UVA Nips Hopkins With 7 Seconds Left In OT, 13-12

UVA Nips Hopkins With 7 Seconds Left In OT, 13-12

UVA Nips Hopkins With 7 Seconds Left In OT, 13-12

UVA Nips Hopkins With 7 Seconds Left In OT, 13-12

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—Brian Carroll’s goal with 7.7 seconds remaining in overtime helped send Virginia past Johns Hopkins 13-12 before a Klöckner Stadium record crowd of 7579. The win is the third in a row for Virginia over the Blue Jays as the Doyle Smith Cup that is presented to the winner of the game remains with the Cavaliers for another year.

Carroll’s OT winner is his second of the season; he also scored with 1:29 left in overtime to defeat Syracuse three weeks ago.

The win is the ninth in a row for the Cavaliers. With Duke’s loss to Georgetown earlier in the day, they remain one of only two remaining undefeated teams; Quinnipiac is 6-0. The loss by Duke is also likely to move Virginia into the top spot in the polls next week.

Johns Hopkins falls to 3-3 this season after playing its third overtime game in a row for the first time in school history.

The game featured nine ties and three lead changes in regulation and was characterized by back-and-forth scoring throughout.

“I found myself standing on the sideline late in the game thinking, ‘what a great game,” said Virginia head coach Dom Starsia. “I was interested in trying to win the game, but I also was appreciating the atmosphere and this day was a great moment for Virginia lacrosse. For us to get this win and be able to keep the Doyle Smith Cup here, there are a lot of things to like about this moment.”

Virginia senior Ben Rubeor sent the game into overtime with his third goal of the day with 56.3 seconds remaining. His goal forced the fourth tie of the final quarter as the Cavaliers twice rallied from one-goal deficits in the final four minutes of regulation to force overtime.

“We kept battling. I don’t think anybody lost their poise and everybody was focused in the huddles,” said Starsia about his team’s play late in the game. “It was less about trying to win or lose as it was about trying to make a play. I thought we made plays at both ends of the field in order to win the game.”

Freshman Shamel Bratton gave the Cavaliers a 10-9 lead with 7:38 to play in regulation, but Brian Christopher and Paul Rabil scored back-to-back goals to give the Blue Jays an 11-10 lead with 4:02 remaining. Garrett Billings tied the game with a very difficult shot from the left side at the 3:23 mark. The tie was shortlived, however, as Rabil grabbed the ground ball off the faceoff and found Tom Duerr cutting toward the goal. Duerr’s second goal of the season came at the 3:08 mark and gave the Blue Jays their second one-goal advantage as 12-11.

Virginia’s Brian McDermott won the faceoff following Rubeor’s tying goal and Virginia called timeout with 50.7 seconds remaining. Rubeor’s attempt at a game winner with 20 seconds remaining hit off the post, but Virginia was unable to get off another shot before time expired.

The Blue Jays won the overtime faceoff but took one shot before turning the ball over. The Cavaliers gave it right back once in their offensive zone. Stephen Peyser misfired on a shot on Hopkins’ second possession. Virginia gained possession as Matt Kelly backed up the shot as it went out of bounds with 1:25 left. For the second time in a row Virginia turned the ball over as Garrett Billings’ pass from X was intercepted by goalie Michael Gvozden.

On the ensuing clear attempt, Peyser was ruled offsides giving the ball back to Virginia with 31 seconds left.

With no timeouts remaining, Virginia worked the ball around before Shamel Bratton found Carroll free from 12 yards out for the winning shot.

“If you get the ball in Brian Carroll’s hands at 12 yards you like your chances at the end of the day,” Starsia said. “Because we didn’t have a time out, there wasn’t really a set play. We were just scrambling a little bit. Shamel can force a slide and get the defense moving and the ball winds up in Brian’s hands and we’re fortunate that he gets a shot and cans it.”

Virginia goalie Adam Ghitelman finished with 10 saves, including several from point blank range. The Cavaliers also got good faceoff play from McDermottt, who won 13 of 22 attempts.

The Cavaliers open ACC play next Saturday (March 29) at Maryland. The game is slated to face off at noon and will be the first regular-season lacrosse game televised on ESPN2.

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Hop -less
    by (#142666) on 3/22/08 @11:40PM
JHU enjoyed a 6-1 record in one-goal games last year, now falls to 0-3 in 2008. Hmmmm.
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(no subject)
    by (#169967) on 3/23/08 @9:50PM
thats three in a row petro sucks. go hoos
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    by (#103345) on 3/28/08 @3:05PM
Know disrespect towards Gvozden, he's playing well, but i think that's because of him. Hopkins naturally plays their games close, even in 2005 they had 5 or 6 ot games, so when you stick a sophomore, first-year starter in at goal, this can happen.
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UVA will be the new #1
    by (#136419) on 3/23/08 @12:14AM
Absolutely, with Duke losing! It sounded like an awesome game! And, in a way, it was a breakout game on the national stage for the Bratton twins. It looked like pretty good weather, too!
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youtube channel?
    by (#185033) on 3/23/08 @3:04PM
Naptown Fan do you have a youtube channel. I recognize your name...

yeah uva is lookin sharp the brattons played extremly well...im surprised they arnt together though.. They have shamel on first line and rhamel on second....still in the future years....its gonna be scary man with those two haha...

your boy gavin gill got some good time on man up...he looked good...I like how he was playing X while letting rubeor and billings on the wings
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Gymman1031 is my name on Youtube!
    by (#136419) on 3/24/08 @11:09AM
And, I have made a lot of comments on lacrosse videos.
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    by (#103345) on 3/28/08 @3:06PM
maybe they wanted to spread them out so that they'd have one in more, i dunno. Since they're twins and used to playing with each other it seems better to put them together.
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    by (#183494) on 3/24/08 @8:08PM
Yah man the game was sick!
Klockners set a new record 7340 people!!
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Amazing game!
    by (#139861) on 3/23/08 @12:49AM
This was such a good game. It was pretty decent weather. It rained for a minute or two right before the game, but it went away and then was just a little windy and chilly. The Brattons definitely played awesome, their best game all year. Ben Rubeor was stellar in netting a hat trick, including a great game-tying goal to force overtime, which Gvozden (who played a great game) did not even see coming. Ghitelman did not play all that well. I've got to say, I have not been super impressed with him this year (sitting at an even 50% save percentage). Ken Clausen was definitely the factor on defense. I can't count how many times he came barrelling down the field after getting a crucial groundball to get the ball to the offense to give them an opportunity to score.
Awesome finish in overtime. Number #1 baby! Go Cavs!
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    by (#131429) on 3/23/08 @12:29PM
Virginia has pretty much dominated this series since 2000. their game against duke should be interesting, first to 20 wins maybe?
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(no subject)
    by (#185033) on 3/23/08 @3:05PM
ohh yeah Mike Timms did a hell of a job on paul rabil
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Are you delirious?
    by (#192521) on 3/23/08 @5:19PM
Timms did a wonderful job...year right. The swim move and then lefty rip to beat the goalie was a good one, but I personally liked the low to high rip that he literally shot around Timms. What part of leading all scorers with 4 points did Timms do a hell of a job on? Sorry, allowing the hat trick is not doing anyone any good. They won, but I wouldn't go as far to say Timms shut Rabil down for the win, the guy is a beast.
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except for...
    by (#154496) on 3/24/08 @7:33PM
except Timms most definately saved the game with the beastly trail check he laid on rabil.
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