Lynchburg Downs Salisbury 13-12

Lynchburg Downs Salisbury 13-12

Lynchburg Downs Salisbury 13-12

Lynchburg Downs Salisbury 13-12

Salisbury, Md - Senior midfielder Joe Matta's unassisted goal with 2:08 remaining lifted #18 Lynchburg to a 13-12 upset over #1 Salisbury, handing the top-ranked Sea Gulls their first loss of the year.

Junior Kevin Reinecke and sophomore Billy McCulloch led Lynchburg (8-3) with four goals apiece. The Hornets led 6-5 at halftime and expanded their lead to 10-6 by scoring four of the first five goals in the second half.

Salisbury (10-1) closed the third quarter with three straight goals, including two by senior Josh Bergey (3g), to pull to within one at 10-9. Junior Cory O'Neil's extra-man goal at 14:40 of the fourth quarter evened the score. Lynchburg twice reclaimed the lead on goals by Brandon Childs (2g) and Paul Venturella (2g-2a) in the fourth quarter, only to see Salisbury tie the score at 11-11 and 12-12.

Salisbury had three shots to tie the score again in the final 1:32, but Lynchburg goalie Nick Braun (18 saves) stopped each attempt to secure the win.

Junior midfielder Scott Simmons led the Sea Gulls with four goals, with O'Neil and Bergey adding three apiece.

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Well Deserved
    by (#41652) on 4/10/03 @7:51PM
Sucks to be Salisbury
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    by (#43853) on 4/10/03 @8:52PM
I don't even know what to say after seeing the score of this game. Lynchburg held them to their lowest goals scored this season and took down a number one seed. I don't even remember the last time I saw a good Lynchburg upset let alone them taking down a number one. Nice work guys. And it was at Salisbury... what a win.
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West Coast on top
    by (#43853) on 4/10/03 @8:53PM
This only means one thing. When the new rankings come out Whittier's gonna be number one. Who ever thought the day that a California team would be #1 would come so soon.
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West Coast maybe, California not really
    by (#49936) on 4/11/03 @11:27AM
Don't kid your self. Yes Whittier is still located in California, but Whittier lacrosse is no longer California lacrosse. 25% of their team is Canadian, and another 40% of their team is from the East. They only have 5 guys on the team this year from California, none of which are their key role players.
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(no subject)
    by (#1128) on 4/11/03 @2:45PM
Dax Harrison, dominant face-off middie
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hes from california (nt)
    by (#1128) on 4/11/03 @2:46PM
(no text)
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Don't count chickens!
    by (#13602) on 4/11/03 @12:25PM
If Whittier goes into No. 1, good for them, but look at the BIG picture! They have two games remaining that should be no contests. Salisbury has four games, one with No. 5 Washington College.
Whittier plays only one top twenty team, in a 10 game season. While Salisbury plays Washington College #5, Gettysburg #7, Ohio Wesleyan, #12 and Lynchburg, #18 in a 14 games season, plus two in the CAC tournament, totalling a minimum sixteen game season. (Six more chances to lose!). Lynchburg came up big when they had too. Should Whittier go to No. 1 the onus will then be off the Gulls back to be perfect! Good luck to Whittier. See you in Baltimore, May 25th.
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    by (#44841) on 4/14/03 @3:25AM
I think you need to take another look at Whittier's schedule. They play a 13 game schedule (four D-1 Club teams, two D2 teams, seven D3 teams). Yes, the D2 and D1 Club team games are weak. But in 5 days they played Roanoke, E. Connecticut, and Hamden-Sydney, which are all potential tournament teams. Plus, they scheduled Alfred and Denison and it is not there fault these teams blew this year. Overall, of there 7 D3 games only 2 are at home. If you factor in the travel and how closely the rest days they have had before each game (ususally only 1 or 2 days) this schedule is much tougher than it looks on paper, so give them credit for running the table.
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whittier hasnt earned anything
    by (#43865) on 4/14/03 @11:46AM
Wittier ahsnt earned a #1 spot. yeah they put up big numbers each game. but they play the little sisters of the poor. SU can put up big numbers up on real teams like #7 gettysburg. the smacked them 17-2. Whittier plays a joke of a schedual. the only real team on their schedual is roanoke and whittier only beat them by 5 while SU smoked them by 11. Salisbury plays in one of the toughest conferences in D3 lax, where all of the teams minus 2(catholic and york) are strong teams and some of the best match ups during conference playoffs. the also play a lot of the top teams in d3 in their regular season schedual. they have one loss to a good team. big deal. they also lost to duke in a scrimage by one, while whittier was playing teams like loyola-marymount. salisbury will finish on top in baltimore beacuse they actually have to work to get to ncaa finals. SU also has two nasty attackmen in the top 10 for points in the nation and no d-poles can handle any of their attackmen. Bergey has just as many points as Whitter's top two attackmen combined. Whittier wont be able to handle it when they come east in may.
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Jibba WHAT JIbba WHO
    by (#50228) on 4/14/03 @2:58PM
Easy there, lets not kid ourselves here, to say that Salisbury plays in one of the toughest conferences in all of D3, you gotta be one of those kids who take the special bus to school. Their conference games include - catholic, york, marymount who only beat a "strong catholic squad" by one. ( I hope you are smart enough to sence the sarcasim)They also play an "ok"Goucher squad, I use the term "ok" very, very loosely. The they got the seahawks whom only beat the likes of goucher by a single goal. Finally there Mary Washington with an 8-4 record the highest next to Salisbury. Looking Mary Washington they lost to some teams that are very suspect, and barely beat teams that any decent squad should blow out. Now maybe SU plays some tough out of conference games, lets take a look. They play two "great powerhouses" in Union and Trinity. ( I hope you are senceing sarcasim cuz I am laying it on pretty thick). Then they got both Burg's OWU, Noke, and WAC. We can assess that GBURG has had some close ones with some suspect teams, and OWU has fallen of the face of the earth. Noke solid, WAC also a good team. So unless I have missed any other powderpuffs. I think that does it. Now to SUM it up. A good highschool could win there conference. Even if Salisbury were to loose every out of conference game, the AQ still gives the Gulls a CAKEWALK to the playoffs Enough Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    by (#3048) on 4/18/03 @11:53AM
Yep, I'm back fellas. Back to Laugh my Ass off at the Salisbury TRASH!!! What a bag of losers!!! My God!!! Losing to Lynchburg? Are you kidding? Too much beer, too much pot, too much of living the dirtbag lifestyle and it caught up to ya. You dirtbag lax kids deserve it. Taste it!!!!
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salisbury is human
    by (#20084) on 4/10/03 @10:04PM
..afterall. the year of the giant-killers continues and the game of musical chairs goes on in the top 10
will ssu bounce back? their next couple of games aren't so big, so they will most likely cool down before the wac game. the war on the shore should be scintilating
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    by (#3048) on 4/18/03 @11:56AM
Luvlax will make his appearance at the war on the shore to put some of those SALISBURY SLIME in their place. IT'S GO TIME DIRTBAGS!!!!!!!!!
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the memories
    by (#303) on 5/01/03 @10:40AM
I remember one War on the Shore I went to ... It was an OT game at WAC on the first of May. For those of you who don't know... these CRAZY kids from the eastern shore get NAKED for one day. I intend to attend this years war on the shore again. I am 1-0 at WAC with an OT victory. I am looking forward to seeing a good game. Salisbury broke Washington's heart on a goal by Josh Tidwell ... also known as titty! What a game.... Luvlax do you remember that one? I believe it was 2000 or around there.
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Salisbury should not lose #1 spot over this loss
    by (#49945) on 4/11/03 @1:33PM
Lynchburg is a great time this year and this win proves it. It was a battle of two powerhouses and salisbury fell just short. Props to LC, they are very dangerous and underrated. It should be interesting to see the d3 tourney outlook down the stretch as well as the new top 20 rankings.
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Forget Whittier
    by (#49958) on 4/11/03 @3:38PM
We can talk about Whittier some other day. This day belongs to the LC hornets who walked into a game against and undefeated Salisbury team that just beat Gettysburg 17-2, a team that had not fallen out of the top 5 for the past 5 years until 2 weeks ago. The sad thing is, there's a possiblity that Lynchburg could still not go to the tourney because of the crappy AQ's. But the next their next three games are conference games at home vs. VA. Wesleyan, Hampden-Sydney, and Roanoke. These games are key. If Lynchburg is for real these games shouldn't be a problem. HSC would be another huge win. Roanoke is important for two reasons, conference standing, and the rivarly. The last 5 years they have been one goals games. LC won some, Roanoke won some.

Let's go hornets. Time to take advantage of this opportunity to show the lax world that you guys are for real. We all want to see you playing in the Championship game in Ravens Stadium. Nicky B, hold in down in the cage kid. You've got your shot now. Good job fellas.
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    by (#33555) on 4/11/03 @1:52PM
Sounds like one hell of a hard fought game. Congrats to L-burg for the win. But I'd like to extend an invitation to Salisbury to come to Frostburg Univ Shindig on May 26th. If you heard about it you know it is a crap load of fun, with lots of beer. Hope to see you at Shindig, and will see you at Ravens Stadium. (search the internet for more info)
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    by (#49984) on 4/11/03 @3:52PM
Congrats to LC for pulling off probably the most impressive win in its program. Not since Ohio Wesleyan lost to Lynchburg in 1999 that a win can solidify the status of a division III program such as Lynchburg's. The Ohio Wesleyan win put Lynchburg's program on the map. This win against Salisbury gave Lynchburg much-needed respect in terms that they can win a game that has a pressure-based situation. This is the first time in any division of lacrosse where there are a lot of teams in contention for the title. I doubt that this year's tourney will have any patsies like before. This DIII NCAA tourney will be the most competitive yet. Any given team can beat anyone now. It's great for the sport of lacrosse and hopefully people can realize that this is a good thing.
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to back that up . . . .
    by (#46513) on 4/12/03 @1:58AM
Widener U. only lost to Lynchburg by 1. does that mean they could be a factor come tourney time?
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of course...
    by (#18871) on 4/13/03 @10:05PM
WU will not only be a factor but any team facing them should fear the monster from the mecca (Chester PA that is!!!) GO PIONEERS!!!

P.S. props to Lynchburg and maybe I am smoking something, let me be happy in peace; GO WIDENER!!!
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Forgot one
    by (#1248) on 4/15/03 @9:10AM
An unranked LC beat the #2 ranked Ithaca Bombers way back in 1993. This game truly put LC on the map, as they were never ranked before this game and since that game have only had one transition season where they dropped out of the top 20. There is no question however that this win over Salisbury is the biggest in the programs history. Coack Koudelka is doing an amazing job, I just hope they can keep him for a while because he is obviously and up and coming coach.
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    by (#38595) on 4/17/03 @3:52PM
you must be pretty old to remember that. are you an alumn trying to relive his days or what?
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Fast Eddie
    by (#50938) on 4/23/03 @8:06AM
Fast Eddie B was always good with the stats. I can't believe that a huge LC win was overshadowed by talk of Whittier. Coach K is doing a great job in the Burg.
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