Dartmouth Pounds Tigers, Shares Ivy Lead

Dartmouth Pounds Tigers, Shares Ivy Lead

Dartmouth Pounds Tigers, Shares Ivy Lead

Dartmouth Pounds Tigers, Shares Ivy Lead

PRINCETON, N.J. - Andrew Goldstein made 17 saves to lead Dartmouth to a 13-6 win over second-ranked Princeton in front of 1,206 at the Class of 1952 Stadium.

The victory improved Dartmouth to 10-2 overall and 4-1 in the Ivy League, where the Big Green is tied with Princeton (9-3, 4-1). The Tigers saw their nine-game winning streak and their 14-game winning streak over Dartmouth come to ends.

Coupled with Cornell's 14-3 win over Brown, the Dartmouth-Princeton result set up the possibility of a three-way tie for the league title. Cornell, done with its Ivy season at 5-1, has clinched at least a share of the title. Princeton, who hosts Brown, and Dartmouth, who is at Harvard, can each get a piece of the title next weekend with wins.

Should there be a two-way tie for the title, then the winner of the head-to-head game would get the league's automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. In the event of a three-way tie, all of the tiebreakers would come out even, so a random drawing would determine the bid.

Princeton's Ryan Boyle did break the Ivy League record for assists in a league season. His two gave him 27 on the season, one better than the old record set in 1972 by Cornell's Pat Gallagher and equaled by Cornell's Tim Goldstein in 1987.

"Their goalie played the best game I've seen on this field since, maybe ever," said Princeton coach Bill Tierney. "He made some big saves early and we got tentative on our shots. Give Dartmouth credit. They played a great game."

Princeton was playing without starting midfielder Owen Daly (hyperextended knee), starting defenseman Ricky Schultz (ankle sprain) and face-off man and second midfielder Drew Casino (shoulder separation). In addition, starting attackman Sean Hartofilis was suspended for the game for a violation of team rules. Dartmouth played without its leading scorer, Jamie Coffin (broken hand).

Princeton scored first, but Dartmouth answered to make it 3-1 at the end of the first quarter and 6-2 at halftime. Princeton would get no closer than three in the second half.

"I can't tell you what this means to our program," said Dartmouth coach Rick Sowell. "If we played our best game and they played their best game, we probably don't win. But we wanted to play our best game and see what happened."

Goldstein made the biggest difference. He had four saves in the first quarter to help his team get the lead, and he made several huge stops to help the Big Green keep it.

Goldstein, a sophomore who made 10 saves while allowing nine goals against Princeton a year ago, kept Princeton from getting any sort of run together. His offense helped his as well, getting the next goal after all six Princeton scores and doing so in less than a minute after five of the six Princeton goals.

"He's done that all season for us," said Sowell. "He's had 16 saves, 17 saves in several games."

Tom Daniels led the Big Green with four goals and two assists, while Ben Grinnell had three goals and an assist. Ryan Danehy (2-1) and Russell Radebaugh (0-3) had three-point games for Dartmouth as well.

Princeton was led by Boyle, who had a goal and two assists. Matt Trevenen had two assists; no other Princeton player had more than one point.

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uh oh
    by (#47758) on 4/26/03 @7:25PM
Umass wins a big game against syracuse and princeton gets blown out by an unranked team... all in one day. I think rogue leader might kill himself...
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Hold Everything!
    by (#50751) on 4/27/03 @10:32AM
Right now, princeton's third in the Ivy League with that Dartmouth loss, and if cornell and dartmouth win out, wont they finish third? If I'm not mistaken the Ivy League only gets an AQ and oen at-large to the tournament. princeton might not make it!!!isnt that the first time in like.. ever??/
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What the hell r u talking about?
    by (#45374) on 4/27/03 @7:04PM
First of all Princeton is tied for second in the ivys, they're not in third. Princeton will obviously make the tourny, this is only their third loss of the season, if your looking for someone who won't make the tourney look at cuse who are now 7 and 5.
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Ivy League
    by (#51403) on 4/28/03 @3:32PM
Prior to 1990 Princeton never even made an apprearance in the tourney. But they are in this year no matter what. Dartmouth is in only if they get the AQ (which would be their first time in the tourney, kind of like Princeton 12 years ago). If Cornell does not get the AQ, they have a shot at an at-large. They would beat out bubble team Penn State who they beat head to head.
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    by (#41662) on 4/28/03 @4:36PM
I don't think Cornell has a very good shot at an at large. Their resume is not very impressive this year. If Princeton doesn't win the AQ, of course they're in, but they will take up an at large that we hadn't foreseen, meaning a bubble team is out. Might mean bye-bye to whoever doesn't win the CAA(Towson-Hofstra), Duke, UMBC or a similar team.
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TriMGLax17 - U hold everything
    by (#51511) on 4/29/03 @9:08PM
First off, Princeton is in a 3-way tie for the Ivy league. Second Hartofolis, and a couple others were injured for the game. and last yes your right there is an AQ and one at large but if princeton, dartmouth, and Cornell all end the season sharing the Ivy League Cornell will get the at large and princeton will get the AQ look at the tigers past. Dartmouth has had a good season but has no reputation and well get over looked. Also as it is now the tigers are still @ #2.
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p-d game
    by (#51269) on 4/26/03 @10:24PM
i was gonna go, but decided not because of the rain, why wasn't hartofolis playing, i heard it was because he broke school rules, whats that mean
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    by (#15285) on 4/29/03 @2:56PM
Who knows? As much as I love Princeton one man won't help a team overcome a 6 goal deficit. Granted Princeton was missing other key players due to injury, Dartmouth came out hard and displayed great athleticism. Congrats to the fellas in New Hampshire.
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the real reason
    by (#51504) on 4/29/03 @8:33PM
First of all Hartofolis did not play because he got arrested and when coach found out he benched him. Second of all the reason that some of PUís key players did not play is because they were physically beat up from the Loyola over time win.
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(no subject)
    by (#51566) on 4/30/03 @3:23PM
That is the worst reason ever stupid
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Dartmouth Lax
    by (#51566) on 4/30/03 @3:21PM
In the last couple of years Princeton's program has started to get weaker and weaker. Dartmouth and all f the other ivy's are getting good recruits because they know that they will be able to play their. The Big Green is now getting better recruits and it will be hard for other teams to stop them. Tierney is acomplete wackjob and he cannot control his men like he did in '98.
Dartmouth will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future. Josh Coffin is a promising man and Andrew Goldstein is the best goalie in the NCAA, besides Tim Mcginnis of Gettysburg. The Ivy has a much harder rucruiting style because they cannot give athletic scholarships. That is why Virginiia is so stong athleticly. My Dad was the starting goalie for Dartmouth from "73-'75 and he says that he has never seen an Ivy League goalie that good Besides Justin Cynar. My Dad also holds the Ivy League Record for most saves.
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Another clueless fan......
    by (#31907) on 4/30/03 @4:02PM
Buddy, Princeton has been to the Final the last 3 years, winning it in 2001. So your claim that "In the last couple of years Princeton's program has started to get weaker and weaker" doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Was this loss to Dartmouth a real eye opener? Absolutely. Is the Princeton dynasty starting to show signs of cracking? Possibly. But let's wait for a year or two of the Tigers not making the Final 4 before you declare the strongest program of the past 15 years dead. And don't hate Tierney just because he is the best coach in college lacrosse. Every other DIV I program in the country (except Hop) would drop their coach right now for a chance to hire Coach T.

As for your father's claim that this Dartmouth goalie is the greatest Ivy League keeper in recent memory.....tell him to go back a few years to a guy named Scott Bacigalupo who was about the sickest goalie you will ever see. I think your dad consumed a few too many foreign substances in the basement of AD back in the day.
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You have no Idea
    by (#51566) on 4/30/03 @8:21PM
Do you think cuse Goergtown would drop their coach? noTierney has a simple system
Now, Many people are finding out how he constructs it and how to beat it
Any Bacigalupo has nothin on Cynar
The opponents he played were weaker and he had Morrow as a defender
Cynar had nobody
Think about that
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You Have No Clue
    by (#31907) on 5/01/03 @10:02AM
1. Georgetown would absolutely drop Urick for a shot a Tierney. Even at a fantastic school with a full boat of scholarships, GTown has not played in a Final let alone win a National Championship. Princeton does not give out athletic scholarships. All aid that is awarded is based on need after a student has been accepted to the school. If Tierney could just flat out hand out full rides Princeton would win the Title every single year.

2. Tierney's "simple" system has been dominating lacrosse since the early 90's. If it is so simple why has it taken 15 years for these other programs to catch on. And now Hopkins, the #1 team in the country, has copied almost everything they do.

3. Watch a tape of the '92 Championship game where Bacigalupo and the Tigers beat Syracuse in probably the best lacrosee game I have ever seen. Bacigalupo was unbelievable in that game. That 'Cuse team had Jamie Archer, Tom Marachek, and Matt Riter on attack. Their midfield was insane.......Lockwood, Colsey, Finn, and John Barr on the 2nd line. And they had Beardsley, Schmidt, and one other stud whose name I can't recall on defense. Their goalie was Chris Surran who was excellent. That team would kill ANYBODY in DIV I this year and probably any other year as well. They may be the best team ever in college lax that didn't win a championship. In 1993, 'Cuse returned almost everyone and won the Championship, beating Carolina who was also stacked with Alex Martin, Greg Paradine, Chuck Breschi, Donnie McNichol, John Webster, Ryan Wade, Steve Spears, Holmes Harden. These teams were LOADED. Princeton played them both. Princeton played Hop and UVA every year. Please, don't even compare the competition Priceton plays to that of any of the other Ivy League teams. It isn't even close.

Now run back to your daddy and don't come back until you know what you are talking about.
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    by (#51403) on 5/02/03 @10:57AM
I want to start this off by saying that Tierney is a genius, but let's give college lacrosse some credit where it is due. Over the past 15 years, Syracuse has been equally successful as Princeton using a completely different style of play (run and gun). The last team from the Ivy league to be successful was Cornell in the 70's and early 80's (3 national titles and a few more appearances in the big show). The coach was Richie Moran and he was a genius and ran a "run and gun" style of offense. To say the Hopkins copies anything from anyone is ridiculous (where do you think Tierney was before he went to Princeton?). Hopkins "is" lacrosse and have always played somewhat of a slower ball control type of game. That is what makes lacrosse so great is that you can be successful playing "slowdown/control", "run and gun" or something in between (which most teams try to do). What Princeton has done is amazing, but it is not the only game in town and never will be. Don't take this as an arguement, but some parts of your post may have come across the wrong way to some people. Not that you seem to care anyway.
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Ivy League
    by (#41662) on 5/03/03 @4:19PM
Don't get too caught up in the romantic notion that Ivy League Princeton doesn't give their stud recruits a ton of "financial aid." None of their players recieve need based aid, their "grants" might as well be scholarships. They probably have a lower percentage of tuition coming from the players families than a school with 12.6 scholarships to give out.
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    by (#51566) on 4/30/03 @8:24PM
Buddy, Princeton lost to an unranked team. That should say it all
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    by (#31907) on 5/01/03 @9:05AM
Princeton has won 6 National Championships since 1992. That says one thing. Domination.
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    by (#41662) on 4/30/03 @9:07PM
I think Trevor Tierney and Greg Catrano were pretty good goalies.
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Most saves
    by (#51403) on 5/02/03 @11:00AM
How can you not have the record for most saves playing for Dartmouth and getting shelled all the time?
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Andrew Goldstein
    by (#51768) on 5/02/03 @8:46PM
What a stud! Goldstein played such an awesome game! Andrew's definitely the best goalie in the NCAA! And he's hott too. Dartmouth is very lucky to have him, if only he went to Yale.
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