VirginiaSportsTV: Virginia vs. Maryland Highlights

VirginiaSportsTV: Virginia vs. Maryland Highlights

VirginiaSportsTV: Virginia vs. Maryland Highlights

Virginia held onto their top ranking, surviving a close game against ACC foe Maryland, 11-10.

Highlights of the game are provided courtesy of VirginiaSportsTV.

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    by (#224361) on 4/08/10 @9:29PM
if u watch this closely u can c y uva is one of the worst teams in the top 20
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    by (#239583) on 4/09/10 @8:01AM
but go enough to beat Cuse, Cornell, Hopkins, and Maryland. what are you smoking?
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go enough??? ur the real dunce (nt)
    by (#224361) on 4/09/10 @4:03PM
(no text)
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o Lax o
    by (#242324) on 4/09/10 @10:06PM
you're obviously ignorant and can't read, considering they're 10-0 and currently ranked first.
plus "u sp3l lik3 dis" so when you attempt to prove a point, at least use some correct grammar, most people aren't 5 and live on instant messengers like you.
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haha wow
    by (#224361) on 4/11/10 @12:48PM
im typing in the computer it doesnt matter its not like this counts for school or anything n plus if i couldnt read how come i know wat ur saying??? n i already said this so maybe u need some glasses, i said i was kidding n just wanted to c wat tryhards do n exactly wat i thought...have a little hissy fit like an 8 year old
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I watched closely
    by (#228942) on 4/09/10 @8:31AM
and what i saw was UVA having there way with the MAryland defense, you're an idiot.
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    by (#222425) on 4/09/10 @11:43AM
If u had an attention span u'd see why they're not "the worst team in the top 20", becuase they're NUMBER ONE IN THE NATION. undefeated says something, and tomorrow against UNC, who is number two, that'll prove that they are for real.
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haha omg...
    by (#224361) on 4/09/10 @4:07PM
u guys take this soo seriously i was just kidding take a chill pill tryhards
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    by (#201770) on 4/11/10 @2:35AM
UVA has a solid team but I just don't believe Githelman is consistent enough for a team this good. They need a new keep.
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cant believe it
    by (#160322) on 5/11/10 @7:47PM
i was watching this game and it was insane it wud have been quite a game if maryland won
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