Men: Villanova Past Fairfield, 12-7

Men: Villanova Past Fairfield, 12-7

Men: Villanova Past Fairfield, 12-7

Men: Villanova Past Fairfield, 12-7

Villanova came into the game with the plan of having defenseman Chris Bowman shut down Fairfields best attacker in Spencer Steele. Wildcat assistant coach Matt Klank summed it up for his squad. "I thought we shut down (Steele) with Chris Bowman and that was our plan; we won this game with our defense. Wilk also played a helluva' game in net. He came up big." Truth of the matter is that while Villanova did execute their game plan, Fairfield was hardly ready to put up a fight. Stag midfielder Peter Shanely indicated that this has been a problem for the last couple of games for his squad. "We came out flat. We've only been playing two or three quarters a game and we got outhustled." The problem today was more like they only played two or three minutes.

The game started out very tentatively with both teams playing extremely conservative. Aside from a couple of forced feeds from Wildcat middie Jack McTigue, the Villanova team played smart. Fairfield seemed to be doing the same thing, but it turns out they just lacked direction. Villanova started the scoring when Chris Larson ripped a worm burner that beat goalie C.J. Kemp. 'Nova scored again before Fairfield came back with two of their own to tie it at two. In dramatic fashion Brian Marks quick sticked a McTigue feed with 13 seconds to go to put the 'Cats up by one to end the quarter.

Sounds like the makings of a great game, but while Villanova continued to execute, Fairfield played about as poorly as a team with their kind of talent could. We have to give the Wildcats some credit as their defense consistently picked the Fairfield attackers' pockets. Bowman was especially impressive as he, for the most part, completly nullified their best attacker in Spencer Steele. Villanova padded their lead in the second quarter with goals by Justin Marks and Brian Marks.

The second half just got worse for the Stags as they had flat feet and liitle movement on offense, and on defense they had guys wide open on the crease all day. Even when the Stags had opportunities they consistently blew them. They didn't even get shots off on three second half fast breaks and they missed the net when they did shoot. Especially disheartening was watching Spencer Steele driving through five defenders while keeping the ball in his stick. Only problem, one the entire team shared, was he couldn't get the ball out of his stick when he wanted to because he's got an offset head with a bag on it.

Villanova made the score 10-3 by the end of the third quarter and the game was all but over. Fairfield came to life in the last five minutes of the game, but it was way too late.

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    by (#945) on 4/08/00 @7:28PM
The tone of this article makes it sound as though the only reason Villanova won was because Fairfield didnt come to play. The way I saw the game was that Villanova's defense shut down a talented Fairfield offense, while Villanova's offense was too much for Fairfield's D. Villanova was clearly the better team.
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villanova vs. fairfield
    by (#2031) on 4/09/00 @1:21AM
saus 45, you sound like the most beautiful hunk of man i have ever heard online, and oh yes i do meen online! please find me, for you are my knight in shining armor.
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    by (#2023) on 4/08/00 @9:34PM
I believe the writer of this article is horrible and obviously never was or had the opportunity to be a successful lacrosse player. Spencer Steele is ligit and can make an entire defense look foolish no matter what kind of stick or pocket he has. If it's legal why not take advantage of it, everyone else does, including Cuse' superstar ryan powell, and Oh yeah, its the same stick.
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villanova/fairfied mens lacrosse game
    by (#2024) on 4/09/00 @12:47AM
I'm with the bigman. Whereas Fairfield was without a doubt the vastly superior team talent and athlete wise, Villanova still took full advantage of a poorly coached organization. Oh, by the way, "summer league team...?" Please.
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No cotest
    by (#2030) on 4/09/00 @1:37AM
I played him and he wasn't all that loagit. He could be timed and run with whenever any two legged person could. I know high sch0oolers who can throw a wrap aqnd srip him. He's good but doesn't change speeds, or move in or out. I timede every step he took.
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response to vulax
    by (#2063) on 4/09/00 @10:58PM
Three words buddy, HOOKED ON PHONICS!
No cotest, srip, sch0oolers,timede and lets not forget loagit what is that? Thank God you spend all of your time working out and kickin ass rather than on your college thesis. I bet you say this a lot, How much can you MEATHEAD.
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point taken
    by (#2030) on 4/10/00 @11:04AM
Sorry blaa, but you try typing @ 2 am after celebrating all afternoon and night. By the way I'm a sophemore mechanical engineer and there's nothing wrong with being part meathead.
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but not the same player
    by (#1383) on 4/09/00 @9:45PM
Its the same stick but not the same player. I agree with Mike that it doesn't take a whole lot of talent to be able to not get the ball taken away from you if you've got a huge bag with an offset head. There are seventh graders now who look like they have the same stickwork as the Gaits because of those things. If you can't feed and you can't release a shot quickly, you sure as hell better be fast, and I don't think Steele's beating anyone in a 40.
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    by (#1984) on 4/11/00 @8:12AM
If Spencer Steele is as amazing as you say he is, why isn't he ripping it up at some D1 power rather than some overrated 2-6 team? Don't get me wrong, Fairfield has made strides in recent years, but they still have a helluva long way to go.
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Bowman WHO?
    by (#1871) on 4/09/00 @3:22PM
this can't be the same chris bowman that i knew in middle school. little chubby chris seems to have grown up into quit the lacrosse player. Well just don't forget where you came from buddy. Your not to good that you can't spend an evening with some of your old drinking buddies in old Howard County.
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What up Albino?
    by (#2030) on 4/10/00 @11:09AM
Nice to hear you Ken. Chubby my a$$. Send me an email-
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    by (#2067) on 4/10/00 @11:01AM
Knibb High Footbal RULES!
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what up
    by (#2096) on 4/10/00 @10:26PM
Play Urgo more!!!!!!!
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fairfield better than nova?
    by (#2101) on 4/11/00 @10:26AM
I attended this game, and I can't believe this article was actually written. Nova absolutely handled this bush league team from Fairfield. So say what you want about Fairfield, but Nova has a good squad.
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Can't we all just get along?
    by (#2122) on 4/11/00 @9:12PM
First and foremost, what's up with the guy who wrote this article? I wonder what year he graduated from Villanova?

I attended last Saturday's game, and I'll be the first to admit that Fairfield got outplayed. And no one will argue that this was their second, somewhat disappointing performance in a row, having lost to Butler last week too.

However, I had the priviledge of playing for this team throughout their rebuilding process, and the strides they have taken since I arrived on campus in the Fall of '95 are beyond belief.

Not only did the Stags beat Villanova a year ago, but over the last five years, these team have been going in opposite directions. While Villanova has steadily declined, Fairfield has laid claim to 3 conference championships and two ECAC championships as well. These may not be NCAA championships, but they look pretty good when compared to the championships that Villanova has won (which, for those of you scoring at home is 0).

And while Villanova fans may look at their team's record as being 4-2 and Fairfield as being a pathetic 2-6, let's analyze who these teams have played, as well as who they have won and/or lost to.

Among Fairfield's six defeats are tough one-goal losses to UNC and Harvard (both of whom were ranked in the top 15 when Fairfield played them) on their home fields. Fairfield lost at Cornell, a team who beat Syracuse today. They also lost at Loyola to a team that could go on to win the national championship. Don't get me wrong, a loss is still a loss, but I would be anxious to see how Villanova would match up with these teams.

As far as wins are concerned, Fairfield has no overly impressive wins to speak of, but in retrospect, does Villanova? I guess they do if you consider Drexel, Sacred Heart, Lafayette, etc. to be D1 powerhouses. I certainly don't see it that way.

In conclusion, it's not wise to question the heart of Fairfield's team or even their ability for that matter. If these teams played 10 times, each team would win five.

To say that Fairfield plays like, or even resembles, a summer league team, is an unwarranted cheap-shot, as it is to criticize a player of Spencer Steele's caliber. Until you strap on the pads and play against him everyday in practice, you don't understand how good he really is because he makes the sport look easy. Maybe the author should put his money where is mouth is.
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anxious to see?
    by (#951) on 4/12/00 @12:13AM
hey BT, villanova did scrimmage cornell earlier this year. both teams played their starters and the cats cruised pretty easily to a 7-3 victory. you could ask petro himself and he'll admit his team got worked. its a shame these 2 teams couldnt play during the regular season because it would be a great game. as for nova's wins, you conveniently mention only their weaker opponents. They knocked off Lehigh who was at the time ranked #18 in the country(after beating towson). they also have an ivy victory over dartmouth, and are playing penn, loyola,and notre dame soon. only time will tell how these games end up, but i'm sure they'll give those guys better games than fairfield could, and probably win 2 of them. (obviously loyola is awesome)

finally, if they played 10 games for some bizarre reason, fairfield might win 2, and could never possibly handle nova's midfielders
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Opposite Directions???
    by (#2145) on 4/12/00 @2:31PM

I do not understand your claim that these two teams have been going in opposite directions for the past few years. Two years ago villanova compiled a record of 6-8 which was an obvious dissapointment. Last year however, the wildcats rebounded and finished off with an 8-6 record including their first ever win over upenn and a victory over lehigh who were last years patriot league champs (bush league champs). That year included tough losses to top twenty and top ten teams such as georgetown, hopkins, notre dame, penn state and bucknell.
Fairfield is obviously improving, especially in the last few years, but they have absolutely no advantage over 'nova as of now. These so called "championships" which they have won are in no way legit mainly b/c of the teams involved in this conference: manhattan, siena, st. joes, quinnipiac, canisius and providence. These teams are at the bottom of the barrel, so coming out as the champion of a conference like that is not exactly a great accomplishment which you seem to be making it out as.
One fact that hurts your claim the most is that villanova was victorious over fairfield this year after a tough loss to the stags last year. To anyone, this would seem that villanova is improving while fairfied is doing just the opposite.
BT, im not trying to knock fairfield's program in any way, and i wouldnt be surprised within the next few years if fairfield becomes the dominant team being that they have 9 scholoarships to villanova's none. But at this point, villanova is in no way declining in its quality of play and are clearly a better team than the stags at this point. Fairfield has improved, but are not yet at the level where everyone expected them to be. I'm looking forward to yet another battle next spring.
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(no subject)
    by (#2130) on 4/12/00 @12:26AM
Im glad to see thats kemps playin now, but he still gotta work on his mitt... it stinks
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    by (#2125) on 4/13/00 @11:01PM
I agree with this guy: Kemp's mitt does stink. I think that is why he's such a nasty goalie. I am also glad to hear that he's playing more.
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GC football legend, Hugh Boyle
    by (#2131) on 4/12/00 @12:27PM
Why don't you guys beat Pallotti or Carroll or whoever is in your league? Leave Curt out of this. He's a hard-bodied, minky little lass. I agree with you about Phil.
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(no subject)
    by (#2130) on 4/12/00 @11:42AM
Dude that was way over the line, whalens the one with the stank mitt get it right
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Adam Brown is awsome!!!!
    by (#2050) on 4/13/00 @7:48AM
I think adam brown should be seeing more p.t.
he can really crank the rock!! His Face-off ability is unmatched. ***GO CATS***

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Adam Brown
    by (#2226) on 4/14/00 @10:27AM
A.B. is a stud and next year hopefully will get his chance to show what he can do on the offensive end. ADAM BROWN for Prez
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Kemp is a fat turd.
    by (#2131) on 4/13/00 @10:37PM
Kemp is a turd like Bret Stevenson. Goalie CJ kemp's chest looks like 2 squirrels fighting when he runs. You fat fuckin mess, Kemp.
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Kemp is a fat turd.
    by (#2131) on 4/13/00 @10:38PM
Kemp is a turd like Bret Stevenson. Goalie CJ kemp's chest looks like 2 squirrels fighting when he runs. You fat fuckin mess, Kemp.
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    by (#2245) on 4/14/00 @10:27PM
Justin McCarty some how slipped through the recruiting process in High School. This agile stud is a huge addition to the Catholic Lax Squad. He is a feriousious defender and Tereny should really check him out. He has defended Egan and Gessner...he must be good
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