Virginia Outshoots Duke, 16-12

Virginia Outshoots Duke, 16-12

Virginia Outshoots Duke, 16-12

Virginia Outshoots Duke, 16-12

The Virginia Cavaliers spotted the Duke Blue Devils a four goal lead early before waking up. Then the shootout began. Duke would lead 7-6 before Virginia took over for good.

For the Cavaliers, player of the game honors is a toss up between Senior faceoff middie Brian McDermott and junior goalie Adam Ghitelman. McDermott was nearly unstoppable at the faceoff circle, scrapping and winning 17 of the 19 faceoffs he took. He also added his first goal of the season. Ghitelman meanwhile notched 12 saves to help stave off the Duke attack, in particular five during the second quarter to allow Virginia to get back into the game. With just over four minutes left, Duke opted for the empty net 10-man ride. Ghitelman saw the opening and fired a shot from 3/4 of the field away to notch the first goal of his career.

----From Press Releases----

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Seven starters, including goalie Adam Ghitelman, tallied at least one goal to help the No. 2 Virginia Cavaliers (12-1, 2-1 ACC) topple the No. 4 Duke Blue Devils (11-4, 1-2 ACC), 16-12, in the semifinal round of the ACC Tournament Friday night on Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium. UVa, the No. 1 seed in the tournament, snapped an eight-game losing streak to the Blue Devils, the No. 4 seed.

Virginia won a season-high 22 faceoffs out of 32 attempts, as Brian McDermott (Cortland, N.Y.) had a career-high 17 wins out of 19 attempts. Duke won the battle of shots (36-30) and ground balls (38-33) and had fewer turnovers (12-15).

"These games against ACC opponents are always our toughest games," said Virginia head coach Dom Starsia. "To have to come back out against one of the best teams in the country after playing them six days ago at home, I am real proud of our players, especially because we fell behind early and looked listless. The difference overall between the last game and this game was the play in the middle of the field. The ground ball play in the middle of the field was really good."

Duke stormed out to a 4-0 lead when Ned Crotty assisted Steve Schoeffel at 12:45 and Mike Catalino at 10:09. Will McKee took a Justin Turri pass at 7:37, followed by an unassisted score at 5:28 by Jonathan Livadas capped the 4-0 run.

The Cavaliers stormed back to take a 5-4 lead. Matt White (Ridgefield, Conn.) put UVa on the scoreboard at 4:45 via a Brian Carroll (Towson, Md.) pass. McDermott scored his second career goal after winning the ensuing faceoff. Chris LaPierre (Medford, N.J.) fired the ball back to McDermott for the assist at 4:37. Rhamel Bratton (Huntington Station, N.Y.) scored unassisted at 2:28, while White scored again at 1:03 on a pass from John Haldy (Bryn Mawr, Pa.) to cap the first quarter scoring. Shamel Bratton (Huntington Station, N.Y.) scored from 20 yards out to finish off UVa's 5-0 run with 13:42 left in the second quarter.

Duke scored the next two goals to take a 6-5 lead. Crotty assisted Max Quinzani at 10:46 and Robert Rotanz tallied a score unassisted at 6:17.

Virginia then finished out the opening half on a 4-1 run to take a 9-7 lead into the intermission. Steele Stanwick (Baltimore, Md.) ran around the cage and deposited an unassisted goal at 4:59. Chris Bocklet (South Salem, N.Y.) streaked in front of the cage at 4:01 and scored via a pass by Shamel Bratton.

Duke scored its last goal of the first half at 3:16, tying the score at 7-7, when Crotty tallied his fourth assist of the game on a pass to Zach Howell.

Carroll scored his 85th career goal, tying him with Chris Rotelli for third all-time among UVa midfielders, via a White pass at 2:28 on the extra-man chance. Bocklet finished the first half by scoring his goal with 46 seconds left on a Shamel Bratton assist.

Rhamel Bratton started off the third quarter scoring with an unassisted score at 13:47, giving UVa the lead by three goals, 10-7.

Quinzani scored his second goal of the game at 11:57 on a Howell pass, cutting the Blue Devils' deficit to 10-8.

The Cavaliers then reeled off four-straight goals, taking a 14-8 lead. Haldy scored unassisted at 4:22, followed by a Shamel Bratton unassisted goal at 3:48, capping the third quarter scoring.

Stanwick scored on a Rhamel Bratton pass to open up the fourth quarter scoring at 12:47. Bocklet capped the run after picking up a ground ball off a save of a George Huguely (Chevy Chase, Md.) shot. Bocklet, in one fluid motion, grabbed the ricochet in front of the cage and deposited the ball into the goal unassisted over his left shoulder at 11:29. The shot capped the UVa sprint.

Howell scored unassisted at 6:38 to cut the Duke deficit to 14-9. UVa scored two more times to solidify the win. Shamel Bratton scored his final goal, unassisted, with 4:21 left in the game. Then goalie Adam Ghitelman (Manhasset, N.Y.) scored his first career goal when he heaved a shot 55 yards at the open net. It was Ghitelman's third career point, having assisted two prior shots in his career. The goal gave UVa the 16-9 lead.

Duke scored the final three goals of the game, but it wasn't enough to overcome. Rounding out the final Blue Devil run was a Schoeffel score on a Quinzani assist at 1:58, followed by a Sam Payton unassisted score at 1:49. Howell finished all scoring with an unassisted score with 43 seconds left bring the tally to the final score, 16-12.

Ghitelman saved 12 shots after facing 36 attempts in the cage for UVa. McDermott picked up a team-best five ground balls. Dan Wigrizer saved five shots and allowed 14 goals for Duke. Mike Rock saved three shots and allowed two goals.

Virginia returns in the ACC Championship game on Sunday versus No. 5 Maryland, the No. 3 seed and host. Faceoff is scheduled for 3:30 p.m.

The game will also be broadcast in the Charlottesville area on WINA 1070 AM with John Freeman calling the action and Doug Tarring doing the color broadcast. The game will be televised by regional sports networks.

Duke 4-3-1-4-12

Virginia 4-5-3-4-16


Scoring (G-A) - V: Shamel Bratton 3-2, Chris Bocklet 3-0, Rhamel Bratton 2-1, Matt White 2-1, Steele Stanwick 2-0, John Haldy 1-1, Brian Carroll 1-1, Brian McDermott 1-0, Adam Ghitelman 1-0, Chris LaPierre 0-1 D: Zach Howell 3-1, Max Quinzani 2-1, Steve Schoeffel 2-1, Will McKee 1-0, Robert Rotanz 1-0, Sam Payton 1-0, Mike Catalino 1-0, Jonathan Livadas 1-0, Ned Crotty 0-4, Justin Turri 0-1

Goalie Summary - V: Adam Ghitelman 60 mins., 12 saves, 12 goals allowed D: Dan Wigrizer 44:43 mins., 5 saves, 14 goals allowed, Mike Rock 15:17 mins, 3 saves, 2 goals allowed

Shots: V-30, D-36

Ground Balls: V-33, D-38

Clearing: V-18x19, D-13x16

Faceoffs: V-22, D-10

Penalties: V-3-1:30, D-2-1:00

EMO: V-2x2, D-1x3

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A win...against Duke?!
    by (#139861) on 4/24/10 @6:07AM
That's right UVa haters. The Cavs really stuck it to the Blue Devils tonight. Even worse than Duke stuck it to them last week (seven goal game with about five minutes remaining). Looks like Dom Starsia knows how to prepare for a game after all.

And for you Clausen haters, he held Crotty to no goals in this game. Sure, he dished out four helpers, but that's the difference between Clausen's performance this time vs. last time, and thus the difference between a win and a loss.
Pretty good defender I'd say.

Interested to see how the Virginia defense is able to contain a Terps offense that will be hungry after possibly feeling robbed the past few times they've met.

Go Hoos!
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(no subject)
    by (#165751) on 4/24/10 @3:00PM
youre an idiot. ned crotty is a creater, helpers are his game. letting him dish out 4 is hardly shutting him down
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 4/24/10 @6:18PM
Never said it was man. Guess you didn't read my whole post and stopped right after "he held Crotty to no goals in this game". Right after that I concede the fact that he was still part of the offense; "he dished out four helpers". However, Clausen didn't let him score like he did last game, and Virginia got the W, which is what the defense truly cares about.
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I don't care for you.
    by (#241154) on 4/24/10 @5:41PM
Ned Crotty is the leading player in the NCAA....for assists. That is what he does, he does not try to score 5 goals a game. Pay attention to the sport you dope.

Clausen is the most overrated defender in the country as well.

Good day sir.
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 4/26/10 @2:06AM
Haha, check my post at the bottom man. Sorry you're bitter your team lost and Crotty couldn't do enough to get the win this time.
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Balsac Congrats
    by (#219440) on 4/24/10 @7:42AM
I'm glad you get so excited over a first round ACC tourney game. No really it's great, I am really happy for you. I mean Maryland stomped UNC just like VIrginia beat Duke. MIracles can really happen.

About Clausen I agree with you. He is almost as good as Joel White was but back in high school. Good for Clausen, I am glad he figured out how to play defense for this game.

Enjoy the win. It means so much for the lacrosse community.
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    by (#147651) on 4/24/10 @10:45AM
why does everyone hate virginia??
they deserve a lot of credit for this win
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I know Right
    by (#219440) on 4/24/10 @11:20AM
I love Virginia.
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(no subject)
    by (#244601) on 5/04/10 @7:42AM
most dont. but the duke fans always comment on this stuff and just have to insult because they're embarresed by their loss and need excuses.
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Image #109
    by (#142666) on 4/24/10 @8:51AM
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Go Hoos
    by (#228272) on 4/24/10 @8:51AM
I am the biggest hoos lax fan in new jersey and i've hated duke all my life cause of that rivalry and the cavs finally pulled it off.

Go Wahooooooooooos
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    by (#218459) on 4/24/10 @10:00AM
Duke is still a better team than Virginia. Virginia is gonna get smacked by MAryland and then get owned in the NCAA tourney. So they finally beat Duke big deal. DUke still has beaten then 8 of the last 9 meetings.
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    by (#169967) on 4/24/10 @11:30AM
how is duke a better team then virginia? last time i checked uva just beat duke... and uva has beaten maryland 7 out of the last 8 games. so next time, before you make a stupid comment, think first
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are you dumb?
    by (#215859) on 4/24/10 @12:18PM
badger laxer, you say UVA is clearly the better team cause they beat Duke.. Are you KIDDING ME? Do you even know the game of lacrosse? According to your logic, Duke and UVA would be completely equal teams cause they each beat eachother once.. you gotta be joking, TEams always have bad games or really good games, thats why you have things like upsets

Oh yayy UVA finally beat duke once out of 9 times, so they're clearly superior yup, good argument you &*@##$# idiot
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Worry in Durham.
    by (#142666) on 4/24/10 @1:06PM
Duke's D has allowed 9 different opponents to hang double-digits on them this year -- most goals allowed since the grisly '04 season. Sleep tight.
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(no subject)
    by (#169967) on 4/25/10 @11:30AM
i never said Uva is a better team then duke... i said duke isnt a better team then Uva. i know that, im not retarded. look at deleware vs. Uva in 2007
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 4/25/10 @9:07PM
Hey man good call. Virginia really got smacked by Maryland today. Hahahaha.
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let me ask you a question
    by (#206404) on 4/26/10 @9:04AM
SO yeah you have beaten us the past eight year but.. how many national championship rings, FOR LAX NOT BBALL, do any duke players or alum have... or even the school since 1971 when the NCAA lax tourney first began.. o wait your 0-2 and appearances don't count, i guess showing up for memorial weekend gains brownie points in Durham. UVA is 4-8 we've hit a dry spell as of late but its safe to say UVA is a better program and as of Sunday a better team!!

Marinate and elaborate!! chyea
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Ken Clausen
    by (#217563) on 4/24/10 @2:35PM
Clausen is so sick, he has to be the best, if not one of the best in the league.
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omg shutup
    by (#224361) on 4/25/10 @11:33AM
OVER RATED chh chh chhchhchh

he let crotty get 4 assists

thats bad considering thats what crotty was trying to do, thats his game

he leaves the goals for howell and quinzani
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    by (#139861) on 4/25/10 @4:39PM
Yeah seriously, that's really bad for Clausen to let up four assists. He pretty much lost this game for Virginia by letting Crotty dish the rock that much. Oh wait, UVa won.

Looks like he left a little too much of the goal scoring to Howell and Quinzani this time.

And I know there are still some people who are going to misinterpret what I'm saying here.

Just to clarify, I think Ned Crotty is one of the best attackman in DI and is no doubt a 1st Team AA (seriously, you don't have to tell me he leads the nation in assists, I watch lax and I know this). He's got great vision and makes his teammates better (again, you don't have to tell me his role in the Blue Devils' offense, I've been watching Duke since Coach Dano switched him from midfield to attack).

My point is that Clausen was able to keep him from scoring himself (unlike the game last week where he had a hat trick and UVa lost), so he did an effective job on Crotty and VA got the W.
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(no subject)
    by (#244601) on 5/04/10 @7:38AM
clearly hes not leaving enough goals. and you lost. thats probably not what he was trying to do.
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