Syracuse outlasts Navy 14-13 to become National Champs!

Syracuse outlasts Navy 14-13 to become National Champs!

Syracuse outlasts Navy 14-13 to become National Champs!

Syracuse outlasts Navy 14-13 to become National Champs!

Despite coming out to boos, Syracuse outlasted a very deserving opponent in the Navy Midshipmen. The Orange used 15 saves by Jay Pfeifer, along with three goals by Brian Nee (also two assists) and Brian Crockett, not to mention Mike Powell’s five assists and game-winning goal. Navy received contributions of five points from sophomore Jon Birsner (2a, 3g) and four points from sophomore Ian Dingman (2,2). Navy held an overwhelming groundball advantage (60 to SU’s 39), along with winning 20 of 30 face-offs. The win gives Syracuse their 9th Division I National Championship, marking the senior classes 2nd Championship in their career in front of a Championship game record 43,898 crowd, who braved the conditions on this Memorial Day.

The game started with Navy working the ball around, only to be stripped by short-stick defensive midfielder Jared Park. Navy rode the ball back hard, and Graham Gill came up with the loose-ball. Gill ripped it by Pfeifer for what appeared to be Navy’s first goal. However, the goal was waved off due to a Syracuse holding call on Scott Ditzell when the ball was down, apparently the players didn’t hear the whistle. No goal.

Shortly after the penalty was called Ben Bailey picked up a loose ball that had been a feed intended for Ian Dingman on the crease from X. After the pass didn’t connect it carried up to a waiting Bailey, who ripped it past Pfeifer for Navy’s first real goal 1:53 into the game. At 11:38, Brian Crockett saw an opening underneath the Navy defense as he tucked his stick and pushed up the goal-line, diving in front of the crease to beat Russell for Syracuse’s first goal.

After going 2 for 3 in the early going, Danny Brennan limped off the field, only to return shortly after for the next face-off. Later Chris Pieczonka would show his dominance at the face-off X, as Brennan is still new to the face-off X, Pieczonka came up big in the big game.

At 10:17, Syracuse worked the ball around, until Powell zipped it to Greg Rommel. Rommel ripped a righty shot into the upper corner off-stick of Russell for Syracuse’s 2nd goal. Off the ensuing faceoff, Nay went into a fast break, with Gill dumping it back to have Dingman fed on the crease. With a wide open shot, the ball slipped it out of Dingman’s stick.

After regaining possession, Adam Reel dodged hard down the wing for Navy. As he drew the slide he planted and dumped it back to a waiting Taylor Harris. Harris was able to hold onto the feed and ripped his 3rd goal of the season past Orange goalie, Jay Pfeifer. Shortly after, Ian Dingman forced a pass to a cutting Midshipman, only to have Orange defenseman Dan DiPietro send the cutter’s stick helicoptering through the air. After recovering his stick and the loose ball, Navy was back working it around on the offensive. At the tail-end of the possession, Navy drew two flags. With a two-man advantage for 30 seconds, Navy couldn’t connect on two easy passes and were forced to hustle after groundballs heading towards out-of-bounds. They earned one good look at the net, but the shot went wide.

After killing the penalties, Syracuse went down to their offensive side and displayed their great ball movement abilities, but Navy matched it (at least for awhile) with nearly perfect team defense. The defense was beaten when Mike Powell threaded the needle into the crease finding Alex Zink, who put the Orange up 3-2.

Despite winning the face-off, Navy turned the ball over with a moving pick. However, on the clear, Pfeifer tried to roll it to a long-stick as he was facing pressure. The ball carried out of bounds giving Navy the ball right back.

One back on offense, Syracuse couldn’t get anything going on offense and Navy eventually forced the ball out-of-bounds. On the clear, Navy pushed it into transition until the youngest Looney, Brendan, fed the middle Looney, Steve. Steve Looney finished it and knotted the game at 3. With only :51 to play in the first quarter, Brett Bucktooth ripped a shot from ten yards out past Navy goalie, Matt Russell, giving Syracuse the lead at 4-3. Navy didn’t want to head into the second quarter down, and after Syracuse won the next face-off, Navy stripped the ball and forced it into transition. After settling the ball, Jon Birsner fed Graham Gill in front of the crease. Gill had a stick in his face and more rapidly collapsing down on him in the crease. Despite the circumstances, Gill handled the feed and stuck the ball past Pfeifer with just :03 left in the first.

Wasting no time to start the second, after wining the loose ball on the face-off, Chris Piezczonka took a hand in the scoring. He fed Ben Bailey who faked low and ripped a shot high past Pfeifer only 13 seconds into the second quarter. The rip gave Navy its 2nd lead of the game. Not looking to fall behind, the Orange responded at 13:31. Sean Lindsay drove down the left wing and placed a nice high-to-high lefty shot past Russell. One minute later, Syracuse regained the lead as Kevin Dougherty fed Brian Nee. Nee put a lefty shot past Russell. At about the 10:50 mark, Kevin Dougherty was laid out right in front of the Orange bench, but was able to throw the ball into the middle of the field. Mike Powell came up with the loose ball. At 10:24, Nee added his 2nd goal of the game, as he was able to get his man tied up above the goal-line as he danced behind the net. He picked the left-side to push and was able to get off a nice lefty shot. Nee’s 2nd stretched the Orange lead to 2.

On the next two possessions, Pfeifer contributed a save on an outside Navy shot, only to be matched by a Russell save on a Dougherty shot.

Syracuse again went two-men down thanks to a personal foul and a technical foul. After being able to kill the technical foul, Jon Birsner fed the crease where Ian Dingman took it and placed it past Pfeifer for the extra-man goal after nearly a five minute drought.

A long Navy possession followed after they stripped the ball from Syracuse. Following a wide shot, to the boos of the fans, Syracuse was awarded the ball back as an Orange player was closest to where the ball went out (the fans didn’t agree). Immediately after he shot, Ian Dingman was laid out by Scott Ditzell. Each goalie got into the action again. First, Matt Russell stuffed a Mike Powell shot from no angle and found the open Navy clearer. To answer, Pfeifer contributed with two saves as Navy was making a push at the net.

With :41 left in the half, Ian Dingman barreled his way up above the goal-line and took what looked to be a poor left-handed shot, but Ben Horn gathered the errant shot as he was planted next to the crease and put it away. Dingman was credited with the assist, evening the score once again at 7.

On the ensuing face-off, former Navy goalie, Seth DiNola came up with the loose-ball from his new longpole position. DiNola lost it around the top of the Navy restraining box. Navy scooped up the loose-ball, but on the clear, goalie Russell was being pressured and threw the ball away thanks to a nice Syracuse check. The ball sailed out of bounds and Russell was left holding parts of the stick in either hand. The first half ended with the game knotted at 7.

The second half started with a nice check as Sean Lindsay with a one-handed check sent Billy Looney’s stick end-over-end through the air.

After trading possessions, and an early Powel goal that was waved off. Powell took his man from up-top, drove hard, and dumped back to Steve Vallone who let go a nice shot into the bottom left corner of the net, to put Syracuse ahead 8-7.

At 9:57, Jon Birsner took a pass from X and sprinted past the short-stick defender. Birsner got top-side and beat Pfeifer with a lefty shot. To end another five minute scoring streak, Brian Crockett took a Jared Park assist and ripped a very low-angle shot giving the Orange the lead, 9-8.

Then to start Syracuse on the offense, Pfeifer had bumped his save total to 8 on a low Navy shot. On the possession, Mike Powell drew a penalty after a push had awarded Syracuse the ball off of the face-off. On the man-up, Powell fed the ball across the Navy defense and found an open Alex Zink. Zink ripped a low shot through the five-hole of Navy keeper, Russell. The Zink goal extended the lead to 2.

The last two minutes of the third quarter were played at break-neck speed. After a weak Navy shot right at Pfeifer’s stick, Joe Bossi came up with a laser shot that nailed the crossbar for Navy. On another big play by Pfeifer, he stoned a point-blank Navy shot leading into the transition. At the end of the transition, the Syracuse shot dinged the pipe. Then Ian Dingman was determined to get top-side on the Syracuse defense. When he was finally successful in getting a look, he missed the cage from in-close. Navy entered the 4th quarter, down 2, 10-8.

To start the 4th, Navy cut into the two-goal lead on a pretty man-up goal. The goal saw Jon Birsner feed Ben Horn from behind the goal-line. Horn had to jump to catch the pass and while mid-air shoot it past Pfeifer, cutting the lead to one.

Navy evened the game when Jon Birsner took an Ian Dingman feed with 12:15 to go in the championship battle. Dingman pushed his way above the goal-line with two Cuse defenders on him and fed cross-crease to Birsner who beat Pfeifer for the 8th tie of the game.

The Navy offense then set up into a circle. From the circle, Joe Bossi grabbed a feed from behind, dropped his stick lefty while deking short-stick defender John Gallagher. Bossi stepped into the middle and beat Pfeifer off-stick hip to give Navy the lead with 9:59 left in the game. On the goal, Navy head coach Richie Meade has this to say, “Offensively we were really in a groove and they were in a zone and we executed…With five minutes left in the game and a one goal lead, if you get the next possession you’re in pretty good shape. I thought they were struggling with us on the defensive end of the field as much as we were struggling with them.”

Syracuse received a gift as Navy gave them a two-man advantage on a Pieczonka technical foul hold and a Lennon unnecessary roughness. On the man-up, Brian Crockett drove towards the left pipe to have Pat Reilley, sliding from the crease, maul him. Syracuse was able to even the game at 11 on the man-up. A pass was skipped up-top to Brian Nee. Nee dumped it to Sean Lindsay. Lindsay took the pass and finished a lefty dunk from the doorstep.

In the last quarter of his college career, Powell had a rare mental lapse as he was caught off-sides, giving Navy a 30-second man advantage. Navy went from a 1-3-2 into a 1-4-1, which gave them a few good looks at the net. Their shots went wide of the net, until eventually a crease violation gave Syracuse the ball back.

With 7:00 to go in the season, Navy 1st Team All-American goalie, Matt Russell, left with a mysterious injury. Navy subbed in freshman Colin Finnegan. The update came shortly after that Russell had sustained a shoulder injury. As Meade said after the game, “I think it happened on a ground ball play when he came out and got his stick caught in the ground and threw the ball and it popped out.” He would not return to the game. Finnegan, seeing only the 6th game of his career, faced 5 shots with 3 goals against and no saves.

After a couple of minutes on offense for the Orange, where the unsuccessfully tried to isolate on the Navy short-sticks from behind the net, Mike Powell had his stick ripped from his hands by Navy senior defenseman Jared Bosanko. Bosanko pushed the loose ball to Finnegan. Bosanko then received the clearing pass up-field to leg it out himself. Bosanko dumped to Clipper Lennon in the lefty shooter’s spot. Lennon cut into the middle for a lefty rocket before the double came. It was only Lennon’s 3rd goal of the season, but what better time to score than in the 4th quarter of the championship game to give your team a lead, 12-11, with 5:40 to play in the season.

Syracuse didn’t waste much time in evening the score once again. On a quick counter clockwise rotation across the top, Kevin Dougherty found Steve Vallone. Vallone found Crockett, who despite no angle, put an overhand righty shot past Finnegan to at 12’s with 4:57 remaining. The Navy defense couldn’t string out the slides fast enough.

Cuse then pulled ahead 13-12, 1:20 later. Powell pulled it out above the box and drove down on Navy’s all-tournament team defenseman Mitch Hendler. Powell split right and dropped it down to Brian Nee who was hugging the left pipe. Nee did a little shake-and-bake with several tight jukes, eventually to bury it point blank as he was falling to the turf.

Down 1, Ian Dingman tried to bull around both sides with about 2:30 left, but Orange defenseman Scott Ditzell lifted Dingman’s elbow enough for Pfeiffer to gobble up the weak bouncer. Syracuse then proceed to throw the ball away at midfield as Navy took a timeout.

Once they settled, Navy threw the ball away on a cross-field pass from back left to top right that sailed towards the box. Some great ground-ball work at midfield allowed Brian Nee to break out of the pack. Nee to Powell on the jailbreak. Powell finished the one-on-none, netting the eventual game-winner to end a spectacular college career with 1:00 left in the battle.

On this Memorial Day, Navy refused to go away. Pieczonka took the face-off and got it down to the offense. Dingman, as is characteristic, bull-dodged around the right pop and put a change-up through Pfeifer’s five-hole with just :40 on the clock.

Pieczonka again took the next face himself and bolted down the middle. However, a ‘Cuse trailer caught his stick at the last second and Pfeifer beat the wayward shot to the end-line. Calling timeout, Powell starts with the ball on the clear behind the net. He tried to leg it out, but when the support came he dumped to Dougherty in the middle. Dougherty chucked it the length of the field. Not done yet, Finnegan recovered it in the goal and cleared it up to midfield.

Navy used their final timeout. Navy started off the timeout with Graham Gill taking the ball. Gill was shoved as he was trying to feed across the middle, and Syracuse’s Dougherty picked off the pass and again lofted it up-field to run out the clock on the Navy season.

The loss ended a magical season for the Midshipmen, and would have been a story-book ending on this Memorial Day for a Navy Championship. But as Mike Powell put it in the post-game press conference, “We weren’t playing to beat our country. We weren’t playing to beat the Naval Academy. It was just another opponent. We didn’t view it as something unpatriotic. We viewed it as a national championship game.”

Powell and his fellow seniors wrapped up their careers in familiar Syracuse fashion, as they captured the storied program’s 9th National Championship. 2004 wasn’t supposed to be the year of the Orange, but they came up big when they needed to as the 4th seed in the tournament. They knocked off the team that most had penciled in as the favorite, Johns Hopkin, and today they knocked off what would be considered the people’s champion, Navy. There is no room to argue, Syracuse earned the championship this year, because they came to play when they needed to.

As for Mike Powell’s future plans? “I’m gonna sit back and take a cooling off period for the summer. No disrespect to lacrosse, but I have other interests and I want to be a jack-of-all trades. I’ve been playing competitively for 15 years and I just need a break,” said Mike Powell. We’ll have to see what that means. He did finish this season with his highest single season total, besting his sophomore year total of 84, with 89 points. Mike Powell finished atop the Syracuse record books with 307 career points and 2 National Championships.

In an interesting turn of events, the elder Powell (Casey) ran onto the field to enjoy in the celebration with brother Mike. However, he was escorted off shortly thereafter by two Stadium security guards because he didn’t have the right identification on. They may have been the only two people in the stadium who didn’t know who he was. Later, an emotional Mike Powell brought his #22 jersey to his Mom.

Following the game, the NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse All-Tournament Team was also announced:


Jay Pfeifer, Syracuse


Mike Powell, Syracuse

Brian Nee, Syracuse


Sean Lindsay, Syracuse

Kevin Dougherty, Syracuse

Graham Gill, Navy


Dan DiPietro, Syracuse

Mitch Hendler, Navy

Tim Sullivan, Princeton

Most Outstanding Player

Mike Powell, Attack, Syracuse

-this was the second time Powell was named MOP, as he received the award in 2002 after Syracuse defeated Princeton in the championship game.

Heading into next season, Navy probably won’t be a surprise. As Coach Meade said today, “we thought coming into today that we weren’t the little brother getting the pat on the head. It was a great story, but we have a great lacrosse team and we expected to compete and we expected to win.” Expect to see Navy playing late into May next year as well. Of course, don’t be surprised to see Syracuse around Memorial Day either. And that concludes an exciting 2004 college lacrosse season…

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Navy was cooked
    by (#54798) on 5/31/04 @5:54PM
I knew navy was done for when their goalie came out with the dislocated shoulder. A very close game.
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   Great NC game! by 5/31/04 @5:57PM
   true...but its not all the goalie's fault by 6/01/04 @11:27AM
   Screwed?! by 6/01/04 @6:57PM
Mike Powell is the Man!
    by (#54284) on 5/31/04 @5:55PM
Man...that was an awesome game and too bad for Navy, they played one hell of a game. However, Mike Powell was brilliant and I hope he still plays lacrosse because that's a shame for that type of talent to go to waste. If only Rochester had the first pick and he could play with his brothers. All Powell attack! Wouldn't that be sumthin!
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   cuse-navy by 5/31/04 @6:32PM
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         powell by 6/01/04 @2:06PM
   all powel attack? by 5/31/04 @6:33PM
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   powelllllllllllll by 6/02/04 @9:31AM
   WOW by 6/02/04 @9:57PM
crazy game
    by (#76902) on 5/31/04 @6:05PM
that game was friggin nuts, bak nd forth the whole time. glad cuse won, great game
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   anyone else? by 5/31/04 @10:40PM
    by (#76725) on 5/31/04 @6:11PM
Was that a great game or what the commentating was good and the game was beyond great it was da truth!!!!Yeah "Cuse.Mikey you had a hell of a career you are the best ever and for the rest of the seniors like Vallone,Lindsay,Dipietro etc thanks for an amazing 4 years.As for Jay come back for your last year of eligibilty you are the MAN.LETS GO ORANGE!!!(who will be the next 22? we'll just have to wait and see!!)
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   mabe they'll retire 22 by 5/31/04 @7:01PM
      1 more powell left by 5/31/04 @8:56PM
         i agree with u by 6/01/04 @1:38AM
         Gait was first by 6/01/04 @2:50AM
            all the powells r better than the gaits by 6/05/04 @1:02PM
   the next 22 by 5/31/04 @7:05PM
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      future of SU by 6/03/04 @8:33PM
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cant hold back powell
    by (#62931) on 5/31/04 @6:12PM
im sorry... if u have powell thou u will win.. to much power for one team.. They downed navy, not an upset at all.

ra ra cuse
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   next year by 5/31/04 @8:25PM
      Crockett by 5/31/04 @8:41PM
      hopkins future by 5/31/04 @10:48PM
   great game by 5/31/04 @9:59PM
Great Game!
    by (#46158) on 5/31/04 @8:40PM
What an awesome game! Jay Pfeiffer (sp)had one heck of a game. He had a couple amazing saves, but one in particular that looked like a kick save on the doorstep in the 3rd. Great season to 'Cuse, but an even better one to NAVY. I thought Dingman looked nice, and whoever was the NAVY F/O was speactacular! What pissed me off was how much Kessenich and the other dude kept on yakkin' about Mike Powell. Every other word that came from the announcers was "Mike Powell this" and "Mike Powell that." Don't get me wrong he is an excellent player, but he is a pretty big show off. Why in the hell he pulled a flip in a game is absolutely absurd. There is no reason to do that, I don't give a damn who the hell you are. And I was also dissappointed with his shot selection through out the game. I know he had some nice dishes to others, but I remember two shots in particular. One he was on the left side of the crease and shot lefty off-stick high and Russell just stonewalled him on the doorstep. The other he did the same from the opposite side but righty so he had ZERO angle. Great season NAVY and thanks for all you're doing for this great country!
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   very lucky by 5/31/04 @9:08PM
   wait a sec by 5/31/04 @9:57PM
      Hold up. by 6/01/04 @8:29AM
   Commentators by 6/01/04 @10:26AM
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      i agree, but i know why he does it by 6/01/04 @5:03PM
   Mike Powell Flip by 6/02/04 @2:10PM
      Mike Powell is the best player to ever play by 3/03/05 @8:25AM
    by (#76725) on 5/31/04 @8:54PM
I bet he's gonna be in the top three in points for the cuse and be one of the best nidfielders in the country.
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keep playing mike!!
    by (#75729) on 5/31/04 @9:09PM
Wow what a thriller..what a game both goalies played. even tho russel left with an injury i thought there goalie would step it up, wow was i wrong. wicked glad to see mike powell go out a winner and also having 5 assists and 1 goal. my favorite player. keep playing mike, all kids look up to u, great player, dont think the game would be the same without you. also glad to see syracuse win another championship. by the way what head does mike powell use? it is the finalizer or not? please reply..thank you

Ya syracuse

#22 will be missed

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   Finalizer by 5/31/04 @9:27PM
      Mikey's stick by 5/31/04 @9:34PM
         I agree.... by 6/01/04 @5:09PM
            naaa by 6/05/04 @1:09PM
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   Navy Goalie by 6/01/04 @1:28AM
      did not envy him... by 6/01/04 @11:40AM
    by (#78059) on 6/01/04 @1:05AM
Mike should keep with his plan and retire for a little then get drafted to Rochester to play with his brothers, all on one line of attack. That'd be insane.
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   why do people think he wants to play w/ his bros.. by 6/01/04 @1:17AM
      yup by 6/01/04 @2:15PM
    by (#69092) on 6/01/04 @1:13AM
the last goal made was a bounce shot, this was kinda weird because the feid that they were playing on was turf, and the ball slows down alot when it hits it(there are ground up tires with plastic blades of grass). i just think that the navy goalie thought powell was gonna go high, no one that day bounced the ball.
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   (no subject) by 6/03/04 @11:43PM
   (no subject) by 6/03/04 @11:43PM
where is he going?
    by (#69118) on 6/01/04 @1:18AM
everyone look at the very first photo on this page. it shows mike powell running around with his arms in the air while all his teammates are rushing together. where is he going all by himself? is he going to join his family, another teammate or is he just too excited and wants to run around by himself to get attention? please some one who was at this game tell me (for some reason this is bugging me).
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   learn to read... by 6/01/04 @11:24AM
You have to feel bad for navy.
    by (#61534) on 6/01/04 @1:24AM
You gotta feel bad for the Navy guys. None of the navy athletic teams have won any championships for a long time (dont remember date), and these guys were playing for everyone overseas essentially. It looked to me they played the game better, giving it 100% on every play, but there just wasnt enough skill to take down the powerhouse syracuse. Now, lots of those guys have to ship out to different branches of the navy and begin training.
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   but that is what they joined to do by 6/01/04 @2:30AM
   Navy hasnt won a D1 national title by 6/01/04 @3:16PM
    by (#70514) on 6/01/04 @5:35AM
Why isnt the championship goalie in any All american teams not even an honorable mention
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   Maybe cause Cuse gave up 10.9 goals a game? by 6/01/04 @9:03AM
      AA season vs. AA playoffs.... by 6/01/04 @11:28AM
   All American? by 6/01/04 @7:10PM
    by (#71851) on 6/01/04 @8:29AM
wats powell doing after college the announcer said he wants to not get drafted by any MLL team and just play his guitar or somethin someone tell me wat hes goin to do
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   A Deliberate Holdout? by 6/01/04 @11:20AM
      where is that coming from?? by 6/01/04 @11:36AM
         You never know is right by 6/01/04 @11:57AM
Coin flip
    by (#3651) on 6/01/04 @9:07AM
Props to Cuse. The championship game could've gone either way. 2 very evenly matched teams with good athletes and a good game plan. When Cuse beat Hopkins however, Petro got his ass out-coached.
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   he got outcoached on the offensive end.. not d. by 6/01/04 @11:32AM
(no subject)
    by (#75729) on 6/01/04 @12:06PM
I wrote a review earlier and i forgot to add one thing. ya it probably mattered when matt russel left the game considering he is an all american, and having a freshman goalie go in in a big game situation would have mattered, but i think even tho he left syracuse would have won, because Mike Powell would have taken things into his own hands and probably would have made the game winning shot neways. But overall i thought it was the best college game i have ever seen.

By the way: what is a good stick for a midfielder? Warrior is preferred. what is a better head razer or the finalizer? thanks to whoever answers this question.
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   (no subject) by 6/02/04 @3:41PM
   stick by 6/23/04 @4:56PM
Go Navy
    by (#58066) on 6/01/04 @12:27PM
Navy played their hearts out, and deserved to win, but Cuse just had too much fire power. I think everything that embodies the spirit of the Naval Academy was summed up by their fans seconds after Navy lost, when their main fan base started cheering "Let's Go Navy" and clapped as the Navy seniors walked off the field for the last time. USNA is about honor, courage, and commitment, among many other qualities that most athletes do not retain. As a future Mid (c/o 2008) and hopeful lacrosse player, the players on that team represent the Academy to the highest caliber, and have nothing to be ashamed of. Matt Russell was on a flight at 4AM with a bum shoulder to spend 3 weeks aboard a Destroyer in FLA. Ben Bailey reports to Flight School in Pensicola this week. Lacrosse is just a game, these guys are about to start their lives, and we should all hope for their continued safety and success in their future endeavors. GO NAVY!
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   go navy by 6/23/04 @4:52PM
   go navy by 6/23/04 @4:52PM
(no subject)
    by (#3572) on 6/01/04 @4:24PM
why was steve panerlli an honorable mention all american? hes not even the best defensemen on syracuse
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   (no subject) by 6/01/04 @4:39PM
      Who do you think is? by 6/01/04 @7:13PM
Not One Hopper On The All-Tournament Team
    by (#52018) on 6/01/04 @7:29PM
Wow, that's harsh. Even Princeton was represented by someone.
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   (no subject) by 6/02/04 @6:06PM
    by (#78481) on 6/01/04 @8:04PM
in one of the pictures on the syracuse site ( they have a syracuse player hugging a navy player after the game.
any one know what the story is? i couldn't make out the numbers.
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   You Know The Rules by 6/02/04 @2:21PM
   Dingman and Powell? by 6/05/04 @4:08AM
The color Orange
    by (#2700) on 6/01/04 @8:27PM
Both teams played like true champions. A shame one of them had to lose.

Kudos to the Orange defense for playing at a much higher level than 5 weeks ago. Desko' s staff really pulled them together in time.

As for star-struck Hopkins, they flushed all their talent down the crapper for the 3rd straight year. It's just brutal to puke it up in front of their adoring Baltimore fandom.

Great '04 season. Keep an eye on Princeton in 2005.
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    by (#78508) on 6/01/04 @10:09PM
GREAT game, me and my 3 friends had front row seats behind the 'cuse bench. it was the best. at the game there were TONS of Navy fans, every time they scored the whole stadium would light up... but when cuse scored, me and 2 out of 3 of my friends, and about 2 sections out of the whole lower deck would stand up and cheer and stuff. it was a crazy game. after the game Steven Panarelli came to where we were sitting and i was screamin and stuff, and he handed me his D-pole. being a defensemen myself i was shocked as the mob of kids tried to grab it from me, but having my huge arms... i managed to run out of the place with that thing. WOOT! IM A BEAST!!!
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   Are you serious!!!!!! by 6/01/04 @10:27PM
   (no subject) by 6/02/04 @6:08PM
   holy macarel! by 6/03/04 @8:50PM
    by (#69092) on 6/01/04 @11:13PM
yeah i was there too, and there were way more nay fans than cuse fans. when i stoodup to cheer for cuse all the navy fans yelled at me.
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(no subject)
    by (#73582) on 6/02/04 @4:29PM
that game was awesome! Both teams played with heart. It was a battle between to deserving and determined teams.
What a game!
I was going for Navy..but Syracuse is an amazing team. I give credit when credits due and M. Powell you are brilliant.
Navy goalie that played with a dislocated shoulder until he was pulled...thats heart!...what can i say...
"MISSION FIRST" -from the Armys Warrior Ethos
(heh im Army...i know the code)

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Mikey's stick
    by (#78429) on 6/03/04 @12:03PM
What kind of shaft is he playing with? My buddy told me it was a Harrow shaft.
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   shaft by 6/03/04 @11:41PM
   not a harrow by 6/05/04 @4:53PM
   here itis by 6/12/04 @6:35AM
100th comment!
    by (#66855) on 6/03/04 @6:16PM
100th comment! woot woot! but yeah, this was a great game played by two great teams. i only wish we could have seen the outcome if navy's goalie wouldnt have gotten hurt
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   wuss by 6/03/04 @8:52PM
      scared by 6/05/04 @2:29PM
   hes shoulder was so mest up.. by 6/05/04 @4:52PM
      HA! by 6/12/04 @6:36AM