War at the Shore 2010: Sights on the Jersey Shore

War at the Shore 2010: Sights on the Jersey Shore

War at the Shore 2010: Sights on the Jersey Shore

War at the Shore 2010: Sights on the Jersey Shore

With nearly 90 men's teams entered into the War at the Shore and no posted rosters, it is a logistical nightmare to try to cover all games/teams/uniforms/players. Each team plays three games on Saturday spread out over about a 9-hour block of time. Each team is guaranteed at least one game on Sunday. The A-Division is considered to be the top level, with all teams advancing to the playoff bracket on Sunday. The B-division goes into a winners/losers bracket format for Sunday. So a complicated formula takes all games from the 64 B-division teams on Saturday, and makes a B Playoff Group and a C Playoff group on Sunday.

Team Mesa Fresh in the A-division was loaded with Division I players such as Johns Hopkins' rising seniors midfielder Matt Dolente and attackman Kyle Wharton, Virginia senior midfielder John Haldy, as well as Loyola senior goalie Jake Hagelin, just to name a few. Mesa Fresh ran through the competition on Saturday and survived some closer games to be named the A-Division Champs for 2010.

The Red Tide earned the B-division Championship, while Team Lagunitas earned the C-division Championship.

As with many summer tournaments, the real story is in the uniforms. Teams spend a lot of time designing their summer kits. Some of the author's favorites were:

-the throwbacks to Rocky from the USA Chay team

-the nod to Nintendo's Duck Hunt from the Jersey Shore Elite Team

-Boats n Hoes life preserver jersey

-the Tuxedo performance shirt by Hangover Lacrosse was a fan favorite

-the Killer Bees Wu-Tang theme

-the Cowboys's shorts with the denim theme

All-in-all there were a lot of great efforts on the field and in designing the uniforms, all of which go into making summer ball fun. It also gave college players a chance to join forces with guys from other teams. Some high school helmets could be seen - intentionally worn by some college All-Americans attempting to hide their identity, as well as from some high school players taking part in the tournament. Lots of big-time college helmets littered the fields as well. Check out the pictures from the tournament to see all in action.

There was a mish-mash of rules combing NCAA Rules such as a 10-second count to get it back into the offensive box with the Club rules where teams can play with six longpoles on the field as well as dive into the crease (the goal counts as long as it crosses the line before you land in the crease).

Summer lacrosse also gives some of the old-timers and long-time War at the Shore participants a chance to catch up. One goalie on Tri-State dated himself, by sharing to anyone that would listen, "my college helmet was a Bacharach." If you don't get it, you're too young.

All in good fun each summer when lacrosse visits the Jersey Shore.


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    by (#206939) on 8/03/10 @12:55PM
Do you got to play in college to get on these teams? Because I see mostly college players
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    by (#253871) on 8/03/10 @1:47PM
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Keith Bologno from Stockton?
    by (#219440) on 8/05/10 @10:02AM
My 12 yr old cousin has a better game than that herb. Kid looks more like Chastity Bono than the situation.
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A Division
    by (#226641) on 8/04/10 @5:48PM
No you don't have to be in college, My son played for Power Tek and they were in the A Division and they played the Cowboys in the Semifinals and they had 3-4 kids from Seton Hall Prep and the Goalie and the Faceoff Mid were very good players, we only beat them by one to move on.
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And they and they and they
    by (#219440) on 8/05/10 @10:04AM
and they and they and they and they and they
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(no subject)
    by (#252624) on 8/03/10 @4:15PM
Check out that chaybro getting iced in the middle of the field, I like the lettuce in the field too. good showing.
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    by (#253871) on 8/03/10 @5:01PM
ur a real lax bro :)
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    by (#205012) on 8/03/10 @10:20PM
I like the kool aid oh yeah! jerseys
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Black Chickens
    by (#154197) on 8/04/10 @9:28AM
Anyone know who made Black Chicken's reversibles?
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(no subject)
    by (#224361) on 8/04/10 @9:49AM
i like the mesa lacrosse unis n boat n hoes haha n like who are these kids just like any one that plays college lacrosse like kyle wharton n a couple other d1s were there but is it like a mix od d 1,2,3, n mcla
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Black Chickens
    by (#253905) on 8/04/10 @2:40PM
That would be Proathletics.com who did their uniforms as well as several other war teams
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Miami Bump 'N Grind
    by (#20440) on 8/05/10 @10:42AM
Saw your tent there and the Killer Bees. Sweet uni's all around where do I hit you guys up to talk potential unis for a Miami tournament we're doing in January? Just through the website?
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Bump N grind
    by (#253905) on 8/05/10 @11:48AM
Shoot Jerry@proathletics.com an email and he will take care of you. Proathletics will have a team there as well
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Rocky Shorts
    by (#253993) on 8/06/10 @12:02PM
J.L. Sullivan's did Rocky shorts last year in Ocean City Maryland. Way to be original.
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    by (#253521) on 8/07/10 @9:14PM
is billy bitter or any unc players playing in this
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Killer Bees
    by (#152481) on 8/09/10 @11:25PM
Where did the killer bees get their helmets done? That's pretty nuts.
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(no subject)
    by (#253905) on 8/11/10 @1:31AM
Proathletics.com did them they are currently prototypes.
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