Tigers Send UVA Packing

Tigers Send UVA Packing

Tigers Send UVA Packing

Tigers Send UVA Packing

Princeton started the game by winning the face, and somehow also convincing the sun to peek through. Kenney came up strong on his first test of the afternoon, gobbling up a weak low stick sider. Gill collected on the tail end of the clear and was immediately stripped by Mollet, who initiated the clear. Upon settling the ball again, the Tigers threw the ball away for an uncharacteristic third time. A couple of quick up and downs, some oohs and ahhs, and some solid netminding by Tierney and Kenney occupied the next couple of minutes. UVA drew first blood on David Bruce's high bouncer from the top right of the box that left Tierney looking over his shoulder. UVA took possession again and looked to be overly conservative -- a handful of phantom dodges and outside passing was the name of the game. Granted, the field was pretty sloppy.

At 7:29, Josh Sims evened it up when he drove Koontz down the left side, bulled in a little, and right as his feet were about to give way on the slick turf, switched from lefty to righty and snuck one by Kenney, who looked to have the pipe covered. The Tigers took the lead when Hartofilis finished a lackluster offensive set by converting an Owen Daly feed from 10 yards out. It was a rip, but not something Kenney should have let up. Court Weisleder drew a flag at around 4:30, but Princteon's shots were wide. At 2:56, Jay Jalbert took a perimeter pass from Gill, and in a replay of Bruce's goal, wound up from the same spot and put an absolute rifle top shelf past Tierney. Soon after, on a Chris Berrier penalty, UVA went up 3-2 when Gill snuck around from behind and pinged the top corner on the man up (the Tigers didn't pressure the wings on it). With just :19 left, Brad Dumont found some garbage on the crease after Kenney took one on the chest protector, and in a nice 9 iron chip shot, put it in the back of the net to tie it at 3-3. The quarter ended on the scramble from the faceoff.

The action in the second started at 12:41 when Ian Shure dumped in a quickstick on the tail end of a beautiful 5-4 break that touched all the bases. Prior to that it had been more of the conservative offense that dominated the first -- any challenges going to the hoop were timid and the D was quick and authoritative on the double. UVA came down again and this time really tested Tierney. He came up huge on some nasty Holcomb rips, and even after some ill-advised clearing passes that came back down his throat, he stoned Gill and an all alone Peter Ragosa to make up for it. The Cavs did manage to break in when, at 8:48, Shannon took a cross crease feed from Gill (his 3rd assist of the day) and got one to trickle by Tierney. It seemed to barely touch the endline and roll back into play with some english on it. UVA went up 6-3 at 4:37 when David Bruce ripped another one from 7 yards off the left post. The Cavs were looking a lot more dominant, and confident, on both sides of the field now -- Koontz, Curtis, and Weisleder were laying their bodies on the line on D, and Holcomb, Jalbert, and Shure were letting 'em fly from up top (Tierney was still solid though). Princeton's Brad Dumont drove down the left wing and threaded a 15 yard pass across Kenney's nose, which Hartofilis buried to get them back within two. McKnight answered right back for UVA just ten seconds later when he took a Jalbert pass seven yards off the left pipe, and with almost no angle, ripped the top right corner for a 7-4 lead. Princeton would not be outdone, and Hartofolis nailed his third of the game on a bullet from the right side after Streibel got Curtis picked when coming around from left behind, pulled a draw and dump, and got the assist. Hartofilis also drew a "giving him the business" on Jay Jalbert, but Curtis was wielding some pretty heavy lumber on the ensuing man down, and he managed to send it the other way for a penalty kill. The half ended that way, with UVA up 7-5.

Tierney remained strong as the half started, blanking a Gill rip that looked like it had top shelf written all over it. Tierney was still making poor decisions outside of the cage though, and it ended up costing him when he turned it over on a clearing attempt. He gave way at 13:35, when Gill delivered a pinpoint feed from the top left to Ian Shure, who was cutting underneath from right to left and had his man shielded. Princeton got a chance when Koontz drew some time in the box for a hold, but they couldn't accomplish much aside from some incredible indian pickups by Sims. The Tigers still held possession for several minutes on some patented hypno-offense, and eventually converted when Streibel fed Sims on the left pipe, who had his back to the goal when he caught it, and stood there for a second or two like an immovable object until he decided he felt like scoring. 8-6 UVA. McKnight pushed it up to 9-6 when he finished a fast break from Jalbert at 3:30. Hartofilis pulled Princeton back within two, right after McKnight's score, when he grabbed a pass on the top left of the box, and ripped an underhand lefty burner low and away. It was one of several shots that Kenney had great looks at, but he just couldn't react to the speed. Meanwhile, on UVA's end, Conor Gill was coming in as a midfielder and running the offense from the top of the box. Although he'd made some great feeds so far from up top, it was definitely not having a disorienting effect on Princeton's defensive sets. The third ended when Ryan Mollett snuck behind the UVA ride and nearly got a gift in front of Tierney. The fourth would start with UVA up 9-7.

Princeton started off the fourth when Kenney ate up a high rip from up top, but when he tried to pull back on his clearing pass, it drifted out of his stick, and unfortunately, right into a certain Josh Sims' stick, who was setting up for the ride. 9-8 UVA. Gill went back to attack and had immediate impact, forcing Mollett to hold him as he was posting up on the left pipe. Gill made good on the man up when he worked a give and go with AJ Shannon and stuck it coming around from behind for a 10-8 lead at 10:42. Princeton was now pulling the flip-flop, putting Sims on attack for at least the last 15 minutes. At 7:50, Ryan Curtis took a cross check when he flattened Harrington after a pass. Harrington got some redemption when he fed Brendan Tierney on a standard "wheel" man up play -- Harrington was on the left wing and Brendan was cutting down through the middle. UVA's Jason Hard notched another one right away when he took another beautiful Gill feed from up top as he was cutting underneath. The Tigers made it 11-10 when Kenney got caught near the restraining line, and after some great riding by Hartofilis and Streibel, Sims picked up the loose ball and finished past an unsettled Kenney, who was still rushing to get back in the net. UVA then took a bench penalty for some jawing.

They paid for it. Streibel fed a bullet across the grain to Harrington on the doorstep for a tying EMO goal. It was now 11-11 with 4:30 to go, and the Tigers were looking like they were in charge. At this point, Princeton was monopolizing possession and UVA's longsticks up top were starting to look worn. Brendan Tierney struck for the lead when Josh White drove down the right side behind goal line extended and fed it back up top to the coach's son. Brendan wound up and put it low and away. You could now hear the "Wow, this could really happen?" throughout the crowd. UVA got a shot when Gill fed underneath to a cutting Shure, but Ryan Mollett flattened him (it was brutal) right as he was about to get it in front of Tierney. Tierney gathered the loose ball, and inexplicably, tried a Gilman without being pressured at all (there was one minute left). Kenney scooped it up, got it over the half, and UVA took the timeout. Some me-versus-the-world attempts from Gill were rebuffed by Mollett and Damien Davis, and at least thirty seconds were eaten up on the groundballs afterwards. With five seconds left, UVA got the ball up at midfield at took their last breath timeout. Gill with ball, Damien Davis with Gill. Both were on an island. Davis held, Gill ripped it over the net with Davis on his elbow, and the Tigers held on for the upset, 12-11.

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Goal tending
    by (#3107) on 5/27/00 @6:11PM

I must say that D. Kenney's performance in goal sorely dispointed me. The loss, if acredited to one person, would be his.
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i agree 100%
    by (#1473) on 5/27/00 @9:43PM
I couldnt agree more with what you just said, a fire inside. I was at the game this afternoon, and I could tell that the entire crowd wanted Kenney off the field. You could tell from the bleachers that he was completely intimidated. What I want to know is why didnt Starsia pull Kenney and put in someone just as capable as him, like Greszmiel. Given, Greszmiel might be cold to start in the middle of the game, but how could he have done worse than Kenney's performance in the second half.
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Greszmiel ROCKS!!!!!!!!
    by (#3048) on 5/29/00 @7:47PM
He should have been in goal today! I agree.....
UVA should have won, Kenney should have been pulled after that show boat crap. That doesn't hack it in a playoff game!!!! Maybe when you're up by 10 but never in a play off game!!! He has much to learn!!! Too late now though....
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bow chica bow bow
    by (#576) on 5/27/00 @7:03PM
I am just happy to see two teams in finals with neither of them being Virgina for once.
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    by (#3353) on 5/28/00 @12:00PM
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    by (#2981) on 5/28/00 @3:56PM
Hey Mr. Kenney, keep it down and stop whining about pressure. And Yes, some of us have been to this hallowed place you speak of, the only difference is, we have won.

If you know you belong, then pressure is the least of your problems.
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To all the doubters.
    by (#2981) on 5/27/00 @8:42PM
To all those that have been saying for weeks that Princeton and Josh Sims were both overrated, I have one thing to say...SCOREBOARD!

The defending champs were sent packing by one superstar and a improbable cast of freshmen. Sims will not only be playing for his third ring, but unless he is robbed, will be taking home his second Middie-of-the-year award as well.

Go Tigers!
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    by (#8) on 5/27/00 @9:49PM
josh sims is hot. hell yeah princeton. sorry though, no match for 'cuse
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Kenney sucks
    by (#135) on 5/27/00 @10:22PM
I am a UVA fan but i have to say that i was embarrased. I too went to byrd to celebrate a Virginia win but that !#@!#ing little twat couldn't save $hit. Kenney is an embarresment to Virginia. A little advice to him, stay in the goal. Somebody please tell him hes not that showboat, Carc. Its gonna be a long bus ride back for Kenney. I hope curtis and co. mangle him. Now, under normal circumstances i wouldn't root for anyone in the final because i despise them both but for God sakes..... GO 'CUSE!!!!!
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    by (#3241) on 5/28/00 @12:17PM
This game was a typical match up of two arch-rivals (whether fans see it or not). Princeton and UVA have always had a rivalry, and the young guys just choked in the big game. Kenney is young, but he IS experienced. They went all the way last year with him in the cage. Everyone played a stellar game, for the most part. Gill had a very, very quiet 7 points (I didn't even realize he had 5 assists), Jalbert is just a f'ing []D[][]V[][]D, Drew McKnight had a couple of SICK goals from outside, Curtis had a pretty good game, and so on and so on. Josh Sims had a good game... It was spectacular. I think he had it in him when Princeton needed it. Sean Hartofolis, hands down, player of the game for Princeton. I think that I'm just gonna watch the championship.. I'm not a fan of either team. As for middie of the year... Jay Jalbert
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Post Season Accolades
    by (#2981) on 5/28/00 @6:31PM
Let's talk about the postseason awards for a bit.

Player of the Year: Ryan Powell, end of discussion. Anybody who would argue with this is just plain insane. So that brings us to the next point>

Attackman of the Year: Powell again

Defensemen of the Year: This will be close, but I think it will go to Ryan Curtis of UVA. There are a lot of solid defensemen this year, but very few people were consistently good day in and day out like Curtis. His worst game of the year may have been the slippery semi-final in which it seemed like he couldn't find his feet...but he still did an adequate job.

On a side note, I think the surprise 1st teamer from this position could be Demian Davis of Princeton though. He is one hell of a freshman who had the same job as Curtis every week and did just about as well. If this year isn't his year, then he is sure to have a storied career.

The position that is drawing the most arguement is Midfielder of the Year. It seems like it has come down to a race between Jalbert and Sims. Haugen took himself out by getting shut out in his quarterfinal game and by being his slow start this season.

My nod clearly goes to Sims and I think anyone who has watched the two of them play would have to say the same thing. But just in case, here is a little side-by-side comparison:

In head to head competition:
Sims has the edge. Not only did he lead his team to the bigger win, but he has outscored Jalbert in head-to-head matchups, 6-3 in goals and 7-5 in total points. In the big game, Sims had 3, Jalbert had 1. And the votes for MOY are cast following the semifinals.

In facing similar competition:
Again, Sims with the edge.
Against Maryland: Jalbert played MD twice and his totals were 3,3. Sims played MD once, but it was in the NCAA tourney and he went 2,2. So on the basis of performing in important situations, Sims has a slight edge.
Against Syracuse: Both had bad days, but Sims had a bad day in a game that was all but lost by the end of the first quarter, no matter what he had done, they we're going to win. He scored 1 of Princeton's 4. By comparison, UVA really needed Jalbert to step up in a close game vs. Cuse, but Jalbert was SHUT OUT. UVA lost by a goal. Had Jalbert been able to step up when needed, maybe UVA would have won.
Against Rutgers:
Sims running away and fast. Sure, Rutgers is my no means an accurate benchmark from which to judge talent, but it is accurate in comparing performances for these two. So here are the numbers. In one game: Jay Jalbert...1,0. Josh Sims...5,1. How could Rutgers keep Jalbert looked down, but not Sims?

The answer is this: As proven by yesterday's game, Jalbert can be contained. He was held to 1 goal by Chris Berrier, a guy who has only had a long stick in his hand for 3 games of his entire life. Josh Sims obviously cannot be contained.

Also consider that opposing defenses have a lot more to worry about than Jay Jalbert. Sims, in contrast, is NOT surrounded by McKnight, Gill, Bruce, Shure and company. Defenses are designed each week with the focus on Sims alone, and he still proves that he is unstoppable. He has to do a lot more week in and week out. When he gets tired on midfield, they send him down to attack. While he's resting cdown there, he consistently runs by the opposing team's best defensemen on his way to 3 a game.

Also, more to consider: Jalbert led his team in shots, but was only second in goals with 28 (Sims has 35 and shoots at around 32%, close to 45% for his career). After his first goal, he was consistently stuffed by Tierney in the semis. Maybe if he had moved the ball a little better, the outcome would have been differnt.

Nothing against Jalbert or any of the other middies in D-1, but this is an award for the best middie in the country. That means doing the most for your team, playing unselfish (shooting over 30%), doing what is asked of you (playing attack), and being the main guy. It's not about hype or who's name is mentioned the most. Jalbert got more press during the season because his Cav's were the defending champs, but it was Sims who was more consistent and truly the better midfielder.

It's not even a discussion.
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..ok, right
    by (#2969) on 5/28/00 @7:27PM
Good work on your novel Watcher09... but no one has time for that... word of advice, keep it short and sweet buddy... didn't even read yours and I'm critizing it......

later loser

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    by (#2981) on 5/28/00 @7:32PM
Somebody on this site has to actually use their brain. You want a legitimate arguement based on facts? You will always find it here.

It's easy to jump on the bandwagon...it takes less time and energy. If you're prepared to make unfounded comments that you'll have to take back, and sound like an ass in the process then good for you. That's just not my style.

Read what I write, you might learn something.

You can't read a magazine by just flipping throuhg and looking at the pictures.

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Hey listen...
    by (#2675) on 5/29/00 @2:08PM
Bro you make some valid points once in a blue moon but you don't have to write an article about it that is worthy of publishing in inside lacrosse.
I mean okay, Sims is better than Jalbert, thanks for that knowledge. But you idiots refuse to compare his season THIS YEAR, and notice this year to other guys like, Prout from Loyola or Springer who converted to attack but was listed as a middie. What about that Haugen kid from Hop or even Denihan. Or Kessler from Hofstra or Josh Coffman from the NATIONAL CHAMPION SYRACUSE ORANGEMEN.
Get off it man, your novel was okay but forget about it. get a life
later punk
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Word of Advice
    by (#2981) on 5/28/00 @7:43PM
I have a word of advice for you two Heckles.

Take your head our of your a$$ before you start to speak. It keeps you mouth from filling up with more S**T.
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    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @1:19AM
Hey ass-munch, try reading something before you critique it, you can't judge a book by its cover. His posting was pretty sweet, so get your mom to help you read it you un-educated piece of sh*t and apply it to how to write an effective argument. At least my dawg Watcher09 backs up his conclusions with facts. All you got is opinion and nothing to back it up with. Oh, and if anyone is a loser, its not him, its you and i'm sure many people will agree with me on that argument. Oh, wait, its not an argument, its a fact, sorry. Oh, in closing, a little help with spelling here. The word "criticizing" is spelled like that, not "critizing". YOU ARE A JOKE, GET OFF IT.

Later "Loser"
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    by (#1128) on 5/29/00 @3:24AM
Yeah I gotta agree with the whole "Loser" thing. Why do you always end your comments with something like that? "Later Losers?" I don't know why you are so negative towards everyone else. Maybe you could share with the rest of the lax community on how you feel about everyone else.
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Thanks soc22lax, good call...
    by (#1329) on 5/29/00 @12:34PM
...my dawg lovehappy told me all about Heckler, he's one of his little brothers strange friends. And just for the record, all the sh*t thats talked between Heckler and I, was started by him, i'm not a confrontational kinda guy off the lax field, but if he wants to keep stepping to me, i'll just keep stepping on him like I have this whole time. Later guys !!!
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Oh, ok... right
    by (#2969) on 5/30/00 @12:13AM
good one laxman7777... good one.

later jerks
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Hey, i'm just quoting what people tell me "jerk"
    by (#1329) on 5/30/00 @12:48PM
If I really wanted to rag on you I would heckler, i was generous this time, remember that "nitz"...so piss off 'cause me and everyone else don't give a rats a** what you hafta say, unless it actually makes sense and is not just an opinion backed up w/ nothing. period.
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    by (#2948) on 5/30/00 @1:53PM
Sims was great, and the Princeton freshmen really rose to the challenge, but I don't think people are giving Trevor Tierney enough credit in goal. He played exceptionally against UVA, did you see that save from the Drew McKnight shoot at point blank, it was amazing. He's not showy, but he is under rated. He had the best save percentage. Hats off to him.
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Amen to that
    by (#2981) on 5/30/00 @2:21PM
Tierney truly had a great season and was vastly underrated. kenney showed us all how important having a goalie is. It's just tough for Trevor and Brendan alike (who also had a great game against UVA) to escape the shadow of Bill sometimes. It's a big shadow after all.
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    by (#3476) on 6/02/00 @3:10PM
what are u talking about?!?! Josh Sims and Jay Jalbert are excellent players but i think Aj Haugen should be the midfielder of the year.If u watched the semifinal against Syracuse he was just dominating in that game.He has got a cannon shot.I agree with u on all ur other selections too.
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Read my reply to your other post (nt)
    by (#2981) on 6/02/00 @5:03PM
(no text)
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