Penn State Topples Umass, 11-10

Penn State Topples Umass, 11-10

Penn State Topples Umass, 11-10

Penn State Topples Umass, 11-10

AMHERST, Mass. - Penn State's Will Jones scored with 3:25 left in the fourth quarter to break a 10-10 tie and give the Nittany Lions an 11-10 victory over Massachusetts in men's lacrosse action Saturday at Garber Field. UMass drops to 7-1 overall with the loss and 1-1 in the ECAC. The game featured 10 ties and neither team led by more than one goal.

The two teams put on an offensive explosion in the first quarter. After PSU had taken a 1-0 lead early, Chris Doyle (Putnam Valley, N.Y.) and Kevin Leveille (Delmar, N.Y.) netted goals to give the Minutemen a 2-1 advantage. Penn State rallied to take a 3-2 lead on two Nate Whitaker goals just 10 seconds apart. Jeff Zywicki (Napean, Ontario) tied the game at 3-3 just 13 seconds after Whitaker's second goal and Chris Fiore gave the lead back to UMass at 4-3 with a goal at the 6:40 mark. PSU again took a 5-4 lead, but Leveille and Kevin Glenz (Merrick, N.Y.) scored in the last three minutes for a 6-5 cushion after one quarter.

Nate Whitaker scored twice in the second quarter to take a 7-6 lead for the Nittany Lions, but Gene Tundo (Orchard Park, N.Y.) tied the game with just nine seconds left before halftime to send the two teams into halftime break tied at seven.

UMass held 8-7 and 9-8 leads in the third quarter on netters by Leveille and Zywicki, but once again, PSU tied it up on Marshall Feldman's second goal of the third quarter at the 2:22 mark to knot the score at nine heading into the fourth quarter.

Penn State took its first lead of the second half when Will Jones scored with 12:48 left, but the Minutemen answered with a Doyle goal at 10:32, setting up Jones' heroics.

Zywicki led the Minutemen in scoring for the sixth straight game with two goals and two assists. Leveille added a hat trick and Doyle netted two goals.

/ The Minutemen aim to get back to their winning ways with an ECAC game next Saturday at Maryland-Baltimore County. Face-off is at 1:00 p.m. in Baltimore.

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    by (#41930) on 3/30/03 @1:44PM
Sucks to see Umass drop one...but it is nice to see PSU win a big one.
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    by (#41662) on 3/31/03 @1:12AM
Because of their whining in 2001, I think I'll always laugh for a while whenever UMass gets upset by this much of a surprise. Just for fun, try to find people's comments about PSU Lax before this game, then read UMass fan's posts from the same time. And you lost to them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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New Rules.....
    by (#31907) on 3/31/03 @9:04AM
So here are the new rules for all of you UMASS fans out there. You all have to SHUT THE F#@! UP until your team actually beats a legitimate DIV I opponent. We gave you the chance to run your mouths while the Minute-women were beating up on Albany and Stony Brook. But now they blew we all knew they Tempest and the rest of the meat-heads - time to take your medicine. UMASS is a nice 2nd level DIV I team. They are not on the same level as Princeton, Hop, 'Cuse and UVA. Once again, they have made this point perfectly clear. So when the tourney field is set this spring......and UMASS is left out again.....I really don't want to hear the sob stories from the UMASS fans. They had a chance to run the table before their only real opponents of the season......GTown and 'Cuse.....and they blew it. When they lose those two and get left home becasue they don't have a single quality win, save us your BS in this chat-room. So long was a nice effort. Maybe next year you can play some real teams early in the year so you have just a bit of legitimacy before you choke.
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Still waiting
    by (#21360) on 3/31/03 @10:35AM
for a lacrosse post from Rogue Loser. Venting a bit are we? Don't blow a gasket buddy, it's only a game.

Again ... let me go slowly.

Post something constructive about lacrosse.

Try it, you'll like it.

Over and out.
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    by (#31907) on 3/31/03 @11:44AM
Sorry, BUDDY. I guess you didn't read my entire post. So let me just reiterate the most impotant points. You are not allowed to open your ignorant yapper in the chat room again unless UMASS beats Gtown or Syracuse in a few weeks. Sorry. That is your punishment for talking so much smack about a team that hasn't beaten anybody this year. If you would like to discuss a contender.....such as Princeton or Hop, maybe we will let you put your 2 cents in. But please spare us the constant UMASS babble. This sport is too exciting at the top to worry about the pretenders at the bottom.
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rogue leader
    by (#47758) on 4/03/03 @8:37PM
What do you have shoved up your ass that makes you be such a dick? Would it be so wrong if umass does well, they hardly get any attention even when Millon went there. There is no reason to parade around the whole god damn site telling everyone about how much you think Umass sucks and how PU is the best team in lacrosse history. Jebus, you can have your own opinion, but there is no reason to trash them every chance you get. Maybe there is a reason, who knows? Hmm... could it be that you feel threatened that Umass could do the unthinkable and actually beat you're PU team? Maybe...
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    by (#41662) on 4/03/03 @10:00PM
All the backlash for Umass obviously has to do with incessent whining about the 2001 Tourney. Umass's complaints that year held no weight, hurt their legitmaticy, and made them look like whiners. That being said, they are always going to have that label, so the only thing they can do to stop it, is win. Losses to majors don't hurt, people justtold you so. But when you're fighting for respect you feel you should have gotten years ago, losses to glorified club teams are completely unacceptable. And yes Penn State, you are a glorified club team.
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Glorified Club Team?
    by (#49147) on 4/03/03 @10:38PM
That glorified club team you're talking about beat the !@#$% out of a very good Virginia team last year.
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