The Terps Stay on Top

The Terps Stay on Top

The Terps Stay on Top

The Terps Stay on Top

The Terps proved today why they’re number one in the country as they went on to beat the defending National Champs 11-2. The first half was nothing but pure domination as the Terps opened up the first quarter with a 4-0 lead. They never looked back, with big days from Xander Ritz(3,3) and Joe Walters(1,3) the Terps offense couldn’t be stopped. The highly decorated defense took care of the rest, holding the Virginia big guns to only 2 goals.

Coming off a big win over a #1 Hopkins team, backs still against the wall for a playoff spot, and all the same wet field conditions as the 2003 final four win over Maryland, the signs were all around for Virginia to continue its come back into the playoff picture. But they forgot one thing- Maryland is No Joke. The first quarter started out with a few quick possessions on both ends until the Terps got on the board. After the first big save of the day by Tillman Johnson, a loose ball in the front of the cage would end up in the stick of Maryland’s JR Bordley who finished in style, diving to score, making it 1-0 Terps. After a few solid defensive efforts on both ends of the field, Maryland would light up the scoreboard again. This time driving down the left side, Dave Matz would feed freshman Michael Phipps cutting down the backside, to make it 2-0 Terps. Matz would draw a flag after the play to set up the next possession for Maryland. With 4:30 left in the quarter the Terps ran an effective man up play that ended with Joe Walters feeding Xander Ritz on the doorstep, making it 3-0. Maryland continued playing great defense and possessed the ball for most of the 1st Quarter. With the clock winding down in the first, the Terps started a break and with :01 left on the clock Joe Walters took an absolute cannon of a shot that beat Tillman Johnson stick side high. The quarter would end 4-0.

The second quarter started out a bit sloppy on both ends of the field with unforced turnovers and less than stellar footwork. After a big defensive stand on a Virginia man up possession, the Terps made it 5-0 with another goal from guess-who, Xander Ritz, off another nice feed from you-guessed-it, Joe Walters. Virginia would start to show signs of the past. A fast break found J.J. Morrissey with a nice feed from up top to a cutting Foster Gilbert, who would turn and stick it low and hard to make it 5-1. Virginia would hold the Terps off the board until a Dazzling individual effort by sophomore midfielder Billy McGlone , giving the Terps a 6-1 lead that they would take into the half.

The third quarter would see a more inspired Virginia team on the field as the got the scoring started with a goal by Jared Little. Driving his man down the left side, Little would sneak inside to rip a low hard shot, making it 6-2. Virginia played solid defense and, after some great up and down action, the offense drew a man up possession off a Maryland Penalty. Unfortunately for UVa, aggresive defense and great saves by Tim McGinnis would burn the man down and Virginia would be held scoreless for the rest of the game. After another string of great saves by Tillman Johnson, a tenacious ride by Maryland’s attack ended with Joe Walters feeding a trailing, that’s right, Xander Ritz, who would stick a low rocket to get the Terps seventh goal of the afternoon. The quarter ended 7-2, leaving one quarter for Virginia to salvage there season.

The fourth quarter was almost a carbon copy of the first, with nothing but spectacular saves by both goalies and a tear of goals by the Terps. It started quickly with the first possession for the Terps ending in an unselfish play by midfielder Brendan Healy, hitting wide-open freshman Mike Brown with a feed on the crease. Brown stuck it low to break the lead open to 8-2. Less than a minute later, Paul Gillette picked up one of his 4 groundballs and turned it into one of the sweetest goals of the day. Gillette found Freshman Mike Brown on the left wing, with Brown stinging the upper right corner to make it 9-2. Dave Matz would keep the crowd entertained, after a quick hard drive from behind a high hard rip over the left shoulder of Tillman Johnson would give the Terps the 10-2 advantage. The junior midfielder went 1 and 1 on the day. Tim McGinnis would finish out his incredible performance with 17 saves and 2 goals against. Tillman Johnson would make a save at the end of the fourth quarter worthy of a Top Ten spot on Sportscenter with a one on one stop that seemed like a magic trick. This would not be enough though as Xander Ritz went on to end a career day with another assist to a cutting Ian Healy who would stick the 11th and final goal of the game.

Maryland played a solid game all over the field with the defense leading the way. Great play by All-Americans Chris Passavia and Lee Zink and senior Captains Paul Gillette and Dave Wagner were key in the dominating performance. Sunday Fun Day will be in full affect for the Terps. Virginia has its work cut out for them if they want to make a run for the playoffs. The talent is there, but is the heart? The next few weeks will answer all the questions.

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    by (#51050) on 4/03/04 @6:59PM
hell yea way to go Terps
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   The first goal by terps by 4/05/04 @7:39PM
    by (#44448) on 4/03/04 @7:17PM
In the first half, the Wahoos played like they were hung over, while the Terps played like they wanted to win. Maryland is not pretty, but it is quick and very good. Today, Virginia was slow, mediocre, even inept. The Terps' goaltender McGinnis outplayed Johnson, who appeared to be coasting on last year's reputation. Also, the less said about Yevoli and Christmas, the better.
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   Tillman Johnson by 4/04/04 @1:53AM
      Tillman Johnson by 4/04/04 @2:25PM
(no subject)
    by (#69765) on 4/03/04 @7:39PM
Looks like Virginia is finished... No tourney this year
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   Hoos not dead yet by 4/04/04 @1:55AM
Wa Hoos, Boo Hoo
    by (#71419) on 4/03/04 @8:19PM
Wow, UVA really does suck!!!!
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   yea by 4/03/04 @8:37PM
    by (#68820) on 4/03/04 @9:22PM
just wait till they play hop!!!!JAYS WILL WIN ON LABOR DAY TOO!!!!
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   Maryland Lacrosse by 4/04/04 @4:24AM
   UMD by 4/04/04 @4:30AM
   YAAAA!!!!! RIGHT!!!!! by 4/04/04 @8:39AM
      That Made a lot of sense.... by 4/04/04 @11:12AM
      what by 4/04/04 @2:22PM
   Labor Day? by 4/07/04 @2:58PM
   ... ur kiddin me right by 4/10/04 @6:45PM
    by (#72146) on 4/03/04 @10:31PM
man just cause uva lost to maryland doesnt mean that much there is still plenty of time to turn it around
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University of Maryland
    by (#72650) on 4/04/04 @4:32AM
We have proven ourselfs plenty of times and dominating UVA should say enough...bring on Hopkins, we can handle it and we will
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   right now by 4/04/04 @8:55AM
      how can u say that by 4/04/04 @2:20PM
Virginia's "Offense"
    by (#45083) on 4/04/04 @1:19PM
I've never seen an offense that totally inept. They had nothing, virtually tried nothing. There are different facets to an offense; if you try something and it doesn't work, you have to fall back on something else. Virginia tried little and fell back on nothing, a pathetic performance.
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   keep in mind by 4/04/04 @2:18PM
    by (#58066) on 4/04/04 @2:54PM
Maryland is good as is Hopkins but Navy is going to take it.. nobody will give them a 2nd look and because they'll be playing as underdogs the entire season they're going to open some eyes and shock some people. BTW.. UVA spits and Duke swallows.
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   Yet Again by 4/05/04 @9:47AM
      Tim McGinnis by 4/05/04 @10:23PM
         Wow! by 4/06/04 @2:00PM
            Hey medevil dickweed by 4/06/04 @5:31PM
               (no subject) by 4/07/04 @7:39PM
                  it was weird by 4/08/04 @1:38PM
                     Preston by 4/09/04 @2:51PM
      Eat $h!t by 4/13/04 @5:28PM
maryland d
    by (#72921) on 4/06/04 @1:09PM
Has anybody noticed how much better maryland has played, notably on defense, since last year's senior class has left the team? I would like to make note one indivudual, F.L., who's absence this season has noticeably improved the team's overall disposition. Not only is he the only division-1 lax player to never black out once in his entire college career, he was also awarded the ACC's not-so-coveted LVJ award. Congratulations, F.L., and I will see you in the funny papers.
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   speaking of terrible by 4/06/04 @5:55PM
      funny pages by 4/07/04 @9:35AM
They done
    by (#49967) on 4/07/04 @10:26AM
It has been confirmed......UVA will fall off the face of the earth in the lacrose world this matter how much talent a team has, it cannot win games when they lack character.
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    by (#71419) on 4/07/04 @11:26AM
Cottle will find a way to blow it with the Terps the way he always blew it with Loyola. There's no way to argue with that. Check his track record. DOminating teams that always find a way to lose in the playoffs.
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