Princeton's Prager/Striebel Combo Knocks Out Brown

Princeton's Prager/Striebel Combo Knocks Out Brown

Princeton's Prager/Striebel Combo Knocks Out Brown

Princeton's Prager/Striebel Combo Knocks Out Brown

Princeton jumped out to a quick 2 goal lead in the first quarter with 2 unassisted goals by #3-Owen Daly(2g-0a). Coming out of a Brown timeout the Bears got their first goal of the day as #8-Jimmy Mormile(1g-1a) scored an unassisted goal with 5:50 left in the first quarter after he beat his man up top and finished lefty. Princeton stopped a Brown man-up and then raced right down the field scoring off a #29-Winship Ross(0g-1a) feed to #28-Chris Berrier(1g-0a). With just 24 seconds left in the first quarter #30-Matt Striebel(1g-4a) hit #4-Josh Sims(2g-0a) coming flying out of the box to put the Tigers up 4-1 at the end of the first quarter.

The Brown defense was able to stop the Princeton offense twice to open up the second quarter and then came down the field and made the score 4-2 with an unassisted goal by Brown's #16-Todd McNamara. After missing a shot on an open goal off a backside feed, Princeton was unable to capitilize on a minute man-up. Brown successfully killed the penalty and on their next offensive possession brought themselves within one off of McNamara's second goal off the day assisted by Mormile. The Bears then stuffed a Tiger unsettled situation by forcing Princeton's long pole #6-Ryan Mollet to throw the ball away which immediately led to a Brown unsettled goal with #33-Michael Monfet scoring off a high bounce shot to tie the game up at 4.

At the end of the first quarter Princeton lead 4-1 over the Bears with the game appearing as if Brown might be able to hang in with Princeton and at least keep the game somewhat interesting. Brown then came out in the second quarter and scored three goals while holding Princeton to none. Not only did the Bears prove that they could hang with the Tigers, they showed that without a doubt that they could run with them and do more then keep the game close, how about even at 4-4.

The Tigers drew first blood in the second half as quarterback Striebel hit #12-BJ Prager(3g-0a) to give them the first second half lead at 5-4. On Princeton's next possession while driving from behind Striebel was able to draw 2 minutes worth off penalties and the same Striebel/Prager combo that struck for the Tiger's first second half goal struck again with Striebel firing in an assist to Prager who had cut through the Brown man-down zone. Following Prager's man-up goal, Sims drove his man up top from left to right and gunned a righty sidearm shot low and away to put the Tigers lead up to 3, 7-4. Brown scored their first second-half goal after a long offensive sequence which finally ended as #12-Michael Hughes(1g-0a) finished a feed from behind by Monfett. After Brown made it 7-5, Princeton defenseman #25-Damien Davis(1g-0a) picked up a ground ball in his own end and proceeded to go coast-to-coast, face-dodging numerous Bears and sticking his first goal of the season. Davis had an almost identical play in Tuesday's game against Penn where he dashed down the sideline out of his own end and fired his first assist to Tierney on the crease. When Davis gets the ball and he gets his engines rolling this defenseman is very capable of making positive things happen on the other half of the field, if you get a chance to watch Princeton play this year keep your eyes on #25. Striebel followed up Davis's goal with a man-up goal in the upper right corner from the right wing which was assisted by #38-Billy Whitridge(0g-1a) giving Princeton a 9-5 lead. Brown's #14-Chas Gessner(1g-0a) scores on a completely backwards shot after he picked up a rebound on the crease off a Bear man-up crank. This backwards shot was followed immediately by a #4-Jonathon Thompson goal on Brown's very next possession. These two goals made it a 2 goal game at 9-7, but as Princeton controlled and moved the ball as they had to keep their possession within the box under 2 minutes Striebel hit Prager one last time to finsih Princeton's scoring for the day. The third goal by this combo ended the game at 10-7 and gave Princeton their 28th straight Ivy League win, moving them to 6-1 in 2000 and dropping Brown down to an even 4-4 on the year.

One of my favorite parts of Princeton's game is when Princeton draws a flag their offense goes into "100" call which puts the opposing teams short stick defenders behind the cage as the Tigers go into a 2-4. While most teams tend to be satisfied with drawing a penalty and the man-up that will follow, Princeton takes full advantage of not only the man-up that they will get but also that specific possession. Being smart and moving the ball from behind against short-stick defenders or with their best matchups, Princeton usually gets a solid shot or look at the goal before the whistle blows to then give them their man-up.

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(no subject)
    by (#2096) on 4/10/00 @10:38PM
Chas Gesner will one day dominate the ivy-leaugue give him time. Nice backwards shot Ges.
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chas gessner
    by (#2107) on 4/11/00 @12:50PM
gessner doesn't have a prayer to dominate the lvy League as long as Owen Daly And Damien Davis play for Princeton. THEY WILL DOMINATE THE GAME.
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Gessner good, Hughes great
    by (#764) on 4/11/00 @4:54PM
Chas Gessner is a great player, one of the best recruits this year, but Mike Hughes was the top attack recruit and already is a big impact player. He's the future of the Brown offense.
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    by (#2096) on 4/12/00 @3:49AM
Your probaly from Baltimore. DC lax is taking over and will dominate so tell your McDonough and Gilman boy's to hit the wall.
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    by (#2149) on 4/12/00 @2:36PM
hugh you need to spend less time puking at 723 on st paddies day. dc lax rules!
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Fat Mess?
    by (#2096) on 4/12/00 @8:13PM
Fat Mess who are you ? Your are obviously my friend, I think?
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    by (#2149) on 4/13/00 @5:45PM
it's phil c, the fattest mess, besides manfatta. i'm just busting your balls. peace.
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    by (#2211) on 4/13/00 @9:50PM
No one can stop him, trust me I played on his champ camp team(dc allstars)-unstoppable. Do you know he was Ivy League rookie of the year in football also. Watch out for the rise of D.C. lax lead by Chas as well as Daniel Creighton. Look for Curt Gallagher on the Division III level.
Peace out.
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hell yeah Gallagher
    by (#2371) on 4/18/00 @9:06PM
word Gallagher. whats up hughie how tha hell are ya. DC lax runs this shit and you know this. eagan blows and brinsfeild blows(out his knees all the time).
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is this evan or willystyle
    by (#2371) on 4/18/00 @9:21PM
hey fellas what the hell is up. dan tells me your tearin it up. word! Albans lax rules and so do the dc allstars
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Good Counsel
    by (#2245) on 4/14/00 @5:53PM
GC LAX RULES! Chez is blazing the trail for all falcons...Look for Hugh Boyle and Keith Niki at OWU!!!!(Hugh also played some at Montgomery Coll. this fall) These guys are good. Matt Kimmel at Phiffer. Mike Dewey at the club level at Alabama. Chez style is soo bad..his sweet earing and getto-style lax. Go Chaz go
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