Maryland Back on Course with Necessary Win

Maryland Back on Course with Necessary Win

Maryland Back on Course with Necessary Win

Maryland Back on Course with Necessary Win

On a rainy Friday night, in front of a sparse yet diverse crowd of 1,933, the Maryland Terrapins overcame a sluggish start to gain a halftime lead of five, while managing to suppress any and all of UMBC's attempts to mount a comeback, leaving their home field with solid yet unpersuasive win on Terrapin Senior Night.

After coming off two one-goal losses you would think that Maryland would come out as fired up as ever, but quite the reverse occurred. The initial play produced quite a slapdash display of lacrosse, lacking quality shots and instead producing lots of turnovers for both teams. Nonetheless, UMBC was able to start the scoring when Josh Gerber, the Retrievers leading scorer, took a pass from Phil Grillo and placed it above the shoulder of Terp goalie, Danny McCormick. The sloppy play continued as did the rain, and it wouldn?t be for another five minutes until Maryland would get their first score of the night. It came from Paul Gillette on a shot that ripped between the legs of net-minder Tim Flanagan and tied the game at 1. Two more UMBC goals were needed before the Maryland offense began to play to their potential. The first of the two, coming from Retriever face-off man Pat Muston, took only 0:09 off the clock, as he picked up the ground ball off the face-off and ran straight in for the score. That was followed by teammate Joey Kestermann's unassisted goal.

Thankfully for Maryland the quality of their play did heighten as they would go on a four goal run to end the quarter. Terp Captain Ryan Moran was responsible for the first two. Both were identical drives to the right in which an over the top shot was placed in the top left of the cage, the latter tying the game. Sean Leary took a Mike Mollot feed, Mollot's first point in three games, enabling Maryland to take their first lead. They would only build on that lead with Justin Smith's rip from up top. The quarter ended with Maryland outscoring their opponent for the first time in six games, 5-3.

The second quarter gave little in the way of exciting lacrosse. Only three goals were registered during the 15:00 of action, all coming from Maryland. Captain Mollot continued to put together an impressive night as he would put a string of two goals together. The first came 11:30 into second quarter play and increased the Terp lead to three. The third and final goal of the quarter, and subsequently the half, came with only 0:10 left and was credited to Dan LaMonica, ending the half with an 8-3 Maryland lead.

As the rain continued to pour down on Byrd Stadium, the field became more and more difficult to navigate, yet the scores continued to mount. In the first five minutes, UMBC was able to tally two goals at the hands of Josh Gerber and Phil Grillo, while UMD?s lone goal came from Justin Smith. But those two goals were the only offensive production for the Retrievers during the quarter. The Terps, conversely, put together a trio of goals before the quarter ended. Against a sluggish UMBC defense, that played both zone and man-to-man throughout the night, freshman Joe Walters netted his first of three goals and was followed by a Mollot score on a drive from X. The final goal of the third was the most entertaining play of the game. It came from Matt Urlock as he caught a feed from Brian Hunt on the crease and threw it behind his back, surprising UMBC?s Flanagan, and closing the quarter with a lead of 12-5.

Interesting note: Throughout the second and third quarters, Maryland goalie Danny McCormick recorded 0 saves on seven UMBC shots, yet only allowing 2 goals. A sure sign of a weak shooting performance.

Finally the fourth quarter came and although the UMBC Retrievers produced the most offense they had all night, it would prove to be to no avail as the Terps would score just as many goals (3). Also, many players came off the bench to assist both teams' starters during this quarter. This was evidenced by Maryland sophomore Andrew Schwartzman's goal, only his third of the season and Maryland?s first of the quarter. The "veteran freshman" Walters continued to produce, as he scored two more goals, ending the game with a hat-trick and bringing his season total to 28, leading his team in scoring. UMBC put up a good fight in the fourth, but they needed a similar effort throughout the game if that had any hope of leaving victorious. They had goals from Gerber, his third of the game, James Hyland and an unassisted score from Grillo off of a rebound. With Walters last goal the game ended, 15-8.

Despite the sluggish start, Maryland handled the Retrievers without too much difficulty. UMBC lacked the offensive steadiness and defensive aggressiveness that was necessary to beat this Maryland team. Maryland will have a challenge on Monday night as they face a hungry Georgetown team, again in Byrd Stadium (a make-up from the bad weather early on in the season). UMBC continues their season at home against Ohio State on April 30.

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    by (#41001) on 4/26/03 @1:32AM
congrats maryland...but i really just wanted first post
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just wanted to know how to trade on the fantasy
    by (#43260) on 4/26/03 @11:24AM
how do u trade plyers on the fantasy league? ne know....?
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    by (#47133) on 4/26/03 @12:39PM
maryland is nasty man
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can you say first round bye
    by (#38595) on 4/26/03 @2:53PM
Princeton is losing at 2:55 pm and maryland provided they beat gtown gets a bye. thank god princeton lost. they play this easy ass schedule like usual and crawl up the rankings.
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16 teams this year
    by (#41662) on 4/30/03 @1:12AM
NO first round byes this year. Its been noted in about 17 stories so far this year buddy
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