Prossner Picks Apart Irish with 6 Goals as Tarheels Beat Notre Dame 14-11.

Prossner Picks Apart Irish with 6 Goals as Tarheels Beat Notre Dame 14-11.

Prossner Picks Apart Irish with 6 Goals as Tarheels Beat Notre Dame 14-11.

Prossner Picks Apart Irish with 6 Goals as Tarheels Beat Notre Dame 14-11.

John Haus was slightly amazed and pleased at Jed Prossner’s performance today. There was no special game plan, for according to Haus, “We had told our players that all we wanted them to do was play as hard as they could possibly play and don’t make mistakes and see what happens..and we played awfully hard today” Well, Prossner was the happening today, getting 6 goals and 2 assists for 8 points. His 4 goals in the first quarter established the tempo of the game for Carolina. “Prossner is one of the best players in the country and he proved that today. When Jed gets on a roll, he is pretty effective at the offensive end. Notre Dame is a very good lacrosse team and we are happy to leave here with a win.

Today in the Loftus center, the Tarheels dictated every move of the game. Haus was not however pleased with the performance of his defense, which let Irish attackman Pat Walsh ring up 3 goals and 3 assists for 6 points. “We had Ronnie Staines on him all day, and Ronnie is one of our senior defensemen. I have to admit that we played a bit lax because it’s a little uncharacteristic of us to give up that many (11) goals, but overall we played enough on the defensive end to walk out of here with a win, which is no easy task.”

With its win, North Carolina finished its three game western road trip, playing (and sweeping) three GWLL teams, Denver 11-6, Air Force 10-9 and Notre Dame. The Tarheels were pleased to be back at sea level after narrowly ekeing out a win over the surprising Falcons of Air Force. The game started with the Irish drawing first blood at 13:34 with Pat Walsh’s solo goal coming from the right side, spinning and shooting low to sneak past the right side of Carolina junior goalie Paul Spellman. Spellman had 17 saves in the game to ND’s 14 and many of them were tough saves made by stepping forward to stoning Irish shots coming from 3-5 yards out.

The other Tarheel junior attacker, Mike McCall evened up the game at 11:16 with a feed from Bryant Will. Will fed Prossner less than two mnutes later for the Heels to go up 2-1. Prossner took the ball at the top right and fired a laser that beat Stewart Crosland in the nets for Notre Dame. Less than a minute later at 8:58, Andrew McElduff took the ball near X and ran up left, and curled toward the goal, and hit Prossner in front of the net who shoveled it in to put Carolina up 3-1. At 8:39, Prossner was on the assisting end, as he ran the ball from behind up to top left and cleanly hit McCall in stride crossing from right to left in front of the net. A quick backhand shot by McCall made it 4-1, with McCall and Prossner accounting for all the Carolina goals. Prossner stepped up again after the teams traded possessions and after Spellman stopped Matt Karweck point blank. At 5:50, Prossner came from behind the net on the left and got hammered by Notre Dame’s punisher on defense, DJ Driscoll. Driscoll caught Prossner twice loudly on the arm, throwing him a bit off balance. Prossner held on, came to the crease and took a soft bounce shot that fell into the crease and rolled slowly across the goal line, although it appeared as if Crosland might have inadvertently nudged it in. Carolina 5-1. In the next Carolina possession, Driscoll was all over Prossner, pushing him out at every step and Carolina was unable to convert. Brian Hubschmann for ND then scored to narrow it to 5-2. At 1:06 Prossner finished his scoring for the quarter with an unassisted goal starting from behind the net. Priossner was checked hard by LSM Chris Richez, but managed to push away and nail the net. 6-2. Walsh found senior Matt Howell to close out the scoring in the first for the Irish at 6-3.

The second quarter was more physical than the first, with both teams working the ball around the ir opponent’s net patiently. The attackmen paid the price on both teams with the defenses tightening up and leveling all shooters. ND chose at times to double team Prossner when he came out with Richez and Steve Clagett forcing him to pass off. Notre Dame could not get close all period and let Carolina close out the first half ahead 9-5. Howell and Hubschmnann scored for the Irish, but their goals were countered by Will and sophomore Scot Falatach. Howell’s goal was set up by Walsh, who picked the ball up in front, and ran to his left on an open net, but was creamed onto the ground. While lying prone, he calmly and flipped the ball to Howell, hanging on the right, who turned and converted before Spellman could re-enter the crease.

The third quarter saw another fifteen minutes of ball control, with each team scoring only twice to enter the fourth quarter with Carolina up 11-7. ND started the quarter man-up from a slashing penalty on McElduff at the 0:07 mark of the first half and the Irish converted on their opportunity at 14:25 with Dan Berger catching Matt Karweck who put in a string right hand sidearm shot to beat Spellman and narrow it to 9-6. Karweck scored again to cut the lead to a deuce at 9-7. The Irish twice brought the margin back to -2, but could not overcome it. Will and Falatach each scored in the last three minutes of the quarter to take the momentum away from Notre Dame. Falatach scored by pushing the ball through a hard stick check applied by Clagett.

The Irish opened the fourth quarter with two goals to again close the gap to a two goal margin, at 11-9. Walsh started it for the Irish with an underhand shot from the left at 14-16 to narrow the score to 11-8. Spellman played spectacularly in this quarter, as he made close save after save. Matt Howell was held on the right side and flipped the ball to Walsh, who found Berger open at the top of the crease. Short shot stoned by Spellman. At 13:25, Matt Ryan had a solos goal to cut the lead agin to two at 11-9. Ryan ran to the top left, took 3 quick steps to the center and beat Spellman. Matt Karweck for the Irish then got hold of the ball and took a strong overhand shot that clanged off the pipe and rebounded way up top to Hubschmann, who fed Karweck again. Karweck was drilled to the ground as he shot. Spellman stuff. Carolina used a screen to block Crosland when McElduff scored at 8:58 to make it 12-9. Pat Walsh for Notre Dame narrowed it to 12-10 at 6:40 when he ran in front of the net and leaped on Spellman’s left and shot into the right corner. Carolina won the face off, but a warding call gave the bal lto ND, and a poor clearing pass was intercepted by Prossner between the top of the box and the center stripe. Prossner took the ball and in seven steps, found the net. 13-10. The two teams traded gaols to end up 14-11. The Irish kept pursuing the ball till the end, with Richez, Brendan Creaney and Chris Masterson all successfully stripping the ball from their opponents, but with Carolina having the edge on ground balls in the second half 22-16 and gaining it back.

The Irish travel to Baltimore next week to take on Loyola. Bill Dirrgl and one of his assistants attended the game to scout the Irish. Carolina takes on Duke next week in its fourth road game in two weeks.

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tarheels should have won by more
    by (#56843) on 3/14/04 @9:19PM
I went out and saw it and it should have been more lopsided. The Irish defense could not stop the quick movemant of NC. Prossner was a stud.
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    by (#69576) on 3/15/04 @9:24AM
Thank god for Carolina! I was beginning to get sick of the damn Irish!
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(no subject)
    by (#28132) on 3/15/04 @9:49AM
Hey, the Irish are a good team, but stil finding themselves. Remember, they led Cuse 9-7 at the half and were only down 2 at the beginnning of the fourth. They are still finding their rhytym. Spellman played great in the nests yesterday and literally stole 4 sure goals from ND. Nevertheless, they could not contain Prossner. Carolina is a young team and will do well. Keep on the lookout for the ND trip west to play denver and Air Force, both of whcih games are no longer "gimmes'. Acee has his Falcons flying with with a boatload of sophs and juniors. Who knows, perhaps they could take Ohio States and ND and go to the big dance as the GWLL invitee? Who would thunk it?
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    by (#18238) on 3/15/04 @6:43PM
I went to the game also. Carolina's keeper came ready to play, and the ND defense did not. Too bad ND couldn't have pulled it out. But, what do you have against notre dame????
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    by (#69576) on 3/16/04 @7:36PM
hey, ZLaxPlayer35 trust me i got nothing against Notre Dame...My dad actually knows Guy Van Arsdale very well...I'm just sicking of hearing ND is gonna go top this year, Nd is gonna make a come back. I mean yeah they have pulled it together, but they ain't gonna get that far...Maybe next year:/
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Guy Van is an asshole
    by (#48113) on 3/17/04 @12:09AM
I used to play for the guy and he was quite the prick and though i hesitate to use the word everyone, most everyone on the Rattlers thought he was an asshole. I'll wish the guy well but he needs to learn a thing or two about being more professional. I'm sure your dad likes the guy though, cause I"ll admit he's a hell of a smooth talker and can be a nice guy at times off the field, which can be seen in the looks of his(atleast the last time I knew they were together) fiance. Shes actually pretty damn hot for a woman her age.
Anyway, somebody mentioned Notre Dame being up on Cuse at one point, I was at that game and though they looked solid at points, I remember everyone in our box saying at one point in the first half how it seemed Cuse was up by a lot more, when only up by 1 or tied. They were by far the better team, dominating most of the half, they just couldnt finish. I like Notre Dame being up there, cause it brings a new face to the top 5 crowd, but they couldnt hang in the end against a much more talented Orange team. And I know in the past a lot of guys bag on Powell, but there were a lot of people in our box that have not really seen high level lacrosse and they were all amazed watching the kid play. He was by far the most exciting player on the field and its sick how quick the guy is. I dont know if they're going to win it all, but its safe to say they're going to extend that final four streak and whoever beats them, if it happens, well its going to be a hell of a game
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    by (#69576) on 3/17/04 @4:41PM
I personally don't know him...My dad played with him in college.
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Congrats Heels
    by (#70463) on 3/17/04 @6:15PM
Thank God! i hate the irish ever since i went to a scouting camp at slippery rock university this summer, their coach is an ass, and evidently a joke if he couldnt beat the heels (the heels are still m'boys though!) this is to the coach, what goes around comes around!
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(no subject)
    by (#63744) on 3/19/04 @10:04PM
Finally someone beat the Irish. After Kirk Howell graduated I completely lost respect for the program and the team. I dont understand how that game was as close as it was though. The Irish D sucked the whole game and UNCs offence was the best I have ever seen it run. The game should have been way more lopsided. I also commend Paul Spellman for one helluva game. Way to go heels
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Irish are back..for now
    by (#71406) on 3/25/04 @8:40AM
Seems they pounded the snot out of Hofstra last night, holding the Pride shotless for the first 16:00. The Irish's small coach, has got them going again. But am I missing something here? IS ND the only D1 team that has yet to name any team captains? Seems also the seniors are not playing even though their attack is strong
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This Site and the Present
    by (#45083) on 3/20/04 @11:12AM
Has there been any thought given to bringing this site into the present?! Is it going out of business or what?! Should I look in again in the future or totally give up?
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