UVA Matches Up Against Gtown In Fallball Action

UVA Matches Up Against Gtown In Fallball Action

UVA Matches Up Against Gtown In Fallball Action

UVA Matches Up Against Gtown In Fallball Action

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- The Virginia Cavaliers and Georgetown Hoyas men's lacrosse teams faced off in a Fall Ball Scrimmage at UVA's University Hall Turf Field on October 12, 2007. The Cavs dominated the match early, scoring five unanswered goals from Danny Glading, Ben Ruebor, Garrett Billings, and Peter Lamade (formerly of Duke). Virginia's Adam Ghitelman made several saves denying the Hoyas of several opportunities to close the scoring gap. The Hoyas rallied in the second quarter adding 4 goals from Eric Reinhardt, Rickey Mirabito, Chris Nixon, and Andrew Baird, but were left trailing 8-4 at half. Both teams cleared their benches in the second half allowing most players get some minutes.

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    by (#136419) on 10/14/07 @10:57PM
Absolutely! They have an awesome team back and have a recruiting class that may be the best ever. 8 of the 10 new kids were ranked in the Faceoff Magazine's Top 50 high school seniors last year, and 4 of those players were in the Top 5. Of course, in this day and age, UVA is, hands-down, the easiest sell for talent. Expect UVA to win several more titles within the next decade!

P.S.-Ben Rubeor will win the Tewarton Award in 2008!
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100% agreed
    by (#114179) on 10/15/07 @1:05AM
Good to have you back Naptown. What type of impact to to expect Peter Lamade to have this year for the cavs?
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    by (#136419) on 10/16/07 @12:14PM
Absolutely! I think he is just a little bit hungry after what happened at Duke. He will be the final piece that leads the Cavs to another title. By the way, I thought of another reason why UVA is, hands-down, the easiest sell for talent. That is, because there isn't a sport at UVA that lacrosse takes a total backseat to. Think about how many good lacrosse schools have lacrosse teams that are totally overshadowed by another sport at.

North Carolina-basketball

Do you agree?
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    by (#114179) on 10/17/07 @8:18PM
I think you are correct about Lamade. I enjoyed watching him play at Duke and didn't really understand why he made the switch. I never really thought about the other sports teams at UVA but you are right, they don't have any other programs to steal their thunder.

Nap, I am curious to know your thougts about the club teams in MI, FL and BYU trying to get into the D 1 circut. Dave Pietramala seems to be supporting all the clubs efforts. What do you think about that one?
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    by (#136419) on 10/17/07 @11:30PM
Absolutely! Personally, I think that, if they did, they could become a very solid program. In fact, I think they could become just as good, if not BETTER, than Ohio State and Notre Dame, which are the two premier D1 programs in the Midwest. Why? Because Michigan has so much to offer for recruits.

1. a great school
2. a beautiful campus
3. a great college town
4. awesome facilities

Michigan High School Lacrosse is better than people think, and they have produced some players that have done great things. Brother Rice, probably the premier program, has had great teams, and produced such players as David Morrow, possibly the greatest player to ever come out of State of Michigan. He was the National Player of the Year his senior year at Princeton, and he founded Warrior. There are other schools, too, like Detroit Country Day and the Grosse Pointe schools, which produce talent. If Michigan had a D1 team, SO many of them would stay home and go to Michigan. I know that Michigan would also get great players from other Midwest States and from all over the country.

IMHO, Michigan is long overdue to go D1, and I am wondering if many people there don't realize how good they could actually be. Does anyone agree with me?
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re: Big Blue
    by (#142666) on 10/20/07 @9:11AM
"IMHO, Michigan is long overdue to go D1"

Totally agree.

"...and I am wondering if many people there don't realize how good they could actually be. Does anyone agree with me?"

With MI kids? Certainly not. If they transition from Tupperware lacrosse to varsity status you can expect Michigan to aggressively recruit on a national level, just as ND and UNC must do.
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UVa All the Way
    by (#169805) on 10/17/07 @8:50PM
As you might guess, I live in Hoo town, and I was at that scrimmage. It was awesome and there were some great hits. What they didn't show you in the pics was my 12 year old sister getting "lazered" in the leg by a missed shot from Ben Rubeor. Ouch... My best friend, who was there saw the shot, said that ball was going 90 mph. It was awesome. I will keep you updated from Cville.
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Brendan Cannon?
    by (#129810) on 10/15/07 @9:58PM
Did Brendan Cannon play in this game. Because he is the catylist of the georgetown offense and one of the best attackmen in the NCAA. I didnt see him in any of the pictures and he didnt score which is unusual. Well this is fall ball and the next time we will see georgetown and Virginia play is in the NCAA finals.

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    by (#97931) on 10/15/07 @11:35PM
Wow, the ACC is stacked again this year, Duke has the best offense in D1, Maryland just brought in some phenomenal attackman and midfielders and some great Dmen, UNC is returning almost all its players and UVa just had an amazing recruiting class. I think the entire ACC will be in the final four this year with Duke beating UVa in the finals.

UVa is good but they lost some key defenders and i dont believe all the hype about the brattons.

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    by (#136419) on 10/16/07 @12:42PM
Kip Turner, who was very solid, has graduated. So UVA's starting keeper might be that freshman from Long Island, who is said to be the best goalie to come out of Long Island in years. Hey! Quint Kessnich was a freshman starter when Hopkins won it all in 1987, so who knows.
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 10/16/07 @1:14PM
I've seen both of UVa's fall scrimmages this year and people can say all they want about the Brattons, but I've seen with my own eyes. They're both excellent players, and only bound to have gotten a lot better by the time spring rolls around. UVa really only lost Ricky Smith from last year, a great defender, but also a big risk taker. They return Ken Clausen with another year of experience and have Mike Timms, possibly the best long-stick middie defensively there is. I'll tell you right now that Adam Ghitelman is an amazing goalie as well. He will help anchor the Cavs this year to be in the top 5 defense.
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Mike Timms the best? Hahahahahahah
    by (#97931) on 10/16/07 @7:35PM
That is hilarious. Have you ever heard of a man by the name of Nick O'hara? You know the LSM from Duke who was a 1st Team AA as a LSM. And then theres Parker McKee who is said to be as good as Nick O'hara and faster. Not to mention that Duke picked up Mike Manley who is a straight up beast when it comes to D.

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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 10/17/07 @8:02AM
I didn't say Mike Timms was a better lsm than Nick O' Hara (yes, I have heard of the guy). I do think that Timms is better defensively than Nick O' Hara, which is exactly what I said. However, Nick O' Hara is faster and more of a threat to push the ball on offense, so yes he is a better package than Mike Timms. All I'm saying is the Blue Devils better watch out for the Wahoos this year.
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no way
    by (#130454) on 10/17/07 @8:23PM
There is no way Parker McKee is as good as Nick O'Hara. Did u even watch the NCAA final versus Hopkins? Rabil and Peyser schooled him the whole game.
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from what i hear
    by (#97931) on 10/18/07 @4:05PM
even duke players say it, they say he is right up there with him and is faster than O'hara. He got schooled in one game by two great middies. He was a freshman and his first NCAA championship game so im sure he was nervous. But the rumor is that hes as good and faster
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Timms is sick
    by (#177171) on 10/18/07 @7:02PM
Look buddy. O'hara may have better stick skills but defensively Timms is way better. He's 6'5, O'hara is like what 5'10. They're two completely different players, O'hara has better stick skills and runs the field better. But, if I were to pick one to play defense for me it would be timms, he wasnt to shabby his sophmore yr with 28 caused turnovers.
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Nick is sick
    by (#97931) on 10/18/07 @7:38PM
How about this buddy? O'hara had 5 goals and 2 assists this year, Timms had 1 assist. So that proves that O'hara can push the ball better and create transition. Nick O'hara covered middies like Rabil, Siebald(who O'hara destroyed in the semi's), Sieverts, Glynn, Thompson, Brancaccio, and many others. And he did a great job all year. It doesnt matter how tall you are or how much you way, you dont need to lay somebody out to be a good defenseman, you need speed, agility, stick work and positioning. O'hara was a 1st Team All-American as an LSM!!!! The other 1st Team AA's were Rabil, Looney and Siebald and those guys are all amazing. Oh and by the way Timms wasnt even an Honorable Mention for the AA list. So im pretty sure im right about this one.

Go DUKE!!!!
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Check your sources again
    by (#177171) on 10/19/07 @10:04AM
Didnt I just say in my previous statement that O'hara ran the field better, maybe you should work on these thing called reading, you know...left and right up and down includes letters that make words. I said that O'hara has better stick skills and runs the field better...would hint all of the goals you just mentioned. And Timms guarded: Seibald, Rabil, Looney...so check their stats against him. I never said O'hara wasnt good. I said that timms was better defensively. And he was honorable mention all-american. And if he did get honorable mention last yr, geez wouldnt that make him a sophmore when he got it. Thats funny cause I checked the All-Americans in 2005, which would have been O'haras sophmore yr, and he didnt get anything. Once again o'hara better Lsm to run the field, but timms better defensively
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(no subject)
    by (#82010) on 10/19/07 @11:15AM
sorry pal but please tell me when timms guarded looney or siebald?? looneyr didnt play in last years fall ball game against uva, and uva never played cornell. nice try.

i played against timms in high school and our whole side line was doubled over laughing at him while our best attackman who eneded up delaware absolutely embarrased him for 4 goals. timms is too slow to be a lock down LSM, if he ever gets inverted then he may as well just drop his stick and walk off the field - he'll get beat every time. watch the game fil from this game and youll broncaccio tear him up from up top just simpley by tucking his stick and running - all timms has going for him is a back check once he gets beat.

malphrus will nock timms out of his starting job if not by the start of the spring than atleast by game 2 or 3. timms is too slow to match up with malphrus and he doesnt play with the same intensity that he does.

o'hara pretty much makes timms look retarded when it comes to 1v1 d. He plays with much better position and his speed allows him to play more aggresive without getting out of position. end of story.
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Timms v. Malphrus
    by (#177171) on 10/19/07 @12:27PM
laxsmith, whered you play in highschool, i played with timms. I agree that he is weak on the invert, but he did get honorable mention as a sophmore, and my arguement is against o'hara. Who didnt get the same his sophmore year. And I haven't really seen malphrus play yet. But we'll see who steps up
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    by (#97931) on 10/19/07 @5:02PM
laxsmith just pretty much proved my point for me. Thank you Laxsmith. And your stats are extremely false. I guarantee you Timms will never be as good as O'hara. Duke's defense in general last year was just amazing. Agree to disagree
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(no subject)
    by (#3572) on 10/20/07 @1:18PM
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    by (#177171) on 10/22/07 @6:50AM
Ok some of my sources about who he guarded may have been wrong. But I love how you say he sucks when he got honorable mention all-american as a sophmore, i guess when you get any kind of level of all american that means you suck.didnt know that, thats cool
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mike manley
    by (#122935) on 10/23/07 @10:30AM
hey, mike must have ripped u apart somewhere. he is a monster. i played with him in empires when he was starting in at close going into his sophomore year. hes real athletic and has a great stick...he can shoot and punish. mike MANley
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mike manley
    by (#122935) on 10/23/07 @10:30AM
hey, mike must have ripped u apart somewhere. he is a monster. i played with him in empires when he was starting in at close going into his sophomore year. hes real athletic and has a great stick...he can shoot and punish. mike MANley
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    by (#136419) on 10/16/07 @3:11PM
I know a lot of you could care less about Women's Lacrosse, but I have to say that this is a HUGE hire. This could possibly be one of the biggest hires in the history of the sport of lacrosse. Why? Because, not only is Gary Gait the best player ever, but that dude can flat out COACH. Cindy Timchal, who is now at Navy, won 7 straight titles at Maryland. However, folks, many people say that Gary's coaching was much more important than anything Timchal did. Since Gary has left Maryland, Maryland hasn't even been to the title game.

Now, in this day and age, Syracuse is not the easiest sell for talent in any sport. However, I think that it is a harder sell for women than men. Nevertheless, with Gait in charge, I think it will be an easy sell, not just because of his name and loyalty to Syracuse, but because it is a known fact that Gary is an awesome coach. You watch. I say that, within two or three season, Syracuse's womens' team will be serious national title contenders. And, who knows. Gary could take the mens' job someday. With him there, I bet it will be almost as easy a sell for top talent as UVA.

Sorry, I just thought that this would be the best spot on the board to talk about this right now. And, I still say that Maryland choosing Dave Cottle over Gary Gait has to be one of the biggest mistakes made up any program ever. Does anyone agree?
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    by (#142666) on 10/20/07 @8:55AM
"Now, in this day and age, Syracuse is not the easiest sell for talent in any sport."

What does this mean. Can you elaborate?
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(no subject)
    by (#169967) on 11/30/07 @7:29PM
uva kicks ass!!
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