Young Maryland O Makes it Rain on Tar Heels, 14-8

Young Maryland O Makes it Rain on Tar Heels, 14-8

Young Maryland O Makes it Rain on Tar Heels, 14-8

Young Maryland O Makes it Rain on Tar Heels, 14-8

The young Terp offense was very sharp in the first quarter - scoring six goals in the opening 15 minutes, by six different players. Carolina goalie Grant Zimmerman seemed to really struggle finding the ball in overcast conditions. Jeremy Seiverts tallied the first goal of the game on a nice individual dodge. Mike Phipps followed up under a minute later, capitalizing on a broken UNC clearing attempt. Carolina took advantage of an EMO chance to make the score 2-1 when Nick Tintle made a nice move from X. The rest of the half was all Terps as they went on 6-0 run until very late in the second quarter.

Dan Groot notched his first of three nearly identical goals on the day, dodging to his left hand and shooting high to high. Phipps recorded his second on a solo effort, Max Ritz fed Chris Feifs for a blistering finish, and Adam Sear scored an outside shot with only 0:05 remaining in the first quarter.

The second quarter was very slow, with both teams struggling to get anything going. Thomas Alford scored on a great face dodge into the heart of the Carolina defense with under three minutes in the quarter. Drew Evans made the best of a poor substitution by UNC which gave the Terps a 6 on 5, looking away one defenseman before finishing past Zimmerman. The Heels O finally showed some signs of life in the final minute of the half, scoring 2 goals in the final 13 seconds of the half. Ben Hunt scored on a great move from the midfield, followed by Tintle scorign shortly after the ensuing face-off.

The Heels notched the first goal of the second half in transition when Rob Driscoll beat Phipps. Dan Groot answered late in the quarter on his second of the day. The third quarter scoring closed on a great individual effort by Ben Hunt with only 5 seconds in the period, making the score 9-5 Terps.

Maryland opened the final quarter with a 4-0 run to really put the game out of reach. Alford scored his second of the game, followed by Groot and Dan Gallagher tallies within a two minute span. Max Ritz beat his man from X topside and fired a near post shot past Zimmerman midway through the quarter to extend the lead to 13-5. UNC freshman attackman Gavin Petracca scored the game's prettiest goal on a no-angle behind the back into the top left corner, sparking a late 3 goal run by Carolina. Ryan Walterhoefer and Driscoll finished the scoring for Carolina. Maryland D-midi Jimmy Borell scored the final goal of game, knifing through an extended Carolina D with 1:23 remaining.

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What is going on at North Carolina?
    by (#136419) on 3/24/07 @4:30PM
I know I have been criticized for being negative towards John Haus before, and maybe he is not the one to blame. But there is definitely something wrong down at North Carolina right now. Basically, I think the main reason is that they are not getting the ballplayers that schools like Hopkins, Virginia, Duke, Georgetown, and Syracuse are getting. Wonder why that is?

By the way, this was a good win for the Terps and a confidence builder for their young offense. I don't know who the Terps play next week, but I do know that they play Navy in Annapolis on Friday, April 6th at 7:00 P.M. That will be a big game for both teams.
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    by (#111241) on 3/24/07 @10:57PM
You say this same thing whenever UNC is brought up. The fact of the matter is, you're wrong. UNC is getting good players. Look at Gavin Petracca, who is most likely the best freshman in college right now.
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Like I said farther down, I hope they do well!
    by (#136419) on 3/24/07 @11:16PM
These young players are getting a lot of experience with the toughness of UNC's schedule, and they could have some good years ahead. But right now, they are not where they should be. I hope that ends soon! I think that, for heads to be looking way up for next season, UNC needs to pull at least 1 major upset before the season is over. They still have to play Hopkins, Virginia, and at least one of the ACC teams in the ACC Tournament. Even if they don't pull an upset, if they are at least competitive in those games, that will be promising. But an upset will really boost hopes.

P.S.-Like I also said, hiring a new offensive coach seems to be paying off. The offense looks more solid and appears to have more flow than it has had in some time.
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good god
    by (#97931) on 3/24/07 @4:32PM
UNC sucks, once again they'll finish in last place in the ACC because they sure as hell wont beat UVA. Haus needs to go, they have only beat 2 decent teams in Notre Dame and Ohio State
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UNC is fine.
    by (#75455) on 3/24/07 @8:28PM
The Tar Heels have been doing fine this year...
They have several quality wins against Denver, Ohio St., Notre Dame and Dartmouth. They also lost to Duke by two goals, which I guarantee you a lot of teams this year wont be able to say.
You obviously shouldnt be talking shit about Haus. Right now he is one of the most winningest coaches in D1. The Heels arent doing well right now, but they did have winning schedules all throughout the beginning of the decade. Who was the coach in 2004 when the Heels beat Duke and Virginia and lost to Maryland by one goal? Oh yeah, it was HAUS. the fact that they arent playing up to snuff isnt his fault, and I don't see him leaving UNC for a while.
Not to mention, UNC constantly has one of the top 5 hardest schedules in the nation, which has contributed to their woes.
IN terms of recruiting, IL ranked their frosh class as the fourth best this year, ahead of some of the teams people have mentioned in above posts. This will assuredly pay off in the future for Haus.
Look at their roster. They are returning almost all of their starters next year and the year after that. Of their 10 top scorers, 6 are Sophomores or Freshmen, and the other 4 are juniors. Their highest scoring senior has 2 poins. The same is true with their goalies. They have the youngest, most inexperienced team in the ACC, but they still have a decent record, and have held their own against like teams like Duke. In fact, they actually played Duke better than Maryland did.
Though they won't win the ACC this year, they definitely have much more going for them in the upcoming years than Duke, Virginia or Maryland in terms of talent.
Haus has turned the team around this year. After playing 9 games this year, they are currently 6-3. At this time last year, they were 2-7. The same for 2005.
I guess my point is that you shouldn't rip on the team or their coach. Both have taken immense strides to improve this year, and this is indisputable. Do you honestly expect a team that has struggled to win over 5 games a season the past several years to come out and beat powerhouses like DU, UVA and UMD all of a sudden? No. The team is on the rebound, and I would say they are doing a great job of recovering from their terrible season.
At this point, they have really exceeded most expectations.
This is the best start they have had in years, and without a doubt, as they grow and gain experience, they will again become a very competitive team in the ACC and all of D1.

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I hope you are right!
    by (#136419) on 3/24/07 @8:37PM
Don't get me wrong. I hope that Haus can turn things around so that Carolina is regularly one of the Top 5 teams in the country. It is true that they have a tough schedule and have beaten some decent teams so far.

That is great that they have a young team, and playing this tough schedule should help these guys get great experience. However, I know I have said this many times, but with all that Carolina has to offer, there is no reason that they can't get top players every year. If they don't make the playoffs almost every year, I say they are underachieving. That could end with the young talent they have, but it had better end soon!
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yes but
    by (#97931) on 3/24/07 @9:38PM
im not saying they will forever suck, its good that they are returning all those people. but as of right now they suck. they may have turned around but are still 0 and 2 in the ACC and they have to play UVa still. So most likely 0 and 3. Next year they should be good and a good competitor but right now they just arent on the same playing fields as many of theyre opponents. Denver isnt doing well at all this year, OSU is doing ok but not even in the top 20, neither is Dartmouth and Notre Dame is having problems. They let a 6-1 lead go to Duke, no team should let that lead go and lose 9-7. They got beat by Navy like 17-9 or something and now they lost to Maryland. Right now they suck. Maybe not the same case next year, but right now they do.
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    by (#131429) on 3/28/07 @12:03AM
i was at this game and i can tell you unc was far from fine. maybe it was just this game, maybe a letdown after the close duke game but it was 6 to 1 maryland real quick and they dont exactly have the best offensive firepower out there. as for carolina's defense i was dissapointed. they looked slow, never slid quick enough, didnt seem to react well,etc.. there record is better but seriously what quality wins do they have? ohio state, notre dame? those teams i doubt will even make the tournament
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    by (#152478) on 3/24/07 @10:07PM
i realize phipps is doing amazing but wat is alfords deal??
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UNC has a new offensive coach.
    by (#136419) on 3/24/07 @10:26PM
I don't know who it is, but UNC has really shown improvement offensively this season. It takes time to adjust to a new coach and system, too, so look for them to improve more and more as the season goes by. Even if they don't make the post season, they will have had a year of experience with this new offensive coach and will be hungry and ready for next season.
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Ben Rubeor-best player in the ACC!
    by (#136419) on 3/24/07 @10:28PM
I know that this has nothing to do with this game, but since we are talking about the ACC, I will say that I think that UVA's Rubeor is the best there is in the conference this year, will win ACC Player Of The Year, and will be a leading candidate for the National Player Of The Year.
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sieverts stick
    by (#92648) on 3/26/07 @3:20PM
has anyone else noticed that the first thing that sieverts does after he scores is fix his pocket? im pretty sure its illegal.
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    by (#97931) on 3/26/07 @9:51PM
he bangs it against his chest or fixes it when theyre all in the huddle. im sure alot of guys do it.
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