Washington Tea Party

Washington Tea Party

Washington Tea Party

Washington Tea Party

The Bayhawks crashed the party in Boston. Washington used one, unapologetic last-minute goal to pin 9,340 fans in a tight sleeper hold and captured the win 13-12. The visitors mounted a steep and respectable comeback emerging from (at most) a seven-point deficit the old fashioned way – one goal at a time. Boston dominated well into the third period. Bud Light MVP Kyle Dixon tipped the momentum with a two-point laser putting the Bayhawks within three-point striking distance. Washington pushed the ball on transition (substitutions) creating late scoring opportunities.

The Cannons emerged from the stadium, dressed in limited-release Boston red, descended the concrete stairs like Han, Luke, and Chewie at the end of New Hope, and graciously accepted the hero-like worship and welcome – all while the Bayhawks watched, quietly. The Cannons initially played as good as they looked. Chris Eck made it difficult for Alex Smith who didn’t seem to perform per the usual. The play for both teams got sloppy at times. The clash of the two-point titans, Dixon for the Bayhawks and Rabil for the Cannons, marked pivotal game points. Rabil, whose name officially graduated to superstar usage by becoming a word for all occasions – noun, verb, adjective, and adverb in local vernacular - won the first period for the Cannons. Glading did his best early to deny Rabil the ball, but the short stick medication was such a seemingly careless miscalculation that it must have been genius oversight – something to the effect of that it works 60% of the time all the time. Garrity, who at times seemed to be the lone defender, had a rough day on the job facing 31 shots and managing 19 saves. Boston’s Kip Turner had 11 saves on 23 shots.

Andrew Combs scored for the Bayhawks off a pass from Danny Glading (1-0). Passavia was called for holding setting up the EMO at 6:04. Rabil responded in dramatic fashion testing the Atlantic for signs of life and swam over two defenders while falling down and yet somehow managed to peg stickside 90 (1-1). Ben Rubeor found fellow Bayhawk Peet Poillon in front. Poillon finished with a side arm bouncer off the d-man’s hip that took a hard skip into the top left corner (2-1). Rabil scored on the run with a lefty rip (2-2)

Boston painted the second period in red winning it 4-0. It’s important to give credit where credit is due. Yes, Rabil did the logistically improbable – something became annoyingly redundant to the point of sugary excess. He ran down field gave a leading behind the back pass through traffic to Downing whose goal almost seemed inconsequential by comparison. Cue in the crowd, “M… V… P.” Yes, they did cry out his name with Jonas fan fervor. At this point in the game, male and female fans alike were screaming his name. Rabil had effectively “Rabiled” the crowd. His performance had infected the crowd with a fever that not even Mikey Powell’s light-hearted acrobatics could have inspired. (Spotted on the U-13 crowd: one out of 100 red jerseys had Powell on the back. Guess what was on the other 99. It was 99). Boston’s other sniper, the Pippen to the Jordan, Matt Poskay scored back-to-back goals giving the Cannons a three-goal lead. Poskay jumped through the crease on this second goal to tip off a rebound. Smith, who sadly made the leap to mesh, scored the final goal of the period off a feed from Boyle. Smith took flight and scored off a most impressive around the world shot right on the lip of the crease (6-2).

Washington scored six times as many goals in the second half as their first half output. Boston won the third period narrowly 5-4. Matt Poskay scored a hat trick off a pass from Boyle (7-2). Downing scored from Smith lefty low to high top shelf at 2:27 (8-2). John Christmas gave the Cannons their biggest lead of the game yet with an inside roll lower left shot (9-2). Washington came alive scoring three goals. Matt Abbott passed to Combs who finished with a lefty bouncer. Prossner followed with a strong take. Kyle Dixon unleashed an epic outside shot on a screened Turner (6-9) initiating a semi-official comeback. Casey and Poskay quelled the temporary insurgency with two goals (11-6).

Washington opened the final quarter with two goals. Abbott smacked upper left pipe (:47). Combs fed to Rubeor from X. Rubeor scored at 2:46 (8-11). Rabil cranked a massive two-point shot on the run (13-8), which coincidentally punctuated the Cannons’ scoring campaign for the remainder of the game. Washington sealed the hole and closed the deal scoring five unanswered goals. B. Glading scored off of transition (9-13). Dixon maxed out on a powerpoint play coming up with another big two-point goal (11-13) and narrowed the lead to only two points. Dixon scored again nearside pipe putting the Bayhawks within one. Peet Poillon came up with the equalizer. Rubeor made space on the backside and swung the ball to Poillon who cranked it upper left (10:21). Boston failed to score on possession during the last minute. Poillon scored again with 3.5 seconds left in regulation giving the Bayhawks the win. With the win, the Bayhawks advance to 5-7 while the Cannons stay at 500 (6-6).

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nothing ahout the championship game?
    by (#3709) on 8/25/09 @1:00PM
That's nice we just finished the championship weekend for our sport.

And the site has nothing to say about it all.

Good to know assembling the greatest players in our sport for one great game means something...... (sarcastic)
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