Week 2 Pick Ems' Winners Announced!

Week 2 Pick Ems' Winners Announced!

Week 2 Pick Ems' Winners Announced!

Week 2 Pick Ems' Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the following Lax.com users who were the top three finishers in our Second Pick Ems' Contest!

LAX.com's Pickems' Contest - First Place Winner - Week 2 1st Place:
Yutalee with a score of 19

Winner of a Brine F-55 Attack Shaft

LAX.com's Pickems' Contest - Second Place Winner - Week 2 2nd Place:
Lehmanlax with a score of 18

Winner of a Father Warrior T-Shirt

LAX.com's Pickems' Contest - Third Place Winner - Week 2 3rd Place:
rvlax39 with a score of 17

Winner of a Warrior 'Stache T-Shirt




Be sure to check back this Wednesday for this weeks all new Pick 'Em Contest

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(no subject)
    by (#154593) on 3/25/13 @7:04PM
wow way to screw me over lax.com. i got 22
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    by (#366699) on 3/25/13 @8:19PM
How do you see what score you got for that week?
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My Picks
    by (#154593) on 3/26/13 @11:04AM
i copy and pasted all my picks into a word document. ill post it here. i wish the color of the writing would change so i could prove the teams i picked but ill just put the teams i picked in parentheses: L Canisius vs W (Marist), W (Colgate) vs L Navy, Denver vs Air Force (this game was never scheduled), L Hartford vs W (Umass), W (Johns Hopkins 11) vs L Virginia 8, W (Penn State) vs L Saint Joseph's, L (Providence) vs W Siena, L Sacred Heart vs W (Vermont), L (Stony Brook) vs W Bryant, W (Binghamton) vs L Quinnipiac, W (Saint John's) vs L Robert Morris, W (Detroit Mercy) vs L Vmi, L American International vs W (Merrimack), L Catawba vs W (Mars Hill), L (Dowling) vs W Mercy, L Lees-mcrae vs W (Mount Olive), W (Pfeiffer) vs L Coker, W (Saint Anselm) vs L Assumption, W (Saint Michael's) vs L Saint Rose, Queens vs Coker (game was not scheduled), W (Centenary) vs L Gwynedd-mercy, W (Middlebury) vs L Wesleyan, W (New England College) vs L Maine Maritime, L Skidmore vs W (Saint Lawrence), L Utica College vs W (Potsdam State), W (Washington College) vs L McDaniel, L (Wittenberg) vs W Kenyon, L Frostburg State vs W (Salisbury)......... I went 22-4. the only four games i lost were the providence game, the stony brook game, the dowling game, and the wittenberg game. these are my real picks and you can believe me if you want. it'd just be nice to see lax.com not screw me over after i clearly won
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    by (#228652) on 3/26/13 @4:25AM
How do i claim my prize ?
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    by (#308345) on 3/26/13 @2:48PM
I had 20.... What the hell!
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(no subject)
    by (#154593) on 3/26/13 @10:54PM
join the club
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    by (#366699) on 3/27/13 @3:32PM
yeah...counted out of curiosity and i had 19...
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