We Believe Tournament Championship

We Believe Tournament Championship

We Believe Tournament Championship

Lax.com headed to South River High School in Edgewater, MD last Saturday to check out the third-annual "We Believe Lacrosse Classic," a tournament of collegiate players squaring off to raise funds and awareness for cancer.

In the opening round of play, the Black team fell to the Red team, while the Green team advanced over the Blue team. Green proceeded to then dominate the championship game, though all players seemed to take a casual and fun attitude towards the afternoon's events, just enjoying playing some lacrosse with friends.

The We Believe Foundation grew out of a facebook campaign started by Drexel Goalie Matt Miller and his friends after Miller was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Miller is now cancer free.

From there the organization has grown to sponsor this yearly tournament, where four teams of collegiate players, most from DI schools (obviously bolstered by a large contingent of Miller's teammates from Drexel), compete in three games and a skills competition. All of the players who participated did so in the name of someone they know or care about who has been affected by cancer.

Money raised by the Lacrosse Classic, as well as other funds the foundation amasses through donations and other activities, go towards helping the financial burden levied on young people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The We Believe Foundation's website provides a more expansive overview of the organizations goals and projects.

Check this out for more information on the tournament, including some of the players that took part in the day's games.

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    by (#252107) on 8/16/10 @12:40PM
this video not working for anyone else?
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   (no subject) by 8/16/10 @12:45PM
College, Seriously?
    by (#252624) on 8/16/10 @6:34PM
These kids are in college. I watched this video for 30 seconds and wanted to vomit. Two missed shots and some no good save.... Sweet. Half these kids can't even run.

Is this some MCLA B league highlight reel?

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   who do you think you are? by 8/16/10 @8:35PM
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            stuff by 8/18/10 @12:31AM
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   really? by 8/18/10 @2:18AM
   wow.... way to be a d*ck by 8/18/10 @3:56PM
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   (no subject) by 8/23/10 @9:08PM
   guess what by 8/27/10 @1:58PM
Great Cause.
    by (#252624) on 8/16/10 @6:38PM
But this is a great cause, good to see laxers coming together for a good cause, regardless of how bad the lax is.
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   WBLC by 8/16/10 @9:17PM
    by (#251050) on 8/16/10 @6:46PM
the faking from that pole was amazing
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   (no subject) by 8/16/10 @9:27PM
   Amazing by 8/17/10 @3:18PM
(no subject)
    by (#218398) on 8/16/10 @9:55PM
do all of these players play college ball?
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   WBLC by 8/16/10 @11:19PM
tall lanky maryland player
    by (#215859) on 8/17/10 @1:35PM
who is he?
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   (no subject) by 8/17/10 @4:50PM
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      no by 8/22/10 @9:23AM
(no subject)
    by (#252624) on 8/17/10 @6:07PM
Who's the tan brother in the old cascade?
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   (no subject) by 8/17/10 @9:28PM
      Hmm by 8/18/10 @10:06AM
         well... by 8/18/10 @8:24PM
Goalie in black and silver
    by (#234231) on 8/18/10 @12:39AM
Is that Phipps?
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    by (#238033) on 8/18/10 @2:29PM
There stance is horrible and lines up too far from the ball. But otherwise its not a bad video, they have skills.
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    by (#224361) on 8/19/10 @10:52AM
this was not bad lax at all

there were lots of Terps players there

who was the long pole face off guy with the USA helmet in the beginning?
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   Faceoff by 8/19/10 @9:45PM
      (no subject) by 8/20/10 @2:58PM
   (no subject) by 8/20/10 @4:05PM
      k thanks (nt) by 8/20/10 @4:14PM
      Faceoff by 8/20/10 @8:22PM
    by (#251050) on 8/22/10 @11:53AM
who was the other dematha player besides pat haberson and where is he going to play
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   (no subject) by 8/22/10 @9:17PM
Nothing about the Pro Championship?
    by (#3709) on 8/25/10 @10:52AM
And people wonder why there are no people in stand for our sports pro league. Not even our own press gives a crap about it.
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   UVA dude by 8/27/10 @1:50PM
    by (#236727) on 9/14/10 @6:02PM
who knows what this song is? its so sick (at the begining)
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