Terps Take ACC 12-11, UVA Out Of NCAA's

Terps Take ACC 12-11, UVA Out Of NCAA's

Terps Take ACC 12-11, UVA Out Of NCAA's

Terps Take ACC 12-11, UVA Out Of NCAA's

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. Top-seeded Maryland captured its first ACC Tournament Championship since 1998 and just its second ever with a 12-11 win over Virginia at Fetzer Field on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Sophomore Joe Walters was named the Tournament MVP after he scored a career-high six goals.

The Terps took a commanding lead in the third quarter as Walters scored three goals in a 4-1 run to put Maryland head 12-7 at the end of the third quarter.

"Our kids just competed so hard and worked to win this ACC Championship," said head coach Dave Cottle, who won his first ACC Championship in his third year at Maryland. "I am so proud of the passion we played with. Our senior leadership really came through and helped us to this title."

The Terps held off Virginia in the final quarter as the Cavaliers scored all four goals to cut the lead to 12-11 with just 40 seconds left as Joe Yevoli scored his third goal of the game. Virginia had the ball in the final seconds but Yevoli's pass to Foster Gilbert with seven seconds left gave the Terps the title.

"It is especially sweet after four years," said senior captain Chris Passavia. "Now sophomores have a pretty impressive resume now with the final four appearance last season and now an ACC Championship. Hopefully we can follow this up with something special this May."

Walters' six goals was one off shy of the ACC Tournament record for goals in game set by former Terp Scott Hochstadt, who scored seven in the 1998 title game when the Terps last won, beating Virginia, 14-11.

Walters equaled his team-high with seven career points. Senior J.R. Bordley and sophomore Xander Ritz each tallied two goals in the win.

Along with the MVP Walters, six other Terps were named to the ACC All-Tournament Team: graduate goalie Tim McGinnis, senior midfielder Paul Gillette, senior defenseman Chris Passavia, senior defenseman Lee Zink and senior attacker J.R. Bordley.

Following a fast-paced and high-scoring first quarter, the teams' defenses settled as both teams scored just one goal. Virginia's John Christmas brought the Cavaliers to within one goal at 7-6 just 1:33 into the second period. Walters netted his third goal of the game with 6:11 left in the first half. For Walters the goal gave him nine hat tricks in 12 games this season and it was his 33rd tally of the year - equaling his total from the freshman season.

The first quarter was fast and furious with the team combining for a shocking 12 goals as the Terps lead 7-5 after the first 15 minutes. Maryland jumped on top 3-0 as Landon School grads J.R. Bordley (two goals) and Ian Healy combined for the opening trio in the first 5:06. Virginia got on the board as Kyle Dixon scored a minute after the Terps built the 3-0 lead. Xander Ritz made it 4-1 as he converted a pass from Brendan Healy with 7:35 left in the first quarter.

Virginia reeled off the next two goals as Drew Thompson scored his first career goal and Joe Yevoli scored to make it 4-3 with 6:09 left in the first. Walters went to work as he scored the next two goals making it 6-3. The second of the pair came off a face-off win by senior Drew Virk, who dished the ball to Walters on a break who beat Johnson. It was Virk's first career point.

Ritz made it 7-3 with a laser which also came off a face-off win by Virk. Virginia netted the final two goals of the quarter as Nathan Kenney and Joe Yevoli beat Tim McGinnis for the 7-5 score at the end of the period.

Maryland faces Notre Dame at Byrd Stadium next Saturday at 1 p.m.

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UVA lost
    by (#64776) on 4/25/04 @8:18PM
UVA lost fair and square. But watch out for next years Cavs,thay are still loaded. I bet Starsia reconsiders a trip out to denver.
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tillman johnson
    by (#74570) on 4/25/04 @9:01PM
tillman johnson will be gone next year. I think that will greatly effect the cavs.
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    by (#66850) on 4/25/04 @9:44PM
Tillman Johnson was overrated the whole time, he had two amazing games I must admit in the semi's and finals of the tourny last year. But look what happened this year? Crash and Burn. Totally overrated.
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Not Over-rated
    by (#40548) on 4/25/04 @11:40PM
Tillman Johnson is not over-rated, the kid is a phenominal player. Playing with him and against him I can attest he is the real deal. UVA's defense needs a major make over next year. Every shot I saw was within ten yards, that is plain unacceptable if you want your goalie to stop anything. As far as them dropping off with Tillman not there, that wont happen. UVA is stacked at goalie for the next four years. They red shirted one of the Under 19 goalies this year. They have nothing to worry about in that department.
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(no subject)
    by (#10246) on 4/26/04 @9:59AM
Tillman Johnson is a very good goalie. As like any other goalie he has his good games and bad games. I feel that UVA will be down with his lose. I think UVA needs more fire power, Johnny Christmas can't do everything by himself. But I have to say next year should be an interesting one with all of the schools being equal. I mean who thought of this situation right now with only a few more weeks till the Championship.
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Johnny Christmas?!
    by (#60334) on 4/29/04 @11:49PM
People need to face the fact that Christmas is not what he used to be. Being third for UVa in points and leading the team in turnovers is hardly "doing everything by himself". A good scouting report and quick slides can completely take Christmas out of the game. The one doing everything for UVa this year is Matt Ward. Anyways, rest assured that although the cavs aren't looking too good this year, in a year or two they will have a great squad that I think will be comparable to last years. The middies will have gained much-needed experience as well as the defense.
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    by (#37571) on 4/26/04 @1:24PM
Johnson has and always will be over-rated. Virginia hurt themselves by never putting in a backup when Johnson was playing poorly. He became complacent knowing that he would never be challenged for his position, and his mediocre play was accepted. By the way callilax the great goalies are the ones who make the saves that most goalies don't make. If you were referring to the ACC champ game yesterday, Tillman Johnson played like dog ass, and ended his career accordingly, with a half ass over-rated performance. Never once making a big save. Once again, a great tournament last year does not put you on the list of great goalies of all time. He is maybe in the top 2,000 goalies of all time. If I was spellmen on UNC I would feel a little robbed with Tillman's, once again all acc selection. Thats where the game is wrong, dont base awards on past performances, base the awards on the current season.
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give the guy a break....
    by (#74254) on 4/26/04 @2:38PM
Look, Tillman Johnson did have a below average year, compared to playing on his head in last years final 4. But he's not entirely to blame...Virginia had a weak defense and a non-existing mid-field this year..as was totally the opposite last year...a result from a lack of quality middies and average defensean it was too much for Johnson to handle...But you're right, you should be judged on this year's performance as opposed to previous years. I don't think it's his fault for this years outcome however.
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    by (#72666) on 4/27/04 @10:20AM
How can you comment on a lacrosse player's career when you obviously don't know the facts? Tillman is 2 goals away from becoming the #3 all time leading goal saver in the ACC. He also broke the UVA record for highest number of saves in a career. His stats speak for themselves, so PLEASE stop always referring to the final four and how he was a one shot wonder! It simply isn't true. Besides, do you have a championship ring??? Didn't think so buddy!
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For laxmd10
    by (#37571) on 4/27/04 @12:32PM
I do not have a championship ring, I will give you that. I did play div 1 lacrosse so that does give my opinions some weight, I would like to think in terms of judging talent. Remember, this is an opinion site, and I was giving mine. Can you please give me the site and/or location where you found the stats. I'm still going to argue that Johnson is over-rated and other goalies such as spellmen this year and other have been robbed in the past. Tillman Johnson has such great numbers because he has played virtually ever second since he has been at UVA, unlike many GREAT goalies who have backed-up a year or two because they were behind other great goalies. Johnson stepped in for Derek Kenny who ended up leaving the team, real stiff competition. If anyone with any talent plays that much time he is gonna make some stops. Remember that they have had such great teams that made it deep into the playoffs giving him many more opportunities then other ACC or any goalie to record more saves, or as you put it "goal saver", which I actually though was a clever substitute for "save". I'm still not convinced by your numbers because at the end of the day they mean poop in terms of talent. I hope you can respect my opinion and its nothing personal.
P.S. I'm not your BUDDY, thanks.
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For Balls2
    by (#72666) on 4/27/04 @1:36PM
You are entitled to your opinion, but I think to make a statement that Tillman became "complacent" this year is completely narrow minded and inaccurate. This sight is intended to discuss the sport of lacrosse not pass personal judgement on people. I also think it is funny how you only comment on the MD game in the ACC tournament. Did you see the semifinal UNC game? Tillman came up huge in that game with 19 saves to get UVA to the ACC Championship.
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    by (#41662) on 4/27/04 @1:37PM
Stats along with $.50 gets you a copy of the Sun. Don't tell me stats tell the story of a guys career. Johnson made his rep last May, face it. If you could take your blinders off, you would remember how up and down he was in his entire career before last May and since. He's a good goalie with the capability of carrying a team, but wildly inconsistent in the level of his play. He doesn't stink, obviously, but he has never even been the best goalie in DI for an entire season of his career. 1 month does not make a career
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Spellman was the man
    by (#40548) on 4/27/04 @12:05PM
I agree in the fact that Spellman was robbed this year, in fact I have posted it before that has been the best goalie. But with the Stats that Tillman has put and personally playing against and with him he is one of the best goalie's I have ever played with. And to give you names of goalies that I have played with so there is no misunderstanding and you can rip into me for these guy: Chris Garrity, John Horrigan, Matty Larkin, and Kip Turner. Its going to be awsome next year when you see three goalies all from the same high school in the MLL
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lacrosse awards
    by (#43269) on 4/28/04 @2:11PM
In response to the comment that lacrosse awards past accomplishments, I completely agree that Tillman Johnson probably will get AA recognition this year based on last year's performance (particularly in the tourney). This is a shame in college lacrosse, and it is evident all over the place, most noticably that whoever wins the championship is always given the number one ranking the following year. This happens virtually nowhere else in sports. In college basketball, it is usually a different pre-season #1 than the champs. This season, it wouldn't take too much thought to know that losing oustanding middies like Rotelli (player of the year) and Glading would hurt a team greatly. I know the common argument is that until a team beats them, the champs are the champs. I just think that's a bad argument that ignores the potential for the new season.
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Tillman Johnson
    by (#66164) on 5/10/04 @11:15PM
Man, you obviously don't know too much. 2002 Semis against Syracuse Tillman Johnson tied his career high in saves with 18. He's always been nasty, and his honorable mention All-America his freshman and sophomore years. It's just that the bigger the game the bigger the save for Tillman Johnson. Also, the UVA Offense hasn't been delivering this year with the loss of Rotelli, Shannon, and their middies aren't playing defense, which Billy Glading was, debatably, one of the best in the nation at. He's hardly getting any help at all from his team. C'mon man, Tillmans one of the best goalies ever in the history of the sport. Cut the man some slack.
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    by (#74821) on 4/26/04 @3:57PM
who's uva?
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Tillman Johnson
    by (#7471) on 4/28/04 @4:05PM
I agree with most of the previous comments....Tillman Johnson may not be the best goalie ever to play the game or even the best goalie playing it right now(who in my opinion is Matt Russell from Navy). But to say stats don't mean anything is a ridiculous comment. Statistics are the only way to judge an athletes career. Ohh okay... you can also look at championships, he has one of those too. Maybe his career was more talked about but he plays at the UofVA for god's sake they always have a good team and if your team is losing nobody's paying attention. How can anybody say Spellman "got robbed" he is having a great season and has had a great career. Just because your name isn't on the homepage of LAX.COM doesn't mean no one is noticing he is a star around campus and is a fan favorite at every game. Who cares if your not loved nationwide only the home crowd matters
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Are you kidding me?
    by (#41662) on 4/28/04 @9:37PM
You honestly think stats are the only way to judge a career? So Casey and Ryan Powell are Cuse's all time leading scorers. Basically you are saying that they are better than Gary Gait , Paul Gait or Tom Marachek? Rob Shek or John Blatchley don't have the goal record at Towson, would you rather have them or Kevin Sturm or Kyle Campbell? Stats are worthless.
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Sturm was the Man
    by (#40548) on 4/29/04 @12:06AM
I would take Sturm over anyone else from that school. That guy was an all around good guy and a hell of a player.
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