Virginia Holds #1 Rank, Cavs 10 Tigers 7

Virginia Holds #1 Rank, Cavs 10 Tigers 7

Virginia Holds #1 Rank, Cavs 10 Tigers 7

Virginia Holds #1 Rank, Cavs 10 Tigers 7

#5 Princeton suffered their second loss of the season as #1 Virginia downed the Tigers at home, 10-7. The game started out slow, with only one UVA tally in the first quarter (John Christmas), but for the remainder of the game both teams were scrapping for goals as flags and bodies were flying. Coach Starsia continually got the short end of the stick from the zebras, but the Cavs grit their teeth and kept sticking the back of the net.

PRINCETON, N.J. - Chris Rotelli scored four goals to lead top-ranked Virginia to a 10-7 win over Princeton in front of 4,330 fans at the Class of 1952 Stadium Saturday afternoon.

Princeton slipped to 0-2, opening its season with losses to co-No. 1's Johns Hopkins and Virginia for the second straight year. Princeton rebounded from that start a year ago to advance to the NCAA championship game for the third straight season.

UVa improved to 3-0.

"We've lost to two pretty good teams," said Princeton middie Owen Daly. "We played pretty hard today. We didn't always play smart. We have to work through that."

A.J. Shannon's goal with 1:25 remaining in the third quarter snapped a 6-6 tie, and the Cavaliers then outscored Princeton 3-1 in the fourth quarter. Rotelli's final goal, with 2:26 left, sealed it.

Princeton did not score for the first 20:59 of the game when Jason Doneger scored on a feed from Daly, but Virginia scored only twice prior to that, once by John Christmas at the 1:48 mark of the first quarter and again by Rotelli at the 2:00 mark of the second quarter.

The Tigers had a huge opportunity when Jack deVilliers, Virginia's face-off man, was called for a three-minute, non-releasable illegal stick penalty after a Matt Ward goal made it 3-2 with six minutes to go in the half. Daly scored on an assist from Josh White to tie it one minute into the penalty, but Virginia regained the lead when Rotelli beat a double-team to score a man-down goal another minute after that. Princeton did not score again on the advantage.

Still, Princeton did take momentum into the locker room when Will MacColl scored with one second to go in the half to make it 5-4 at intermission. Brad Dumont and Sean Hartofilis scored the first two goals of the third quarter to give Princeton the lead at 6-5, but the Cavs answered on Christmas' second goal six minutes later. UVa killed off two Princeton man-advantage situations while down a goal.

Princeton's last chance came when Daly scored five minutes into the fourth quarter to make it 8-7. The Tigers had another extra-man opportunity on an illegal substitution penalty but could not get the equalizer, and it became 9-7 when Joe Yevoli set up Bill Glading with 8:10 to go.

Up two goals, UVa was called for a slashing penalty on Brett Hughes, giving Princeton a one-minute advantage with 4:29 to go. Trey Whitty forced a turnover in the first 10 seconds of the advantage, and the Tigers did not regain possession until the teams were at even strength.

Rotelli then scored his fourth on another strong inside move with 2:26 left.

Princeton was 1 for 8 on extra-man opportunities, and the one goal came during the three-minute advantage when Virginia scored once as well.

"Rotelli's a great player," said Princeton coach Bill Tierney. "He was fabulous. We played very hard. I'm not worried about repeating last year's tart. We were in a much different situation last year. And this year, even if we do get off to the same start, I'm sure we'll be fine."

Princeton is at Hofstra next weekend and at Syracuse the following week in a matchup of teams that have played in eac of the last three NCAA championship games. The Tigers started off 1-3 and 2-4 a year ago before winning eight straight.

Virginia, who hosts Notre Dame Tuesday, outshot Princeton 43-27 and won 11 of 19 face-offs. Julian Gould made 11 saves for Princeton, while Tillman Johnson had nine for UVa.

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    by (#9264) on 3/09/03 @3:46PM
As I have already said before, Princeton sucks, and no they will not comeback and have a rebound like last season, they will finish 6-7..or something around that... and they wont win the Ivy, Brown will...Cornell sucks 2 teams in Ivy this year are gonna be Bruno, then Yale.. Rotelli is the player of the year, check his home school, representing Moses Brown...GO BRUNO

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    by (#46411) on 3/09/03 @5:15PM
hey temploser,
can't even believe i went through the trouble of setting up this bs account but your disdain for the tigers is starting to bother me, 8 out of the last 11 national championship appearances, winners of 6 of those! u ever win anything buddy, except for frat drunk of the year u dork, and get off rotelli, the kids a great player, i think the last thing he wants is some tool bag that is back home working in the resident mini mart promoting him on this message board. his play speaks for itself. alright temptest, if ur lucky maybe your boy rotelli will leave u a ticket to the quarter final game at hofstra but that's it for the choking cavs, decent midfield, overated at attack, solid goalie, i think ur mom is calling u, ur late for work, start getting your frat buddies together for the memorial day weekend tailgate, tigers-bluejays
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    by (#38132) on 3/10/03 @10:58AM
Agree with you that Princeton definitely does NOT suck. A team that wins that many championships has to be doing something right. But, you have a problem with fraternity guys?
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UMBC frat
    by (#33555) on 3/12/03 @4:22PM
UMBClax, please tell me you are not in one of the horrible UMBC frats like ZBT, Sigma Alpha Hair Salon, or Ram-da Guy. I have nothing against frats, only against UMBC frats, because they are lame. You aren't on the umbc NCAA team and in a frat, are you?
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Are you kidding?
    by (#9264) on 3/10/03 @7:54PM
...Did you really create that account just to heckle on me? Wow, you have no life...Your some college drop out beating off in his parents basement trying to trash high school kids on a lacrosse site...go get a job asshole, you'll be working for me someday anyway.. Whats wrong with me supporting rotelli? He did go to my school and I do know fuck off...i think your mom's calling you, its time for her nightly ride...piss off deuschbag.
UVA-Hopkins ...princeton wont get to the quaters, respect my opinion, i dont care if you dont agree..

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Cavliers run all over Irish 14-8
    by (#28132) on 3/12/03 @8:21AM
So much for thinking this game would be a repeat of last year's defensive contest. ND has some problems in the first hallf on ground balls and clears; hampered the offense. Virginny was up 5-3 at the half when it should have been closer to 10-3; then they went on two four goal tears beginning in the 3rd and the 4th quarters. ND wicked away at the lead closing to 9-6 at the end of the third, but the Irish could not get their O in sync. Virginia indeed looks strong. Johnny Christmas tree rings up 4G-2A,while both Chris Rotelli and Matt ward collected 3G-1A each.
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    by (#7572) on 3/08/03 @9:44PM
Christmas spent most of the game on the crease obviously b/c they didn't want him running against Damien. It was more like Rotelli burnt Princeton all day long. Christmas's 3 points were nice, but the player of the day easily has to go to Chris R. His 4 goals and 1 assist proves him to be one of the best middies in the nation.
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UVA is the team to beat!
    by (#45522) on 3/08/03 @10:03PM
UVA has the whole deal.Tillman in goal, Hughes at defense, Rotelli at midfield an Christmas at attack. Move over Syraquse, there is a new powerhouse in town.
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so much dept
    by (#24077) on 3/08/03 @10:10PM
with yevoli not playing that good you can see that there are so many poeple to come in and just take his spot this team is great cant wait to see them hold up the trophey
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    by (#43108) on 3/09/03 @4:36PM
ok, maybe syraQuse can move over, but syraCuse is going no where. I'll grant you the fact that virginia did win in the dome, which is not easy to do, and that they are very good. Tillman, christmas, rotelli, those guys are all outstanding at what they do. But when you're last name is powell, and you wear the 22, you're team will always be the best. syracuse will not lose to virgina again this year. The oragemen are going all the way!!!
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(no subject)
    by (#45374) on 3/10/03 @9:35PM
This year Virginia has sooooooo much talent with Christmas, Rotelli, Shanon, and Tillman and who does cuse have springer and powell this year UVA is gonna kick Cuse's ass UVA all the way.
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Great Pictures, Mike!
    by (#28132) on 3/09/03 @8:20AM
You are getting a good eye for action and Its great to see the quality of pcis and stories on get better and better. Keep up the good work! Notre Dame beat UNC and controlled the entire game. but one of their starting Dmen, Brendan Creaney went down with maybe a serious knee injury enough to keep him sidelined on Wednesday when they play UVA in Charlottesville. Do you think Starsia will pick on Corrigna's freshman replacement? This upcoming game may be another defnesive struggle like last year in virginia.
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UVA - Thats Whats Up!!!!
    by (#14123) on 3/09/03 @1:29PM
uva has arguably the most balanced team in the country, and the talent is endless on that team. And obviously they hav such a young attack, so uva isn't leaving the top in the nest few years. I say VIRGINA TAKES THE TITLE THIS YEAR!!!!!.
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(no subject)
    by (#42460) on 3/09/03 @10:23PM
yeah Virginia is loaded this year; especially with Brett Hughes-who could possibly be one of th best in the nation. The attack is sweet with Christmas, Yevoli and rooike-stud Matt Ward.
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