Fairfield Outlasts Harvard, 10-7

Fairfield Outlasts Harvard, 10-7

Fairfield Outlasts Harvard, 10-7

Fairfield Outlasts Harvard, 10-7

First half offense has been the Achilles heel for the Crimson of Harvard (1-2) so far this season, and while the first quarter of the game was scoreless for both teams, Fairfield (2-2) was able to quiet the usually strong second half offense of Harvard to leave their turf field with a three goal margin of victory. The Fairfield defense, anchored by senior goalie and captain CJ Kemp, deserves much of the credit for the win along with face-off man Pete Vlahakis who also had a great afternoon, creating a 16-6 advantage in face-offs. This contest lacked big momentum swings, but instead showcased a slow-paced, largely penalty-free game of long possessions which, at the end of the day, gave Fairfield an important win after dropping a pair on the road to top 15 teams.

The scoreless first quarter was not absent of opportunities for the offenses but each goalie provided a solid backing until there was 7:44 left on the clock in the second quarter and Fairfield’s AJ Califano connected with Troy Bamann for the goal. Five minutes later, when Matt Primm dished the ball to Colin Macleod, Harvard’s first goal tied the game. As was the case throughout this game, Fairfield answered to again take the lead. This time Bamann had the assist and captain Matt Buecker had his first and only goal of the game. The final goal of the half came during a scuffle in front of the net, and Sean Kane was credited with the goal that slipped by Kemp. The half ended in a 2-2 tie.

The third quarter began much like the first half. Rory McCarthy started the scoring for Fairfield on an assist from Bamann, his second of four assists on the day, but was answered by a pair of Harvard goals. The first goal, which knotted the game at three, came unassisted from Primm and was followed by the freshman Macleod’s second score at 6:56. That would mark the beginning of the end for the Crimson as Fairfield would score six unanswered goals that led into the final quarter of play.

The first goal of this run came only :23 seconds after Harvard last scored and was credited to R. Voight. He would also add the last goal of the quarter, giving the Stags a 5-4 advantage heading into the fourth. With approximately 11:30 left in the fourth quarter, Prim made a strong move from behind and netted what he thought to be he second goal of the game, but it was immediately called off because of a crease violation. The ensuing possession gave Garrett Bamann his first goal of the game, and ten seconds later his found the back of the net again for his second score on a shot that ripped directly over goalie Jake McKenna’s head. The Fairfield streak continued with two more goals from Matt Baglio and Justin Geluso, respectively. Those last two goals of the streak ended a six goal run that began with 6:33 left in the third and ended at 6:51 in the fourth.

Harvard didn’t give up though as, Primm made a score that resembled the goal that had previously been called off. The fight continued as sophomore Mike McBride, who just recently was moved to middie for his blazing foot speed, scored on a crank that got the fans cheering. Said defensive superstar Zach Chandis of his high school teammate, “Mike is the kind of guy who can really get the crowd into it. I think that he has a knack for molding defensives too.” And although sophomore Sean Kane netted the final score with just under two minutes left, Harvard ran out of time to catch up, leaving the final score at Harvard 7, Fairfield 10.

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    by (#45650) on 3/16/03 @10:45AM
this article needs more about the backbone of the team...harvard's mike mcbride
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bluewave has no idea
    by (#1577) on 3/16/03 @8:41PM
i think this article gave him too much credit, the real backbone is Zach Chandis. he is the one with blazing speed
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    by (#31907) on 3/17/03 @12:04PM
Man......Harvard really sucks.
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Well written
    by (#43554) on 3/17/03 @1:31PM
Nice to see some variety in the articles that are posted
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    by (#45650) on 3/17/03 @10:16PM
tim5, will you please include more about mike mcbride thats all the fans want
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(no subject)
    by (#31907) on 3/18/03 @10:49AM
Did I mention that Harvard is absolutely horrible?
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Rogue Wave
    by (#46862) on 3/18/03 @2:49PM
No, but you also forgot to mention that no one cares about this meaningless contest of two invalid teams.
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lots of people care
    by (#45650) on 3/18/03 @7:40PM
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    by (#46862) on 3/18/03 @9:51PM
From a former waver to a younger one, you must be able to do better than that!

Exactly who cares if you don't mind me asking?
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Quad Dog
    by (#43855) on 3/19/03 @12:30AM
Quad Dog, you are a huge tool. As far as Michael McBride is concerned, though, you are my personal hero. You make me want to get better every day. Your sweet lax crank is what this sport needs. Zu-Chan, I think I love you.
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Man Love
    by (#46862) on 3/19/03 @9:26AM
McCann, you stupid mick, we already heard that one from you. The lax.com nation is SO happy for that you've come out of the closet (finally) and professed your love to your personal hero.

Speaking of love, go back to chugging cock at the dorm junior. It might be the only thing you'll ever get better at every day.
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Harvard + Fairfield = Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    by (#31907) on 3/19/03 @10:07AM
I would like to see Harvard play a good highschool team. That would probably be a close game. My guess is that West Genny would beat the Crimson but it would be pretty close.
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Quad Dog
    by (#43855) on 3/19/03 @9:49PM
I'm sorry, you are the king of cool. I shouldn't have insulted your knowledge of the game of lacrosse. But I have a suggestion...maybe you should be doing something more productive on your break at Burger King than writing on this website you geek.
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Have It Your Way
    by (#46862) on 3/19/03 @10:21PM
At least, that is what we like to say here at BK!

It is tough ya know workin' the drive-through window and responding to your f#$%^&' stupid, pointless comments.

I admit, I know next to nothing about player profiles, who has a "sweet lax crank" and who doesn't, as you put it.

But, I do like taking stabs at the idiots on this site who make hollow predictions about this or that team, who's gonna do what, etc.

Oops, break is over, Can I take your order?

Yes, I'll take one Uva/Princeton tournament final please?

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