UVA Takes Crown On 9-7 Win Over Hopkins

UVA Takes Crown On 9-7 Win Over Hopkins

UVA Takes Crown On 9-7 Win Over Hopkins

UVA Takes Crown On 9-7 Win Over Hopkins

Wow, if you thought the field surface was ugly for the semifinals, you should see this. A large area in front of the crease was covered in reddish-brown clay, normally used on baseball diamonds. And during warmups not only were all the players from both teams slipping on cuts, they were biting it anytime they tried to plant for a shot.

Kyle Harrison immediately pushed it out front on the first face, broke with about 5 yards of space, but Tillman Johnson started his work early today -- he came up big on a rip to the 5 hole from the point of the 4-3 break. The scoring soon started. Virginia middie Chris Rotelli drove right to left from up top and got passed off on by Greg Raymond -- Rotelli blasted an overhand righty to the top left corner. Then UVA middie AJ Shannon forced a feed into the middle, but Christmas recovered out on the top left of the box, drove hard across the top left to right, and drew a slide from underneath. Rotelli was still underneath and filled into the void -- Christmas found Shannon tight on the crease and Shannon finished lefty on the doorstep for a 2-0 UVA lead.

An EMO followed for Hopkins when Christmas smacked Greg Peyser in the head, near midfield, while Peyser was clearing. The Jays began the attack in a 3-3, moved to a 2-3-1, then Barrie ripped from top center, missed low right, and UVA's Brett Hughes beat it out to the endline. UVA managed to kill the penalty time for an all-even, but turned it over on a muffed pass on the outside. Hopkins' Kyle Barrie tried coming around righty and underhanding it while turning, but Tillman Johnson was all over the high blast.

It was starting to get messy in the middle for UVA on offense now -- players slipping all over and a lot of emergency outlet passes. Hopkins mananged to control and clear. After the Jays' standard holding pattern while the subs came in from the box, Doneger tried to iso on a shorti up top -- he drove left and rolled back to his right for righty overhand about 15 yards out, but Tillman gobbled it up high (yes, again). Hopkins was clearly announcing it to the world everytime they were going to iso, and although they had done it all year, it really seemed to hurt their chances with such poor field condintions -- UVA could prepare their slide package with plenty of time, and Doneger and Harrison never beat their man while catching the Cav help off-guard.

UVA held briefly until the Hop cleared the other way on a shot, and upon settling behind Barrie got a step coming around the pipe, righty and tight to the crease, for a one on one with Johnson -- Johnson robbed him with quick save across his face (again!). UVA took that save and upped the ante for a 3-0 lead. AJ Shannon just drove across the top of the box, left to right, and beat Scherr low to the five hole -- absolutely nothing special about it. Scherr just couldn't get a handle.

Some sloppiness would close out the 1st. Hopkins' Tom Garvey got to wipe out Christmas on a loose ball in a crease scrum, then Corey Harned had to drop to his knees after taking mud to the eye during some more mud wrestling on Hopkins' defensive end. The Hop finally controlled after some extended Cav possession and Barrie ripped one from the righty shooter's spot -- it sailed wide and UVA beat it out to the endline yet again. With just :10 seconds left in the quarter, and after the refs prematurely blew the whistle on a shot (the ball just stopped dead in the mud), UVA's Billy Glading took off from the back right corner on shorti Matt Field. Glading stutter-stepped and bolted around the right corner to nail it righty, to Scherr's stick side high, just 5 yards off the crease. Why, with :10 to go, and Glading clearly setting up for iso on a freshman shortstick, no early slides came is beyond me. The 1st ends with UVA up 4-0.

Hopkins won the first face of the quarter but as Joe McDermott brought it down the left side he slipped to the turf (well, slop) and UVA cleared. UVA would take that possession and move it to 5-0 when Rotelli fed AJ Shannon -- a line-feed from back left to top right -- and Shannon nailed a lefty underhand rip to the top left corner. Shannon's rip was on this whole weekend, and he was probably bringing more heat than Springer. UVA would then get a taste of the brick wall syndrome themselves when freshman middie Matt Poskay get robbed by Scherr after catching a high to low feed on the crease -- Poskay turned around (his back had been to the goal), had all the time in the world (since he snuck underneath), but Scherr matched him to the high offside.

Hopkins dropped into an inverted zone after that (and after a timeout) and UVA decided to counter by just hanging out behind the goal. UVA didn't challenge the corners and Hopkins didn't pressure below the GLE, so the crowd started booing mercilessly -- halfway through the 2nd quarter is probably a little too early to start stalling. UVA would eventually turn it over on a shot from a tough angle, and Hopkins would convert that opportunity into their first goal of the game at about the 8:00 minute mark. Joe McDermott drove righty on longstick David Burman from the top right of the box, bulled a little, and then let go a righty overhand that beat Tillman to the stickside pipe about hip high. It was a rip, needless to say.

Hopkins still sat in zone, and was having some success picking passes across the middle.

Two quick goals from Hopkins would ignite both the crowd and Hopkins bench. The first came when Kyle Barrie drove wide behind the left pipe and threaded it to Benson five yards out on the crease, with shortstick Glading covering -- Benson used his 6'4" frame well to box out Glading, and then one-timed it lefty to Tillman Johnson's surprise. The second came when longstick Corey Harned bolted down the middle straight from the next face, shielded his stick from trailing hacks, then cocked it back to his right hand and beat Johnson low as he was still coming down the center (Trey Whitty, his longstick counterpart, fell in the slop on the faceoff). But UVA would counter for a 6-3 tally. Freshman attackman Matt Ward was sneaking around the right pipe from behind when middie Chris Rotelli found him, and threaded it to him, from top center -- the Hop defense were all facing the ball -- Ward finished smoothly on the right pipe.

Under 3:00 now to go in the half and two near misses came on rips from Doneger up top -- Doneger was occasionally catching the Cavs by surprise with his quick release. An EMO for Hopkins would close out the half when Trey Whitty got nabbed for a hold, and Hopkins would capitalize on it just as the man advantage was running out. To start the man-up Tillman Johnson robbed Bobby Benson on a nice quickstick from the crease after smart, sharp ball rotation gave him position on a Barrie feed from back left. But the Jays would convert when Doneger gathered a skip-pass from Conor Ford across the top of the man-up -- Doneger just ripped it righty. It was too fast for Johnson to get around on. UVA grabbed the next face with :45 seconds left and called timeout. Nothing came of it -- just ball rotation around the horn -- until Rotelli decided to give it a shot from top center. Scherr had no problem controlling, and the first half wound down with UVA holding on to a 6-4 lead.

Another EMO for Hopkins would kick of the second half; Kyle Harison drove the left pipe from up top, trying to duck under longstick Trey Whitty, but Whitty wound up holding Harrison before Harrison slipped to the crease and Johnson smothered the loose ball. The Hop couldn't convert on this one however -- Johnson came up with another huge save on a Barrie turnaround from the crease off of a high to low feed. The crowd signaled their disbelief.

A couple notes of interest: there was some really aggresive riding from the Hopkins attack now -- even 155lb Kevin Boland was throwing around his body. On the UVA defensive end, longstick Trey Whitty was shadowing Harrison, longstick Burman was on Doneger, and shortsticks were used to cover Lesueuer and Benson. And Hopkins was still in an inverted zone, which killed large swaths of Cav offensive sets in the form of passing around the horn (for seemingly minutes at a time).

Some great transition opened up the game a little at this point. UVA's Kyle Dixson bumped to Christmas on a break, after another Tillman Johnson beaut and clear, then Scherr stoned Christmas on the pipe and initiated a Hopkins clear. That following series would see Hopkins close to within one (at 6-5) when Greg Peyser pinged a bouncer to the top right corner after rolling back to the pipe he came around on. While Peyer was driving around the corner his man couldn't get traction.

Tillman Johnson then got into a little bit of trouble when he chased a shot to the endline and the ball just stuck he in the mud. He had to Gilman it just to avoid an imminent doubleteam. But as luck would have it, John Christmas almost came up with it on a mad dash from the midfield line. Scherr had to come out of the crease -- about 10 yards -- and during the fracas the ball squirted its way to Matt Ward at the top right of the box. Ward shot as Scherr was running back into net and Scherr actually deflected it, getting the ball to dribble just outside the far pipe.

Two more UVA scores would close out the quarter. After Hopkins' Tom Garvey got whistled for a :30 hold while harassing John Christmas (and I do mean harass -- he got hist stick between his legs and jacked it up), UVA would convert the EMO for a 7-5 lead. To do it, Chris Rotelli stood at top center and threaded to Christmas, who was sliding backdoor on the left pipe, for a Christmas dip and dunk. Then with under 1:00 left UVA was just taking their time getting it around the horn. They seemed happy sitting on it until, with :05 left, Rotelli bumped it across top to Shannon and Shannon ripped one lefty, past Scherr on an akward bounce, for an 8-5 lead to close out the 3rd quarter.

UVA defenseman Brett Hughes began the 4th by legging it down the field after picking a pass in middle -- just as he was about to uncork it in the middle of the box he got caught from behind with his stick cocked. Then Tillman Johnson stood on his head. He stoned Barrie from the top center of a 3-3 man-up set for Hopkins, but when Johnson's clearing pass hung low, Barrie picked off the outlet and brought it down with even more numbers. Barrie bumped it to Boland on the left pipe, Johnson stoned that, then Benson grabbed the rebound on crease and Johnson stoned even that from 2 yards away. I hope Johnson didn't sell his soul to anyone.

4th quarter and some more pics coming...I've got some combo of SARS and the Irish Flu going for me right now.

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Tillman Johnson
    by (#16998) on 5/26/03 @2:11PM
fuckin amazing player
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   Rob Scherr by 5/26/03 @5:40PM
   Tillman by 5/26/03 @7:18PM
   Tillman Johnson by 5/26/03 @8:59PM
   scared by 5/26/03 @10:07PM
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   BEST GOALIE IN D1 by 5/26/03 @10:28PM
      Best goalies by 5/27/03 @9:21AM
         one no one has probably heard of by 5/27/03 @2:59PM
            Tillman is nasty by 5/27/03 @11:18PM
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      Lets not forget Van Arsdale then....... by 5/29/03 @10:55AM
         Your Exactly Right.... by 5/29/03 @4:53PM
      Yeah! by 5/29/03 @7:57PM
    by (#2700) on 5/26/03 @2:20PM
UVA took the crown from JHU in Baltimore. Imagine that. The Jays have got to be wondering how such a glorious season could possibly end this way. All that talent and the long championship drought grows even longer.
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Yea 'hoos!!
    by (#21004) on 5/26/03 @2:32PM
it was inevitable.. its alright hop played a great game.. Tillman is SICK.. you mind as well just put the ball in his stick.. amazing game i knew they would take it all from the beginning of the season.. who was player of the game? ESPN kinda cut their coverage short to go to the yankees game.. who gives a $hit about the yankees.. im sure it had to be Tillman but i just wanna make sure.. congrats to UVA on a well deserved championship!! lets do it again next year!!
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   tj without a doubt by 5/27/03 @10:40AM
Hell yes!!!!
    by (#43891) on 5/26/03 @2:35PM
just as i thought, UVa pulled it out, they deserve it, tillman johnson sickest goalie alive had the best game today, rotelli had a great one same with shannon(4 goals). blue jays played a tough one but all and all the cavs were too much to handle. Great season wahoos!!!!!!. until next year. peace.
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   shannon by 5/27/03 @12:17PM
Could have been better
    by (#21065) on 5/26/03 @2:53PM
Nice game between the two best teams in the nation, but it could have been better. They may as well have played on a public softball field in Newark. The quality of the field was horrendous, and it sucked the athleticism out of the game. I would much rather have seen this game on a field that was better suited to withstand rain as opposed to a field capable of hosting more fans. Additionally, NCAA rules forbid players to wear spikes that are longer than 1/2 inch, making it virtually impossible to walk on a muddy file let alone run and cut. Could have been better.
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   Field Conditions by 5/26/03 @7:08PM
      New field next year by 5/26/03 @9:40PM
         New Turf = Good by 5/26/03 @10:35PM
            who do you play for? by 5/27/03 @12:18AM
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            Artificial turf by 5/27/03 @9:38AM
         alright by 5/26/03 @11:31PM
         Good Stuff by 5/27/03 @12:16AM
         Art. Turf by 5/27/03 @12:52AM
      Field conditioning? by 5/26/03 @11:31PM
         D3 Finals on another field? by 5/27/03 @9:43AM
         Field conditions by 5/27/03 @9:45AM
            Small Colleges? by 5/27/03 @11:58AM
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         wsp420 by 5/29/03 @3:51PM
            I'm not going to disagree.... by 5/29/03 @4:58PM
               (no subject) by 5/30/03 @9:03AM
Way to go Wahoos.
    by (#5588) on 5/26/03 @3:10PM
First off i would like to congratulate Lax.com on the fine commercial during the game. Thats like superbowl equivalency and should surely boost sales. Back to the game, tillman johnson was nothing short of stellar in the game almost flawless. Although christmas had a less than par performance in the first half shanahan trey whitty and joe yevoli had a huge game. Virginias defense is very underrated and was dominant against the potent blue jays especially on the EMU holding them to 1-5(i believe). After the upset of syracuse by the blue jays im very happy for the most part that the Wahoos won this. Congrats to Dom starsia and all of the virginia team.
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   commercial by 5/26/03 @3:33PM
   well by 5/26/03 @3:55PM
      Ok... by 5/26/03 @5:09PM
         ok by 5/26/03 @5:32PM
            (no subject) by 5/26/03 @8:07PM
   your terminology is off by 5/26/03 @9:20PM
   Upset??? by 5/27/03 @7:12PM
   upset my a$$ by 5/27/03 @7:13PM
   definitely an upset... by 5/28/03 @11:16AM
      FLID by 5/28/03 @3:03PM
      I agree with Dag24 by 5/29/03 @1:42AM
    by (#46158) on 5/26/03 @3:31PM
Nice game, UVA! I only saw the last 3:38 b/c i had school, but i saw the game against Maryland. TJ kicks major anal! the game against Maryland was incredible (18 saves i think).Yahoo! Go cavs! Hoos ur daddy!
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   Maryland game by 5/27/03 @9:51AM
next year boys
    by (#47133) on 5/26/03 @4:20PM
ill give uva credit they played a good smart game a.j shannon and tillman johnson were on today, hopkins didnt play there game theywere just lucky they didnt get beat by ten all there shots were in tillman johnsons stick except for that series of barrie boland and barrie three in a row. Hopkins was lucky there D was so hyped up. i still think JHU is #1 baby loyal to the end but hopkins is only graduating a couple guys they will be back in the finals next year. peace put to Donegar,benson, scherr, M.peyser,sutton and gould.
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   Go away by 5/27/03 @8:48AM
      you are retarded by 5/27/03 @5:25PM
         bite me by 5/27/03 @7:08PM
            stop your whining by 5/27/03 @10:42PM
               fresca by 5/29/03 @4:00PM
                  come on man by 5/30/03 @12:41PM
                     cole by 5/30/03 @6:50PM
         UVA's D by 5/27/03 @9:20PM
Yea Cavs
    by (#47758) on 5/26/03 @6:03PM
This is awesome, great job Uva. Awesome game from Tillman Johnson, Brett Hughes, and Aj Shannon. The better team won here. Oh yea, and thre refs blew. They made really god-awful calls.
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   refs by 5/27/03 @8:42AM
    by (#6322) on 5/26/03 @7:10PM
will ESPN be re-airing this game on TV??? i tried taping it while i was at work, but ran out of space on the tape b/c of the D1 wrestling finals i had on the tape... letta fatkid know... late
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   probably not by 5/29/03 @9:46PM
Cav D
    by (#18333) on 5/26/03 @7:22PM
Cavs D was amazing, The obvious is tillman but there were so many shots that were blocked before they even got to him. There was one play where the guy dove in front of the shot. Definitly deserve a lot of credit for the win.
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   Great Tournament by 5/27/03 @1:12AM
      Nope! by 5/27/03 @10:27AM
      no way guy by 5/30/03 @6:55PM
      "tell me what you think" by 6/05/03 @1:08PM
Air Cav
    by (#46862) on 5/27/03 @8:40AM
I really s@#$ the dog house in the prediction dept. this weekend. Won't be the last time...

Virginia was all-world out there in both games. Hats off to Uva and the play of their goalie.

The guy completely deflated Maryland in the first half on Saturday and took them out of the game for the remainder.

Only saw the last minute of the title game, but I heard he totally stuffed the Jays too.

Until next year...
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T. Johnson
    by (#27) on 5/27/03 @10:06AM
You can't say enough about Tilman...it's a calling...a gift.
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   tillmans package by 5/28/03 @11:23AM
      no pride with your lax by 5/28/03 @1:54PM
         dumb ass by 5/30/03 @8:06AM
            relax there tough guy... by 5/30/03 @11:25AM
               get outta here by 6/02/03 @12:46PM
      just cause you got a small... by 5/28/03 @11:41PM
      missing the point... by 5/29/03 @8:38AM
   in general by 5/30/03 @7:07PM
   Heyy He's Holistic by 6/04/03 @11:58AM
      Yo Man! by 6/05/03 @12:56PM
    by (#39090) on 5/27/03 @12:03PM
uva and hopkins game was great i loved every minute of it. But the cuse and hop. game that was one of the most pitifull games ive ever seen. Cuse had the first half. then there D broke down, and hopkins killed them. this year was not there best, i fell sorry for bliss and springer this was their last year and no victory. Congrats to a well played game Uva diserved it and hopkins can lick my nuts. cuse will provale next year, 22(mike P.) will kill all on attack.
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   hey retard! by 5/28/03 @11:19AM
      who is this..?? by 5/28/03 @1:56PM
      useful reminder by 6/05/03 @12:59PM
    by (#47119) on 5/27/03 @6:12PM
What seniors are graduating on Hopkins and Virginia??... if there is a senior defenseman on UVA graduating then I bet Mike Culver the freshman from New Jersey will take his spot, he's sick.
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   UVA Seniors by 5/27/03 @9:18PM
(no subject)
    by (#14132) on 5/27/03 @7:25PM
TJ sjowed why he is the best goalie in lax during the final four
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   (no subject) by 5/27/03 @7:25PM
   hes not alone by 5/28/03 @11:37AM
      cry some more bit$h by 5/28/03 @5:04PM
         Luke.....I am your father...... by 5/28/03 @9:13PM
            You ain't my father by 5/29/03 @6:55PM
               oh... by 5/29/03 @7:53PM
      TJ was good by 5/29/03 @9:50PM
Lax on P.T.I.
    by (#14132) on 5/27/03 @7:33PM
Did anyone see the lax q on P.T.I.? If you didnt some guy asked Tony K
and Mike W did they think lax goalies where the toughest athletes. They talked about it for about a minute but even though it wasn't that long it shows lax is getting more and more popular everyday. Great job P.T.I
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   PTI by 5/28/03 @9:01PM
UVA Hopkins
    by (#34870) on 5/27/03 @9:07PM
WOW what a great weekend of lacrosse this was. One of the best final fours I've ever seen. Johns Hopkins played great on Saturday against Syracuse, they went on a huge run and made Mike Powell, Liam Banks and Mike Springer watch the game from the attack. I'm a huge Johns Hopkins fan and I really felt from the begining of the season they would go all the way and win a National Championship, the program has been dry for too many years now. They went into the Championship game confident and ready to win. But then they hit a wall and the name of that wall was Tillman Johnson. Like I said before,I love Johns Hopkins lacrosse but I will admit it,they were lookin bad and did not deserve to win that game. The play of Tillman Johnson was just too good and Chris Rotelli and A.J. Shannon were taking it to Hopkins aswell. Hopkins could'nt get a run going, they had bad shot selection, the defense was'nt having it's best game, could'nt win face-offs and the offense was having a hard time moving the ball and getting it past Johnson. Tillman Johnson will probably win the Tewaaraton Award. But now all of the Johns Hopkins fans and alums have to start wondering, when will Hopkins will a national title? I'm hoping they can win one in the near future,but to be honest with you I don't see it happening for a while.
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   Don't see it happening? by 5/28/03 @10:22AM
      Hopkins by 5/28/03 @9:56PM
         Reply by 5/29/03 @12:14PM
Powell Commercial
    by (#34870) on 5/27/03 @9:09PM
What does everyone think about that Casey Powell Bud Light commercial?
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   not bad, but... by 5/27/03 @10:19PM
      98' by 5/29/03 @8:00PM
    by (#38132) on 5/27/03 @9:14PM
I just saw a comment that Salisbury would beat UVA. I think the person that posted that is on drugs. Let me hear some other thoughts.
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   definitely on drugs by 5/28/03 @11:40AM
      Good One by 5/28/03 @4:31PM
         pay no attention by 5/28/03 @4:39PM
         goodone by 5/30/03 @9:22AM
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   Salisbury? by 5/29/03 @10:22AM
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      You've got to be kidding. by 5/29/03 @3:11PM
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            I think.... by 5/29/03 @5:44PM
               correction by 5/29/03 @5:46PM
   (no subject) by 5/29/03 @3:56PM
   Salisbury vs. Duke by 5/30/03 @1:28AM
      Was that fall ball though by 5/30/03 @2:29AM
      Agree, disagree by 5/30/03 @9:27AM
         Deleware vs. Salisbury by 5/30/03 @10:40AM
            (no subject) by 5/30/03 @1:14PM
               true by 5/31/03 @11:55PM
   Hobart by 5/30/03 @1:55PM
    by (#951) on 5/28/03 @8:49AM
I've read at least 3 or 4 posts now with people talking about "cole thomson" who is going to UVA next year. news flash for you schmucks: HE IS NOT A REAL PERSON - its just an ad campaign that Brine made up and ran in some magazines and websites. one retard even posted to read the article on e-lacrosse. a high school kid who shoots 102 with both hands? come on, have some common sense. it is just a clever advertisement, not to be taken seriously
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   yeah but... by 5/28/03 @9:24AM
      tlaxx got told tha bisnasssss by 5/28/03 @11:44AM
         yeah, sure by 5/28/03 @12:30PM
         Your ..... by 5/28/03 @3:27PM
      Drew Thompson by 5/28/03 @9:59PM
   HE IS RIGHT, I'VE MET THE GUY IN THE AD!!!!!! by 5/28/03 @9:02PM
   LaxPower by 5/28/03 @9:27PM
      UVA ALL THE WAY (nt) by 5/28/03 @9:47PM
      He's right by 5/30/03 @6:50PM
         wrong by 5/30/03 @6:55PM
   (no subject) by 5/29/03 @4:07PM
   Cole isn't real by 6/03/03 @2:54PM
Kyle Dowd jinxed it for the Hop
    by (#49356) on 5/28/03 @9:41PM
I heard that Dowd has been !@$&^%) some chick from Loyola. That's bad luck right there.
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   than he's getting by 5/29/03 @1:49AM
   Bad luck? by 5/29/03 @12:15PM
      I totally agree... (nt) by 5/29/03 @5:04PM
Commercial by lax.com HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by (#46158) on 5/30/03 @6:52PM
wil someone tell me what happened because i didnt see it, i just heard about it.
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wahoos again next year
    by (#21554) on 5/31/03 @4:50PM
hey all u smokers out there
ges wat
tillman is back next year and hes gonna be unstoppable
u can beat me if a diff team wins next year
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wahoos again next year
    by (#21554) on 5/31/03 @4:50PM
hey all u smokers out there
ges wat
tillman is back next year and hes gonna be unstoppable
u can beat me if a diff team wins next year
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