Tigers Tear Bears Apart, 15-2

Tigers Tear Bears Apart, 15-2

Tigers Tear Bears Apart, 15-2

Tigers Tear Bears Apart, 15-2

The Princeton Tigers decimated the Brown Bears by a score of 15-2, but they took their time getting it going. In fact, they didn’t score their first goal until there was 3:43 left on the clock in the first quarter. Once they settled down it was curtains for the Bears as Princeton has unleashed a new look for their offense that is very similar to the way the Orangemen run it up in Syracuse. Instead of keeping the top feeders and dodgers at the attack they split up the main aggressors running one from the midfield and the other from attack. In Cuse’s case it’s Josh Coffman and Mike Powell; Mat Streibel and Ryan Boyle do the honors for Princeton.

As Tiger coach Bill Tierney put it,”We have so many attackmen we just have to find innovative ways to get them on the field.” Instead of running their offense strictly from behind, they’ve started to run Streibel (their premier feeder) through the box. The havoc this creates for a defense is daunting. With Streibel attacking from up top and Boyle(freshman standout) working from “X” defensemen can’t predict their slides nearly as well. On top of that, the Tigers have turned feeding the crease from the restraining line into an art form. Usually, teams like to feed from behind so the shooter can see the goal and get off a quicker shot. The split second it takes a player to turn on the crease is usually the difference for a defensemen to get a body or stick on the shooter, but Princeton does it with remarkable success. They look for this feed in settled offense and on man-up.

Brown opened the first quarter with lengthy possessions and plenty of ball movement around the perimeter giving Princeton a dose of their own medicine. Princeton went to the goal every chance they got and coughed up the ball without getting good opportunities. Owen Daly took a shot that wasn’t even backed up for possession followed by a D-man Ryan Mollett shot from just inside the restraining line that never made it to the goal. Perhaps the Tigers were a step ahead of themselves sensing the weaker opponent. The Bears were patient and were able to penetrate the Tiger defense early, but a combination of goalie Trevor Tierney saves and wide shots stopped them from capitalizing. Princeton would calm down and get back to what they do best, pick teams apart with patient offense. Streibel took the ball from the midfield and got a running start on his D-man. He split to the right and hit Boyle on the back side who was standing seven yards to Beret Dickson’s left. Boyle got off the quick shot to beat the sliding goalie, 1-0. Tiger attacker Sean Hartofolis tallied the next one with 47 seconds left. Hartofolis looked very impressive shooting hard and with accuracy on the run all day. He swept to his left and launched a side arm shot in full stride that bounced by Dickson’s left ankle, 2-0. Quality chances were equal in the first, but Princeton was able to get better shots off.

The Tiger’s didn’t waste any time getting it going in the second. Longstick Ryan Mollett scooped off the face and hit Rob Torti on the run who found Boyle 12 yards out. Boyle stepped into an overhand shot that beat Dickson stick side to the upper left, 3-0. Brown continued to get chances and continued to get blanked. Streibel drew a tripping penalty to put the Tiger’s on the extra-man. They had a man high three across the middle and two on goal line extended. The feed came from the top to Streibel standing on the doorstep to Dickson’s right. He dumped the cross crease feed to BJ Prager who managed to fill the empty net, 4-0. At the 6:25 mark the Bears finally got on board. Chas Gessner working against Hartofolis was able to split and spin his way toward the cage until he was close enough to take the perfect bounce shot to the upper left corner, 4-1. The Tigers answered only 23 seconds later when Hartofolis took his revenge in the form of a cannon that pinged the upper left corner, 5-1. Nine seconds later the Bears got their last goal of the game, but I didn’t see it because I was trying to take notes. Somehow Tierney wasn’t in the net and Richard Tuohey shot a long shot to the open net, 5-2. With a minute left Princeton started to look like they were in a groove. The ball was moving crisply back and forth across the restraining line for a good 30 seconds before Owen Daly slipped one into Torti on the crease. Torti was able to turn and score untouched from about nine yards out, 6-2. The second half was all Princeton. They chipped in nine goals while blanking the Bears. Brad Dumont and Kyle Baugher made it 8-2 before the Tigers went back on the man-up at 9:55. They utilized the same play, only this time the ball passed before Dickson’s eyes from left to right and Streibel was the one hitting the open net, 9-2. On the ensuing face-off Boyle made a move 15 yards out in front of Dickson and got hammered by two defensemen coming from opposite sides. The defensemen cancelled each other out and fell down leaving Boyle on his feet still possessing the ball. He scored on this play that was very indicative of the entire second half.

The game grew out of reach and both teams started working their entire benches, but the outcome was still the same. Princeton kept scoring with their last tally with 7.1 seconds left in the game on a Dixon Hayes shot fed by Brendan Tierney, 15-2.

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my top 10
    by (#3027) on 4/07/01 @8:31PM
1 Princeton
2 Hopkins
3 Umass
4 Maryland
5 Syracuse
6 Notre Dame
7 Loyola
8 Virginia
9 Georgetown
10 Towson
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    by (#10235) on 4/07/01 @8:55PM
UMass as #3? Are you serious?
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    by (#3027) on 4/07/01 @9:03PM
I meant "my top 10" as in what i felt the next poll would look like. Of course I think Umass will end up number 3, they were 5, and now that number 1 and 4 have lost, they'll definitely break into the top 3. As for number one and two, who can disagree. The two teams holding the longest continuous rivalry, PU and JHU, are one and two. How sweet it is.
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    by (#394) on 4/07/01 @9:38PM
probably shouldn't even be number 5 now. They have played three bottom 10 teams and have given up a fair number of goals to them considering. They should probably get a favorable nod in the polls, but not number three. I would be shocked if they could even come close to a "hot and cold" Syracuse on a "cold" day. Has anybody seen them play who isn't a rabid UMass fan?

I'm amazed by the continuing shake up in the polls and on the field this year. I love Princeton and hope and expect them to win it all, but the way everybody has played at different times this year, who knows? Any thoughts as to why things have been so crazy?
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    by (#3027) on 4/07/01 @9:48PM
The freak reversal of the magnetic poles maybe...I don't know.
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    by (#770) on 4/08/01 @9:00AM
My theory is that there is so much talent out there on all the teams that things are more even than we all think. I also think the difference is in preparation. If coaches get a team ready and fired up, they have been performing, and vice-a-versa, if teams take games lightly, they are coming up short. And, kids are stepping up, like Blindenblacker with 18 saves against the Hoos. The 'Cuse was fired up for the Prineton game, and Princeton was flat at first. I think Notre Dame took Hofstra too lightly and they lost. Its very hard to be a student and to prepare mentally for the level that players have to perform at day in and day out. One thing I will say, though...its fun to watch!
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i got to disagree with u jimlax
    by (#8391) on 4/08/01 @12:26PM
I have seen them play at hofstra, penn st and navy, i have to dissagree with wha u say they have the best offense in the country, they have the most balanced offense , they have so much depth its crazy they just wear teams out. They also play a fast paced untempo offense so when u run that u are gonna get scored on, i think they should be at 3 or 4 and they are my sleeper to go to the final four, they also have cuse at garber field with a crazy atmosphere, Umass strenghth is ther middies and cuse as some of the worst short stik middies i seen so i am callin it now umass beat cuse and goes into the tournament undeafeated.
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Your cracked
    by (#6496) on 4/09/01 @9:34PM
Cuse' has the best O' mids in the country Josh Coffman candidate for mid of the year. Also Solliday, Hardy, Wright, Powell, Hogan are all better than U Mass top mid. U Mass will get crushed by Cuse' absloutely wiped out. An undeafeated record as a result of a pussy schedule.
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Umass will go undefeated
    by (#9072) on 4/10/01 @3:03PM
umass doesnt even have a pussy schedule they have the #10th rating for toughest schedule so u cant say they dont play no one. ya i think cuse is good but i think this year is goin to b umass's because they have come off 2 bad seasons and they r hungry for the national title.
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    by (#4753) on 4/12/01 @1:07AM
are you kidding me? syracuse is going to put UMass in its place. stop making ignorant comments. they just do not in any way have the talent to get a national title. if syracuse doesnt put them in their place, then princeton will eat them alive in the finals. (not like they could make it that far...)
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cuse middies
    by (#10917) on 4/11/01 @6:04PM
a little clarification for ya, jtr1034 was talkin about cuse's short stick d-mids, they play terrible defense and they definitly can not defend umass' o-mids, sorry. . .
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Umass is better than everyone thinks
    by (#9072) on 4/09/01 @6:33PM
jimlax u got it all wrong. Umass has beaten Navy, UMBC, Penn State, and Hoftsra. And they have beaten them by atleast 5 goals each besides for penn state. they have a really good attackmen in Rich Kunkel and middie Kevin Leveille. They r very explosive and have a nasty defense to contend with everyone else. my prediction is they sweep georgetown and syracuse and they go into the tourney undefeated
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I'll have to disagree with you on that
    by (#3027) on 4/09/01 @8:23PM
Yes, I think Umass is a great team, but in my judgement there is no possibility of Umass going into the tourney unbeaten (yes, they are going to the tourney). Umass is unbelievable this year, but they are not going to beat a Syracuse team coming off another big loss by one goal. They might have a chance against Georgetown (slim to none). Georgetown is hungry after losing to Navy, and the Hoyas know how important beating Umass really is (although I'm sure Umass knows the game has implications as well). Dusseau is playing sensational, and Schroeder is a terrific goalie.
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the right theory
    by (#6496) on 4/09/01 @9:30PM
The reason things have been so nuts is beacause all the traditional powers, Cuse', JHU, Prin.,Cavs, and Loyola all graduated huge players last year. That really weakened their programs. Which makes room for teams like U Mass and Notre Dame to start kickin ass.
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(no subject)
    by (#4753) on 4/09/01 @9:54PM
princeton graduated sims, but thats it. everyone else and more returns and they are a far better team than last year.
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    by (#6496) on 4/10/01 @1:13AM
I doubt it, Princeton is doing better beacause everyone else is worse, you are trying to tell me that Ryan Boyle is able to make a bigger difference then Josh Sims.
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boyle vs. sims
    by (#4753) on 4/10/01 @4:59PM
josh had 51 points last year. boyle already has 27. i dont doubt that he'll have something in the 50 point ballpark by the end of the season.
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    by (#10975) on 4/10/01 @7:33PM
Every time u speak u sound even more dumb then before, Princeton is a better team this yr the reallly only lost one great player and added even more depth. Boyle has been playin great and MacColl has been a great surprise for them also. Every team loses alot players each yr, div 1 lax is just getting better b/c the talent is spreading out on any given day anyone can beat anyone. I also hae to agree with some others here and say that umass is a very dangerous team and is gonna do some damage, they have the best offense in the country avg about 17 a game and they are very exciting to watch, probably the most exciting team in the country. Also I would love to see them win a title, with that great storied tradition with former coach garber. I wish they would bring them back as the gorillas of old and win a championship. They deserve it
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no way
    by (#5061) on 4/13/01 @5:29PM
PU and SU have the greatest rivalry! you dummy
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    by (#5372) on 4/10/01 @10:29PM
Umass is great. But I am a huge Army and Navy fan(hopefully my future). Just because Navy lost one hell of a goalie,doesn't mean that they will go down in value. Navy isn't doing GREAT right now, but doing good enough so they have a good chance in making Top 20. Army is on a pretty solid start too. Syracuse, they will be at the top, they're gonna find ways to get there. A toss up for second between Princeton, and Virginia. Umass, most likely 5th at best, and 8th at least.
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virgina tied for 2 with princeton?
    by (#4753) on 4/12/01 @1:04AM
didnt princeton beat virginia 8-4 and make gill and his preseason player of the year honors look foolish? yes, i do believe they did.
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my top10
    by (#9151) on 4/11/01 @7:36PM
1. Princeton
2. Hopkins
3. Syracuse
4. Maryland
5. Massachusetts
6. Loyola
7. Virginia
8. Georgetown
9. Towon
10. Notre Dame
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in a less trivial matter
    by (#8638) on 4/08/01 @4:26PM
how about browns uniforms?
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I know right!!
    by (#3027) on 4/08/01 @6:46PM
Those unis are so ugly man! Brown and red do not work well together, as you can see.
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my top 10
    by (#5061) on 4/13/01 @5:43PM
9.Notre Dame
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top 10 by prinstonlax
    by (#10975) on 4/14/01 @6:01PM
I agree with your poll except i would flip flop hopkins and virginia as of right now. And if hopkins loses tonight i would put umass at 3 virgina at 4 and maryland at 5. I know people will disagree with me on umass and the virginia ranking but my son saw umass play yale and said umass dominated that game without attack morley. game wasn't no where as close as 14-7 yale got 3 at end of game on umass reserves.GAME OF THE WEEK NEXT WEEK FOR ECAC AQ AT UMASS WITH GTOWN COMING TO TOWN GOING TO BE A BATTLE. COULD BE ONE OF THE BEST GAMES OF THE YR CHECK IT OUT IF U CAN.
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Umass vs Hoyas
    by (#9072) on 4/19/01 @8:59PM
dude i agree that game is goin to be a great one but i think umass will put it away and im goin to b there so ill have the game summary.
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