Blue Jays take Flight, Down Tigers 10-8

Blue Jays take Flight, Down Tigers 10-8

Blue Jays take Flight, Down Tigers 10-8

Blue Jays take Flight, Down Tigers 10-8

Johns Hopkins kicks off the season with a huge win over the second ranked Princeton Tigers. Pietramala was right when he said the most noticeable difference between the 2002 and 2003 Blue Jays was in the offensive end. Last year three freshman and three sophomores were thrust into starting positions. Now this group is a year older and more experienced. Despite the 10-8 final score, Hopkins outplayed the Tigers in every aspect of today's game. Syracuse watch out. Hopkins 10, Princeton 8.

This Princeton vs. Hopkins matchup is always a battle. For the third year in a row the Blue Jays have come out on top in this season opener for both. 2:13 into the first quarter, first game jitters were quickly forgotten when sophomore Hopkins midfielder, Kyle Harrison, found the back of the net for the Blue Jays first of ten on the day. The next few minutes seemed like forever with sloppy play on both sides giving meaning to season opener. Possessions must have changed six or seven times in a matter of two minutes but 4:39 into the first Blue Jay Bobby Benson found Peter Lesuer at x as he came with a lefty sweep and let it fly over Goulds near shoulder. 2-0 Hopkins.

The first and only time of the first quarter Hopkins did not play tight, face to face defense Princeton took advantage and was finally able to get within ten yards of the goal, the closest so far all game. Brad Dumont put the Tigers on the board, assisted by Ryan Boyle, his first of two on the day. As the quarter wore on both Hopkins and Princeton began to look as if they were in the middle of their seasons with well executed clears as well as offensive possessions. Hopkins scored again to push the lead to two and gained major momentum with the third of the day coming from Blue Jay Bobby Benson. The remainder of the first was filled with flat play on both sides until eight seconds were remaining on the clock. One more pass always seems to get you one more goal. The ball touched every Hopkins attackmens stick and ended up in the hands of Bobby Benson once again. Princeton goalie Julian Gould had no chance with this rocket of a shot almost point blank.

#20 Sean Hartofolis started the second quarter off right with a sweet underhand rip beating Rob Scherr stick side hip. Donegar would then score the Tiger’s third and final goal of the first half with 9:24 to go. The Jay’s then lit Gould up, scoring four goals in the second quarter as they played unselfish offense and looked like a bunch of seasoned vets. Boland, Benson, Lesueur and Adam Donegar all contributed to the Hopkins five goal lead going into half-time. Pietramalas Blue Jays were playing like national champions and his defense was the key. Senior Michael Peyser and sophomores Tom Garvey and Chris Watson seemed as if they were on a string, playing very physical and making perfect slides all game.

Princeton came out of the locker room pumped and the game was in the Tigers hands for the first time, scoring four unanswered goals. With close to four minutes left in the third quarter, the tigers would score one goal with every minute remaining. The first goal, Hartofolis charged from x to set up a nice lefty gun that zoomed over Rob Scherr’s shoulder into the cage. A huge goal to finally give the Tigers some momentum in the game. The second score came a minute later from #36 Josh White who caught an alleyoop from Will MacColl making the score 8 to 5. #10 Matt Trevenen showed his composure during a play on situation as he slipped passed the Hopkins defense with an inside roll on the crease and stuck the Tiger’s third goal of the quarter. There was an unfamiliar hush over the Blue Jays crowd as the Tigers were on the prowl. Finally, with five seconds left in the quarter, Owen Daly would put in the fourth Princeton goal, unassisted, and the scoreboard read 8-7 Hopkins.

The fourth and final quarter belonged to the Jays as they finished with an outstanding defensive performance. An anxious Princeton offense drove strong to the cage again and again, only to throw the ball away as the Blue Jays forced wide shots and turnovers. After battling 9 minutes into the fourth quarter, Adam Doneger would get his second goal of the game. With an assist from Conor Ford, Adam finished offstick waist high to give Hopkins a two goal lead. Only a couple minutes later, a hustling Corey Harned picked up a ground ball on defense, saw his open teammate, and got the ‘A’ as Kyle Barrie capitalized with a sick lefty jump shot that Gould never even saw. Princeton’s Jason Doneger joined his brother, Adam, with two goals in the game as he dunked the final goal right on the crease from a Josh White pass with 2:29 remaining. The score now Hopkins 10, over Princeton 8 would not change as the Tigers gave it their all to change what seemed to be a sure Hopkins victory from the first whistle. Don’t be shocked to see the Blue Jays on Memorial Day 2003.

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Monroe..........your an idiot!!!
    by (#19530) on 3/01/03 @9:09PM
Dont be shocked to see the Blue Jays on Memorial Day 2003............sitting in the stands watching Syracuse play Princeton for a 4th straight year!!! How quick we are to forget that Princeton went 0-3 during their first 3 games last year.........
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(no subject)
    by (#36335) on 3/01/03 @10:23PM
cry baby.
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    by (#9264) on 3/05/03 @9:17PM
Here is where I see Princeton going this season,

>JHU L(8-10)....young but better than Princeton

>Virginia L(7-13)...wahoos are tops this year

>Hofstra W(8-6)...tigers struggle to beat the pride

>'Cuse L(12-16)...'Cuse will not lose in the dome, to Princeton

>Rutgers W(12-5)...RU blows even more ass than PU

>Yale L(9-8)...repeat of last year

>Penn W(12-9)...Penn is on the way out, so are the tigers

>Quinnipiac W(14-4)...they needed this win

>Harvard W(12-8)...another snobby pussy school

>Cornell L(14-10)...Big Red are top notch

>Loyola L(10-11OT)...Tough loss for tigers

>Dartmouth W(10-3)...No one looses to Dartmouth

>Brown L(12-8)...Brown is the real deal, they clinch Ivy here, over Cornell

PU's rancid record=6-7 (3-3Ivy)

thats it.. start you onslaught of retaliation of my post.

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Go Jays
    by (#14123) on 3/01/03 @11:30PM
Im just glad to see the young jays off to such a good start. I know that they were all so pumped for this game and they showed it. Good job boys keep it up!!!!
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    by (#2808) on 3/04/03 @6:08PM
Anybody see whether Benson took any flops - I wonder if the world team cured him of that.
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    by (#44448) on 3/02/03 @1:50AM
THE GOOD NEWS:The Blue Jays are fortunate that they play U.Va. at Homewood.
THE BAD NEWS: U.Va. beat Syracuse at the dome, which will make the Wahoos more confident and the Orangemen angry.
It was a nice victory for the Blue Jays, and it should be a very interesting season.
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    by (#13621) on 3/02/03 @2:34PM
what happened to all the pics of the game!
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    by (#38039) on 3/03/03 @5:29PM
what happened to Sam Perry? didnt he play for Hopkins? I dont see him on the roster.
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    by (#38039) on 3/03/03 @5:30PM
what happened to Sam Perry? didnt he play for Hopkins? I dont see him on the roster.
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    by (#40918) on 3/05/03 @9:42AM
Much to everyone's surprise I think Sam Perry didn't quite make it at Hopkins, lets face it, he wasn't the "cream of the crop." But, the real question is if Todd Smith will play, and I'm guessing Scott will step into goalie next year. This is his first year not being a starter, I wonder how thats going to play out.
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    by (#38039) on 3/05/03 @8:38PM
what do you mean Sam wasnt "cream of the crop" he is amazing!! because he was injured last year it ruined his season but he is still an amazing player, or he wouldnt have made the team in the first place!
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(no subject)
    by (#38039) on 3/03/03 @5:32PM
sorry i did that twice
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Hopkins Princeton
    by (#34870) on 3/03/03 @10:10PM
Johns Hopkins has a great team. A good combo of young players and players with a lot of experience. I would'nt be surprised if they were playing on Memorial Day. Their future looks very bright. Princeton has a very good team aswell. Not that many young dominating players but solid Juniors and Seniors. They could go on a big run and be playing on Memorial Day also. Hopkins played good and deserved to win this game. But,it's still way too early to predict what will happen. Let the season play out a little more. But, in my opinion,I really think this could the year of the Blue Jay. With guys like Bobby Benson,Peter LeSueur, and Kyle Barrie on the attack,they have great chemistry. Then you have their midfield,the best midfield in the nation. Doneger is insane, by far the top midfielder in college lacrosse besides Kevin Cassese. Then Kyle Harrison and Kevin Boland. Their defense is awesome too. Chris Watson and Tom Garvey are good sophomores and the LSM Corey Harned looks really good. They have a good goalie with Rob Scherr.
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Princeton Blows...
    by (#9264) on 3/05/03 @9:04PM
...Yeah, the Tigers suck ass this year, watch them get rocked this weekend by Virginia. They wont catch the Ivy, Brown will clinch it, Cornell in 2nd, Princeton will continue to blow ass, cause thats how they do it down in NJ, they love the cock...GO BRUNO
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