UVA Knocks Off Duke 10-9

UVA Knocks Off Duke 10-9

UVA Knocks Off Duke 10-9

UVA Knocks Off Duke 10-9

Duke took the opening face and controlled the ball for a solid 2 minutes, not really able to do much aside from work it around the outside. UVA was active with the long poles and caught a couple of windups from behind. At 11:45 Ian Shure got things rolling when he stuffed a Breslin clearing pass at the restraing line and found the empty net. Apart from Shure's gift, Duke's was nasty on the defensive end of the field -- Card manhandled Gill on the endline, and Stuart Schwartz looked like a windmill full of checks anytime someone tried to post up on the wing. Duke settled again on O, but with the two shorties behind, and UVA shutting off Chemotti, they put their chances in Regan, who was apprehensive about testing his short stick, and ended up throwing the ball away when trying to get it to Chemotti. The ball changed ends, but Duke was able to hold strong despite a flying one hander from Jalbert and a turnaround underhanded rip from Gill. After a pair of breaks up and down the field, and some cat-like saves from Breslin and Kenney, UVA finally notched another when Hanley Holcomb (repesentin' the wood) took a pass from 15 yards out in the middle of the field and fired a lefty wormburner past Breslin. Duke got on the board at 3:28 in the first when Nick Hartofolis gathered the ball at the top center of the box and took a powerful two handed drive down the right wing. After forcing his defender to wilt, he ripped it low and away for a 2-1 UVA lead. UVA got a man up when Card slashed Gill coming around from behind left, but Duke ran it out after gaining possession. It became 2-2 when TJ Durnan took on Court Weisleder in a weight room bulling contest off the right pipe. Durnan won, and rolled inside for a ping to the lower corner. UVA greeted the 1st quarter horn with a series of shots that were wide right.

Second quarter action started on UVA's end with Breslin making a save on his right shin after McKnight twisted through two guys on the left wing. Kenney equaled his acrobatic counterpart when he stoned an uncontested 10 yard bouncer off of a Duke break. Pinpoint checking was the name of the game at this point -- Duke's Card and Watt were picking guys on the butt end, and UVA's Koontz was over-the-heading guys all over the place. Duke broke out of the scoring drought when Kevin Cassese was rolling back and forth on the right pipe and, after his defender slipped on the slick turf, finished all alone on the doorstep. Hunter Henry then took the face right down the right side and stunned Kenney for a 4-2 lead. It was Henry's first of the year. Jason Hard then took a feed from Jalbert right off of the left pipe and finished (Jalbert did the work). UVA tied it shortly after when David Bruce bulled in from the left wing and dumped it over his head, and across the crease, to a wide open Rotelli. Both teams were now getting opportunities, just not getting great accuracy on their shots. Hanley Holcomb changed all that when he ripped one from up top for a 5-4 lead. Only thirty seconds after that, UVA's Koontz flew down the field on a solo clear through the middle (he could have won some track meets on it) and fed across to McKnight on the standard 4-3 break. Drew finished for the 6-4 lead. The Blue Devils controlled the face and moved it around to Durnan, who got absolutely raped by Curtis (a lightening fast whirlibird) when trying to post up. Another flurry of beat the clock shots and the half ended with UVA up 6-4, but it was in no way a commanding 6-4.

Both teams were playing similar styles on defense: hard nosed, bench pressing, feet first D with takeaways only attempted if they could be done without sacrificing position. Both squads also possessed an arsenal of those takeaways, and they were executed with frightening speed. On the offensive end, Duke relied a lot more on the power dodging -- the put on a lot of blinders (to go with the bags on their sticks) and tried to dig their way through the center of the D. UVA was mixing it up a little more -- they did bull, but it was complemented by plenty of stutter-stepping shake and bake split dodges. Both Breslin, although tested a little more, and Kenney were holding up their end of the bargain and peppering it with a handful of magic tricks.

The third started with a nail biter right off the bat when Kenney blanked Durnan on a 2 yarder. Kenney eventually gave way to Hunter Henry (his 2nd of the season) when Henry drove from right to left and cranked an overhand at 12:30. Curtis got called for a slash at 10:38, but Duke couldn't force one by Kenney. It was now seven minutes into the quarter and UVA had yet to settle the ball on offense. After some referee shananigans over an offsides call, Duke went on yet another extended possession, halted only by some heroics from Kenney. UVA finally got the ball down on O, but thanks to some manhandling D from Card and Schwartz, the Cavs looked impotent. Duke got the ball, and a man-up, when Gill, in what looked to be some frustration, basically sledgehammered Joe Watt from behind as he was heading upfield to clear. Some more Kenney heroics, and a nice series of D from Koontz, and UVA killed it off. UVA had their best chance of the quarter when David Jenkins took off down the right sideline, and after faking across to the point man on the break, took it down even farther and dumped to Shure on the pipe. Breslin stoned him. UVA didn't get the goose egg for the quarter though -- with just 5 seconds left, McKnight took Schwartz out on the right wing, drove hard towards the top for a couple of steps, and broke Schwarz's ankles on an inside roll to make it 7-5.

UVA again used a Jalbert-Hard combo to make it 8-5 (Jalbert again did the work). Duke took the face and let loose a ton of shots off of drives by the Hartofolis brothers, but nothing found the mark. UVA was doubling from the crease early whenever Duke made it clear they were taking it from the top, but Duke just couldn't take advantage of it because they almost never had anyone in the crease, and the middies taking the runs were not quick to feed. Duke did eventually put one in when Frood started on the top left, shot faked his way through an assembly line of oncoming slides, and burned it five hole to make it 8-6 with 5:34 left in the game. He finished his move on the right side of the field. Schubert got it even closer (8-7) when he connected on a rip a couple of seconds later, but Jalbert put UVA again up by two on a forceful left to right drive across the top and a rocket to the lower corner that left Breslin stretching. Duke's Nick Hartofolis pulled a mirror image of Jalbert when he did the exact same thing, but right to left, about 15 seconds later. There was now three minutes left, and UVA led 9-8. It was still anyone's game. Greg Patchek tied it up on a nifty piece of garbage -- after an extended scrum off to the left pipe, Frood gained control of the loose ball, but when he decided to head straight for two defenders, the ball got dinked from behind and rolled towards the crease. Patchek picked it up with his back to the goal and flung it over his shoulder to make it 9-9. McKnight then pulled the move of the day. While driving down the left wing, he ripped one lefty that Breslin closed in on quickly. Still in full stride, McKnight gathered the rebound, looped around the back of the goal, and dove lefty on the other side to stick it top shelf and give UVA a crucial goal advantage with around two minutes left. Duke got a last breath when Jason Hard took a holding penalty, but Kenney was once again up to the task. UVA killed it, and once they got it over the half, called a TO. For the remaining 37 seconds, UVA placed their faith in Jay Jalbert's legs. He responded with a dogs-chasing-a-rabbit show and killed both the clock and Duke's chances of advancing.

Note: Card definitely gets my vote for defenseman of the year.

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    by (#3210) on 5/21/00 @5:48PM
crank it up
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What a shame...
    by (#3081) on 5/21/00 @7:06PM
Ya know what, you ladies might disagree but I believe that the better team lost today. Virginia just had enough at the end but Duke is a damn good lacrosse team. Breslin played his heart out and so did that Hartofilis kid.
They are gonna be damn good in the years to come so watch out.
Anyways where was Gill today huh ladies???
Duke's D was dominating. They took out Breslin from Hobart last week and now Gill. So much for him. They better not come to play like this against Princeton next weekend or else they will get killed.
I am still convinced that Syracuse is gonna easily win the title
later women
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    by (#3233) on 5/22/00 @1:25PM
It is obvious that the better team won...you can shut one player down, but it takes the whole team to win. So, the fact that Gill did not score exemplifies the fact that UVA is a dominant team. I would not want to be playing UVA right now. Duke is a good team...but not good enough.
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What a joke.....
    by (#3048) on 5/22/00 @1:49PM
Duke was not the better team. UVA is dominant. UVA has the right people in the right positions and have depth. So Gill was shut down, big deal, the rest of his team backed him up and took care of the Duke team. UVA ROCKS!!!!
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    by (#1329) on 5/22/00 @9:37PM
(no text)
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    by (#1329) on 5/22/00 @1:41AM
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What is going on here...
    by (#3081) on 5/22/00 @11:34PM
Hey listen, can we keep this thing clean. I mean what are all these comments about. I agree. All of us lacrosse players are a member of a unique fraternity. You are right. Why argue. I mean let opinions be and let inquiries be answered. I know that I do not know as much about certain lacrosse that Laxman does or Heckler does. That is why we right on here. Man I have a lot of respect for Hobart. They will be damn good soon. However right now the focus is on Byrd Stadium this weekend. Will Salisbury win? Will Middlebury win?
How will SU, JHU, UVA and Princeton fair?
Let's just blow off some steam and head down to Byrd for a fun weekend.
As for that whole Sims blowup. Listen, the kid is a damn good player. However his stats really were not high in comparison to other top fledge middies this season in terms of goals and assists. Rumors around central Jersey say that he took more of a defensive role. Whatever it may be, the stats were down so I wanted to see if you guys knew who the best middie was or if you feel that he still is.
Write me back Laxman or Heckler or whoever
Peace out gents
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    by (#1329) on 5/22/00 @11:47PM
...you are TOTALLY right man and i'm glad to hear that heckler is not you. I don't really know who I think is the best middie this year, its too close to call I think....i guess, oh well, later fellow laxers.
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    by (#1329) on 5/22/00 @1:34PM
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    by (#1329) on 5/22/00 @10:09PM
i've heard alot of talk about "laxy lax" or something, can someone please explain what that is exactly and what teams they think play it or something because I'm curious to see what it is and if I agree, thanks !
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Lets get a few things straight
    by (#2969) on 5/22/00 @11:43PM
... First of all. Laxyman. Do you remember my good friend screwball?.. I'm sure you do. Screwball (a.k.a LOVEHAPPY) changed names. Lovehappy is screwball.... screwball is lovehappy... got it? good. Moving on. Laxy lax you ask? Well if you read up on the discussion me and my fellow posteers had awhile ago, you would understand. Hofstra plays laxy lax. And you know it. Princeton plays dirty lax. Duke has a strange combination. Its a mix of Laxy lax and dirty lax which many prefer to summerize up as Dirxy Lax.

Moving On Once Again. I know my Middlebury lax. They will win the national championship this year. Mark my words. Their attack/middie squad could quite possibly be ranked in the top 20th nationally. Quite good indeed. As for maryland. They blow.

Later wimps
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Ok Dude, chill...
    by (#1329) on 5/23/00 @12:03AM
...i remember the screename thing now and lovehappy and I ARE COOL NOW so don't worry about it. I didn't know you guys were such good pals at all. How can I know that Hofstra plays laxy-lax if i don't know what it is ??? I asked for an explanation man; all you gave was teams, I need to know exactly what it is first, so please define it if you can, thanks. Define dirty lax too if you can please. I hope that middlebury wins, cause you know that I hate SSU, so I hope you are right about Middlebury and all. Maryland may not have been good this year but how the hell did they "blow" ? I'm gonna be laughin' when they are good in the future with all the youngins they got right now and their next recruiting class, whether you know it or not, is awesome, seriously. One more thing, why do you insist on calling all of us "wimps"...Do you think you're superman or something ? Just Curious and from now on chill on your postings, you sound like you have a stick up your ass or something...i mean, who pissed in your cornflakes dude ? You started sh*t w/ me remember ? I don't want any more conflicts, just good lax talk, so if you wanna fight, go somewhere else, I got better things to talk about, like the sport I LOVE...LACROSSE BABY !!!
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Yes and no
    by (#3081) on 5/23/00 @2:03PM
Hey listen, we all know that you have radical opinions Heckler and don't exploit me anymore on the internet. You and your lies. If I do get a hold of you, you better watch your A#*.
As for this whole laxy lax predicament...
Okay you are right, Hofstra plays laxy lax; they always have. and I will admit sometimes Princeton can play a little dirty but nothing too dirty. They are an excellent program, but they can get a LITTLE bit dirty.
As for your comment about Duke playing dirxy lax. What the hell are you talking about???????!!!!
They are the furthest thing from.
Hey I know it is a tough question but can anyone put a finger on who is the best middie in the country this year???? Get back to me
later boyzzzzz
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Dirty Lax is TOUGH Lax
    by (#3045) on 5/23/00 @10:17AM
Theres no such thing as "dirty lax" Many scrubs simply try face dodges every time and when tough long poles don't allow it and hack the arm they whine about the other team being dirty. The fact is, many attackmen these days think that they have the right to just sit there while their team clears out for an iso and that they shouldn't be whacked by the Defense. Many soft high school refs call slashes on the arm but in D-1 youve got to be a man and take it. You can be 5'7 171 lbs in high school and be the man but in the big leagues you have to step it up to the next level. Stop whining about dirty or cheap teams and get in the weight room!
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    by (#1329) on 5/23/00 @2:23PM
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    by (#1329) on 5/24/00 @1:40PM
(no text)
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