Tierney Leaves Princeton For Denver

Tierney Leaves Princeton For Denver

Tierney Leaves Princeton For Denver

Tierney Leaves Princeton For Denver

DENVER – Legendary Princeton men’s lacrosse coach Bill Tierney has been named the head men’s lacrosse at the University of Denver, Vice Chancellor for Athletics and Recreation and Ritchie Center Operations Peg Bradley-Doppes announced today.

During his 22 seasons with Princeton, Tierney led the Tigers to six NCAA championships, eight NCAA championship games, 10 NCAA Final Four appearances and 14 Ivy League championships. He compiled a career record of 238-86 at Princeton and has a career collegiate record of 272-93 for an impressive .745 winning percentage.

“We are thrilled to announce the hiring of Bill Tierney as the newest men’s lacrosse coach at the University of Denver,” Bradley-Doppes said. “He is a tremendous addition to our coaching family and someone who will elevate our program into a national contender. Bill is one of the best coaches of any sport at any level and is highly regarded in collegiate lacrosse. He demands a lot of his student-athletes on the playing field, as well as in the classroom, and is the perfect coach to take our program to the next level.”

His impact on the student-athletes at Princeton has resulted in 26 first-team All-Americans, 73 first-team All-Ivy League selections, seven Ivy League Players of the Year, six Ivy League Rookies of the Year and over 20 USILA Scholar All-Americas. He has recruited and coached two winners of the Lt. Raymond J. Enners Award as the national player of the year (David Morrow in 1993 and Scott Bacigalupo in 1994).

“I would like to thank Princeton for 22 years of support and happiness, and for the ability to take this program to the level that it’s at now,” Tierney said. “I’d also like to thank the University of Denver for giving me this wonderful opportunity to start this new chapter in my life. Everyone from the Board of Trustees to Chancellor Robert Coombe and Peg Bradley-Doppes has been absolutely great during this entire process. I am looking forward to helping the DU men’s lacrosse program reach new heights.”

In 1992, Tierney won the Morris Touchstone Award as the Division I Coach of the Year to go along with the Division III Coach of the Year honor he received in 1983 at RIT. He was elected to the Long Island Chapter Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1994 and the New Jersey Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1999.

Outside of his collegiate coaching honors, Tierney has coached the United States to the World Championship in 1998, and was inducted into the U.S. Lacrosse Hall of Fame as part of the 2002 class.

Tierney replaces Jamie Munro, who resigned on May 7 after posting a 91-70 mark in 11 seasons. Tierney will begin as head coach of the Pioneers effective July 1, 2009.

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    by (#91657) on 6/08/09 @6:05PM
That's crazy.
I'm completely shocked actually.
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   yes. by 6/08/09 @6:56PM
(no subject)
    by (#199913) on 6/08/09 @6:08PM
how.... did they get tierney away from princeton?
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   How did they get him? by 6/09/09 @2:43PM
    by (#194027) on 6/08/09 @6:16PM
Why? When he had so much talent on his roster did he leave... seems a little crazy to me...
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   (no subject) by 6/11/09 @11:04PM
    by (#106761) on 6/08/09 @6:19PM
Does anyone know the average amount of money for a lacrosse coach? I would imagine the average would be considerably higher at Princeton, especially with all the success he has had. I wonder how much Denver offered him... Money seems to be the only logical motive here.
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   re: income by 6/08/09 @6:47PM
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Tierney Moving To DU
    by (#223491) on 6/08/09 @6:45PM
I just finished up my first year at DU, actually, and can vouch that the entire year the administration has been attempting to increase school spirit, something severely lacking at Denver.

Our Hockey and Skiing teams are our best programs, and, until this year, our lacrosse team has been growing tremendously.

After talking to a few of the coaches a few weeks ago, they all talked about how all they are looking for are players with good character on the team, as a result of the three students dismissals.

Having an East Coast Fundamentals coach at DU will do nothing but increase the programs legitimacy, build on the current talent, and improve its standings year after year.
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    by (#206541) on 6/08/09 @7:56PM
This move makes absolutly no sense for Tierney. He has made that program what it is and Princeton took a big hit when the lost him. unless if hes making a ton more then he was making at princeton this is rediculous. However, Denver benefits greatly. They'll be making a run in 3 or 4 years time
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      Not surprising by 6/08/09 @9:33PM
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         Huh? by 6/09/09 @1:22PM
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               I doubt that by 6/10/09 @1:30AM
                  Don't say things you don't know about by 6/13/09 @7:02PM
                     Call me crazy by 6/15/09 @6:44PM
                        um by 6/17/09 @12:06PM
(no subject)
    by (#158263) on 6/09/09 @12:43AM
Just doesn't seem right...
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    by (#1524) on 6/09/09 @12:55AM
Wow. Coaches bouncing around is commonplace in all sports, but this is pretty earthshaking for the lax community. Everyone I have spoken with about this is nothing less than shocked. But this could be the kickstart that the sport needs to grow nationally. We've seen the next level try to grow too fast and seen the consequences. Hopefully, this is a good move not only for him, but for the game as well. Pretty crazy.
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Tierney Will Make Them A Top 10-15 Program
    by (#136419) on 6/09/09 @12:22PM
I think he will in time. He is still an X&O genius, but his time at Princeton just passed him by, IMHO. Do you think Dave Metzbower, Tierney's longtime top assistant and one of the top assistants ever in the game, will become Princeton's next coach.
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    by (#221195) on 6/09/09 @4:47PM
he could just be trying to establish another program somewhere else. The one thing wester lax really needs is a strong program. Tierney has already made Princeton one of the most dominant names in college lacrosse....he might just want to make another school the best. Also.....any coach can go to a great lacrosse school and make the school have a winning record. It takes an incredible coach to go to a school thats not completely established as a powerhouse yet, and make them a force to be reckoned with. I'm curious to see how Denver benefits from this.
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Lax Championships 201?
    by (#169707) on 6/09/09 @5:32PM
Clearly most of you are missing the point. The number one reason he is leaving is to grow the support and the community to the west coast. The NCAA has seen the West Coast as a new market for the game and an area where they can make lots of money. The NCAA most likely has plans for a Championships weekend out there in the next 4-6 years, and what better way to showcase a great WESTERN lacrosse program, now with a great coach , with the championships. Expect Denver to be a contender!!
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   bull by 6/10/09 @7:21PM
   Mass, Maryland. by 6/10/09 @10:45PM
   yeah man for sure by 6/11/09 @12:15AM
(no subject)
    by (#221354) on 6/09/09 @10:14PM
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   Tierney by 6/09/09 @10:23PM
New Coach
    by (#121940) on 6/10/09 @5:45PM
I am sure that Princeton's assistant coach will most likely take over for Tierney, but what do you think the chances are the Princeton will pull someone away from their current program? I could see Pressler dumping Bryant to bring this storied program back to prominence, but what do you guys think the chances of that are?
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   doubt it by 6/10/09 @8:04PM
      (no subject) by 6/11/09 @1:06PM
   (no subject) by 6/10/09 @10:10PM
So denver dicided to name him head coach?
    by (#190236) on 6/10/09 @10:41PM
im really confused, how can Denver just say he's head coach?
why would he leave Princeton?
this isn't a good article it doesnt explain this well at all it leaves too many questions.

Denvers pissing me off so far this year haha
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   HEY!!! by 6/11/09 @2:22AM
      ok lax.com duz a terrible job explaining this by 6/11/09 @3:03PM
         Check Again by 6/11/09 @7:22PM
winds of change..
    by (#80550) on 6/11/09 @10:51PM
This is a huge momentum swing in the world of D1 lax. Earlier this year a senior from Curtis High School in Tacoma, WA was given a ride to Maryland. The Lacrosse world is gettin smaller very fast. Tierney coming to DU gives notice that they have made a commitment to not just validate an already "strong" program, but to compete. This will be a shotgun start for all majors in the east to take notice and see what the "Westside" can accomplish. Optimism and aggresion could be a valid mantra for teams and programs west of the Mississippi..
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   (no subject) by 6/12/09 @1:39AM
   NO by 6/12/09 @1:34PM
Tierney' s move
    by (#191428) on 6/12/09 @5:54PM
Princeton has moved to a matriarchically run school. All important staff positions are in the hands of women and men's teams, including men's lax, have not had the full support of the admissions department. A cursory review of the talent brought to the men's lax team since the "glory years" demonstrates the lack of first team all-Americans that were the hallmark of Tierney's teams. Once you buy into this sad situation the move makes sense.

Geep I
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   Uh..... by 6/13/09 @7:30PM
      sexism by 6/15/09 @7:27PM
    by (#221010) on 6/19/09 @7:13PM
either DU is offerinbg him the deal of a lifetime, namely a boatload of money, or he's just an idiot. Im curious as to who Princeton's gonna pick up, and how they'll do without the brains of their program
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   or more likely... by 6/22/09 @4:18PM
      P.U. lax troubles by 6/22/09 @9:03PM