Virginia Hits Stride Against Syracuse, 11-8

Virginia Hits Stride Against Syracuse, 11-8

Virginia Hits Stride Against Syracuse, 11-8

Virginia Hits Stride Against Syracuse, 11-8

Baltimore, MD - The Virginia Cavaliers overcame a 6-5 first period deficit to overcome the Syracuse Orange, 11-8. Senior goalie Kip Turner came up with quite a few point blank saves to lead the Cavaliers. Attackman Ben Rubeor pushed the offense with his three goals and two assists, while midfielder Adam Fassnacht won 75% of his face-offs (12 of 16) for the Wahoos. Kenny Nims paced the Orange offense with a goal and two assists.

The game opened as a wild shoot-out with both teams tallying goals quickly. Of the 19 goals scored by both teams throughout the day, 11 came in the first quarter.

“There was a lot of nervous energy on the field in the first quarter and I thought we were headed for another 22-21 again for a minute, and I wasn’t happy about it frankly,” said Virginia coach Dom Starsia. “But I thought we settled down in the second quarter defensively.”

“I thought we had a good scheme defensively [before the game] which we didn’t implement at all in the first quarter. We had guys sliding all over the field,” Starsia went on to say. “And I thought we settled down quite a bit midway through the second quarter and Kip [Turner] also started to step up and made a couple stops for us and got us going and gave us a little confidence. Certainly I think Kip’s play and the play of the defense overall in the second half was probably the key.”

“I was a little nervous in the beginning and after the first quarter,” said Turner, Virginia’s goalie. “Obviously I was a little shaken, but at half time you have to gather yourself, as a goalie especially, and move on from it and realize that goals are going to be scored; that just happens.”

Turner amazed the crowd of 20,180 with save after save. With a little more than three minutes left in the third quarter, Turner was left all alone and a Syracuse attackman had a clear shot at the goal.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t really know [how exactly the play unfolded],” said Turner. “I know I came out a little further to cut off his angle, but it was a little bit of a guessing game for me, and I just got a little lucky. Then I saw the ball and I ran after it.”

“Someone asked me about the save that Kip made on the break-away that kind of jumped out at everybody, but there were a bunch of others in and around that one that I thought gave the defense just a little more confidence,” said Starsia. “And I liked our match-ups, even though Syracuse is tremendously talented on offense.”

“I thought the most important part of today’s game is how we closed out the game,” said Ben Rubeor of Virginia. “We established a lead and we proved to ourselves that we can hold on to that lead. We did not make the smartest plays out there but we continued to play hard and get the ball off the ground and I think we can grow from there.”

Coach Starsia reiterated these points. “I thought we made a lot of mistakes throughout the course of the entire game, even at the very end. But we played hard the whole time and that’s a good place to start with a young team.”

“With this team we have to play good defense in order to be successful,” said Starsia. “We are very young at the other end of the field especially and Kip and the defense has to keep this team grounded while a young offense kind of gets their feet on the ground. And that’s why I didn’t want to get in a shoot-out with them in the first quarter, that’s what scared me about it. Like we had at Stony Brook last week, the defense kind of settled in and the defense started playing better.”

When asked about his overall thoughts of the game, Syracuse coach John Desko said, “Early in the game we won a couple of the face-offs but didn’t pick the ball up off the wing and gave them opportunities. I thought they scored a little too easy early on in the game. And we finally took a time-out, settled down, adjusted some of our match-ups and I thought we played a little better at that point. We were generating some good shots offensively. As the game went on I think both defenses adjusted, got a little tighter. But I was pretty disappointed in our man-up and with our shooting in general today.”

“When you play Syracuse you are always going to attack them as much as you can and see what happens,” said Starsia. “They’re not a team where you can anticipate all their patterns on defense sometimes so you have to bring it from your own. The two teams look alike a lot in a lot of ways, offensively, but clearly whenever we play them we want to attack them and try to create offense.”

Virginia plays again on Monday in a home game against VMI, while Syracuse will travel south again to take on Georgetown.

Story by Matt McCarron, Photos by Joe Caulfield

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    by (#125413) on 3/03/07 @6:38PM
Virginia and Duke are without a doubt the best 2 teams. That will be a very good game.
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I Agree, And They May Meet 2 MoreTimes Afterwards!
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @6:57PM
Totally! They not only will meet in the regular season and likely in the ACC title game, but very possibly on Memorial Day for all the marbles. Who agrees?

P.S.-I bet that Duke will be the sentimental favorite this season for a lot of people!
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I Agree, And They May Meet 2 MoreTimes Afterwards!
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @6:59PM
Totally! They not only will meet in the regular season and likely in the ACC title game, but very possibly on Memorial Day for all the marbles. Who agrees?

P.S.-I bet that Duke will be the sentimental favorite this season for a lot of people!
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The Timeout Virginia Took With A Few Seconds Left
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @7:07PM
Does anyone know what that was all about? I didn't understand it. If I were the coach who was about to win a game, I would feel like I was rubbing it in to do something like that!
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    by (#125413) on 3/03/07 @10:06PM
I think he took the timeout because he was pissed at Billings for taking that shot. It would have been more sportsmanlike to pull it back out and run down the clock.
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    by (#38957) on 3/05/07 @1:21PM
Not necesarily. I mean it's not like they crushed them, and I don't think that they wanted or needed to run up the score with hardly any time left. They just didn't want to give Cuse a chance to score.
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Virginia Associate Head Coach Marc Van Arsdale
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @7:20PM
Watching the Virginia sidelines, it seems like he does almost as must coaching as Dom does. He seems so enthusiastic, and, although he is the offensive coach, he still instructs when Virginia is on defense. He was the head coach at Penn a few years ago. Here is a question. Do you think he will take a bigtime job somewhere else, like the North Carolina job assuming it opens, or will he stay at UVA and take over after Dom retires? One must remember that he is at least 10 years younger than Dom!
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(no subject)
    by (#138386) on 3/03/07 @11:25PM
im am 99% sure he will stay at UVA at least the next 8 years...i have resons to back it up also
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That Would Be Great If He Does!
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @11:51PM
Marc Van Arsdale seems very happy at UVA and he and Dom work very well together. I hope he does stay!
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Oops, Sorry My Posts Are Repeated!
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @7:22PM
After I posted them, they didn't show up, and I started pressing buttons. I guess impatience gets the best of people sometimes! I am sorry!
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Will this event be in Baltimore every year?
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @7:34PM
I'm sure that this great event will be annual. However, I would not be surprised if, just like for the Final Four, they will move it around to various cities to promote the sport.
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Everybody is probably out partying right now!
    by (#136419) on 3/03/07 @7:52PM
For the people who went to the game who are still in Baltimore, I bet a lot of them are at Mad River in Federal Hill. From what I hear, it sounds like a very yuppy, young bar at times-that is perfect for a lacrosse crowd. Am I right?
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    by (#138386) on 3/03/07 @11:27PM
he is the worst goalie ever to play for cuse...he cant stop anything
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Matt Palumb Is The Best Ever At Syracuse!
    by (#136419) on 3/04/07 @12:20AM
Absolutely! They won 3 national titles with him in the nets. Yes, they had the Gait Brothers. However, he made a lot of great saves, most notably the point blank shot on the buzzer against Hopkins in the title game in 1989. He used to always wear Syracuse football pants.

However, the best a Syracuse goalie played in the postseason was Chris Surran in the Semifinals and Finals of 1993. They avenged a loss to Princeton in overtime the year before in the title game by handling the Tigers in the Semifinals. Surran was awesome. In the title game, which Syracuse won on a goal with a few seconds left, Surran made over 20 saves. He got the MVP award for the Final Four.
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Ben Rubeor-National Player Of The Year?
    by (#136419) on 3/04/07 @2:50AM
If he keeps playing like this, he will be one of the leading candidates.
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    by (#143077) on 3/04/07 @3:58AM
those have got to be the ugliest helmets i have ever seen. It's hard to take virginia seriously while wearing those bubbles on their heads.
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UVA's ensemble
    by (#78222) on 3/04/07 @7:18AM
Nice uni....dreadful looking lid. Blue crease was hard to see on TV...GO GULLS!!!!!
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Gait Helmets
    by (#136388) on 3/04/07 @7:20AM
I was thinking the same thing - those are freakin' GOOFY. It's hard to imagine that teams would CHOOSE to wear them - even if Gait does supply them free...
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UAlbany is worse...
    by (#16732) on 3/04/07 @12:40PM
they've got the same helmets, but in purple...
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Kickoff Weekend
    by (#103345) on 3/04/07 @4:29PM
I realized that in addition to the two awesome jhu-princeton and SU-Uva games, there was also duke-maryland and navy-north carolina this weekend. It would be cool if next year they could put together some kind of whole weekend, maybe a double-header on sunday two. What does everyone think?
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    by (#153670) on 3/04/07 @9:03PM
On a much needed win. Hmmm... I can't help but remembering a couple other people from other teams calling them bad because they lost to Drexel in week 1 and how it would be a repeat of 2004. I think this proves that they're still one of the top teams in the nation. Well, I gotta say this year is looking to be one of the best years of lacrosse in awhile. Team actually battling for the right to be #1 in the end. None of the Virginia being the best by far and no competition like last year.

Anyways, I gotta comment on it. Virginia's outfit. Horrible... I am disappointed. To think that back in 2002 they were sponsored by Brine. I think they need the sponsorship back. Anyways, I like their outfits/helmets from last year. They were sick nasty cool. This year it's like they're wearing these rounded buckets...
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coluccini and the offense?
    by (#131429) on 3/04/07 @11:35PM
i didnt see the game but whats up with 5 saves? like i said i didnt see the game but the offense needs to pick it up here, 6 goals against army then 8 this weekend isnt gonna do it right now cause gtown and hopkins are probably gonna be able to hit double digits against them the way its looking
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viriginias helmets
    by (#134462) on 3/06/07 @8:01AM
those are the ugliest things I've ever seen. I think I'd transfer just so I wouldn't have to wear one.
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