Virginia holds off Maryland, 11-10

Virginia holds off Maryland, 11-10

Virginia holds off Maryland, 11-10

Virginia holds off Maryland, 11-10

The undefeated top-ranked Virginia Cavaliers jumped out to a 6-0 lead over host #4 Maryland. Five straight by the Terps in the 4th quarter cut the lead to 10-9, but the Cavaliers proved to be too much.

Maryland goalie Brian Phipps helped prevent the 6-0 lead get worse with eight saves in the first quarter. The senior finished with 16 on the night. Fellow senior Will Yeatman stepped up with four goals and an assist.

Virginia was led by four goals apiece by sophomore attackmen Chris Bocklet and Steele Stanwick. Electric plays up and down the field by the Bratton brothers and 12-of-19 faceoff wins by Brian McDermott all proved to be part of the difference for the Cavaliers.

---From Press Release------

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Sophomores Chris Bocklet and Steele Stanwick each matched career highs with four goals to lead the No. 1 Virginia Cavaliers (10-0, 1-0 ACC) over the No. 4 Maryland Terrapins (6-2, 1-2) on Saturday night, 11-10, in front of 7,639 fans at Byrd Stadium. The Cavaliers opened up Atlantic Coast Conference action for the second year in a row with a triumph over Maryland.

"I am not sure who the good guy or the bad guy is in this game," said Virginia head coach Dom Starsia. "We go ahead, they come back. We make a play at the end and win the game. It is quite remarkable, but this is how these conference games are like. Every game in the ACC is like this - we are in the murderer's row part of the schedule with Maryland today and now North Carolina and Duke up before the ACC Tournament."

Virginia shot out of the gate on the shoulders of Chris Bocklet (South Salem, N.Y.) who scored three straight goals, spearheading a 6-0 Cavalier run to start the game. Bocklet scored unassisted at 13:53 after running from the X position and depositing the ball in the upper corner of the goal. He scored again on John Haldy's (Bryn Mawr, Pa.) pass at 12:05 and capped his run at 9:12 with a score via a Brian Carroll (Towson, Md.) helper.

Carroll scored his first goal of the game 15-yards out on a Matt White (Ridgefield, Conn.) assist with 5:11 left in the first quarter. White then assisted Steele Stanwick (Baltimore, Md.) at 2:44 and Haldy's unassisted left-handed goal with 2:10 left in the first quarter capped the 6-0 Virginia run.

Maryland was able to dent the scoreboard with six seconds left in the opening period when Will Yeatman scored on a pass from Ryan Young, cutting the Terrapins deficit to five goals, 6-1.

Neither team was able to get much going in the second quarter until Stanwick scored on another White helper with 3:38 left before the intermission, pushing the UVa lead to 7-1.

Less than a minute later Yeatman scored his second goal of the game with 2:52 left in the first half, cutting its deficit back to five goals, 7-2, going into the intermission.

Bocklet scored his fourth goal of the game 1:28 into the third quarter on a Stanwick pass, giving UVa the 8-2 advantage.

Maryland then cut its deficit to three goals, 8-5, scoring the final three goals of the third quarter. Yeatman secured the hat trick with an unassisted score with 12:26 left in the period, quickly followed by a goal by John Haus, assisted by Young with 10:44 left in the quarter.

Maryland then scored again with five seconds left in the third quarter in transition after a missed shot by Rhamel Bratton (Huntington Station, N.Y.). Dean Hart grabbed a pass from Brian Farrell and deposited it for the score, cutting the UVa advantage to 8-5.

Stanwick then scored two quick unassisted goals to open the fourth quarter on identical plays. At 13:43 and 12:49 he rolled off the X position and shot left-handed into the net, giving UVa the 10-5 lead. Stanwick's goal at 12:49 was on man-up after Max Schmidt was tagged for unnecessary roughness at 13:31.

Adam Sear started a 4-0 run for Maryland with a man-up goal via a Travis Reed feed at 12:01. The Terrapins were in the extra-man situation after Bray Malphrus was charged with holding at 12:31.

Joe Cummings scored on a Young assist at 7:41. Then Young scored unassisted on the ensuing faceoff at 7:17. Cummings took a feed from Yeatman at 3:36 to cut the UVa lead to one goal, 10-9.

Young almost evened the scored, 10-10, but stepped in the crease negating the score at 2:10. Shamel Bratton (Huntington Station, N.Y.) then beat his defender and fired a rocket into the net unassisted at 1:51 to push UVa's lead back to two goals, 11-9.

Yeatman in transition squeezed his fourth goal of the game with 57 seconds left to bring the Terrapins' deficit down to one goal, 11-10.

Virginia won the ensuing faceoff and was able to run out the clock to secure the one goal victory.

Virginia won the shots (37-33), ground balls (34-30) and faceoffs (15-9) battles, while turning over the ball (21-18) more than the Terrapins.

Adam Ghitelman saved four shots in between the pipes for UVa, while Brian McDermott won 13-of-20 faceoffs.

Virginia continues ACC play on Saturday, April 10, when the Cavaliers open up the New Meadowlands in the Konica Minolta Big City Classic against No. 2/3 North Carolina. Game time is 4 p.m. and it will be broadcast in the Charlottesville area on WINA AM 1070 with John Freeman calling the action. The contest will be televised live on ESPNU.

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no game
    by (#238961) on 4/04/10 @8:13AM
UVA should not be ranked 1
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are you retarded?
    by (#169967) on 4/04/10 @9:12AM
who is better then them?
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    by (#234733) on 4/04/10 @10:19AM
Let's see the last remaining ACC game between Cavs VS Heels.... I think it will be a close one, if not whoever got a blow out win of that game will be favorite for the Title win this year.
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yes they should as of now
    by (#136965) on 4/04/10 @4:22PM
Its not a matter of how you win..... all that matters is that you win. I will say UNC is looking very strong and Im looking forward to that game there may be a new no.1 after it, but until then good job HOOS.
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    by (#167078) on 4/04/10 @10:41AM
Any Similarities to last yr's 7-OT game? Terps get robbed last yr on a bogus official call about a timeout... this yr on a sketchy in the crease call on a rebounded shot... What god hates the terps so much that they cannot seem to pull out the big games - specially when phipps stands on his head between the pipes and yeatman has his own freakin coming out party...
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that was actually a good call
    by (#225462) on 4/04/10 @10:49AM
if you looked on the replay you could clearly see his foot over the crease by a couple of inches. i thought they got robbed again but look in slow motion and a closer look and you see the ref actually made the right call. Good Game though
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that was actually a good call
    by (#225462) on 4/04/10 @10:51AM
if you looked on the replay you could clearly see his foot over the crease by a couple of inches. i thought they got robbed again but look in slow motion and a closer look and you see the ref actually made the right call. Good Game though
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crease call
    by (#238058) on 4/04/10 @8:31PM
the ball was over the goal line before his foot went in the crease therefore its a goal. (i've watch the replay many times)
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(no subject)
    by (#154059) on 4/05/10 @8:32AM
Here is the rule dude. . .
Section 9: Point M: If an attacking player deliberately leaves his feet by jumping or diving and
his momentum carries him into the crease area, regardless of whether he
lands in the crease before or after the ball enters the goal.

Whether or not he deliberately meant to run into the crease, his momentum did carry his foot to clearly step on the line as he scored the goal.

I really wanter Maryland to win, because UVA can suck it!

Go Heels.
Go 'Cuse.

All who agree to see that championship game, say I.
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(no subject)
    by (#146758) on 4/05/10 @1:37PM
( I ) but cuse will win, hands down cuse was robbed against UVA also, the brattons are overated and im sick of hearing about them, every other good D1 team has at least 2 better or as good midfielders
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    by (#169967) on 4/06/10 @8:05PM
uvas mid is amazing. have you ever seen the brattons play in person? take the first possetion of the maryland game for example. they tripled poled our midfield!!! what other players can do that and still put up consistant numbers and just out man their defender?
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    by (#224361) on 4/09/10 @10:01PM
"triple poled OUR midfield" no its not YOUR midis wat do u think u play for UVa or sumething???
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I didn't see the game but...
    by (#91657) on 4/05/10 @2:28PM
That rule only applies when you leave your feet (ie diving cross crease), not running. Since you said " into the crease..." then it matters if the ball went in before or after he stepped in.
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Crease violation goal
    by (#206404) on 4/04/10 @10:22PM
For all those who are complaining, I'm sorry but his foot was on the line as he was even scooping the ball up before his put back. Also if anything the ref should have allowed the goal to Maryland being the home team yet he got the call right so stop harping on the refs and learn to finish your opportunities. How many fast break 1 v 1 chances on Adam did the Terps have... You can only blame all those shooters he couldn't compose themselves to shoot hahaha.... LETS GO CAVS WE GET BIG!!!!
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uhh no, u get small....
    by (#224361) on 4/06/10 @4:47PM
did u not c Ghitlemans .286 save percentage n he only had 4 save...4 SAVES n UAV can be inconsistent which is bad cuz i thought they were gonna smack maryland but they fold n give up a 6 goal lead n if that happens against CUSE theyre done n speaking of the cuse the game against UAV they werent used to grass yet n they only lost by one so UAVs not all that
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 4/06/10 @7:36PM
UAV? Don't think I've ever heard of them. They play lax?

If you meant UVa, then I couldn't agree more with your post. Cause the way you get to a 10-0 record is by being inconsistent (sarcasm, if you didn't catch it).

And the Orange weren't used to playing on grass at the beginning of the season? Hahahahaha. Great excuse.
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    by (#224361) on 4/07/10 @5:29PM
sorry i put UAV i meant UVA dont have to be a such a tool n by the way when i said UVA was inconsistent i was talking about in stretches of individual games smart kid cuz in case u didnt catch that they let up a 6-0 lead im pretty sure thats not too good n could hurt them in the tourny
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 4/08/10 @4:11PM
They let up a 6-0 lead cause Ghitelman couldn't make a save if they were playing with a beachball. And they still won. I don't know how long you've been playing lax, but it's often a game of runs. One team scores three goals, the other scores four, and so on. It happens all the time. It's not inconsistency, it's just how it is.
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    by (#224361) on 4/08/10 @9:23PM
6-0 lettin that up is a big run then
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Maryland had their chance. They blew it. multiples
    by (#225462) on 4/06/10 @8:22PM
constant good positioned shots that completely missed the cage. 1 illegal shot shouldnt matter. I will admit if Maryland couldve just finished and scored even a fourth of the missed opportunities they had UVA would not be number 1 and undefeated right now. good game both teams. GO HOPKINS>UNC>UVA>every other team that isnt Cuse
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(no subject)
    by (#139861) on 4/05/10 @5:57PM
Hey Terps fans, maybe if your team had shot a little better you wouldn't have to blame the loss on a disallowed goal (that would only have tied the game, not won it). Ghitelman had four saves! That's absolutely terrible.
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