VirginiaSportsTV: Duke vs. Virginia

VirginiaSportsTV: Duke vs. Virginia

VirginiaSportsTV: Duke vs. Virginia

In what seems an annual ACC tradition, Duke put a stop to Virginia's undefeated run through the regular season, topping the Cavaliers 13-9 in Charlottesville.

Highlights of the game are provided courtesy of VirginiaSportsTV.

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What No Cheap Shots?
    by (#219440) on 4/18/10 @10:02PM
I was surprised to see that UVA's d men were not able to take out Max, Zach, or Ned.

No wonder they lost.
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(no subject)
    by (#190904) on 4/18/10 @11:41PM
UVA's long poles weren't sliding with Crotty during they game - they were more focused on the goal scorers, not the guy dishing the assists. That's why Crotty was able to have open shots on Ghittelman!

GO DUKE! I can't wait for the ACC game on Friday!!
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    by (#224361) on 4/20/10 @4:47PM
you got that right
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    by (#234733) on 4/19/10 @9:36AM
It's gonna be closer game next time, UVA definitely going to be focus on beating Duke... but will it be at the expense of the preparation for Maryland and UNC game??
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Wait. So Who is Ranked Number 1 Right Now?
    by (#219440) on 4/19/10 @1:23PM
Anybody catch the rankings for this week?
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hey clausen...
    by (#224361) on 4/19/10 @3:31PM
youuuuuuuuuuu suck
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(no subject)
    by (#147651) on 4/19/10 @6:36PM
heeeeeeeessss 20 timmmeess beeettteerr theennn youuu willlll evvveerrr beeeeeee
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Hey Chimineslax
    by (#219440) on 4/19/10 @8:12PM
Did you happen to catch the rankings this week? I can't find them anywhere?
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(no subject)
    by (#147651) on 4/19/10 @8:33PM
no not yet... i think that cuse will be #1 with uva dropping to #4
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    by (#219440) on 4/19/10 @8:55PM
Thanks player
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ok a couple of things...
    by (#224361) on 4/20/10 @3:51PM
first, i never said i was better then clausen so maybe learn to read

second, you've never seen me play so stop talking

third, your a f@g for wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriting liiiiiiiiiiiiiike tttttttttthiiiiiiisss stupid queer
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(no subject)
    by (#147651) on 4/20/10 @8:03PM
first of all you said "yoooouuuuuuuuuu" so you are also a fag for writing like that

second i know he is better than you just because he is the best defender on one of the best college teams in the nation and you wont even make play anywhere in college so therefore you have no right to say he sucks when he is better than you
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    by (#224361) on 4/21/10 @3:27PM
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haha your a d*uche
    by (#147651) on 4/21/10 @8:38PM
first of all i meant you wouldnt play in college not that you are in college queer

and im sure that 1st team all american last year is bad

and i was mocking you when i extended my words and dont tell me what to do i can make my own decisions
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    by (#224361) on 4/22/10 @3:40PM
omg your such a tool i cant be in college yet so i kinda cant play in college yet smart @$$

and exactly my point he got 1st team cause hes over rated, have you seen the way he played against great attackmen?not too good.clausen is good not great
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hey clausen
    by (#234398) on 4/27/10 @2:55PM
cut the freaking mop!!!!!!!!!! you look like a douche
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