Virginia Tops Duke 12-6 For ACC Crown

Virginia Tops Duke 12-6 For ACC Crown

Virginia Tops Duke 12-6 For ACC Crown

Virginia Tops Duke 12-6 For ACC Crown

Charlottesville, Va. - Senior Billy Glading scored a career-high five goals to lead Virginia to a 12-6 win over Duke in the championship game of the Atlantic Coast Conference Men's Lacrosse Tournament this afternoon at Klöckner Stadium. The championship is the Cavaliers' first league title since 2000 and their fifth tournament championship since 1997.

Glading scored seven goals in the tournament, including the game winner in overtime in the semifinals against North Carolina, and was named the tournament MVP.

He helped get the Cavaliers off to a quick start this afternoon by scoring all three of their goals in the first quarter.

The Blue Devils fought back, however, with a three-goal run early in the second quarter. Kevin Cassese knotted the score at three with an extra-man goal less than four minutes into the period. Matt Zash gave the Devils their only lead at 4-3 a short time later with his first goal in three games.

Freshman Kyle Dixon tied the score at four midway through the quarter by taking a pass up top from Joe Yevoli and beating A.J. Kincel from 10 yards out. John Christmas scored what proved to be the game winner 5:55 before halftime by sneaking a shot past Kincel at the goal line extended on the left side as the Cavaliers took a 5-4 lead into halftime.

Virginia extended the lead to 7-4 behind third quarter goals by Yevoli and Glading. Duke's Matt Rewkowski tallied on a nifty roll from behind to beat Johnson to end a scoring drought of nearly 21 minutes to draw the Blue Devils to within two, but it was as close as they'd get the rest of the day.

A.J. Shannon scored the first of his three goals late in the third to start the Cavaliers on a five-goal run that effectively ended Duke's chances of a comeback. Dixon scored an extra-man goal and Glading his fifth before Shannon scored UVa's final two goals. Rewkowski netted his second with just over a minute to play to complete the scoring.

Goalie Tillman Johnson and the Cavalier defense helped hold the Duke offense in check throughout the game. He was strong early on recording seven of his 13 saves in the first quarter to set a tone for the rest of the way. Overall the Cavaliers allowed two goals in the final 39 minutes.

ACC All-Tournament Team: Billy Glading (UVa)-MVP, David Burman (UVa), Kevin Cassese (Duke), Scott Falatach (UNC), Brett Hughes (UVa), Tillman Johnson (UVa), A.J. Kincel (Duke), Ryan Moran (Maryland), Matt Rewkowski (Duke), Chris Rotelli (UVa), John Wendling (Duke), Joe Yevoli (UVa).

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    by (#50751) on 4/20/03 @10:14PM

Well....hopefully not. I know they lost Koontz and Gill last year, but I hope they will preform well in the tourney. Go Hoo's. You and Hop on May 26 when i'm in Baltimore
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    by (#9264) on 4/22/03 @8:05PM

Peace...Mo' Bro' represent it chris.
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    by (#21709) on 4/21/03 @2:34PM
I went to the game last year and it was a tough loss for UVA. This year they came back and got it though. They jumped out fast.
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    by (#45531) on 4/21/03 @10:24PM
Duke University, the Blue Devils, are the worst team in the entire country. They should not be a D-1 program, because they are all a bunch of North Carolina white trash. Saddam Hussein needs to destroy that campus with his arsenal, and then I'll go there and laugh and laugh and laugh... I'm glad UVA won and everything, but you know what, Duke should not be playing against them for any kind of championship. DOWN WITH DUKE!
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    by (#41662) on 4/22/03 @1:31AM
Wow buddy, dislike for the Blue Devils? You must have not been recruited by them huh? And NC White Trash? You probably live in your parents basement jerking off to dial up speed internet porn.
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    by (#9264) on 4/22/03 @8:08PM
....I bet hes an NC State fan...
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    by (#46862) on 4/22/03 @8:24AM
That's kinda heavy ain't it, bro? I think the Blue Devils deserve a little more respect than that.

And in case you haven't been reading the papers, a got a news flash for you - Saddam is pushin' up daisy cutters...
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so ignorant
    by (#37571) on 4/22/03 @12:08PM
tastytreaets33 your comment was not only immature but its content could not have been farther from the truth. If you look at the Duke roster there are only a few kids that are actually from North Carolina, and those few come from very well to do families. The majority of the team is from up North where you should know smart ass your "white trash" does not really exist. And if you have any clue about basic economics and demographics (might need to look that one up!, its a big one) you would know that in these "white trash" areas you speak of there is less money and development in such places. So the education is the first to suffer. It is nearly impossible for those people to achieve the education needed to gain acceptence in too, as of last year, a top five university in all of the United states. By the way the average lacrosse players high school numbers or 3.8 out of 4.0 and a 1300 on the sat's. Oh and if you ever want to try on one of my two acc rings write back, i'll be glad too let you try it on.
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well written...
    by (#50944) on 4/23/03 @10:18AM
Bravo. No one in NCAA Lax displays more class on and off the field than Kevin Cassese!!!! Go luck the rest of the way KAC!!!
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Where do you play LAX at?
    by (#50944) on 4/23/03 @10:16AM
Have you checked Duke's roster in the past few years? The starting lineup is primarily LI STUDS. They have that #1 recruit in the country...ahh...what's his name...Kevin Cassese. Teamed with Brennan(Daler), Zash, Renkowski, Moffett(Ward Melville), etc... Get your facts straight before you shoot off your "White TRASH" mouth... P-Boy!!!
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Go Uva
    by (#47758) on 4/22/03 @7:26PM
Uva is finally back and playing like they should be. Hopefully well be seeing a championship win for the cavs come memorial day weekend.
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    by (#41662) on 4/22/03 @8:53PM
Although I am not a Hoos fan, I would not want to play them come May. Too many weapons if they decide to play the way they can. John Christmas is wicked good and Tillman Johnson is solid net. Definitely a good bet to return to the Final Four.
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UVa is too good
    by (#26024) on 4/25/03 @2:21AM
I was at the UVa Duke game...UVa dominated them in every aspect of the game. Defense, offense, face-offs (Cassesse had NOTHING on Jack DeVilliers)...i'm talking EVERY aspect. Duke had no shot, yea it was close at half, but UVa turned it on and proved that they are the team to watch out for come tourney time. Duke won't make the tournament and neither will UNC. At one point, Pressler asked for DeVilliers' stick to be checked because he COULD NOT lose! Kincel gave a valient effort, but there's only so much you can do, especially when you have the best d middie in the country scoring 5 on you. oh well, every team has its year and duke has won several ACC tourneys, including beating UVa last year for it, so they get their props, but this year is just plain and simple the year of the Cavalier. see you in may.
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Face offs at UVA at ACC
    by (#51634) on 5/01/03 @9:48AM
Did you know that Kevin Cassese won 9/13 faceoffs against Jack, "On your back". Whoever kept the stats for that game did it wrong. Check another website for the real thing. ...Kevin also did this with a broken dominant hand. DID YOU KNOW THAT!!! Kind of like "hand behind your back thing". Don't know which game you were watching????
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    by (#51643) on 5/22/03 @4:54PM
I was at the UVa game and Cassese was embarassed facing off. The kid is a good player but I have to say he is one of the most overrated players in the game today. As far as the Tewaarton goes it is ridiculous that he is still in the running and a shame for people who outperformed him consistently throughout the year, many of whom are still playing that were overlooked. He did very little to keep his team going and if anyone on Duke deserves, it's Rewkowski.
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    by (#51634) on 5/23/03 @2:41PM
How can you say embarrassed when he won 90% of the face offs. Obviously you were watching another game. As for Tewarraton ask any team who they had to work a defense around they will Tell you cassese not rewkowski The long stick and best D man was on Cassese and he still managed to score. He plays defense, offense, face off and wing. How many others can say that.. Look at the stats for groundballs Not many middies up for the trophy have that kind of stat.
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