UVA Over Navy 10-8, Heads To Final Four

UVA Over Navy 10-8, Heads To Final Four

UVA Over Navy 10-8, Heads To Final Four

UVA Over Navy 10-8, Heads To Final Four

Matt Poskay scored a game-high four goals and Ben Rubeor tallied three goals and two assists to lead fourth-seeded Virginia to a 10-8 win over fifth-seeded Navy in a NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Quarterfinal matchup at Homewood Field. The Cavaliers return to the semifinals for the 24th time after missing the tournament last season. They meet top-seeded Johns Hopkins in the semifinals next Saturday, May 28, at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field.

Virginia took the game's first lead and, despite three ties, never let Navy get ahead. After the Cavaliers took their biggest lead, 7-4, midway through the third quarter, the Midshipmen fought back to tie the game at eight with 11:02 remaining in the game.

Virginia rallied with two straight goals in the final 5:21, beginning with Drew Thompson's game-winner off an assist form Kyle Dixon.

"My instinct has been to shoot low, but we practiced all week to prepare ourselves against the goalie (Matt Russell), who is good stopping the low shots," Thompson said. "My last goal I shot high and got it past him."

Despite losing 16 of 22 face-offs throughout the game, Virginia regained ball control and was able to score again to seal the win. Rubeor's third goal came off a setup from John Christmas and insured the Cavaliers their 24th all-time trip to the NCAA semifinals.

Virginia used a balanced attack against Navy, as five players combined for the 10 goals . Kyle Dixon added one goal and a game-high three assists, and Christmas had one goal and two assists. In goal, Kip Turner finished with 10 saves and five ground balls.

Billy Looney led Navy in scoring with three goals and an assist, while Ben Horn added two goals an assist. Horn ended his season on a 17-game goal-scoring streak. Graham Gill finished with two goals and an assist, concluding his career with 100 points. Russell had 12 saves and eight ground balls in goal.

Virginia out-shot Navy 32-30 although the Midshipmen had an 8-3 shot advantage in the final quarter. Navy outplayed Virginia on ground balls, winning 46 to the Cavaliers' 38, and on face-offs, where the Midshipmen won 16 of 22.

Virginia, the 2003 national champion, has now won its last six games and meets undefeated Johns Hopkins for the second time this year. In the first game, the Blue Jays won 9-7 at Homewood Field on March 26. The time of the semifinal has yet to be announced.

Earlier today, Johns Hopkins defeated Massachusetts 19-9 to advance to the Final Four.

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Awesome (nt)
    by (#54446) on 5/21/05 @9:25PM
(no text)
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(no subject)
    by (#54446) on 5/21/05 @9:28PM
This game was sick.Really fun to watch and i'm glad Uva has gotten to the final 4. I'm not sure how the whoos will match against johnhops but i'm sure it'll be a thriller. Again, that was an awesome game.
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Good news for Dom Starsia
    by (#96158) on 5/23/05 @12:28PM
No one expects UVA to win this one---so when they don't--it might be the first time it's not completly Starsia's fault. I know He has 2 National Championships but hey--Barry Switzer has a superbowl ring too.
I nominate Starsia for the Hall of Fame--the Bobby Bowdon Hall of Fame for coaches with the lowest championships to talent ratio.
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    by (#23904) on 5/25/05 @2:14PM
Dom Starsia is an amazing coach. You are talking as if you could be a better coach than him, Starsia and Pietrimalla (spelling is wrong) are the 2 best coaches in NCAA lacrosse. Cottle or Mead are horrible compared to him.
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YAH Now who do they play??
    by (#69369) on 5/21/05 @9:43PM
i love UVa they have been my favorite team since i started watching lax in 2002. Who is UVa going to play next? is it Johns Hopkins?
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I said it in the start
    by (#103357) on 5/22/05 @1:06PM
ive said it scince the start UVA will go all the way and win the chmpionship
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wait a minute they didnt win it yet
    by (#93389) on 5/23/05 @12:01PM
remember the teams from MD and NC they need to beat before you can say that you're right... and they wont make it easy, but I want to see UVA and Duke in the finals
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(no subject)
    by (#96158) on 5/23/05 @12:06PM
IF they do then you said so---until the keep it quiet---because there is actually no shot for them get past the next game. NONE!
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    by (#23904) on 5/25/05 @2:17PM
they only lost by two...UVA can definatly win, they weren't supposed to beat Hops in 03 and they did...anything can happen.

Yevoli would make a huge difference, but UVA has had many other players step up to huge roles. Hops isn't unbeatable, they never control the pace of the game, they just follow it, if UVA sets a fast pace, Hops will fall
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    by (#103345) on 5/22/05 @8:17PM
i think that even though uva has a better history in the offseason, this is better since the streak against navy is doomed, and uva doesn't have as good a face-off man or goalie as navy, but i dont know how jhu will play in philly
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    by (#96158) on 5/23/05 @12:22PM
Not to worry JHU(The most boring team in Lacrosse)will stay on cruise control this weekend. None of the announcers will be able to shut up about Harrison--Who "must be" the greatest athlete playing lacrosse Rigth Now---because the sport MUST HAVE a current superstar.
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if you've seen him
    by (#103345) on 5/23/05 @2:52PM
jhu has the potential to be a highly explosive team. its just the coach doesnt like games turning into scorefests. the game on sat. was an incredibly exciting game, as were many other jhu games this season. if youve seen kyle harrison play you will know what they are talking about. nearly everytime he got the ball umass was jumping 2 or 3 defenders on him, and he would easily brake away and create some opportunity for him or someone else. you could tell he was getting in their heads. i dont think youv seen him play from the way your talkin.
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I've seen him several times
    by (#96158) on 5/23/05 @11:05PM
Why do announcers want to call Harrison, "an exceptional athlete" instead of, "A Great Lacrosse Player."??? He is much more than Athletic. He makes very good decisions---sees the entire feild, understands when Defenses double team and from where they double team, he plays smart on every part of the field; Offense, Defense and between the restaining lines. I know he is a great lacrosse player, and I am sick of announcers simply calling him an Athlete. Mike Powell was always called the best "Lacrosse Player" in division one. Why is Harrison always discounted simply as an Athlete.
It is BS call him what he is "A GREAT LACROSSE PLAYER!"
I am the last person on earth anyone would call a Hopkins fan BUT I can still get it out of my mouth, "Harrison is a Great Lacrosse Player."
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Boring? I was there.
    by (#52032) on 5/24/05 @6:01PM
And I saw us crush a team that beat the 'cuse twice, once in May. We made a decent goalie (Bill Schell) look like a high-schooler, and our D seemed to only give up goals when playing man down.
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Us , We & Our???
    by (#96158) on 5/26/05 @5:17PM
What position do you play on the team?
You were there. On the Field or in the stands???
OR on the bench??
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i saidit once ive said it agian
    by (#103357) on 5/26/05 @7:59PM
uva will win they are unstopable
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    by (#96158) on 5/26/05 @10:31PM
They are stoppable and Starsia is the Giant foot on the break!
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