The Nationals score three more goals from Thomson, Doyle, and Merrill. Merrill’s lefty rip inside pipe concluded the scoring in regulation (1:38). Final score Boston 19 Toronto 15. Boston will travel to Colorado to take on the Denver Outlaws at INVESCO Field at Mile High on Saturday, July 4 at 21:00. Toronto will host Denver on June 27 at 19:00.

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*Rabil walks into his agent's office*
    by (#224583) on 6/27/09 @7:57AM
Paul Rabil's agent: Paul! how are ya my man?

Paul Rabil: Kinda bummed out. I don't know what I should do to get fans to like me. I've got all this game, but I played for a program and coach that most people hate, was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and I have a huge ego but no personality. What should I do?

PR's agent: I got it, and I've been thinking about this alot, how about instead of #9, wear #99!

PR: I like it! Wait, didn't Wayne Gretzky already do that?

PR's agent: Yes and Mikey Powell picked out a crazy number last year too but who cares? You'll make them all forget about Gretzky and Powell.

PR: Damn right I will. So I was chillin at the a mall last Friday night and saw these CRAZY looking necklaces at Pac Sun. Check em out!

PR's agent: Cool! I bet the kids will like that. Have you ever worn a necklace before?

PR: No, but I heard it was the thing to do in the 90s. Hey check out the hair bro! *points to the back of his head* I heard some kids at a camp calling it "flow".

PR's agent: Flow? Sweeet term, bro! Wait, didn't Mikey Powell already do that too? Tell you what, I'll have my 7 year old daughter design a t-shirt for you to wear after games, that will set you apart.

PR: Awesome man, also if you don't mind, could you help me out with something quick?

PR's agent: Sure thing Pauly, what is it?

PR: I'm going to bend over, and I need you to stick this needle in my butt. Jake gave me a new thigh and hip sculptor and I'm gonna hit it hard tonight.

PR's agent: But what about, oh that's right, no drug testing in the MLL.

PR: That's right, this is just too easy. Necklaces, long hair, I'm thinking about a chinstrap beard, and to fine tune the image I might buy a bass guitar.

PR's agent: Let's not get carried away now. Tonight I'll order you up some Big Johnson and Coed Naked Lacrosse T-shirts. Just worry about that sculptor tonight, and I'll catch up with you tomorrow.
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Great story...nott
    by (#224586) on 6/27/09 @9:40AM
Sounds like someone wishes he was Paul must've gotten the swim move right over your small head in person before...then that caused a certain explosion of hatred!

They did a story on why Rabil took's because his teammate Tom Zummo wore #9 and Rabil is too humble to ask him if he could have his college #.

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jealous much? (nt)
    by (#219082) on 6/27/09 @3:36PM
(no text)
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(no subject)
    by (#125413) on 6/27/09 @4:32PM
i sense a bit of jealousy in this post. i have never been a huge fan of Rabil but he is a sick player.
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I've always been a Hopkins fan and all but
    by (#156889) on 6/27/09 @4:55PM
Rabil looks like a goon with all that hair
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    by (#129810) on 6/28/09 @9:46AM
i think you mean he looks sweet.
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No, I mean a goon
    by (#156889) on 6/29/09 @5:00PM
Maybe its just the shirt and hair combo, but he just looks like an ass. He'll always be one of the lacrosse greats, but the hair thing is just a stupid gimmick to get attention.
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    by (#216763) on 6/27/09 @10:40PM

i thought you couldn't wear gloves with any damage to the palm?
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(no subject)
    by (#219082) on 6/28/09 @11:48AM
the pros are allowed to cut out the palms of their gloves
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where the hell have you been?
    by (#65280) on 6/29/09 @12:54PM
come on cougar... catch up
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Top notch athletes
    by (#224679) on 6/29/09 @7:09PM
Why doesn't Paul Rabil try out for the NFL? I now Max Seibald said he wanted to...Rabil said nothing like it. i mean we know these guys are premiere athletes...why not try and expose our sport by venturing into others like football or something else?
As far as the agent thing goes, i don't agree with the story but i do feel as though Rabil isn't producing as much as he should.
We need a Mike Powell right now, we need a face of the sport and this guy isn't cutting it RIGHT NOW. I don't care about last years fifty swim moves or his marketing...he isn't showing up on Sportscenter.
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Stupidest statement of the day award goes to...
    by (#156889) on 6/29/09 @8:52PM
YOU!!!! Congrats!

Rabil would get completely worked at any position in the NFL. Being a top notch lacrosse player does not make you a great football player. If he could even make a team(which he couldn't) he'd ride the bench for a season then get cut
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    by (#224679) on 7/06/09 @1:38AM
So I'm guessing you're some top-talent scout or have serious qualifications in depicting a quality athlete that can professional football? tell me what is different from Paul rabil and nick polanco? polanco apparently had the opportunity to play for the Jets.
He clearly has the build, has shown athletic ability, and in a recent Muscle & Fitness article, has the work ethic of a football player.
Since the beginning of my Post was about how he hasn't defined himself worthy of all of this hype...I'm wondering if wildcat passed the reading comprehension part of his classes.
do me a favor and comment completely on the conversation before nit-picking and sounding like THAT GUY from the back of the class talking smack but ends up taking the class 3 times.
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My qualifications are that I'm not retarded
    by (#156889) on 7/06/09 @3:00PM
What exactly are your qualifications to say he could? If he ever played at all it wouldn't have been since high school. People don't just join the NFL. Anyone worthwhile in the league gets drafted out of college. He could go ride the bench... maybe. Pro football players work throughout college and even then, only 5% of D1 players get through to the NFL(and an even smaller percent ever get to start). So saying that a lacrosse player could just join a team no issue is stupid. He doesn't have the experience. Once again I'll say it. Top notch lax athlete does not = top notch anything athlete.

Also, your post started with "Rabil should try out for the NFL"

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    by (#217563) on 6/30/09 @6:58PM
What kinda heads he using?
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    by (#170625) on 6/30/09 @10:01PM
pretty positive that it's a clutch
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    by (#217563) on 7/01/09 @1:55PM
Why doesn't he use Maverik stuff?
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who cares
    by (#65280) on 7/01/09 @6:24PM
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(no subject)
    by (#217563) on 7/02/09 @11:12AM
Me, why sign with mav when he coulda signed with brine?
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    by (#224906) on 7/05/09 @10:15PM
he is using a clutch on a black swizzle and he was sponsered my underarmor who is taged along with Maverrick. a clutch is way better than a juice
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