VirginiaSportsTV: ACC FInal-Maryland vs. Virginia

VirginiaSportsTV: ACC FInal-Maryland vs. Virginia

VirginiaSportsTV: ACC FInal-Maryland vs. Virginia

Virginia wrapped up their run through the ACC with a 10-6 victory over Maryland in the tournament final.

Now brandishing the ACC title, the Cavaliers will hope to continue their championship drive to Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore.

Highlights of the game are provided courtesy of VirginiaSportsTV.

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    by (#55396) on 4/26/10 @2:09PM
did anyone else notice the gator driving in reverse during starsia's interview at :30?
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No but...
    by (#65280) on 4/26/10 @4:46PM
I was actually too focused on the packed stadium…
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i was there
    by (#222425) on 4/26/10 @6:41PM
they werent letting people cross the north and south to get to the west side bc there were shots hitting the seats. everyone was on the east, but it was supposed to rain really heavy so half the fans didnt even show
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Topper Shutt everyone... with his doppler 5000
    by (#65280) on 4/27/10 @11:38AM
thanks for the eye whitness account. Like we have not been to a lax game that is on TV and the network wants to make the stands look full... but do tell us more like where the winds were commin in from... and your guess on how many people were there
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    by (#232146) on 4/30/10 @1:22PM
wow your extra gay just for taking the time to right all that
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99 called
    by (#65280) on 4/30/10 @5:34PM
and they want their gay joke back... but good work Stev your totally great!
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ghitelman's goal
    by (#234777) on 4/26/10 @5:51PM
why isnt adam ghitelman's goal in there? that was the best part of the whole game.
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my bad
    by (#234777) on 4/26/10 @5:58PM
haha wrong game my bad.
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    by (#223847) on 4/28/10 @12:29AM
What happened with him this game?
Only 6 saves??
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Ghitleman was dirty
    by (#244601) on 4/28/10 @7:24PM
that stat doesnt show how dirty ghitleman was he made huge saves all game. best goalie is the country.
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    by (#224361) on 4/29/10 @3:45PM
he is definatly not the BEST in the country.hes a great goalie dont get me wrong but no the got mark manos whos beast then you got rj wickham from navy and joe marra who are amazing too, then you got galloway who lets see 2 championships and hes a flat out stud,one of the if not the best outlet passer in the game today
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eye black
    by (#233045) on 4/29/10 @12:08AM
does anyone know what type of eyeblack they were using... its a dumb question but i cant find anything that thick
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