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Lax Insider

STX Memory Mesh Review

March 7, 2017

memory mesh

Why is STX Memory Mesh is taking the college game by storm this spring ??  Savvy players are finally figuring it out.  Memory Mesh is designed to bag out under pressure (AKA cradling) and then suck back to normal position when there is no load on the mesh.  So what’s the big deal… well drop a ball in and it’s legal… but start to cradle or shoot and you will quickly see why the pros like to play with pockets that are … let’s say… not exactly allowed on a collegiate or high school field.  Say What?

STX memory Mesh

Yup, that right.. after you break in Memory Mesh for about a week, it starts to bag out perfectly.  Yet when at rest with a ball in it, the mesh can be strung completely legally.  Toss, cradle, rip with amazing hold and then the mesh retains its “memory” and goes back to the original form where you strung it.  So if you want to experience what it like to buzz down the alley and absorb some contact without ball rattle, and then unload on the cage with maximum torque.. you may want to pick up a few pieces of this stuff.  Also, for you attackman who like to razzle dazzle behind the cage.. this stuff sucks the ball into a point where it’s almost unfair.

stx memory mesh

LSMs and close D guys, we don’t even really need to tell you what a bonus this semi-soft bag will be to your pole.  Scoop and run through traffic and fake the shorts right off that guy making a play at you midfield.  Memory mesh gives players a bit of an unfair advantage that is just fine when the ref picks up your stick.  Try some STX Memory Mesh if you are the type of player who likes a deep pocket.  More and more high school guys are starting to catch on here and STX barely has enough of this stuff to make it through the season we think.