LI Reclaims Title With 15-14 OT Win

LI Reclaims Title With 15-14 OT Win

LI Reclaims Title With 15-14 OT Win

LI Reclaims Title With 15-14 OT Win

Kevin Lowe caught a pass from League MVP Jay Jalbert 22 seconds into sudden- death overtime, and rocketed it past Baltimore goaltender Greg Cattrano, giving the Long Island Lizards (10-3) their second Major League Lacrosse Championship.

Lowe, the MLL Newcomer of the Year, was named Bud Light MVP, scoring 4 goals and 1 assist including the overtime game-winner, while Jay Jalbert and A.J. Haugen added 3 goals and 1 assist. Chris Massey also had a hat- trick. Brian Dougherty recorded a postseason record 28 saves, which also tied the Lizards three-year team record for saves.

Long Island and Baltimore have met in all three MLL Championship Games. Long Island won the 2001 game, 15-11, while Baltimore routed the Lizards in the 2002 final, 21-13.

Baltimore took an early 2-0 lead on goals from Jude Collins and Jeff Sonke, but Long Island tied it up when Tim Goettelmann and A.J. Haugen scored. Baltimore scored three straight goals from Gary Gait, Kip Fulks and Tom Marachek, however, Long Island scored four straight to take a 6-5 lead. Josh Sims evened the game at six with 18 seconds left in the half. Baltimore had six different goal scorers, and ten different players with one point each at halftime.

Both goaltenders turned it up a notch in the third quarter, as Baltimore outshot the Lizards, 56-50 in the game. Jalbert scored the first goal of the second half, but Gary Gait scored two straight to put Baltimore up 8-7. Long Island then scored three straight, including a Chris Massey goal from Tim Goettelmann with less then one second remaining in the quarter. Long Island went into the fourth with a 10-8 lead.

Jalbert again scored the first goal of the quarter, putting Long Island up 11-8. However, Baltimore mounted their biggest run of the game, as Paul Cantabene won five straight faceoffs, Gary Gait and Josh Sims each scored a pair of goals to give Baltimore the 12-11 lead. Kevin Lowe battled back with two straight goals of his own, swinging the lead in the Lizards favor, but Mark Millon and Gary Gait each scored for Baltimore, who held a 14-13 lead as the clock ticked down. With 2:07 remaining, A.J. Haugen blasted an unassisted goal past Greg Cattrano, notching the game at 14. Baltimore had numerous chances inside two minutes, but Dougherty made numerous huge saves down the stretch as the Lizards forced overtime.

Chris Cercy defeated Paul Cantabene for the games final faceoff after a struggle for the ball that took nearly ten seconds. Jalbert scooped the loose ball and jogged upfield, before feeding Kevin Lowe for the game- winner, and the celebration began.

Baltimore was led by Gary Gait, who scored a career high 6 goals and 1 assist, one goal shy of the postseason record, held by Paul Gait. Paul scored seven goals for Long Island in the 2001 Championship Game. Josh Sims had three goals for Baltimore, while Tom Marachek had a goal and three assists. Greg Cattrano recorded 17 saves between the pipes.

Cercy won 17 of 31 faceoffs for Long Island. Long Island was 0 for 6 on the power play, and even allowed a Gary Gait shorthanded goal, while Baltimore was 2 for 3 with the extra man on the field.

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big suprise
    by (#55043) on 8/25/03 @12:46PM
once again its LI and Baltimore.But i was rooting for LI,how does Baltimre lose any game.Marachek,Gait,Millon,Cattrano,Sims.Those are some of the best shooters of all time,and Cattrano is definatly the best goalie in the league. LI definatly deserved to win, they have the best player in the league in Jay Jalbert.AJ Haugen is awsome and the guy that ended the game Kevin Lowe is awsome. They pass better than Baltimore b cuz they dont have 5 or 6 guys that shoot.
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   that kids right.. by 8/25/03 @1:12PM
      Ya Right?? by 9/02/03 @12:27PM
(no subject)
    by (#31907) on 8/25/03 @3:04PM
I happened to catch the second half of this game on the deuce last night. It was somewhat certainly see some insane individual efforts. I still contend the MLL doesn't even come close to a good college game between the top schools, but you all already know that. Anyway, here are a couple of observations:

1. The Tigers really dominated this game. Massey is so of the most under-rated players of the past 5 years. Kevin Lowe is still the quintessential attackman. The guy is one of the top feeders in the game and he can still stick 4 in the Championship game if you give him an inch. By the way.......overhand on the winning's still about fundamentals. And Josh Simms? Are you kidding me? That kid is ridiculous. That goal where he just about froze every single Lizard on the field with box fakes and stuffed it was insane.

2. Every attackman should take notes on the way Mark Millon is always sprinting when he has the ball. You wanna know why he is such a force, even now, 10 years after he played in college? It is because he is always putting pressure on his defenseman by sprinting all over the field, whether he is planning on going to the goal, or feeding, or just moving the ball in transition. It is hard to take the ball away from somebody when you are too busy just trying to keep up with him.

3. The referees have no control in the MLL. Slashing, in particular, has really gotten out of control at the pro level. These defensemen have free reign to do just about anything they want with those long poles. There is no question the sport is more violent now at the top level than it was even 10 years ago. I guess all of that Warrior equipment must be as good as advertised or else these guys would all be in the hospital.

4. Brian Dougherty may run his mouth....but that guy can flat out play goal.

5. Most amusing play of the 2nd half. John "Gags" Gagliardi getting smoked behind the goal by Gary Gait. Listen, Gary Gait is still an amazing player....but if you don't know that guy is going left handed, you really don't deserve to be on the field.

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   nice comments by 8/25/03 @7:04PM
   I think you watched an old game.... by 9/04/03 @8:01AM
(no subject)
    by (#22795) on 8/25/03 @3:42PM
Million great player but goals win games not running around the field. Bayhawks need some youth on the team and soon. 1 goal and how many shots? Gait awesome but thank God Petro doesn't play in the league.
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    by (#7569) on 8/25/03 @6:08PM
Excelent game. This game and this weekend in general helped me remember why i love lacrosse so much. Extremely well done on the lizzards part, and baltimore put up an equivilent performance. In my mind both teams we're equal, but their can only be one winner, and Yesterday Long Island proved worthy. I'd like to thank Brian Reese of the Baltimore Bayhawks for his titan classic D - poll (I would have gotten the whole thing when he threw it, but me and this other guy just wouldn't let go). One hell of a souvineer for one hell of a game. I'm comming next year no matter where it is. Boston's going all the way next year, I'll just end it at that.
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(no subject)
    by (#53996) on 8/25/03 @8:31PM
LI is #1!!!!!!!!!! all of the famous guys on a team doesnt mean that theyr thew best. lacrosse is a team sport not an individuals.
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   (no subject) by 8/25/03 @10:09PM
    by (#1383) on 8/25/03 @10:58PM
Body by Jake has finally come to his senses and will be addding :15 to the shot clock for next year. He had a meeting with a couple of players (the preface was "there's too much scoring") and they concurred. No longstick on the way though.

But the thought is that at least you won't have guys rushing shots anymore (ala Millon), and making it look like the team game its supposed to be.
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Ned I am one of those laxers as well. I want to know how I can get into that free beer tent! Do they let mexicans in those places?
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